tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 07

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 07

byA.W. Root©

As Nick was walking towards Julie's at 7 am that morning, he remembered her comment about the morning not being over yet and wondered what she meant. A slow smile spread across his face. He knew she had something in mind and that he would probably enjoy it but the answer to the mystery would have to wait, at least a few minutes more. He reached her door and knocked lightly. A moment later, a smiling Julie dressed only in a bathrobe, opened the door wide to admit him.

Before he could even close the door, she slid into his arms, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, kissing him fiercely. He returned her kiss, wrapping her tightly in his arms, as the door clicked shut. When she finally broke the kiss, she said.

"How do you do this to me? I have been having flashbacks from this morning ever since you left. My pussy is still wet!"

"Are you complaining?" he asked with a grin.

"Certainly not," she replied, "But it is remarkable. You realise you may have to fuck me again before we leave for work because of it."

"In that case," he said, "Perhaps you had better take off your robe."

"I'll do better than that," she responded and reached down to unzip his trousers. In a moment, her hand was inside his underwear and grasping his already growing cock. She knelt in front of him and released his cock from its constraints. She placed her lips on the head and began kissing and licking his hardening tool. With his cock firmly in her mouth, she shrugged out of her robe, revealing her naked body. His cock grew as she sucked and caressed it. Her small hand was wrapped around the shaft, moving up and down, while her lips and tongue worked on the large head, pushing it in and out of her warm cavity.

In only a few minutes, she felt his cock throbbing and knew he was nearing the point of no return. She let go of his iron spike and stood up, then walked the few steps to the couch and leaned over the back of it, bent forward from the waist with her legs spread invitingly. Looking over her shoulder, she grinned and called to him. "Come and get it. I'm hot and ready, lover."

He couldn't believe what was happening but decided quickly to take her up on her offer. He moved forward and stood behind her with his hands on her buttocks and his cock just inches from her dripping hot pussy. She wiggled in front of him and urged him on.

"Come on, baby, fuck me right now. I'm wet and waiting."

He leaned forward and the head of his cock made contact with her pussy lips. A little more pressure and the head was inside her, then pressing deeper and deeper as he thrust his hips forward.

"Oh Yesssss," she hissed, as he entered her with one long slow stroke. He pushed his cock in as far as he could, pressing her hard against the couch. She braced herself, then commanded him to fuck her hard and fast.

"Make me scream, Nicky, screw me good." she begged.

He adjusted his hands to grip her waist firmly, then began to withdraw his cock. When just the head was still inside of her, he thrust back in, pressing hard.

"OMIGOD," she gasped.

He withdrew and thrust powerfully again.

"Oh Fuck Yes," she cried, "Fuck me like that."

With each thrust, she grunted and moaned. He held her waist firmly and pounded his hard cock into the velvety hot pussy before him. Suddenly, he changed his tactic. When he withdrew, he nearly stopped moving, then reentered her only halfway, then withdrew again. He started a series of these short thrusts, causing her to protest loudly.

"OH NO, Nick, Don't Tease Me. OH YOU BASTARD."

After a few shallow strokes, he returned to the deep powerful thrusts she loved, causing her to moan loudly in delight. Since they had already had a quickie earlier that morning, he was more able to control his lust. In this position, the way his cocked rubbed inside of her, he was in even greater control. Gripping her waist, he planned his assault. Slow and shallow, then fast and deep, then slow and shallow again. After several repeats of this process, she was screaming for him to finish her.

"Damn You, You Bastard, Fuck Me Hard," she screamed, "Make Me Come, Don't Tease, JUST FUCK ME!!"

Finally, he could no longer control his own urges and began seriously thrusting deep into the wailing woman. She felt the change in his thrusts and in the size of his cock.

"Oh Yes Nick, that's the way, fuck me, baby, fuck me good." she said breathely as he began to race in and out of her hot pussy, his cock growing slightly larger and harder with each thrust. After a few more strokes, she was near her climax.

"Oh Yes, Baby, I'm almost there, I'm going to come good, Come On, Nick, Harder, Please Finish Me, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK."

She screamed as her orgasm struck her. He couldn't hold out against the torrent off hot juices that she poured over his cock and shot his own hot cum deep into her raging pussy. She felt his cum enter her and screamed again, wiggling her body viciously, pushing backwards into him as hard as she could.

She collapsed over the back of the couch while he held tightly to her waist, not wanting to remove himself from her steaming depths. He held her tenderly as their breathing slowed down.

"Oh Wow, that was the best fuck yet, lover."

He replied, "You scheming bitch, that's twice this morning."

She turned her head and grinned at him. "So it is," she said, "so it is. I told you it was still morning, didn't I?"

He finally pulled slowly out of her dripping pussy, accompanied by moans of protest from her. Once he was out, she turned towards him and immediately dropped to her knees and took his now limp cock into her warm mouth. She licked and sucked lightly, looking up at him, her eyes glistening with delight.

After a few soft, cleaning strokes of her tongue, she lifted his cock from her mouth, placed it back inside his underpants and zipped up his trousers. She stood up then and placed her arms around his neck, being careful not to push her dripping pussy up against his trousers. She kissed him lovingly, brushing his chest with her breasts and running her fingers thru his hair.

"Thank you so much, darling," she whispered, "That was really great."

"You are an amazing woman," he replied caressing her back. They kissed again and she sighed against him. After awhile, he gently pushed her away.

"I think it's time you got ready for work, love, you're not quite properly dressed."

She straightened up, smiled, then sashayed into her bedroom, not bothering to close the door. He sat down in one of the chairs and glanced at his watch. He was quite surprised to see that the entire incident had only lasted fifteen minutes. In another fifteen minutes, she reappeared dressed in a blouse and skirt practically glowing with happiness.

"I'm ready if you are." she said brightly.

"I know you're ready but let's go to work," he replied, grinning broadly "I need some time to recover from all this activity."

He opened the front door and escorted her out, then closed the door behind him. They leisurely strolled, arm in arm, to the bus stop.

The rest of the day passed slowly. Finally, it was 5 pm and they met again in the lobby of the building. She was already near the front door when he arrived. She waited patiently until he was just in front of her then raised her arms to surround his neck and kiss him warmly. He reacted quickly, wrapping his arms around the petite redhead and returning her kiss.

They only kissed for a moment but it was long enough for Nick's boss to notice the activity. He just smiled as he walked by without saying a word and Nick suddenly turned a bright red.

"Why Nick Nelson, I believe you're blushing."

"I guess I am. That was my boss who just walked by and all he did was grin. I'm going to hear about this tomorrow for sure."

"Will you be in trouble with your boss?"

"No, I'll just have to put up with a lot of snide remarks and kidding when the word gets out. You'll be in for it too when your floor finds out. This place is a little gossip town."

They walked hand in hand to the bus station without much further talk. On the bus, she sat as close to him as she could without actually being in his lap. When they got off, she immediately pulled him to her and kissed him fiercely. This time he didn't blush and returned her kiss with the same fervor. They walked down the hill to her apartment in no time and were once again in an embrace as soon as the door was shut.

"Oh, Nick, you turn me on so, please fuck me now."

"My very thought, Julie, just let me get these clothes off."

They rushed to the bedroom dropping clothes along the way as they came off. She reached the bed just ahead of him and rolled onto her back to receive him with her legs spread in eager anticipation. He climbed onto the bed but stopped short and bent his head down to her already dripping pussy.

He placed his hands under her buttocks and helped her to spread her legs, opening her pussy and exposing her clit to his view. He began kissing and licking her slit with long upwards laps of his tongue. She moaned as his tongue flicked across the edge of her engorged clit.

"Oh, Nick, yes, lick me like that, Oh yes."

He licked her several more times, each time drawing more intense reactions from her. Finally, she stiffened and wrapped his head between her thighs with her ass completely raised off the bed. She held this position for several seconds, then let out a long breath with a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, dammit, you're good. Oh, yes, fuck me like that, you lovely bastard, that's terrific."

He held her ass cheeks in his hands and was looking up at her face. She was completely enveloped in her own lust and nothing else mattered at the moment. She was beautiful. As her legs released his head, he once again dived into her muff to lick her pussy lips and her clit. Once again she moaned and commanded him to keep doing whatever it was he was doing.

"You bastard, lick me, suck me, fuck me, I don't care just don't stop. Oh, you're fantastic, yes, like that. Please."

A second and then a third time she stiffened, each time pressing his head between her thighs and holding her breath until the climax she was feeling had passed. After the third one, he began to move up her body with his mouth. He kissed and licked her belly, working his way up to the underside of her breasts, and finally to her hard nipples. As his mouth enveloped her left nipple, he swirled his tongue across it and allowed his cock to barely touch her pussy lips.

"Oh yes, Nick, suck them, lick them, bite them, they're yours, darling, do what you want to them, just please fuck me."

He gently bit her left nipple and she arched her back, feeding her breast to him for his use. He released her breast and concentrated on pushing his cock into her steaming pussy. He entered her completely with one lunge, burying himself to the hilt.

"OH God, you're killing me. It's too big. Oh, It hurts."

"Should I stop and take it out?"

"Damn you, don't you dare. Split me in half if you want but fuck me with that thing right now. Come on, fuck me, you bastard."

He began to remove his cock from her pussy only to shove it back in as hard as he could. He began a slow but steady rhythm of in and out accompanied by her pushing against him as he entered her. Her moans escalated as the tempo of his thrusts increased.

"Yes, yes, yes, like that, oh keep fucking me, yes, I love you, oh God, yes, harder, deeper, faster, fuck me, fuck me."

Their hips slammed together and separated then slammed together again. She dug her fingernails into his shoulder blades and pulled him to her. She locked her ankles around his waist to prevent him from leaving her completely. Her breath was coming in gasps as she held her breath when he pushed in, straining to push herself over the top of her impending orgasm. Finally she froze, hips in the air, breath held, face radiating pure lust, as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

She held this pose for mere seconds, then blasted the breath from her lungs as she began the long plunge back to reality. Her grip on his shoulders was so tight she left nail marks as the pressure of her grip forced him to blast his hot cum deep into her pussy to escape the pain. The lay together, panting, for a long while. She kept him pressed to her chest, a position he was happy to occupy although he was careful not to crush her with his weight. He began to kiss her face, slowly at first, then more and more as he wandered around her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, and finally her moist lips. When he reached her mouth, she rammed her tongue deep into his mouth in return.

"Oh, Nick, you are a fantastic lover. I can't believe that it gets better every time we fuck but it really does."

"I've got a secret, love, I'm only as good as you let me be. If our love making gets better every time it's because you want it to get better. It's not that I am improving so much each time. You see, you are the magnificent lover and I am just keeping up."

"Oh, that's beautiful. I love you, Nick Nelson, I really love you."

"That's strange, Julie Ward, because I love you as well, really."

"Nicky, as long as we're in this position, can we talk for awhile? I know you have to leave soon but just a few minutes."

"Sure. This sounds serious. What do you want to talk about?"

"Actually, it's about the weekend. I won't be able to see you this weekend. My daughter is coming in tomorrow after work and we planned on spending the weekend together doing girl things. Do you mind?"

"No, I don't mind. I have plans for this weekend as well. You know we didn't know each other far enough in advance to change our weekend plans so of course it's OK."

"What are you going to do this weekend, besides have me remember how your cock feels inside me."

"For starters, I'm taking my motorcycle test on Saturday morning, then playing my usual Saturday afternoon game of golf. On Sunday, I take her up to Maleny for the afternoon."

"What's in Maleny?"

"It's a small town on the ridge north of here. It's mostly an artist's community. Painters, sculptors, a few antique shops. Most of the residents are either gay or lesbian with a few switch hitters thrown in for good measure. It's a pleasant place to visit with a great view of the ocean."

"What do you mean, switch hitters? Are you talking about the game of baseball or something? Oh, Nick, I can feel you growing inside me, you rat. Ummmmm."

"No, silly, switch hitters is the nickname for a person who has sex with both men and women, basically one who doesn't have a strong preference and enjoys both sides."

"Are these people your friends?"

"Absolutely. They are very talented, lovely, interesting people and I can count many of them as my friends."

"I take it that their sexual preference or lack thereof doesn't bother you? I know a lot of folks who can't stand gays or lesbians and I shudder to think what they would say or do to a switch hitter."

"No, their sex lives have no bearing on whether or not I like them or they like me. In fact, in some cases I'm a little jealous because they have enjoyed experiences that I haven't. "For instance, as a switch hitter, you get to enjoy great sex with both men and women. It would be like having your cake and eating it or her too. As a bonus you get to have twice as many friends."

"You're remarkable. I knew there was something about you that I liked and now I know what it is - you take people at their face value, without judging them. That's an amazing ability."

"It sounds like you'd like Maleny. I'll have to take you up there someday. Now, what did you plan to do with your daughter?"

"Well, Sarah is thirty and not married. She works in Toowoomba and comes down to see me about every other weekend. We shop and go out to lunch and relax with each other. We are really best friends although we are mother and daughter. She is a blonde version of me, younger of course, so when you see her you will immediately recognize her. I hope you will like her as much as you like me."

"Really! Is that an invitation to fuck your daughter or just a figure of speech."

"I don't plan to have my daughter steal my man from me. Stealing is strictly taboo. But seriously, I would like you to meet her and it would be very nice if the two of you got along. I wouldn't want to be forced to choose between the two of you. That wouldn't be fair to anybody. Oh, damn, you're big again. Fuck me some more, please, I need you."

"Your wish is my command, princess."

He pulled part way out of her pussy and plunged back in. She moaned her approval and they started a quiet, easy fucking motion that suited them both. In a short time, she was once again moaning in ecstacy as she easily climaxed. After they rested again, he removed himself and cleaned up, furnishing her with a hot cloth for her tender pussy lips. He kissed her gently and, after promising to pick her up the next morning for a swim, left the room. She hugged herself as she heard him close the front door.

Yes! She exclaimed to no one in particular. He understands switch hitters and has friends on both sides of the sex barrier. This is even better than I'd hoped for. He may be able to understand I'm a switch hitter where Sarah is concerned. Now to get Sarah's reaction on Saturday. That should be interesting as well. She drifted off to sleep and didn't awaken until her alarm went off on Friday morning.

End Of Chapter Seven

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