tagMatureAnother Late Night at the Office

Another Late Night at the Office


It was late on Friday and with a deadline for the project looming, everyone was in a mad rush to finish their parts as fast as possible to make it home for the weekend. As the various deliverables made their way to my office for final review and approval, the general buzz of the office slowly dwindled as groups of employees gathered their things and left excitedly for whatever excursions they had planned for the evening. As usual, I was stuck with the wrapping up all of the loose ends before the project could truly be considered done and sent off to the supplier for begin manufacturing, It was looking to be a long night and with the setting of the sun, everyone had vanished, once again leaving me all alone. Needing some type of nourishment to weather the solo project wrap-up, I went in search of consumables.

All of the usual options were quickly dismissed, the vending machines either contained nothing of interest, were out or order or I lacked the correct change. No one had left behind any snacks in the cafeteria fridge or goodies to share from a loving family member. I had about given up hope when I recalled stuffing a sports bar in one of my desk drawers a few weeks back for just such an emergency. As I made my way back to my office, I heard an unexpected sound, Perhaps someone had returned to pick up a left behind item, or something had fallen off an desk, but none of these things were to be the case. Much to my surprise, waiting for me in the my office was the staff receptionist with a plate full of freshly baked cookies.

She seemed quite startled to have me suddenly walk in on her leaving behind such a thoughtful treat, but rather than flee, she giggled quietly to herself as if sharing some small in joke. I smiled as I tried to recall her name, but for some reason the overwhelming aroma of baked goods wiped out any chance of name recognition, so I was forced to result to other means. I thanked her for the treats and inquired how she new about my late evening cravings and she responded that she had been paying attention for some time. It seemed that she always stuck around the office to clean-up, but whenever the monthly dead lines came due, I was always fouling up her plans to leave on time. So she took it upon herself to snoop around, always hiding from me, until I left and then rummaged through my office for any clues.

I was midway through a sentence about how inappropriate of a behavior such prying was when pushed me firmly back against my desk and let down her hair. I was immediately disarmed and thrown off my pace by her unexpected forceful actions. To be fair, I really had not given the receptionist much attention since hiring her solely based on her resume more than a year before, so it was no wonder I could not remember her name. She always had seemed polite when she greeted me every morning, but otherwise did her job efficiently enough to be deemed competent enough, but never quite excelling to stand out above the rest of my employees. Now suddenly she was right in front of my face and behaving quite out of character. I was at a loss as to how to proceed, when she took things a bit further.

She sauntered up to the desk, daintily took a cookie from the plate near the phone and proceeded to taunt me with her left hand. I was so busy trying to grab for the cookie that I did not notice that he right had had popped the top most button on my shirt and pulled my tie off in one fell swoop. Continuing to keep me off guard, she stuffed the treat into my mouth as she rapidly unbuttoned my shirt the rest of the way and started to move her hands over my chest as if on a quest for the holy grail. With my mouth full of cookie, I was unable to stop her next series of actions as she pushed me all the way down on the desk, and then climbed on herself, mounting me at the waist between her knees as she kissed my chest all the way up to my mouth. When our lips touched, the combination of sugar and her passion was like a shock wave of power that felt both right and wrong at the same time.

Sensing that I was likely unable or unwilling to muster any adequate defense, she hopped off the desk, grabbed my crotch, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. When I whimpered silently in please, she went down on both knees and started to lick, suck and otherwise oral pleasure my swiftly engorged penis. I whined, thrashed, and tried to step away, but she would have nothing to do with my escape. When I tried to explain how inappropriate this situation was, she snapped her fingers to demand my silence and simple went down on me deeper than any of her previous attempts, once again turning my to putty and removing all active thought of escape. She continued to provoke my cock until I was unsure if I could contain myself any longer and then just as quick as she started she stopped.

Jumping up from kneeling like a gymnast, she moved to unbuckle my belt and drop my trousers to my knees. She then pulled out a condom from the inside of her blouse and unrolled it on my still hard cock. She then cinched up her skirt, revealing an impressively long set of legs and exquisite buttocks. Pulling off her panties and dropping them to the floor. she leaned over the desk, pulled me around behind her and stuffed me inside of her warm moist pussy. We fucked hard and fast rapidly taking both of us to the edge and ceasing only when I was unable to stop myself from cumming, encouraging me the entire time with her sultry voice. Suddenly tired and spent, she pushed me back, grabbed my under shirt with her hand and simultaneously pulled me down to her crouch while sitting down on my desk. As if in a dream, I ate her out like a kid in a candy store. The scent of cookies made her taste fantastic and my tongue drove her to spasms of pleasure until she herself came in a flurry of panting and screaming.

Once satisfied herself, she hopped down again, picked up her panties, smiled and said, "Enjoy the cookies, I'll be back the same time next month, next time it will be peanut butter", and promptly walked out of my office quite satisfied with her conquest. It took all my composure to not chase after her and I ask her name, but my common sense got the better of me with my pants still around my ankles and the condom drooping across my limp penis. I was left to gather my things, get dressed, dispose of the evidence and then skulk out of the office hoping that late night janitor had not witness the liaison. I left the office in a rush conveniently manage to totally forget about the project deadline. Yet, when I came back in the office on Monday, it had been submitted without my knowledge. The office fairies had been most kind to me and I still did not even know her name.

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