Amber Campisi


Amber Campisi was bored. The party announcing Tiffany Fallon as Playmate of the Year was boring enough but this party to announce the video was worse; the place was nice, the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. The party was nothing; there was a buffet and bar set up in the back but right now everybody was sitting and listening to dull speeches.

Basically it was just a press conference. No, even worse, it was commercial for the video. "Innovative photography, blah, blah, blah, award winning artist, blah, blah, beautiful girl, blah blablab." Well actually, Tiffany did look hot up on the stage in her blue dress. She looked a little nervous though too. She kept checking out the audience as if she was watching for somebody.

Amber listened to the speeches for a little while longer; she was gritting her teeth, trying to smile and look interested. A chill ran down her spine and she shook herself. She'd had enough! The beauteous girl decided to move; she needed action. Surely somebody could get her out of here. She looked hot too, dressed in a tight white halter dress that showed off her formidable body, especially her plump round breasts and thighs. She scanned the room and realized she recognized somebody, the guy standing by the large cutout of Tiffany. Wasn't it Tiffany's old boyfriend, and wasn't Tiff banned from seeing him? Amber smiled slyly; she loved bad boys.

She tried to recollect his name. Was it Greg? He was at least ten years older than her which was good; she liked older men. And he certainly was attractive: tall, built squarely like a linebacker. He looked like a Young Republican though. He was well groomed and his tight clothes showed off his powerful muscles. He looked a little scary though. Even from where she stood she could see his dark blue eyes focused on the stage like laser beams. But his hands were worse; they were big which was promising for Amber's intentions, but he kept opening and closing them slowly like he was about to strangle someone. Hmmm, rage is good; Amber jiggled her creamy body slightly developing a plan to siphon off some of that pent up frustration. Having a crazy maniac ravaging her voluptuous body would be a perfect cure for her ennui.

She shimmied over in her best vamp walk and stood so close that she bumped her hip into his. "Hi, Greg."

"Hi," he mumbled without averting his eyes from the stage.

"Hey, that's the only greeting I get?" She was a little annoyed but laughed anyway. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek." I haven't seen you in awhile."

He glanced at her for a brief moment then returned his gaze to the stage. "Oh, hi, uh, Amber...Yeah, I've been busy. I'm busy now." He turned his body away from her in a dismissive way.

Well, that was certainly a brush off! It was enough to make a girl lose confidence. Oh, well, she turned back to the crowd with a shrug of her soft shoulders. If a homicidal maniac wasn't interested in her she'd have to go in the other direction. She scanned the faces of the men in the room and it didn't take long to spot her target.

Bingo. There he was right in the first row. He was tall and thin with a terrible haircut. He was wearing a corduroy jacket even though it was late May and plenty warm. He even had in his shirt pocket a plastic pen holder with four different colored pens. He was furiously taking notes on every thing being said on stage.

Amber glided over to him; to her relief she could feel the eyes of a few dozen men checking her out. She wasn't vain at all and she didn't need the approbation of strangers; she just liked the feeling of men undressing her with their eyes, almost as much as the feeling of actually be undressed by a man.

She wiggled into the seat next to target and put her arm under his and pressed her chin into his shoulder and looked down at his notepad.

"Whatcha doing?" she whispered. The tone of her voice made the innocent question sound like a naughty suggestion; it sounded like 'Hellloooooo handsome!'

He didn't look up. "I'm writing an article for Videogeek;' it's an online magazine. My editor is a real bastard and if I don't get it in on time I'll get hell." Then he giggled at his own joke. "Actually, I'm the editor too. I'm the whole staff."

She laughed with him and put her hand on his to stop him from writing. "I've never met a reporter you know. It must be so exciting. Why don't you tell me about it."

He tried to move his pen. "Yeah OK, they're almost done. Let me finish up here."

She tossed her long light brown mane so it brushed along his cheek; her hair had gotten a lot lighter here in the California sunshine. She put her lips up to his ear. "I'll tell you a secret. All the speeches are in the press release. They even have them on a disc in the press kit." She tapped her long nail on the folder in his lap; this was the promotional kit all the reporters were given.

"Really?" he said. She chuckled quietly. It sounded like he would have said," Gee whiz." He finally turned and looked at her. "Hey, I know you," he shouted, "Your..."

"Yes, I am," she whispered softly. The people all around them were glaring and there were even glances from the stage; his outburst was so loud. "Let's go somewhere where we can talk." Without waiting for a reply she lifted him up and put her arm in his and started out the door. The glances they were getting now were from men that were amazed and jealous and unbelieving. As they walked along she rested her head on his shoulder, well actually his arm because he was as tall as Icabod Crane.

They got to the back of the room just as the speeches were ending and the crowd was breaking up anyway. People were rushing by them to get to the bar and the buffet but Amber ignored them all. "Do you have a room?"

"A room?"

"A hotel room. Are you staying here at the hotel?"

"I don't need a room. I live downtown."

Amber studied him closely with a raised eyebrow. He was cute and all, but she didn't think she could bear the experience of what his apartment must look like. "Well, do you have a credit card? Let's get a room here."

"A room?" he almost shouted again.

"Yeah, a room. A hotel room."

"What do we need a room for?" he stuttered. Then he caught the twinkle in her eye. "Oh," he said softly. Then he paused, as if considering the situation. "OH!" he shouted now. "You mean a room!"

She pressed her fingers lightly over his lips. "Listen, sweetheart. You get us a room. And I'll meet you at the bar." Now she considered the situation. The last thing this guy needed was a drink. "No, I'll meet you at the coffee shop. I have to run a real quick errand."

As she walked away her ass wiggled at him teasingly. "Wait!" he called out.

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Her hair flew around as she turned. With her eyes almost smoldering she was a perfect vision of sensual promise.

"Do you want me to order you some coffee?"

"Just get the room, "she said softly with a seductive smile. She turned and her smile spread into a wide grin. This was going to be fun!

She left the hotel on a mission. She knew there wouldn't be any stores around. What she needed was a restaurant. Preferably and Italian restaurant. There was nothing in sight so she went around the corner. Bingo. An Italian place across the street. Capo Restaurant looked very upscale which is what she wanted, figuring on a professional courtesy since her family was in the business.

She moved briskly now and she passed Tiffany and Greg leaving by the side door. She said "hi" but neither paid attention. She watched Tiffany disappear into a van. "That's strange," she muttered to herself.

A short while later she entered the hotel coffee shop carrying a bottle wrapped in brown paper. It hadn't been hard to talk the owner of the restaurant into giving her what she needed. She now had a very satisfied look on her face as she search the coffee shop for her new friend.

He was sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee. His stuff was in a shoulder bag on the seat next to him. She crept up behind him and blew on the back of his neck. He spun around in surprise and looked happy to see her. Why not? She was gorgeous.

"Did you get the room? Good. Let's go."

"I need to get the check."

"Just leave some cash on the counter."

"But all I have is a twenty dollar bill."

"I'll make it worth your while."

She took him by the hand and led him to the elevator. He stumbled along getting the strap of his bag tangled as he put it on his shoulder. Amber's mind flashed to an image of this awkward man flailing around in bed, wrapping himself around her lush body. She smiled like a cat about to play with a mouse.

They made it through the lobby without any more mishaps and they were alone in the car as the elevator went up.

"So you know my name but I don't know yours."


"OK, Al, what I'd like..."

"No, it's Albert."

Amber closed her eyes in exasperation. She counted to ten and opened them again.

"OK....Albert...I..." She paused and considered again; she made a decision. "I think we need to kiss."

Albert nodded and took off his glasses. He seemed to make a great ritual of putting his glasses away. He shook his head and loosened his wrists. Amber watched him with incredulous eyes. It was like he was warming up to pitch a world series baseball game.

He put one hand on hand on the small of her back and the other between her shoulders. Then he bent her back as if they were ballroom dancing. His lips pressed against hers and his tongue twirled into her mouth. It went in so deep it seemed like he was tickling her belly button from the inside.

The doors opened on their floor but they didn't notice. It started back down and stopped to pick up some passengers. They didn't notice.

Amber's right leg was stretched out in front of her and twitching. Her left leg was lifting her up on her toes. She was bent so far back her hair was brushing against the floor. Her creamy breasts her crushed against his chest and her nipples were rock hard as they stabbed into him. She had dropped her package to the ground. Her hands were racing through his already messy hair.

One of the passengers mumbled, "Get a room." But Amber didn't hear. The doors opened to the lobby and they finally broke apart. Amber was panting as she got up. She wriggled to straighten out her dress and tossed her disheveled hair back. She looked fetching and dizzy. In fact, she was dizzy and disoriented. She looked at him with half-closed eyes and moaned, "Did you get a room?"

He smiled and picked up her package. The paper wrapping had fallen away revealing that it was a bottle of olive oil. He handed it to her without comment and pressed for their floor.

They both fumbled with the key card but finally got the door open. Amber gasped as they stepped into the room. It was a huge suite with large windows revealing a splendid view of the ocean. The red light of the sunset poured over them.

"It's the presidential suite," Albert mumbled shyly, "I maxed out my card."

She looked at him with the glow of the sunset blazing in her eyes. She moved slowly, as if in a trance and firmly planted each of his large hands on her juicy plump bottom and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled her luxurious body up his chest and parted her lips.


Late the next morning, Amber was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was completely nude and her body shinned with the moist oil spread over it and it glowed with a tingle of sexual excitement.

Her hair was tangled and damp from the sweat of her exertions from the night before. She had gotten no sleep but she felt energized and her body was quivering with anticipation. A cascade of images, mental snapshots of the events of the last few hours, kept rushing through her skull. She had never felt her body used that way, never knew that there were so many positions.

She shook as if to clear her head and made a desperate call back to the Campisi Restaurant in Dallas. She spoke to the manager on the other end of the line, "I need to borrow your credit card number. My bag is back at the mansion."

There were questions from the voice back in Dallas.

"No, I'm fine," Amber explained. "I just need to spend a few more nights here at this hotel."

The questions continued.

"No, it's great. I'm being taken care of really well here. The best. I don't want to leave yet."

She smiled as Albert came over and lifted her hair and kissed the back of her neck. She wasn't letting him go anywhere.

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