tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAlaskan Extreme Ch. 01

Alaskan Extreme Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - Jack's Plan

It was time. He needed to get a girl before winter set in. Until now, his entire focus had been on improving his large cabin, getting it equipped for Her; even making it entirely self-sufficient, and completely off the grid. He wanted no traceable links to mainstream society.

The transformer panel from the solar panels and the wind mills he had bought and installed produced a satisfactory hum as daytime power was accumulated. "Power, sewage, water, and heat all finished," he thought with satisfaction as he entered his dungeon for a final inspection. "The cage is ready, that's probably the most important item," he whispered. His eyes moved around the room, making sure his new toys were in proper order. With a silent nod of approval, he turned off the lights and climbed the stairs to ground level.

At his favorite south-facing window, he sat down at his small work desk and considered, "Where to go? I've been too busy working on the details to decide on the big picture." Deciding to squander some of his precious electricity to help direct his quest, he powered up his laptop and flicked the switches to enable his small aperture satellite terminal to lock in his internet connection.

"It has to be far away from here, so know one will know," he mused as he shifted his way across an interactive map. "Yes, ... Utah." He chuckled, "That's definitely my best chance for gathering up a virgin." It was the work of a few keystrokes and he had a room booked in Provo, Utah for a week.

"Tomorrow, my adventure begins."

The next day dawned sunny and bright as he loaded his specially equipped Cessna Caravan. The amphibious craft was one of his prized possessions and sole lifeline to civilization and survival should something unexpected occur at his remote cabin location. Only after carefully following his pre-flight checklist did he start the thundering engine. Once his instruments confirmed his engine was idling to perfection, he threw off his mooring line, climbed up into the cockpit, and began taxiing across the icy cold blue waters of his private bay to line up his Cessna for takeoff.

The light chop made for an uneventful takeoff and soon he was in the air with his next stop Anchorage. He knew from experience that the green wilderness that passed below would soon be inundated with months of snowfall and bitter cold. This trip was just in time because he intended to be fully enjoying his new slave before the first blizzard of the season. He grinned happily as he set the autopilot for the next leg of his flight; his long-awaited quest for the perfect slave was underway.

After a quick landing in Anchorage, he traded planes and got in his small jet. Again, he painstakingly reviewed his pre-flight checklist before radioing the tower for permission to taxi. He couldn't help but wag his wings after liftoff. "Another step closer," he thought eagerly.

As expected, the commercial air section at the Provo, Utah airport was quiet. In the office, he arranged for refueling and reminded the staff that he didn't need any other servicing. "I want the bird ready to go at a moments notice," he told the staff. "My schedule is uncertain so get my return flight plan to Anchorage registered so I won't be delayed."

It was noon, so he decided to go on the prowl. "A mall is the first place to go," he thought. "There're always young coeds in malls." Before parking his rental car in the mall parking lot, he cruised around the entire mall checking for security cameras on the rooftops. Satisfied that there was a large zone uncovered by security, he parked his car and walked as close to the mall in the blind zone as he could. "They won't associate me with the car," he thought with satisfaction. "It's not likely I'll grab Her directly, but it's best to be prepared."

Sooner than he thought possible, he saw Her out of the corner of his eye. Her long sunset red locks immediately drew his attention. Then, after seeing Her beautiful emerald-green eyes, he had to have Her. She was the goddess of his dreams, five feet seven inches of chiseled muscles topped with a beautiful face. He locked eyes with Her as he slowly changed direction, focusing directly on her table.

Awkwardly, he bumped against the nearest table with a clatter. He reddened in embarrassment and hurriedly spoke, "Oh, ... sorry. It seems I'm always stumbling over myself when I see a beautiful woman."

When she didn't immediately reply, he added, "I'm Jake. What's your name?" Inwardly, he winched at the crude first contact and promised himself he'd be smoother if she gave him a second chance. He continued to smile down at the girl, mesmerized at her youthful perfection.

The young woman, Jaslyn Brooks, was bemused at his stumbling approach but couldn't help but tell herself, "Wow! He's handsome!" Then she blushed at her inner thoughts and whispered to the man, "My name is Jaslyn."

"Mind if I sit down before I fall again?" Jake asks with his smile broader than ever.

"Sure," she giggles and inwardly flinches again. "He must think I'm an idiot," she thought.

Unaware that Jaslyn's inner turmoil mirrored his own, Jake managed to chat a bit with the young beauty.

She reveals to Jake that she's twenty-two, a college senior, and studying nursing. Jake tells Jaslyn that he's twenty-eight, already graduated from college with a degree in mechanical engineering and that he's interested in settling down in a rural area in Utah.

"Everything I told her is basically true," he thought, "except for using a fake last name and misleading her about where I actually live."

"Wow," Jaslyn told herself, "it must be nice to be a trust fund baby. It sounds like he has lots of hobby interests. He mentioned outdoor living, off road adventuring, and an interest in building a cabin off grid here in Utah."

"I have to be careful about revealing major clues about myself like my being a pilot and owning aircraft," he reminds himself as they talk.

Abruptly, Jaslyn realizes that she'd been at the mall far too long. "I'm sorry, Jake, but I must leave; I have class in an hour!"

The abrupt shift in conversation reminded Jake about his true task. "It's now or never," he told himself. "I'll never find a better candidate than this girl!"

"Would you go out with me tonight? Please, ... money is no object, this has been such fun for me and I'd like to continue our discussion over a great meal. This trip, I'm only in town a week for a few morning work meetings. I really don't want to eat alone," he literally begged.

Jaslyn thinks, "Why not, my class load has been killing me and I deserve a break. Besides," she adds with a blush, he seems so awkward, he must be nice." While the thoughts race through her head, she ignores the image in the back of her mind about how he obviously must have a lot of money.

"Sure," she says eagerly, "let me give you my phone number and address." As she writes her information down she adds, "I've heard the Melting Pot is a great restaurant but haven't been able to afford it because of my limited budget. I'm pretty sure reservations are required, so it might be too late for tonight."

Jake chuckles, "No worries, I'll get us in. I'll pick you up at 7 tonight?"

"Perfect!" she said, not really believing that she'd accepted a stranger's offer for dinner. "I'm sure he's fine," she reassured herself as she hurried out of the mall. "He acted like he hadn't had a date in years. He kept blushing every time I looked at him, ... it was kinda cute that he was so unsure of himself."

Jake had done a lot of thinking while he waited to pick up the young girl. While he was embarrassed at his inept introduction to Jaslyn, he was canny enough to realize that it likely worked to his advantage. "If I was too smooth," he told himself, "she'd have pegged me as a young businessman looking to bed a local girl while traveling."

"But," he told himself sternly, "you better focus on the mission! She'll never be mine if I'm too openly linked to her. I don't need any law enforcement nosing around afterward. Be careful, Jake!"

Silently anticipating her reaction to his surprise, Jake knocked on the door of her apartment. After parking, he'd carefully avoided being noticed by anyone and made it to her door without encountering anybody. "So far, so good," he thought.

Jaslyn opened her door and felt a quiver in at the sight of the handsome Jake filling her doorway with a huge assortment of long-stem fire and ice roses. "Flowers," she told herself quickly, "I haven't been given flowers since my high school prom and that was far too long ago!"

"Wow! You look so beautiful!" Jake exclaims.

"Are those for me?" Jaslyn asks coyly.

Jake takes the opportunity to step into her apartment and he grins, "Roses for a rose!"

She takes the flowers and can't resist burying her nose in the bundle, drawing in their pungent smell. "Hmmm," she whispers, "wonderful! Thank you so much!"

"Oh, but these roses don't compare with your beauty," he answered. "Corny," he thought, "but She expected some sort of compliment."

While Jaslyn scurried back into her kitchen, Jake surreptitiously pulled Her phone from the purse sitting on an entry table and quickly popped off the battery to silently kill the device. In just a few seconds, the now turned off phone was back in her purse.

Relaxing now that the first part of the evening has gone according to plan, he is able to appreciate the beautiful dark purple dress she chose to wear on their date. The dress was cut to accentuate her narrow waist and then snuggly fit across her hips, ending just above her knee.

"Hmmm, ... no hose and sensible heels," he thought. "I wonder how silky her thighs will feel? Oh! I can hardly wait to find out."

"Let's get going; reservations are at 8:30 and it's an hour ride. You ever ride in a jag?"

She looks at the sleek silver car and her chin drops. "Wow! Are you for real?"

"I love fast cars and beautiful women," he smiles.

"She's easily distracted," he thinks with an inward smirk. "She won't be thinking of this stupid car when I pop her oh so carefully guarded cherry. The challenge will be to get her to cum before I get my cock in her for the first time. Then the inexperienced cunt will feel guilty that she enjoyed our first rape."

Outwardly Jake maintained his cheerful demeanor and he laughs, "My company said I could 'chose any car I wanted to rent' so I decided to think fun and sporty."

She shakes her head in wonder at the amazing car. "Wow!" she repeats as she slips carefully into the car.

Jake carefully watches to see if Jaslyn inadvertently flashes him as she swivels her legs into the car. He's a bit disappointed he didn't get a flash of her panties. He gently closes her door and heads around the back to the driver's side. "But, I got Her!" he whispers aloud as he gives himself a mental 'high five.'

Dinner is pleasant and each relaxes as they laugh and enjoy the good food and company. Jake discovers a lot about her background without revealing too much about himself. Finding that he likes Jaslyn a lot causes a momentary twinge of guilt at what is in store for the innocent woman. Jake hardens his resolve and reminds himself this is the culmination of months of long work and hundreds of thousands of dollars. "Just think of her as your private cunt," he tells himself. "She will live solely for my pleasure." Then a bit more fiercely, he adds, "She won't have a choice! Her freedom will soon be gone forever."

The one oddity that he noticed was that she didn't want wine, beer, or a mixed drink. Instead, she was content to drink cranberry juice and mentioned trying to avoid carbonated drinks. "I do enjoy coffee and tea," she admitted as if it were a vice.

After he ordered desert, she excused herself to go to the ladies' room.

As she walked away, Jake smoothly swept her glass off the table and set it on his lap. He dumped a finely ground white powder into her glass and used his spoon to dissolve the drug into her drink.

The chocolate fondue strawberries were delicious but a bit sweet. Jaslyn drank all her tart cranberry juice and laughed at the perfect complement of sweet and tart between the desert and her drink.

Jake sipped his red wine and enjoyed watching every drop of drug tainted cranberry juice pass her lips. "Soon," he thought with eager anticipation.

Jake paid cash for the meal and slipped his arm under his date's. As they strolled out, he whispers, "I have more surprises my beautiful rose. Shall we go?"

"Sure," she answered while stifling a yawn. "What's up next, ... a rocket ship ride to the moon?" Then she laughed and added, "No, tomorrow's a school day. The moon trip will have to wait for a weekend date."

When she realized she'd implied she truly liked Jake and hoped for another date, she giggled and leaned against him as they walked.

Jake laughed back and said, "Well, I was thinking something more normal like a movie back in Provo. But maybe we can ride the rocket on our next date."

This time, Jaslyn sat down on the seat of the Jaguar under the increasing influence of the drug cocktail Jake had slipped into her drink. The deliberate way she swung first one leg and then the other into the car forced the bottom of her dress to climb high enough up her thighs to almost reveal her panties.

Jake sighed at how close he'd come to discovering what color and type panties such a conservative young woman would wear on a first date. "Soon," he whispered as he ran around the back of the car.

Only moments away from the restaurant, and well before he reached the freeway, Jaslyn drifted off to sleep. The soft music playing on the radio helped lull her into a deeper sleep where the drugs would now prevent her awakening. A quiet snore from the passenger side of the Jaguar brought a grin to Jake's face.

Ignoring what he'd mentioned about a movie, Jake headed directly toward the airport. On the way, he rummaged through Jaslyn's purse and made sure the cell phone was still off and that no other traceable electronic devices were in the purse.

There was little traffic and he made rapid progress. At the airport, he used his gate pass at the private aircraft terminal and drove right up alongside his jet. I was well into the evening and long past sunset. Unloading his prize was a simple task. Jake buckled Jaslyn into a seat and cuffed each of the captive's wrists to an armrest. She slept on not knowing that her life had just changed forever.

He locked the jet and used baby wipes to wipe down any of the surfaces of the car that he or the girl had come in contact with. The rental was then parked at the airport's rental car return. The keys and rental form went into the after hours lock box. Satisfied that fake, but fully functional credit card would get charged for the rental, Jake walked back to the other terminal. He still had a long flight ahead.

She was still sleeping. Just in case she awoke, Jake set a small kit bag on his copilot's seat that had items to help subdue Her if She woke at an inopportune time. He finished his pre flight, taxied out of the hanger, and contacted the tower for a take-off slot.

The return to Anchorage was uneventful except that he was exhausted by the time he landed. To ensure he could sleep, Jake pulled up her dress, and rubbed alcohol on her rump. The syringe contained sedative to make sure she would sleep while he took a nap. Pleased with the belated discovery about her choice of underwear, Jake eased the filmy red panties under her butt and down her legs. He drank in her scent and sighed deeply in appreciation. "Hmmm, a true redhead," he whispered as he pocketed the underwear. Delaying playtime for later, Jake reluctantly drew the hem of her dress over her red bush and curled up alone on a sleeping bag laid in the aisle way. He fell asleep dreaming of her still hidden charms.

Waking was difficult. The quiet musical tone of his phone alarm woke him, ... but he was still groggy. The cool, almost freezing, air outside the jet quickly changed that; he was wide awake before his bags were stowed in the Cessna. Moving Jaslyn was less exciting than he'd hoped. It was awkward trying to gently move her form wrapped in a blanket down the narrow stairs of his jet and up into the cockpit of the Cessna. He growled in frustration, "I really want to start playing with my new toy."

Certain that she'd awake something during the long and rough ride to his cabin; he fitted specially made cuffs to her ankles and wrists. After padlocking the cuffs in place, he slipped a padlock through the last link of a short chain already anchored to the floor and then locked that into the 'D' ring of an ankle cuff. Three padlocks and three chains latter, Jaslyn was firmly attached to the plane and virtually a part of the copilot's seat.

Hungrily, he drank in Her slim form, the full mounds of her breasts under the now wrinkled dress, and reluctantly turned away. "I want her fully awake when she's undressed for the first time." Humming happily, he cleaned the jet, locked it up, and began the pre-flight checklist for the Cessna.

By now, over half the day was twilight so when She started to stir, it took Jaslyn some time to orient herself.

Jake had already noticed the young woman stirring. "This should be fun," he thought. He engaged the autopilot and loosened his seat belt.

The expression on her face told it all! Shock, horror, and then understanding flickered across her face after she recognized him seated beside her.

"Jake what's going on?" she demanded.

Surprised that She hadn't panicked yet, Jake leaned over and calmly slapped Her face; hard. "From now on, you will call me Master!" he declared in a in a loud, firm voice. "Do, you understand?"

Jaslyn could only stare back at him open-mouthed in amazement.

"Stupid, slut!" he muttered as he backhanded the other side of Her face in an equally hard blow. Before she could recover, his other hand drew an arrangement of rings and straps toward her head. The bemused woman didn't resist as he jammed an oversize leather-wrapped ring into her mouth behind her front teeth. He had the ring-gag's head straps tightened and buckled in place before she could react.

"Huuhhhh!" was her protest.

Jake grinned at his captive and slipped a cock gag through the ring-gag and strapped it in place. He couldn't help but laugh at her look of bovine helplessness with the gag in her mouth, eyes wide open in alarm, and the straps to dehumanize her beautiful face. He kissed her forehead. "We'll talk later slave. I'm busy now."

"Mmmffff," her muffled shrieked of anger slipped past the cock gag set deep in the back of her throat. Furious, Jaslyn lurched about trying to free herself.

Now buckled up again, Jake leaned over and spoke loudly over the engine and airstream noises, "That's twenty-five for unruly behavior. I would advise you control your anger and breathing so you don't earn too much punishment or excite yourself to the point of vomiting. With that gag, vomiting could be deadly."

"What?" she screamed inwardly. "Slave! Punishment! What the fuck is he talking about?"

Jake slipped a headset over Jaslyn's head and adjusted the fit.

Locating the intercom switch, ... and double checking that he was nowhere near the radio transmit switch, Jake keyed the mic and spoke in a normal voice. "First, your mic is off, so shut the fuck up! Secondly, yes, ... you've been abducted and you are already far from home and civilization. Your old life no longer exists. Lastly, ... you live only to serve me; as my slave, ... my slut, ... my whore, ... whatever I want, ... you will do nothing but strive to please me, your Master."

"If you understand, nod."

Jake sighed when Jaslyn shook her head in denial. "That's twenty-five more," he voiced into his mic. "Don't be stupid, you cunt! Nodding indicates you understand my comments, not that you agree with me. One last time, ... nod if you understand."

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