tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAimee's Wedding Ch. 3

Aimee's Wedding Ch. 3


As everything winded down between Kim and her father John realized that he had a full hardon once again. Seeing LaDonna he walked over and began fondling her massive tits. John had done this all to get revenge on the family. But out of everyone here, LaDonna was the one person he blamed the most for Aimee breaking up with him. She had never liked John. And he found it hard to believe that LaDonna's husband introducing Aimee to Tom was a coincidence. So John knew that he had to take the big-busted older sister in order to make her pay.

John released the ropes that held LaDonna in place. Dragging her to the center of the room he forced her down onto her hands and knees. Larry grabbed the video camera and followed the action.

John knelt behind LaDonna. Reaching around to play with her boobs that dangled beneath her. Then he thrust his cock deep into her pussy. He fucked her without mercy, enjoying the gasps that escaped her lips. Then, after a few minutes of enjoying her pussy, he stopped suddenly.

"There, that should have me lubed up enough." He smirked. Withdrawing his stiff cock from her cunt. When his cockhead pressed against her asshole LaDonna screamed. This was one thing she had never allowed her husband, nor any other man, to do. The thought of anal sex repulsed her nearly as much as the fear of the pain involved. Before she could attempt to move John grabbed her tightly by the hips and began to thrust forward. His cockhead burst through her anal ring with the desired reaction he sought. LaDonna's voice echoed throughout the hall as she screamed in agony. John continued pulling back and shoving forward until he had sank his entire shaft into her virgin ass. Then he began pounding her bunghole with all his might. LaDonna was impaled by his shaft. Pain seared throughout her body as John slammed as hard as possible with each thrust.

Kevin, LaDonna's husband, sat infuriated by what was happening to his wife. Worse, he felt pangs of jealousy at seeing another man take his wife's never before used asshole. Kevin had always had a butt fetish, and had tried often to get LaDonna to agree to allow him to enter her hershey-highway. He just knew that one day she would give in and let him be the first man to enter her that way. Now that fantasy was over. LaDonna's ass was cherry no more. And Kevin had been forced to watch it happen. But despite his anger, he found that his pecker was standing tall, waiting for its turn to be allowed release.

Seeing Kevin looking at his wife with an erection John yelled for someone to take him to Aimee. Jake and Mark untied him and took him over to the table where Aimee was still bound, spread eagle, wearing nothing but her white-lace stockings and matching garter belt.

"Go ahead, fuck your sister-in-law." One of them ordered him.

"No, don't!" LaDonna cried out, trying to ignore her own suffering at the sight of seeing her husband about to fuck her sister.

Kevin looked down at Aimee, her eyes pleading with him not to fuck her. He could hear his wife's shouts between her gasps of pain as she was continually drilled. He looked over Aimee's petite body. He loved his wife. But he had often admired Aimee's beauty. He had wondered just how good she would look naked. And now he could see her. His cock was throbbing with excitement. He did not want to violate Aimee this way, not in front of his wife and her family. But he had little choice in the matter. Kevin stepped closer between Aimee's legs. He apologized and acted as sorrowful as he could. But inside Kevin was longing to shove his pecker up his sister-in-laws tight pussy. Though she was no longer a virgin, and had been fucked by two men already tonight. Kevin still guessed that her pussy would be wonderful.

He placed his head between Aimee's pink lips. Then slowly pressed inward, doing his best to hide his instant pleasure. Once inside he could feel Aimee's inner walls squeezing his cock. He could feel her juices flowing. He knew that her body was enjoying this even if her mind wasn't. Kevin began fucking Aimee's tight pussy. Gone were any thoughts of pretending not to enjoy it. Kevin needed release, and this had long been a fantasy for him. Now he lost all control and willingly allowed himself to enjoy the bride's cunt.

"Looks like your hubby is enjoying himself, bitch." John said to LaDonna as he continued to pound her ass. "I guess he thinks her pussy is better than yours."

LaDonna did not speak. She could not take her eyes off the sight of her husband fucking her sister. To her this was worse than watching her brother and Aimee a few minutes ago.

"Ohhhh!" Kevin cried out as his hips bucked and his ass clenched. Aimee cried out for him to stop but Kevin continued fucking her as his cock blew its load into her. LaDonna wanted to cry, but the savage fucking her ass was receiving continued to dominate her senses.

"I'm gonna fill your asshole with cum, bitch!" John shouted as he launched his jizm into her chute. He continued ramming her until he was thoroughly satisfied that ever last drop had been squeezed out until her ass. Then he jerked his cock free in one swift motion. The spasm that followed nearly LaDonna to believe she would crap herself there on the floor. Her body trembled as John came around before her, thrusting his cock in her face.

"Suck it clean." He ordered.

LaDonna opened her mouth and accepted the organ that had only seconds ago been buried in her ass. She sucked him, tasting her own bowels on his cock, while fighting back the urge to gag.

"It looks like the bride still needs to cum." Mark said as he tweaked Aimee's swollen clit.

John caught on to the idea at once. "Go to your sister." He told LaDonna.

LaDonna crawled over to the table where Aimee lay, thinking that she was going to be allowed to untie her. But what she heard next chilled her to the bone.

"Eat her pussy until she cums." John ordered.

LaDonna froze. She was eye level with Aimee's cunt. She could see traces of cum dribbling out. She knew that it was her husband's own seed dripping out to mingle with the remnants of her brother's and John's.

"Lick her or she gets it in the ass next." He said.

"N-no." Aimee said. LaDonna did not know if the word was meant to protest against being eaten by her sister or assfucked.

Feeling herself blushing from head to toe, LaDonna placed her face into Aimee's crotch and began licking her sister's cum-filled pussy.

Aimee jerked and bucked on the table. She could not believe that her sister was licking her cunt. Worse, she could not believe how much her body was enjoying it. Kevin's cock had stirred her close to climax. Now her sister would complete the job.

LaDonna felt Aimee's juices flowing onto her lips and tongue. She was shocked at how Aimee was responding. She concentrated her efforts on Aimee's clit, hoping to end this as soon as possible. Aimee found herself delighted at LaDonna's efforts. She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the faces of all those people whom she knew were watching her. She bit her tongue trying to remain quiet, but there was just no hope.

"Oh god, yes!" She exclaimed as her body climaxed. Spitting her juices all over LaDonna's face as her sister continued licking her until Aimee went limp.

LaDonna stopped and sat back on the floor. Without thinking she placed her hand between her legs and began slowly fingering her pussy. She realized with a jolt that she was horny as hell. She had been licked and fucked to a climax already. But after having her ass reamed and feeling her attacker's balls slapping against her cunt she had become very stimulated again. And now, after orally pleasuring her own sister, LaDonna's cunt was dripping wet.

"Well look at this." Larry said. His words froze LaDonna in her tracks. "Looks like she needs a little more herself.

John agreed. "Let's get someone else involved here, though. Hey, I know. Let's let her fuck her new brother-in-law."

Aimee cried out. She saw John and Larry dragging her sister over to where her new husband sat naked and bound. She saw his cock standing erect. She noticed that it wasn't nearly as big as the man who had raped her. Or even as large as her own brothers or LaDonna's husband. Then she remembered what was going on and cried out for them to stop. She did not want to see her sister forced to fuck her husband.

LaDonna was made to straddle Tom's lap. Then she was pushed down until her pussy touched the tip of his cock. She could hear Aimee shouting for her to stop. But she needed this. "Besides," She thought to herself. "Aimee got to enjoy Kevin's cock. So I should be able to enjoy her husband's too."

LaDonna grabbed his cock with her hand and held it in place while she started to slide down on it. Then she began riding him as the four attackers filmed, photographed and cheered her on.

LaDonna slammed her body down on his cock, rising and falling with a rhythm that would soon bring her to orgasm. Tom sat there looking at LaDonna's tits bounce before him as his sister-in-law fucked his pole. He could see Aimee watching them and wished that this was not happening. But Tom had to admit to himself that he loved LaDonna's big tits. He secretly wished that Aimee was built as large as her sister. The constant rising and falling of LaDonna's cunt on his shaft was feeling too good for him to ignore. Tom leaned his head forward, opening his mouth in effort to take one of LaDonna's huge nipples and suckle on it. He had heard from her husband that she was ultra sensitive there, and wanted to see for himself.

LaDonna saw Tom's mouth come closer to her left tit. She grabbed his head and pulled his face closer, allowing him the opportunity to suck her nipple. As he began licking and sucking she quickened her pace. Stimulated even more now than she had been before. Tom couldn't hold back any longer. He sucked harder on LaDonna's tit, wishing that his hands were free to grab them and play with them. Tom moaned against his sister-in-law's breast as the first wad of cum ejected up into her. LaDonna felt Tom cuming but did not care. Her own body was about to climax as well. Tom's cock spouted like a fountain inside her. Then LaDonna's head flew back; her eyes went wide as she began crying out with ecstasy as she orgasmed on her brother-in-law's lap.

To be continued...

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