tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnd Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 05

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 05

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Steve, the forty two year old husband was in the detached club house, at the town's most luxurious golf club. Very few people, and certainly no white woman, or non blue blood white trash male from Jericho was ever allowed into the members only parlor, at the back. The parlor was done lavishly, like a western brothel. The walls were covered with deep purple velvet. There was a boarded dance floor, in the center of which were two pedestals with silver poles, side by side. Two nubile, sexy, dark beauties, in high heeled glass sleepers were strip dancing, slowly, sexily removing their shimmering white, skimpy clothes and dancing on the pole.

The rest of the floor was covered in deep, luxurious Persian rugs. This part had several, low, shiny mahogany tables, with Victorian style armchairs fit for kings. At the feet of the chairs were deep fur rugs. Several of the town's affluent prominence were seated on the chairs, naked, their feet on the rugs, as black girls danced on their laps or sucked their dicks, whilst the privileged, rich white men drank, sniffed cocaine, pawed the girls or chatted and laughed to one another.

There was a western style bar, behind which a topless, pretty, young black woman, dressed in nothing but a shimmering white thong and high heels, served drinks. A few white gentlemen sat on the bar stools, pawing nubile, sexy, dark black girls.

Steve, the Mayor and the Sheriff Gray were seated at a low table at the back, all getting their dicks sucked by beautiful, young black girls. The thick sheriff's thick gut was heaving, and he was getting very vocal, insulting the black beauty sucking his short, stubby pink dick and pulling on her hair.

The Mayor and Steve were watching on, very amused, as their dicks got sucked, slowly.

"You can take a hill billy out of the trash, but you cant take the trash out of him," his eminence, the Mayor of Jericho laughed, and slapped Sheriff Gray's shoulder. Mayor Richards was naked, except for a huge cowboy hat, and he had a thick gut, almost like the Sheriff's. He picked up a small mirror and used a rolled note to sniff two lines of cocaine. Then he passed it on to Steve, who seemed rather absent minded.

Steve inhaled two lines as well, and passed it to Sheriff Gray, who paused for a second to do the same. Steve's cock was flaccid, and the black girl was doing all she could to get it hard, as if she feared she would otherwise be beaten half to death, by the Sheriff's billy club, lying besides the fat man's foot.

"Hey Steve, lighten up buddy. Forget that dumb nigger whore. Its her fault for getting pregnant," the Sheriff said, as he yanked the black girl onto his cock by the hair. She didn't look that aroused, but had no problem swallowing up his little cock. "You should have let us know as soon as the problem arose."

"Shit! How could she just run away. Are you sure you don't know where Tiny is?" he asked the girls sucking his cock. She averted her eyes and shook her head.

"Don't fucking lie, you stupid cunt!" Sheriff Gray spat at her. "Or I will skin you alive!"

"You shouldn't waste another thought on her, Steve. What the hell can she do?"

"If she gets out of town and sues me for child support, my wife might find out. Then I will be in shit! She'd divorce me!" Steve wailed.

"She wont! She is dumb and uneducated. How could she even know child support let alone spell it."

"Yeah, keeping them niggers dumb has its advantages," The Sheriff laughed. "Dont worry Steve, we will get her and the bastard, and we will get rid of them."

"No!" Steve gasped in horror. "Please Martin, I do not wanna know."

"Ah ah," Sheriff Gray said. "If you want me to wipe your ass, you have to say it, Steve. Do you want me to kill them?"

Steve turned and looked desperately at the Mayor, his eyes imploring him.

"The man has a point, Steve."

"Alright, get rid of them," Steve rasped.

"Its no problem at all, Steve. Now relax and fuck Lizzie's throat good. She is a good dick sucker isn't she? And she rides a damn good cock too, don't you Lizzie!" The Mayor laughed, and banged his cock into his girl's mouth.

Steve downed a glass of whiskey. He was starting to feel high from the drug and his eyes were flaring. He shrugged off his worries, and his cock stiffened fully. He sank back into his seat and grabbed the black girls hair, and started pounding her face. She groaned in pain as he hurt her throat, but he didn't care. Yvonne's husband fucked her black face hard and fast, until he exploded.

Chapter 2

Josh called Yvonne and she sounded rather guilty and embarrassed

"Hi honey. How you doing? I thought you'd never call me again..."

"I am not a mean, vindictive bitch like you," he said humorously.

"You also called me an old, fat, ugly white woman."

"You are not fat, you are not old, and I never said white woman, I said cunt," he chuckled.

"Gees! Thanks for the compliments, Josh. SO, how are you doing?"

"Fine. Is your husband in town?"

"No, he left this morning. He is coming back Saturday. Why?"

"I want you to send your kids out of town then, say Friday, at least till Sunday."


"I wanna spend some time with you, alone, with no disturbances. I mean, you were saying you wanna leave town with me..."

"Eh, I was drunk and stoned out of my mind."

"Well, I wanna talk and spend some time. Send Svenia and the kids away. Do it."

"Oh, alright. Some friends of mine in Maine invited us over. I will send them away Friday then. Make sure you bring a lot of weed, alright. And eat a lot of cheese and drinks loads of water."


Water is good for the body, and cheese keeps the dick hard and the balls working overtime," she giggled dirtily. "And I want your dick hard and your balls working overtime. See you Friday honey," she hung up.

Josh pretended to be surprised when Svenia told him that she would be traveling to visit some family friends of hers in Maine, with her brothers for five whole days, the following day, Friday. However, his sadness was genuine. He would miss her. She wasn't too keen on the trip, because she didn't want to be away from Josh. She also said her mom had just ambushed her and told her she had to do it.

They were sitting in his bed in Abe's place, on a Sunday evening. He had sneaked Svenia in after the old boy went to sleep. He didn't want Abe knowing he was doing both mom and daughter.

"I wonder why she is suddenly so keen to get rid of us."

"Why you think she is trying to get rid of you?"

"Coz she offered me a lot of cash to do it. I even asked her if I could take Marcia along and she readily agreed to pay for her flight."

"Wont the Sheriff be pissed, seeing a black girl flying in a plane while his stupid ass tramps around in the dust?"

"Many of the women here take their black maids along on holiday. My mom knows that Marcia and I are friends."

"And she doesn't mind?"

"No. She likes Marcia. Its just my dad who is always complaining and saying I shouldn't play with a black girl. Well, at least Marcia and I can do some normal girl stuff together." Svenia paused a few seconds, stroking his hand. "Say, Josh, has my mom, like, I mean. Has she tried to like, eh, come on to you?"

"No! Why do you ask?"

"Well, its just that, well, she sometimes watches you when you are working in the garden. Come on, I wont be embarrassed if she has..." Svenia asked him sincerely, her eyes fixed on his.

"No, she hasn't," Josh lied smoothly and felt guilty, but never would he have admitted it at all. "She is just friendly, that is all."

"Did I tell you what she did to the bedroom. Gosh, its so embarrassing. She's got a red, heart shaped bed, and lights and mirrors everywhere. My mom is a pervert. You know, maybe she wants to get rid of us so she can have some kind of sex party."

"Come on, stop having wild ideas. She probably just wants to spend some time with your dad, without you all disturbing them from getting their fuck on. Say, do you ever hear them at night?"

"You mean, like making out?" she giggled. "No! Not nowadays, but when I was a kid, I used to hear her bawl the house down," her giggles got harder. "But I saw her the other night, sneaking out of dad's study, and she was wearing crotchless panties. Hi hi hi! Can you imagine. What type of people wear such stuff?"

"No idea," Josh responded, smiling. "You mom is a freak, huh?"

"Josh, don't you get any funny ideas. If you fuck my mom, I will kill you!" she said, very serious all of a sudden.

"Don't be silly, your mom wouldn't fuck a nigger!"

"Most of the white women here would fuck you Josh. But don't you fucking dare do it. I would be so heart broken." She said sincerely, and Josh thought "fuck!!" he was relieved as she lowered her eyes and mouth to his meat and started sucking him.

It was the evening before her flight. They fucked each other crazy. Svenia's pending journey was always in the backs of their minds, making them sad like she was going away forever. Josh did not know if his plan would work, and if he would see her again, or if he would be dead when she came back. He kept telling himself that defeat wasn't an option.

After Svenia left, Josh thought about her for a while. He hadnt planned on falling in love with Svenia. It had just happened. Josh was scared of how she would react if she found out that he was fucking her mom and Marcia and Rachel as well. He did not want to cut the three other women loose. But he knew he couldnt just walk up to the naive, innocent 18 year old love of his and say, "Listen love, I am fucking other whores and shit! And dont take it personal, its nothing against you." She would probably freak out and start crying, "You dont love me! No!!! How could you Josh! Honestly! I love you!" if she found out that he was fucking Yvonne and rachel together, she would probably scream out and claim, "That is perverted" and some such shit. Who knew, she might even consider suicide, seeing as she loved him like New York loved 50.

Josh decided he needed to open up her mind quick and broaden her horizons. It was therfore fitting that she was taking Marcia along with her to Maine. He decided to enlist Marcia's help. After all, they were close friends, she and Svenia.

Josh went over to Rachel and Marcia's house. Marcia was cuddled up in a thin blanket, on the living room couch, puffing on a blunt and watching some film about lions in Africa. As he walked in, she hardly looked at him. She put her finger to her lips and motioned him to sit besides her. As he slid an arm around the petite, chocolate beauty, he realized that she was starte naked under the blanket. He eased his arm around her torso and slid a big hand between her thighs, to cup her soft, shaved cunt. Her gash was dripping wet, so he started stroking it.

"Stay away from my clit Josh, I wanna watch this."

josh fingered her hot, dripping hole as they watched the film for twenty minutes or so. Then it ended and Marcia switched off the TV.

"You are like a little lion, with your big ass mane," he chuckled, stroking her long, wild, unruly mane.

"ummmm!" she purred. "You are like the big, head lion. You know, he fucks all the females and impregnates them. But he can smell his own kids, so he kills the kids sired by other lions and eats them, but he doesnt fuck his own daughters."

"That's cool!"

"Pass the blunt Nigga, quit that hogging shit! Is Svenia gone?" he nodded, easing his dripping digits up to her clit, to stroke it and make it harden instantly. For a whle they didnt talk anymore as Marcia wrapped her thighs around his arm and fucked his hand, using it to bring herself off hard and fast.

"You didnt wash your dick, like I told you, right?" she asked, smiling dirtily, wallowing happily in the aftermath of a her orgasm. He nodded. "Good. Lemme taste Svenia's pussy off that dick, you nasty Nigga!"

For the next ten minutes, they didnt talk much as Marcia slid between his thighs, opened and peeled off his pants and reached for his rapidly hardening cock. It was smeared with fresh cumm and Svenia's pussy juices. Marcia moaned with hunger and licked it clean. Then she pressed it against her lips and swallowed it into her mouth. The petite light brown beauty gorged herself languildy on his big cock, sucking it like it was buttered, sugared corn on the cob. When he started gasping and swelling, she deep throated him and hummed, as her fingers juggled with his balls. Josh held off as long as he could, then his balls erupted, rewarding her for a job well done.

"You like sucking my cock straight out of Svenia's pussy huh?"


"Well, she likes tasting you off my cock as well. I didnt tell her, but last time we fucked, she came around soon after and I swear when she sukcked my dick, she got so into it, worse than usual."

"You nasty Nigga! She'd freak out if she knew you were serving her my pussy."

"Marcia, I want you to fuck her, in Maine. Eat her out and make her eat you."

Marcia was like, "No! I cant do that, we are friends..."

"Listen, you are best friends, right? But you are fucking her man behind her back. Now, if you fuck her, then we will all get together when you are back, us three, and we will fuck our brains out. After that, well, no more of this hiding and sucking each other's pussy second hand, alright?"

"No! Josh! What if she freaks out. I dont even know if she is into girls at all."

"Come on. I know you wanna eat her. And the way she is always looking at you and talking about that ass, you know she wants to eat those chocolate buns and taste that scrumptious lil twat of yours."

Marcia chuckled, and stroked his dick, "gosh, you want this bad huh? Look how hard your dick is. Alright, I will do my best, but Svenia is a bit of square, yunno. She has never mucnhed rug and she thinks its gross."

"Well, get her high and drunk and show her the pleasure of putting her tongue in your hole!"

"I will do my best, but will you put your pole in my hole. Right fucking now, Nigga!"

"Word bitch! Suck that motherfucker and I will fuck you good. But leave some for Svenia's mom!" he chuckled.

"You're a scandolous Nigga alright, fucking her mom, her best friend and my fucking mom as well. And now you want her eating clits."

"Shut up, you bitches dont own me, you can lease this dick with an option, but you dont own it, I am a real ass Nigga, bitch! A Zulu prince! You better ask somebody!" Josh laughed.

Marcia did not asnwer, she was kneeling between his big, powerful thighs, face down and ass up, her mouth full of his thick dick, that her small hands were stroking up and down as she sucked it like she was sucking the corn of a buttered cob.

Chapter 3

Josh was a man on a mission as he drove to Yvonne's the following morning. It was the day when he would see how well he had worked on her. For on this day, he intended to turn her so much against her husband that she would be prepared to deliver him on a golden platter to Josh. And then Josh would break Steve down and make him give up all the damning evidence he had on him.

It was On the Friday morning, Josh drove over to tend to Svenia's parent's garden, as usual, or so the world thought. He arrived just as Yvonne was bundling Svenia and the kids into her SUV. It was so difficult for them not to run into each other's arms and hug and kiss. Josh wished he could see her off at the airport, but he knew they would at the least run him out of Jericho for that shit.

Yvonne waved briefly to him. Svenia kept blowing him kisses behind her mom's back. She couldn't resist waving as her mom drove them off. Josh didn't wave back, for Yvonne's eyes were glaring at him like she hated him.

Josh smoked a blunt and went to work, missing his girl, wishing she was with him, instead of blazing across the skies in a bird of steel.

Josh thought about Svenia for a second and felt shit.

Yvonne would be mad if and when she found out that he had used her to bring down Jericho, and fucked her in the process. He liked Yvonne, but he was sure she would understand. He was not too sure though, that Svenia would understand that he had to fuck her parents, to achieve his aim.

Then he said to himself, "Well, this is the reason I came here. I wouldn't have met her anyway, if I hadn't come to bring down to Jericho. Desperate times call for desperate measures."

Around midday, he heard Yvonne's car pull up in the driveway. He dropped his pick ax and lit a blunt, which he smoked under a tree at the front of the house. He was half way through when he heard someone knocking on a window. He turned and saw Yvonne outlined in the window.

She was in a red, shiny, vinyl heavy metal cinch, with a lace up back around her mid, and a matching, flaring red g-string. It was so tiny it nearly just covered the slit and left the shaved sides in the open. Her big, proud tits were hanging free. Josh whistled.

He walked into the house, kicking off his boots. He found Yvonne in the living room. She climbed onto her husband's couch, slowly, and bent over forwards, planting her elbows onto the back of the couch, offering him her golden, fine round ass cheeks. The shiny gusset of her red thong winked at him from between her legs.

She turned over her shoulder and gazed at him with her narrowed, honey colored eyes and they were smoldering.

"How do you like your baby?" her voice was husky, and thick with want.

Josh stood in the door way, hesitating, thinking this hot slut is Svenia's mom.

"What the fuck you waiting for? I need that big, black cock buried in my pussy like yesterday, Josh!" she reached back and smacked her ass. The succulent slap rang out, but her cheek hardly even moved. She groaned and fished her g-string out of her deep crack. She hooked it over a thick, round, golden ass cheek. "Two holes to fuck choose one," she said and gave a dirty, guttural laugh, as she stroked her winking ass hole with one hand from the back, whilst the other stroked her dripping, pink gash from the front.

"Fu-u-u-uu-uck!" she rasped and buried three digits into her dripping, pink gash.

"You horny, huh?" Josh asked, stalling, thinking of Svenia, even as his cock hardened at the sight of the mom's fingers lewdly fucking her dripping cunt. He could almost feel Yvonne's pussy wrapped around his cock, squeezing it, milking it, pulling him deeper into her cunt.

She turned to look over her shoulder and fixed Josh a hard look. Her eyes were flaring so much he almost felt the hair on his skin singe.

"Come play with me honey. You can go straight to my hole hole Josh. Its lubed and ready for you!" She bore two digits into her pink, puckered hole, making it open up. Then she started rolling them round and round, making the pink insides of her rectum flash at him. Josh couldn't believe he had taken a good housewife and turned her into such a slut. It was pathetic man. And it drove him so wild with desire.

He pulled his T-shirt off over his head. Then he dropped his shorts and grabbed his thick, hard cock, intending to rip that hot, curvaceous white body in two with his black meat. Yvonne cooed as he approached her with it.

"Pull your ass hole open with both hands, you horny white slut mom..."

"Lemme suck it please. Just a little bit..." she moaned through her drooling lips.

"You will suck it straight out of your ass, now open up..."

"Be careful! I haven't had you in there for ages..." she rasped, pulling her hole open, making it gape. "Ahhhhhh!!!!" she cried sharply as Josh buried his meat into her rectum. She released her hole and it clamped over Josh's meat, a hot, wet, well lubed fleshy sheath.

Josh grabbed her hips and started humping her, slowly at first, as she rolled her ass and ground her hole onto his cock, moaning sweetly as she frigged her clit. The heat of their passion rose at an explosive rate till he was ramming her cute, round ass hard and fast, punishing her with his meat, hammering his black cock into her. Yvonne reared and bawled with delirious pleasure, frigging her clit and lunging back at him as he pounded her ass. She suspected she might be a bit sore later on, but she didn't give a fuck. She wanted her young black stud back in business, fucking her to death, making her cum deliriously. She leaped and bounced on her husband's couch, like a happy, zealously young bull, exploding and cumming and celebrating.

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