tagLoving WivesAnother Woman's Husband

Another Woman's Husband


He fell in love with me the moment he saw my picture. I hadn't joined the chatroom for any specific reason other than I was bored, but my screenname caught his attention. Within five minutes of our conversation, I had sent him a picture of myself and he was head over heels. However, he has been married happily for the past fifteen years and is content with his life. Perhaps it was an ego rush for me, but I wanted to know just how good I was - could I be beautiful and sexy enough to convince a happily married man to be unfaithful? With a click of a button, I turned on my webcam and flashed him my pearly white smile. He asked for my phone number and I gave it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hi, sweetheart." He responded breathlessly.

"Hey there." I giggled. "Do I sound as sweet as I look?"


"Did you know I look better in person as well?"

He took a deep breath, but we both knew he wanted to meet me. His voice was husky and revealed his desire. I tossed my hair to show the long graceful and pale line of my neck then ran a hand through the top of my hair so that I could look up into the camera with my sparkling blue eyes. I smiled with satisfaction when I heard his breath catch in his throat. He had an active imagination.

"Have you ever cheated on your wife?" I probed.

"Never." He confessed. "I never even wanted to be with anyone other than my wife."

"Until me?"


"What's so special about me?"

"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Something in your eyes; its like I am staring into your soul. Like I can see inside of you."

The corner of my lip creeped upwards subconsciously into a smirk. His breath caught again and I glanced at my image on the screen. I looked down right devious. We both knew right then we'd meet.

A week later, I stood behind the high school across the street from my house, hidden by the brick structure that held the backup generator to the main building. The plan was that he would drive behind the building as if he were just turning around instead of a U-turn and while behind the building, give me the money needed to pay cash for the hotel room. After waiting ten minutes, I was about to give up. My heels kept sinking into the grass and I was getting nervous that the leather would get worn on them. Just as I was about to leave the confines of my shelter, a dark green sedan pulled up. I'd never seen him before and now, in the face of this stranger, I couldn't bring myself to look at him. He held the money out in his hand and I quickly grabbed it then took off in the opposite direction towards the soccer field behind the school. I heard the car accelerate and disappear while I walked, but my head was swimming in a fog while my heart pounded in my ears. Was I ready to do this with a married man?

My divorce had been final for a week and the whole process had taken four months. It had been several months before than since my ex and I had stopped having sex and my every waking moment was consumed with a desire that soaked my panties straight through many more than one occasion a day. I hadn't been touched by a man in months and in occasional masturbation sessions were not eliminating the need nor giving any real relief. When I reached the sidewalk on the other end of the field and turned the corner to where the hotel stood, I recognized the all too familiar wetness between my legs. My mind may not be ready for this, but my pussy was begging for it.

While at the counter, I had expected to be forced to put down a credit card, but the cash was sufficient. Surprised by my good luck, I texted him the room number. I had ensured it was in the back so that his car wouldn't be recognizable nor seen from the street. Another benefit - it was on the ground floor.

I slid the key into the door and pushed it open. Standing in the doorway for a moment, I absorbed the room. It was much nicer than I had expected with the flatscreen tv on the wall and the desk in the corner. The bed was a king size and had dark burgundy sheets and duvet upon it. With a deep breath, I let the door shut behind me, but I didn't hear the latch catch. My eyebrows furrowed as I waited to hear something that could explain why the door hadn't shut all the way when finally I heard it close lightly. It didn't sound right, but by the time I had gathered momentum enough to turn around, I felt breath on my neck.

"Hi." He whispered on my neck.

His breath was warm and his voice was the heavy rasp of a man with an erection. His body was pressed into mine from behind while his hands trailed down my shoulders, under my arms and around my waist. His right hand slipped under my black shirt and over my stomach to cup my left breast. My breath escaped slowly, but my nipples responded instantly. I felt his muscles hardening in his body in answer to my hardening nipples.

"I love you." He said in my ear.

He gathered me close and turned me to face him. I hadn't expected much regarding his attractiveness, but I had won the jackpot with him! Very dark brown eyes, light pale skin with a short beard and cropped hairstyle. He was very muscular and it was obvious he worked out religiously. He was taller than me by a few inches and a very good dresser in a custom fit suit in black. I was impressed, but what caught my attention the most were his eyes. When he looked into mine, I realized he really did love me. It suddenly occurred to me why.

"You've never been with another woman other than your wife, have you?" I asked softly.

He shook his head slowly from side to side then pressed his body against mine which pushed my back against the wall. When his lips touched mine so gently, I recognized that he was holding himself back a great deal. He didn't want to hurt me; he really did love me. I had just begun to ponder if it were possible for love to develop this way when his hand slid under my skirt and brushed against my panties. I had been shaving my pussy since I started getting hair there so his movements were magnified and felt so good, I couldn't help but whine.

His finger hooked under my panties and grazed my pussy lips which made me toss my head back. My breathing was very heavy at this point and my barely audible whines and whimpers were making him more aggressive. Suddenly, his finger made contact with my clit. It felt like a gift directly from Heaven! I slid my panties down and off across the room then lifted my leg so my foot rested on the nightstand near the bed. He looked like an animal when our eyes met; instinct was taking over and he was slowly losing control over himself. My moans were getting louder and my pussy was soaking his fingers so much that they were getting the wrinkles one gets when they've soaked in the bath too long. I suddenly needed to feel his chest against mine so I began to hurriedly unbutton his jacket and drop it to the ground. Then his button down white shirt which easily slid off. His chest was magnificent. Pale, which proved he worked too hard, but sublimely muscular. He wouldn't let me unbutton his pants or belt until I took off my own shirt and bra. While he was busy fingering my clit and sucking on a nipple, I finally wrapped my hand across his cock. He must have liked my reactionary moan because he slipped two fingers straight into my pussy hole.

He was huge! His cock was at least an inch in diameter and long enough to do some damage. Not like I cared so much about length - I'm a girth girl. I like a thick cock and he was like a birthday gift! His wife was one lucky woman to get fucked by him every night, but now it was my turn. I had planned at this point to suck on it, but he couldn't seem to handle it anymore. Tossing me onto the bed, he slid inbetween my thighs and dug himself deep inside of me. I felt my muscles object to his insertion, but I was wet enough he pushed straight past and buried himself to the hilt within me.

"Fuck me hard." I whined.

If I have this hard and huge cock buried deep inside of me, I want it hard. As hard as he could give it to me and fast too. If I'm going to fuck another woman's husband, I expect to be fucked so well that it hurts.

He whined a little when I had given him permission to pound me and he put his hands on either side of my waist by my hips and pounded me hard while he stood next to the bed. I felt as if he would puncture a lung! My pussy sang with pleasure as he pumped his thick cock all the way inside of me, hitting my cervix before retreating to get more momentum. However, it didn't take long for him to squirt his cum inside of me and lay twitching next to me on the bed.

I laid there for a few moments with my heels on the edge of the bed and my pussy still spread for the world to see. I could feel his cum dripping out of me and it turned me on more. I grabbed his blackberry and took a few photos of my cum dripping pussy then handed it to him.

"You did that." I said while trying to catch my breath. "Now I want you to fill my other two wholes as well."

His cock twitched when I said this. I stood up and bent over so my pussy could be seen from behind.

"See your cum dripping out of me?"

He nodded and his cock grew some more. I turned around and leaned against the wall. I caught his eye with my own and held his attention in my gaze then started to finger myself. My moaning was becoming unbearable for him which I could tell when his cock began to turn purple shades. I fell to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He moaned so loudly I was sure he'd never had a blowjob like mine before.

I took his cock into my mouth to the hilt then withdrew to the head where I sucked it in and out of my mouth as if I were playing with mouthwash in my mouth. My hand traveled the length of his cock while his head was serviced by my tongue. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth deep where he unloaded his cum into my throat. I choked and spattered, but he held me on his cock and help me ride the waves until I could swallow it all and suck him dry.

Surprisingly enough, he was still hard when I released him. This excited me. My exhusband had introduced me to anal but he didn't like it much. It was too much pressure on his sensitive little cock. But I had loved the feeling of being filled in this way. So when he grabbed me and tossed me over the bed with my ass in the air, I was super excited.

His cock pierced my asshole easily due to his leaking cum which had lubricated it. I concentrated on relaxing my ass muscles so he could stretch them out. It was painful and uncomfortable but as soon as he was in and rocking a little bit in and out, I finally adapted to it and it felt incredible. I began to rock into him which was his signal.

He had me by the hips and was pounding into me like he had been a 35 year old virgin! I felt like he was ripping me into two! I wanted more! When it felt like I could take no more, he exploded inside of me and pulled out in time to watch my ass and pussy squeeze out his cum. He smacked my ass hard and left his hand print.

"Go get cleaned up and I'll bury my face in that accommodating little pussy." He said now fully satisfied.

Like a little girl promised a special treat, I rushed into the bathroom and into the shower. I cleaned my pussy especially well and sprayed on some perfume before returning to him. He kissed me passionately and laid me down softly on the bed. I spread my legs eagerly.

"May I look at you?" He asked.

"Please do."

He had turned on every light in the room before lowering himself on the bed between my legs. His fingers explored me and his eyes feasted on every crevice. My pussy grew wetter than I've ever before felt it and he smiled at the response to his searching.

"See how you become a fountain at my touch?" He inquired.

I nodded breathless. He pulled my lips apart and gazed at my vagina hole before lowering his face down into my pussy and using his tongue to flick my clit. My body exploded in sensation as he slid three fingers into my pussy hole and a thumb in my asshole. I was flopping around on the bed and screaming in pleasure.

"Yes...yesssss, yessss...more...more...lick my pussy...yes, yesss...ahhhHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed no longer caring if everyone in the world knew he was servicing me.

He rode my orgasm with his face buried in my pussy and his fingers slamming into my holes. His movements extended my pleasure even to moments it felt painful. He kept me orgasming while I begged him to stop. Pleaded for mercy while he sucked on my overstimulated clit and pressed into my over fucked holes. I was sobbing by the time he finally stopped. Sobbing with the pain of the extended pleasure. I couldn't move a single muscle in my body.

He gathered me up in his arms and held me close to his chest until I fell asleep....

-To Be Continued-

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