tagGroup SexAnn’s Hawaii Adventure and Homecoming

Ann’s Hawaii Adventure and Homecoming


My current wife Ann was quite the nymphomaniac in her youth having sex with at least 70 men that she admits to between the age of 18 & 25 and 45 & 52. I estimate the number is well over 100.

For whatever reasons her stories don't shock me but really turn me on and I constantly fantasied about her re -living them with me as a participant or at least an observer.

My favorite story a true one was her senior year in High School in Hawaii. She decided to skip class and go to the beach to work on her tan wearing the skimpiest of bikinis that really emphasized her large breasts when she was approached by a handsome guy. They talked for about an hour and as they talked she fantasied about fucking him and sucking his cock. He asked her if she wanted to go back to his apartment and smoke some strong local weed to which she enthusiastically agreed.

His apartment was just 4 blocks from the beach and when they arrived his two roommates were also there they exchanged pleasantries then retired to the bedroom to smoke some pot which always made her horny. They share a joint then started kissing she soon was rubbing his now hard cock thru his swimsuit and he soon had her naked sucking her breasts and then her now extremely well lubricated pussy as she took his 7 inch cock into her mouth. Ann noticed the roommates watching from the open door which turned her on even more. Her new friend inserted one finger than another into her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Anne had one orgasm after another until she guided his erection into her now gushing pussy. She came several more times until she felt his cock filling her up with cum triggering another massive orgasm.

They had another joint and then he excused himself to go to the bathroom. As she lay there in post orgasmic bliss she felt a tongue lick her clit and thought her friend had returned from the bathroom but soon discovered it was his roommate eating out her cum soaked pussy. Not at all shocked she fucked him as the third roommate came into the room offering her his hard cock which she eagerly started sucking. She was now literally off the floor with the guys holding her up as they fucked her pussy and mouth..she called that being spritzed and loved every second of it until they both came in her. The scene repeated itself until all three guys each came in her pussy and mouth.

When she repeats this story it is obvious it really turns her on and she fucks herself with a vibrator while blowing me until I fill her mouth with which she eagerly slows telling me she would like to relive that experience.

For the the first several years of our marriage we had sex once or twice a day now it is down to once or twice a week and only consists of a quick blowjob. Basically my sex life sucks so to liven it up I planned a surprise Hawaii Homecoming for her.

We flew to Honolulu from LA for a 7 day vacation and after arriving I started to put my plan into action which was to replay that story from her senior year in high school. I recruited 3 college age guys on vacation in Hawaii befriended them and told them of my plan..the bulge in their trunks certainly indicated that they were all for it.

The 5 of us spent a few days sunning together for all of us to get acquainted On the fourth day one of the guys said he had pot in his cabin if we wanted to join him and his two buddies. I agreed and could tell that Ann seemed very excited about it. No doubt she had figured out what was happening and could not wait.

We smoked a joint each and in no time the 3 guys were kissing and foundling Ann. She quickly got into it as she stoked the bulges in the guys pants.

On no time she and the 3 guys were naked. Their lips sucking her breasts and her clit as the took turns fingering her pussy as she was sucking one cock after another until all 3 guys had come in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. This was followed by a four way with all her holes filled with cocks that soon filled her cunt, ass and mouth.

The guys then asked Ann if she wanted a sex salad not having any clue what that could be Ann said sure why not. The guys then went to the kitchen to get some veggies and fruit.

They returned with a long skinny cucumber, a good sized banana and a very long zucchini. I for pone immediately figured out they were going to fun Ann with these sensual veggies & fruit. A smile came to Ann face as she recalled masturbating with veggies in her late teens when she was horny and alone late at night.

Anne immediately took charge slipping the banana into her cum filled pussy and literally fucking herself to an orgasm while each fed her their cock one after the other into her willing mouth. Ann soon switched to the larger cucumber and in seconds the first guy filled her mouth with a huge load of cum. Ann then switched to the 14 inch zucchini and pushed its entire length into her willing pussy which caused the other two guys and myself to cum all over her face and breasts.

Ann immediately came hard as my final vacation surprise entered the room a drop dead gorgeous blonde (one of my favorite fantasies) started kissing Ann while taking control of the zucchini and rapidly fucking Ann with it causing another orgasm as she licked the cum off Ann's breasts.

I'm so glad to see my wife back to her slut ways and can't wait to do all of this again and again.

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