tagNonHumanAngie's Nature Find Ch. 02

Angie's Nature Find Ch. 02


A few days had passed since Angie's encounter with the plant. Though no physical changes were happening to her, she did notice a not unpleasant tingling within her womb.

She had begun awakening from erotic dreams when the tingling sensation in her womb would be particulary pleasant. She would start rubbing herself until she orgasmed.

Night after night this went on. Angie seemed to be in a constant state of lust. Unable to keep her mind on her work, she requested an early vacation.

One morning when she awoke, she was overcome with curiousity. She got out of bed and, removing her pagamas, walked out to the plant and stood in front of it totally naked.

The plant began rustling and soon its vines were wrapping around her as before. The vines gently lowered to the floor. The oily leaves began massaging her. "Oh my, this feels so good" she thought as the leaves left no part of her body untouched.

The vines gently urged her to roll over on her stomach and the massage resumed. A thin, very oily vine began probing at her anus. Startled, she tried to resist. The vines tightened their grip on her until the anal vine had slid into her virgin ass.

As the vine probed her butt, the other leaves continued their massage over her back, butt, legs and inner thighs.

Soon a tounge-like leaf began a licking motion on her pussy. It licked her clit and probed her pussy until she could no longer stand it and she gritted her teeth through an intense orgasm.

At this point, Angie thought she had been prepared for another fucking, but the fucking didn't happen. After her orgasm, the vines released their grip on her and she was left laying on the floor experiencing the aftershocks of her orgasm and wondering why the plant didn't fuck her as before?

Over the next few days, Angie presented herself to the plant frequently and the plant would pleasure her in many ways. Suction cup shaped blossoms would attach themselves to her nipples and clit, milking her titties and vibrating her clit until she was physically weak from repeated orgasms.

She was "tounge-fucked" by the tounge like leaf and her ass was probed with oily delight,but still the plant had not extended its cock-like stalk to her. and the tingling in her womb was a constant.

One day she decided to go on a hike, the first one since finding the strange plant. Since there weren't that many hiking trails she found herself hiking right by the area in which she had found the plant. At that moment the tingling in her womb turned into a sharp cramp.

Angie felt she had to releave herself immediately and hurried off the path into the woods out of sight. The cramping got more intense until she finally pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles and squatted.

One more sharp cramp and Angie began discharging a thick green fluid from her vagina. It was the plant cum that had been injected into her a couple of weeks before.

When the last of it was ejected from her body, she fell over on her side, exhausted. It was then that she percieved a voice inside her head.

"Our species comes from a distant star. On this planet our seeds cannot grow in the soil until the have incubated inside a human female."

"You have made it possible for our species to contine as you have just dischaged the seeds our comrade injected in you, now ready for planting."

"During the incubation period, your body will produce milk which our comrade needs to survive."

"As long as you are willing to incubate our seeds, and feed your milk to our comrade, he will provide you with intense physical pleasure beyond your imagining."

As Angie drove home she guessed why the plant had not fucked her again. It was waiting for the incubation period to conclude.

When Angie got home, she took a hot shower. As if to test her theroy, she walked out of her bathroom totally naked and presented herself to the plant, doggie style.

Vines immediately wrapped around her thighs, and the lubricating leaves began preparing her pussy. She then felt the large cock-like stalk probing at her pussy until it finally entered.

This time neither frightened or unwilling, Angie closed her eyes and lost herself to the sensation of the being fucked by the stalk.

She thrust her hips back matching its thrusts until she felt it again bury itself deep within her and start cumming. Again her womb glowed with the intense heat of its large quantities of cum.

After what seemed like a long time, the stalk slowly pulled out of her, the vines released her.

As Angie went to bed, the familiar tingling sensation began in her womb. "Tomorrow I will move the plant into my bedroom."

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