tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlex Harvey Ch. 02

Alex Harvey Ch. 02


Alex had fallen onto a cold, hard surface with a massive headache. He wasn't sure if his vision was blurry or if it was just that dark. The only thing he could see was that pair of purple, bug-like eyes staring back at him through the dim blue light of the earth. He jumped slightly and tried to back away, but he was already sitting up against a wall. His frightened reaction startled the owner of the purple eyes, and Alex could see the outline of their figure back away from him.

His eyes began to come into focus and he could see that wherever he was, it was poorly lit the soft blue hue shining in through the small window. He looked around and could see that he was in a small room. But it wasn't a room. Rooms don't have bars on the door.

His vision was much clearer and he could see that his cell was one of many. The light was too dim to see if the other cells were occupied, but Alex suddenly remembered that he was not alone. He turned and gasped at what he saw. The...person...had those big purple eyes that seemed to be constructed out of a hundred tiny hexagons. There was no nose in between, but the mouth looked relatively human. There were no ears, and the only thing that resembled hair was a long black tendril coming from the top of the head like a top-knot. The creature's skin was a bright pink, and as Alex gazed down its body, he thought that he might be turned on if he wasn't so terrified.

The creature was humanoid, and it clearly appeared to be female. She had rather large breasts, a flat, strong stomach, and long, voluptuous legs. She appeared to be naked, but Alex wasn't entirely sure, because she had no nipples. Alex felt a squirm in his pants. What the hell? This shouldn't be turning me on! This is a fucking alien! He thought.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..." He went to the bars of his cell door and looked up and down the corridor. "Can anyone understand me? Where am I? What's going on?!"

His voice raised and when he turned away from the bars, the pink creature was standing directly behind him. He froze in terror as she reached out to touch his face.

"Zinla." It said in a high, emotionless voice. Alex gave her a confused look. She repeated the word with an annoyed look on her face and pointed to herself. "Zinla! Gar'uk ma felti, Zinla!"

Alex raised a cautious hand and pointed towards her.

"Zinla?" He asked hesitantly, to which the creature nodded with what seemed to be a slight smile. Alex then pointed to himself.

"Alex." The creature tried his name on her tongue a few times before Alex suddenly blacked out.

What could have been hours or minutes later, Alex found himself trying to wake up again, and his thoughts were as blurry as his vision. What is going on? As he opened his eyes he saw a pink body hovering over him. He was instantly wide awake. He was lying down, and Zinla, or at least he assumed that was her name, was on all fours crouching over him. As he awoke, she backed her face away from his, causing her to inadvertently rub her heavy round tits all the way down his body. As her tits rubbed over his dick, he couldn't help but feel a little aroused and a slight bulge formed in his jeans. Alex didn't think Zinla's eyes could get any bigger, but they certainly did widen as she saw what transpired in his pants.

She looked from the bulge to Alex's face and back to the bulge again. Zinla reached a hesitant hand towards Alex's stirring loins and rested her hand on the commotion. Of course this only made Alex even more aroused and Zinla's hand jerked away as she felt him twitch. The curious look on Zinla's face frightened Alex a little bit, but he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, in one deft move, Zinla reached forward and tore open the zipper on his jeans and quickly pulled down them down along with his boxers revealing his semi-erection.

Zinla immediately moved to get as close a look as she possibly could at it. She sniffed it, stared at it, and poked it, causing it to move slightly. She did not appear turned on in any way, but rather, seemed like she was studying his pecker like a scientist discovering cold fusion. She was enamored with his member and grabbed it in her hand.

As he hardened, Zinla's curiosity increased and she began to stroke him slowly. It sure felt good, but Alex was in too much shock to really enjoy what was going on. Zinla became more and more determined as Alex became rock hard. She milked his cock more firmly and gently cupped his balls with her free hand. Alex really started getting into what she was doing as a drop of pre-cum dripped down onto Zinla's hand.

All of a sudden there was a flash of movement in the cell across the hall. Alex looked over to see another creature kneeling at the door to its cell. It was another female humanoid. This one had blood-red skin and long, white hair. She was on all fours, but her body seemed to be similar to an athletic human female's. She was definitely naked as Alex could see her black nipples standing on end. She had a furious look on her face as she bared razor sharp teeth and growled. She lunged towards Alex through the bars, but the cells were at least six feet away from each other, so she had no chance of reaching him with her claw-like fingernails.

She appeared from the shadows so suddenly it was as if she could smell his pre-cum like a shark can sense a drop of blood in the water. There was something wrong with this other woman, though, and Alex was grateful he was in a cell with Zinla. Suddenly the demon-like woman stopped growling and reaching for him and allowed one hand to travel down to her nether regions. She was turned on by this! Alex had never wondered if aliens masturbated, but at least now he knew in case it ever came up. The red alien moaned in pleasure as she stood up, giving Alex a full view of her....DICK!

Holy shit, it's an alien dickgirl! Alex had this fantasy before, but never would he have ever imagined he'd actually see it. And even though staring at another dick seemed a little gay to him, he couldn't take his eyes off of this gorgeous female body stroking her own cock. The only thing that grabbed his attention more was Linza, to whom he returned his full attention as she continued her handjob.

Alex almost wanted to laugh. It was as though this experience, though extremely sexual for him, was merely educational for her. But he was so aroused he couldn't be bothered by any of that trivial nonsense. More pre-cum formed on his tip and Linza's curiosity heightened. She leaned forward and extended a forked blue tongue towards the head of his dick and licked it gently, completely sending Alex over the edge. He sprayed hot cum all over Linza. Some went into her mouth, but most of the white strings landed on her face and tits. She was shocked and sat back. She cautiously tasted the sticky fluid and looked at Alex with a smile of approval. She cleaned off her own tits and wiped her face off, lapping up every last drop.

Immediately she reached for Alex's dick again and began pumping it, but to no avail. She looked up at Alex with a disappointed look.

"That was awesome," Alex smiled, "but you're going to have to give me at least a few minutes before we can try that again."

Alex looked across the corridor to the dickgirl's cell. She was vigorously and angrily pumping what had turned into a thick, eight-inch cock when red lights began flashing in all of the cells. She immediately stopped what she was doing and looked up at the lights in horror. Within seconds a loud siren started wailing. The dickgirl and Zinla had both retreated to the furthest corners of their cells. Whatever was happening couldn't be good if it scared them both so badly.

A door at the end of the corridor slid open and Alex watched curiously as a round metal orb floated through the door. It was the size of a basketball and hovered at eye level. A panel opened up on its side and a small robotic arm extended outwards. The ball quickly hovered directly towards Alex's cell and pointed its arm at him and shined a red light in his eyes. The red light scanned over Alex's body and the alarms and red flashing lights suddenly stopped as his cell door opened.

The robotic arm returned inside its host. In its place sprang a long metal coil which wrapped itself around Alex's waist. He tried to fight it, but the robot pulled Alex out of his cell and nearly dragged him down the corridor. He was forced down another hallway and into another, smaller cell.

This room was darker, but had a table and chair in it. On the table sat a strange metal helmet with tubes wires coming into it from the ceiling. The robot forced Alex into the chair and prodded the helmet. Alex could tell this meant it wanted him to put the helmet on.

"I'm not putting that thing on my head!" He shouted as he swung his hand at the robot. It easily moved out of the way and extended a small prong which gave Alex an electric shock. Alex pulled his fist back to take another swing and received another shock. He tried to run past the robot and received three more, each one more painful than the one before it. He finally gave up and sat in the chair, not knowing what would happen next. But he knew if he didn't do it, this thing was going to kill him. He reached forward and lifted the heavy metal cap, lowering it slowly onto his head.

Alex shook violently, as if he were having a seizure. He grabbed the table for balance and could barely hold on as he could feel the blood rushing to his head. Just as he thought he was going to black out he was suddenly standing in a white room. He could see no walls or ceiling, everything was just white.

"Am I dead?" He asked himself aloud. He reached down to pinch himself and gasped in horror. As he looked down at his body, he found that it was no longer his body, but the naked body of a woman.

Alex now had large firm tits and a round, smooth ass. His stomach was flat and toned and sure enough, he had a pussy. He looked around for a mirror and a tall sheet of reflective metal materialized in front of him. No doubt about it, he was trapped in a woman's body.

He looked at his reflection, thinking that if he were to be a woman, it could have been worse. As he checked out the round ass, pert tits, and shaved pussy, he could actually feel himself getting aroused. It was kind of an interesting sensation without a dick, though. He looked at the female face that stared back at him. Gorgeous full lips, wavy blond hair that reached midway down the back, he had to admit that the reflection in the mirror was totally hot.

He reached up and saw his reflection reach up as well to grab her supple, full breasts. The reflection squeezed her nipples gently, groaning softly as they hardened at the sensual touch. Alex watched her cup her breasts and massage them firmly. Slowly and deliberately, while one hand pleasured that gorgeous chest, another travelled downward.

The fingers rubbed the outer labia gently the reflection shuddered at the touch. The warm damp feeling sent a shiver up her spine as Alex watched, forgetting that he was doing this himself. The reflection's fingers parted her outer lips as a single finger outlined the waiting slit. Without warning, a finger was plunged into the softness of her sex. One finger alone felt tight and confined within this gorgeous blond's nether regions. As the finger slid in and out of this hot, wet pussy, the other hand came down to tease the hardening clitoris.

Alex never knew how intense a female orgasm could be, but as he watched the erotic display in the mirror, he experienced an ecstasy that he had never even imagined as the blond pleasured herself until she could barely stand. She fell to her knees as she came like a shockwave, pleasure reaching over every inch of her sweating, writhing body.

As Alex recovered he thought the only thing better would be if he could now give the same pleasure to another woman. The instant he thought it, a pink figure materialized behind the gorgeous blond in the mirror. Alex turned to see Zinla, in all her naked pink glory. Alex wasn't sure what was going on, but planned on taking advantage of the opportunity.

Zinla smiled as Alex's arms wrapped around her. Their lips met hesitantly, but soon their tongues intertwined in a luscious French kiss. Alex's hands roamed all over the pink alien's body, grasping her back, her breasts, her ass, and roaming all over her silky thighs. Zinla quickly returned the beautiful blond's affections by massaging her back, and then her tits. Once again she looked at Alex with that hesitant look as she reached her head towards Alex's chest. Alex gave her an approving look and guided her head towards the light pink nipples that stood out of the supple globes.

A blue forked tongue extended towards the nub and licked it hungrily. Alex's head fall back as a lustful moan escaped those pouty lips. The two women's eyes met as Zinla feasted on the lightly tanned bosoms. Alex reached down with one hand to discover that despite Zinla lacked nipples, she certainly had a pussy. Alex smiled as they lowered themselves to the ground, never removing a hand from each other. Alex's fingers went to work.

Soon Zinla was writhing in such great pleasure that she could no longer keep her hands on Alex's busty form. Alex was pleased that Zinla could feel this good as fingers probed the pink-skinned hottie. Alex's fingers danced in and out of Zinla's pussy. Plunging in and out with such ferocity that Zinla was barely breathing. Alex had never done this to a woman before, but it all seemed so natural, and what to do came so easily to the imagination now. Alex's quickly removed all fingers from this new lover and brought those big pouty lips and long dexterous tongue down onto the alien's fiery cunt.

Zinla was suddenly filled with the gorgeous blond's tongue as Alex licked up and down her slit and sucked on her small, alien clitoris. Zinla suddenly arched her back as the throes of orgasm washed over her. Her cum was sweet and smelled slightly of rose petals. Zinla smiled as Alex savored every drop. They embraced again and kissed gently, caressing each other's bodies lightly with their fingertips. Alex leaned back, never losing eye contact with the sexy alien, and spread those strong, tan thighs wide. Zinla was unsure of herself, but knew that she needed to return the favor to her lover. She smiled as her forked tongue traced the folds of Alex's wet pussy.

Alex massaged the newly acquired tits as Zinla's long tongue drove itself inside Alex's shaven cunt. Alex moaned heavily, and almost immediately came, releasing a light flow of girl cum into Zinla's warm mouth. But despite reaching orgasm, Zinla did not back down. Rather, it was as if Alex's juices sent her into a frenzy of lust as she hungrily devoured the musky human pussy. She licked Alex's slit and sucked on Alex's labia before returning her long blue tongue to the job of fucking this gorgeous blond. Alex came again, and then again a third time before thinking that Zinla needed to get fucked. Now.

Once again, Alex's thoughts became reality as the red demon-girl from the cell across the hall appeared behind Zinla's crouched body.

"This must be some sort of virtual reality machine reading my thoughts and giving me these fantasies," Alex thought.

The newcomer looked down at Zinla's exposed sex and licked her lips as Alex saw her dick grow hard almost instantly. The demon fell to her knees and before Zinla even knew that she was there, rammed her big red cock into Zinla's dripping blue cunt. Zinla gasped in shock and horror, but as she turned to see what had transpired, her face turned to that of pleasure and ecstasy. The white-haired demon rammed itself in and out of Zinla furiously. Alex, enjoying the show, returned Zinla's fingers to what they were doing before. Zinla, though distracted, eagerly pleasured Alex's pussy.

The red alien fucked Zinla so hard that she was thrown off balance at one point and fell off of the eight inch cock and up onto Alex's breasts. The red alien shot several loads of green cum onto Zinla's ass, but did not soften. She growled and began fucking Zinla again. Zinla resumed eating Alex's throbbing pussy as Alex begged her to make her cum again. As Alex watched this hot fucking scene transpire, the room started to shake. Alex's head began pounding and Zinla and the dickgirl slowly disappeared from the room still fucking each other's brains out. He began shaking violently as the room went from white to all colors of the spectrum. Had something gone wrong? He wondered. Alex's entire body felt like it was on fire, he thought he was dying this time for sure.

Once again, Alex awoke with a start. He looked straight up to see a spotlight above his head. Not a spotlight. A streetlight.

"Where...? What...?" Alex remembered. This is where he had fallen asleep after he ran away from his sister's party. That light he thought he had seen was the streetlight. He hurried to his feet and walked home.

The house was completely dark, but he still didn't want to disturb anyone in case some of Mel's friends decided to stay the night. He crept in the side door and up the stairs to his room. He saw a few people sacked out in the TV room, but they were fast asleep. His clock read 4:30AM.

"Shit," he whispered. Alex had school tomorrow. Two hours of sleep was not going to help him focus. He crashed onto his bed without changing his clothes and fell asleep.

It seemed as though his alarm went off before his head even hit the pillow.

"Today is going to suck," he muttered as he rolled out of bed. He trudged to the bathroom and locked the door behind him. He flipped on the water, hoping that Mel was too drunk to be awake yet so there would be some hot water left for him. He groggily slipped off his jeans and boxers and looked up into the mirror.

Staring back at him was a gorgeous blond face with big green eyes, pouty lips, and long, wavy blond hair.

End Chapter 2.

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