tagLetters & TranscriptsAn IM Between Friends

An IM Between Friends


Karen and Tony were talking online, while both were posting on the bulletins boards of Lit., Tony was at work and Karen at home. Following is a captured scene. Enjoy ~ Red


Karen: Hello there. Safely tucked away at work now?

Tony: No, had to move to the conference room. Much bigger table to sprawl out on.

Karen: Oh well, there is always a positive when one looks for it.

Tony: Should I be where my pants cannot be seen?

Karen: You wore pants when IMing me!

Tony: I'm sorry. I should change that...there. The receptionist is looking at me funny and not at my eyes ...? Oh well.

Karen: That's better. Don't you feel freer and less confined?

Tony: I'd have to take the boxers off for that to happen around you dear.

Karen: *taps foot*

Tony: You tap your foot a lot. lol

Karen: *chuckles*

Tony: When you do, does that mean you are impatient, annoyed, both?

Karen: Definitely never annoyed. More like impatient.

Tony: Wow, that was a big thing you posted in the thread. You're brave

Karen: You did it first, back with Shelly.

Karen: But that was to Shelly.

Tony: This was directly at me

Karen: Oh it was wasn't it. Would you like me to edit? I don't want the ladies of Lit., to cease their flirting with you due to my actions. I did add the wink for some subtlety.

Tony: lol. No editing needed. I do not wish to cease either of our flirting, know I would stop for you though - as you said, you're all the slut I can handle. lol

Karen: I do believe I am, but if you'd like to take a stab at a collection... I'm pretty sure I'll be in the top three for favorite slut.

Tony: There is no collection, only one and that is you and you are my good girl.

Karen: *kiss* Yes, I am.

Tony: *kiss*

Tony: Wow, your thread has been hopping!

Karen: Yes, it has. I do believe Amy and Sara are a big part of that. lol

Tony: Ummm...hello? I'm there.

Karen: Yes, dear. You are very much there.

Tony: "Yes Tony, it has all been due to you. Whatever would my thread be without your presence? You are the thread god all women flock to."

Karen: I'm sorry, love. Here let me get on my knees and show you how appreciative I am that you are supporting my thread. For without you, it would surely die."

Tony: LOL!!!

Tony: *holds out hand for you to kiss it* *snort*

Karen: *coughs clearing throat, rolls eyes and kisses your hand and then rolls eyes again*

Tony: I so do love you dear *kiss*

Karen: I love you too.

Karen: While I'm on my knees, you don't mind if I scrape the gum off from under the table do you? (I bet if you look you'll find some left over from some meeting.)

Tony: Teasing me while I have no desk to protect my arousal?

Karen: What? I'm down here cleaning! If my scraping gum arouses you... wow. I'm going to chew more gum.

Tony: lol. No.

Karen: *grabs a blow pop from her purse and begins to suck greedily so the gummy center can be reached faster*

Tony: Just the thought of your heaven sent form naked before me on her knees, that is what is causing my arousal.

Karen: I am not quite naked, if you remember that picture in the Control thread... I think I happen to be wearing the same little bits of string she was.

Tony: Mmmmm

Karen: Only other accessory I have is the gum scraper, but I can put that on the floor if you'd rather I clean something else... (though with life comes pauses...brb)

Tony: lol. Ok.

Karen: So how much gum is under the table you're sitting at? I need to know how much time needs to be divided to make sure all things needing cleaned are done so properly.

Tony: Dear, there is no gum, but something certainly needs a good polishing.

Karen: It's the wooden legs of your chair. *lowers head* I didn't bring wood polish, well not that kind.

Tony: It's a nice chair, cost $750.

Karen: *shakes head*

Karen: *grins and kisses you, before looking at the tempting bulge hidden in your boxers* Thanks for taking those pants off, were quite a hindrance to my plan.

Karen: Oh my emote is blinking eyelashes at you.

Karen: (looks to see what characters I hit to make that happen)

Karen: :"

Karen: nope

Karen: ;O

Karen: nope

Karen: :G

Karen: :I

Karen: :.

Karen: Got it!

Karen: Two semi-colons and a parenthesis make fluttering eyes.

Tony: I'm not on messenger

Karen: I know. lol

Tony: I just keep seeing standard winks

Karen: But I had to figure out what it was.

Tony: But I am very proud of you

Karen: LOL! I cheated.

Tony: On me!!??!?

Karen: I pulled up the yahoo emote cheat sheet. Yes, I have. I picked up the yahoo messenger emotes and touched every last one until I found that perfect array of punctuation that rocked my world.

Tony: Yea!! I get to use yahoo. I get to see your face when I use yahoo mail

Karen: I'd offer an apology for that, but that riding crop is too close to your hand, so I'll just smile and blush.

Tony: Sent. You've got mail - plus one I sent you this morning.

Karen: I did see the one this morning, but had talked to you here. I shall skip over to my email... please don't ogle my butt while I skip that way and I do hope your co-workers don't spread gossip concerning my state of dress, or lack of it.

Karen: Nice pictures. Wow - how high are you?

Tony: You could have checked your email from my lap, but I'll watch your cute tushie any time and you know you love the attention.

Karen: I wasn't thinking. I was too excited to check my email. lol

Tony: Every set of eyes on you, knowing deep down, you are not theirs but 100% owned by me.

Tony: We're on the 52nd floor. You'd be doggy style so you could enjoy the view from the table, bending you over so your tits press against the cold glass.

Karen: And you really think I'd be looking at the view?

Tony: Holding a video conference from the far end of the table while I fuck your mouth or sitting on the edge of the table while I taste your sex.

Karen: Wouldn't that be wonderfully naughty. Me on my knees under the desk, while you are forced to remain in control, perhaps a test to us both...

Tony: There is a video conferencing unit. Mmm...agreed.

Karen: You're tested on strength; I'm tested on trying to get you so distracted you lose that control.

Tony: Oh yes, shifting around in my chair, learning over, clearing my throat all the time. You'd be instructed not to let me cum.

Karen: Who would win? Would you eventually have to push my face away, because you were going to lose control? Or would you be able to cum into my mouth and...

Tony: My knee tapping the table when I am too close. Our normal teleconference is an hour long. lol

Karen: You're making my mouth water again.

Karen: Tony...

Tony: Karen?

Karen: The idea of sucking, licking, stroking, and every other "ing" word for an hour is probably the single hottest thing I would love to do. To just sit there on the floor, worshiping your cock, holding it, touching, caressing it. Running my tongue along the length, across the head, and down again. You giving your conference and occasionally touching my head, running your fingers in my hair. Every so often you'd look down at me, but anyone watching would only think you were looking at your papers. Our eyes would meet, you'd see the devotion, love and desire in my eyes as I drank deep of you. I'd whimper, moan, and purr around your cock, making love to it with my lips, tongue, fingers, hands. *sighs*

Tony: My knee becoming bruised.

Karen: It would be so hard to stop.

Tony: Correction.

Karen: I would, but it would take all the power I had.

Tony: It would be so hard. I do love that phrase: worshiping my cock.

Karen: I do too. It has so much meaning behind it.

Tony: Indeed - the conference ends, the TV and video off. I look down at you and you immediately start sucking harder, stroking faster finally giving me the one "ing" both of us seek -- cumming.

Karen: Mmm.. yes. I want that more than anything. To feel the fluids rush from your cock and into my mouth, coating my tongue and sliding down my throat.

Tony: My eyes rolling back into my head, the only time they separate from your milk chocolate dyad, my hands never ceasing in their firm hold of your red hair, white knuckled as you take every last drop of sex out of my manhood, devouring delicious drop after drop.

Karen: I sigh around your shaft, holding it between my lips, allowing my tongue to slide around making sure no drop is left. I swallow and you feel the constriction of my mouth moving around your cock. I wait for you to release me before beginning to suck, lick, and worship it again.

Tony: "No Karen. Stand up"

Karen: A soft whimper slips from my lips, as does a rush of pleasure. I stand and look at you.

Tony: I take you by the waist and lower my head to your bosom, attacking your freckle ... MY freckle wantonly with my mouth. Everything you did to my cock with your mouth, I return to your freckle tenfold. My hips instinctively rub against yours.

Karen: I hold your head to my chest and feel the warmth and wetness of your mouth against my skin. My lower lip trembles as my passion rises high within me. Your hips rub against mine and my sex tightens in response.

Tony: My mouth shifts to the side. I take your entire nipple into my mouth, my tongue plays with it like a fine dessert after a breathtaking meal.

Karen: I gasp and moan, my back arching, my palm pressing harder. I want nothing more than to feel you consuming me.

Tony: Every last bit of the pink top is devoured for my pleasure. I love your breasts and playing with them simply because they are mine. You love that they are mine. I love that I am the only man allowed access to them. My fingernails dig into your back, holding you in place as I orally satisfy myself with your right breast - not to be jealous; I look up at you, sliding my mouth and stealing bites and kisses. I glide over to your left breast, inhaling every square inch of your areola here; my lips part for a moment, "Aren't you going to say thank you like a good girl?"

Karen: I take a deep breath, having found it difficult to breathe, think (or type). A cough to clear my throat, and with trembling hands I touch your cheek. "Thank you," I whisper and pull my lower lip into my mouth, where my teeth tug gently on it.

Tony: (lol) - as I delight in the taste of your breasts, my right hand slips down between your legs.

Karen: "Oh God."

Tony: "No titles" lol

Karen: lol

Tony: "Just thank you."

Karen: A whimpered "thank you" it is.

Tony: My hands come up collecting your dripping wetness. I spread it all over your now vacant and lonely right breast. I think about licking my fingers slowly ... then offer them to you for a taste of your own.

Karen: I see your fingers, lick my lips and ask in a breathless plea for a taste of what you offer me. "Please."

Tony: I stick the pointer finger out. My opposite hand pushes your chest down. You lean in to suck my finger and worship it. I push you away until finally your bare back hits the cool conference table. Once there, I give you my finger to do with as you please.

Karen: The taste of me lingers on my tongue, but is soon forgotten as I feel the contrasting temperature of the table on my warm blushed skin. My fingers slip around your wrists, and I hold your finger against my lips. I press a kiss to it, before gliding it down the cleavage of my breasts and over to first the right nipple, then the left. Each place the pad of your finger caresses is yours, your skin marks me, and your fingerprint is left behind claiming ownership. I glide it down across my stomach, down my abdomen, across my hips, each place again touched and left burning by your soft touch. Finally, I slip your finger along the slit of my aroused sex and look at you. "You own all of me," I whisper, as I press your finger between the folds of my pussy.

Karen: "I am yours."

Tony: I watch as the one woman who is my lifelong submissive shows me the respect she has for me as her owner. Her need to be owned, her desire to be property, the joy she finds in me being the one to care for her. It touches every fabric of my being; there is love between us that is so tight, so wrapped up in the other like the same lock and key on her collar that she wears most often - we are a matched pair. My key - which I protect with my life - is the only one that may enter her and open her lock, releasing the true power of her as a woman.

Karen: Words are lost at this moment, for I don't believe I know any to signify what I am feeling. A *kiss* seems so insignificant a gesture.

Karen: I love you.

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