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Are Women Necessary?


The name is Craig Johnstown. I'm a six-foot-tall, good-looking young black man living in the small rural town of Hawking, Oregon. The story that I am about to tell you concerns a certain dark period in my life. I call it the Dark Side. It doesn't matter if you're a good person with strong morals and principles, you can only be pushed so far before you start fighting back. When good guys fight back, they fight dirty. Don't mess with them or stand in their way. This is something the wicked men and wicked women of the world should remember when dealing with so-called Nice Guys whom they consider to be pushovers. Just a warning, pure and simple.

The story takes place during my senior year at Hawking College. A school I'd been practically drafted into by both friends and family. Hawking College is a pretty decent school with a strong Christian tradition. A small four-year private technical college located on a hilltop. It's home to one of the best college sports programs in the United States of America. The Hawking College Department of Athletics currently sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby, Bowling, Wrestling, Track, Rifle, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Water Polo and Sailing along with Women's Intercollegiate Basketball, Softball, Pistol, Field Hockey, Cross Country, Soccer, Rugby, Bowling, Wrestling, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track, Rifle, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Water Polo and Sailing. The school also fields club sports in Men's Boxing, Cycling and Hiking along with Women's Karate, Cycling and Ultimate Frisbee. A good amount of sports, wouldn't you say?

Upon enrolling at Hawking College, I joined the Varsity Football team. We're a Division III College Football team, meaning we play but don't get scholarships out of it. I don't care because I play football for love of the game, not financial gain or even fame. Anyway, the first three years of my college life turned out alright. I was getting good grades in my Criminology classes and the football team was doing alright. Yeah, I could see myself attending law school and preparing for a better life. I come from a long line of lawyers. My grandfather Boris was a judge in his day. My father Frank is a civil litigator and my mother Helen is a retired attorney who now teaches at city college in our hometown. All was well. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was dating this really pretty gal named Salome Anderson.

How to describe Salome? Picture a five-foot-ten, lean and muscular, black-haired, brown-skinned and golden-eyed female with a body Olympic athletes and supermodels would envy. She was a business student at Hawking and also the Captain of the Women's Volleyball team. A gorgeous, intelligent and athletic African-American woman. I fell madly in love with her. We began dating and it was awesome. I guess you could say we were the golden couple on campus. The perfect man walking around with the perfect woman. We were both star athletes and the campus folks loved us. The Football stud and the Volleyball coed. How about that? It was a whirlwind romance, folks. But she wasn't just a fling to me. I want to make that perfectly clear. I loved her. I thought we were going to be together forever. Until the end came.

The end came unexpectedly. Salome had begun spending less time with me and more time with her new friend Natalie Edgar, a rail-thin redhead from the Women's Swim team. Looking back, that should have raised some red flags but what did I know. I was in love and I guess you could say there was a dearth of cynicism in my thinking. I didn't think anything was going on between Salome and Natalie. Which is why it totally caught me by surprise. One day, I went to Salome's dorm to surprise her. I had flowers, candy, the whole nine yards. I was the one who ended up getting surprised. I found Salome in bed with Natalie. They were having some hot lesbian sex together. Yeah. I didn't say anything. I just walked away. My world had come crashing down.

I went back to my dorm, feeling like I'd just taken the beating of a lifetime. My girlfriend was cheating on me with another woman. Salome was a lesbian. I thought back on all those times we made love. Was she faking it? I didn't want to think about it. But I couldn't stop. Yeah, my woman was a lying, cheating whore. And she lied to me about everything. She lied to me about the way she swung. I can't believe I actually bought her a ring. Maybe all those times we were in bed together she was picturing a woman in her mind while having sex with me. I was going to make her pay. I distanced myself from Salome, while also keeping an eye on her. Yes, she and Natalie spent a lot of time together. I decided to follow them around with a camera. Sooner or later, I'd catch them in a compromising position. One night, my patience paid off. Salome and Natalie went back to the dorm and had some hot lesbian sex. I caught it all on camera. Then, I went back to my dorm.

Finally, I had the two dykes by the balls, so to speak. What should I do with the footage? I thought about blackmailing Natalie and Salome, but what the hell for? Understand this. I've got nothing against gays or lesbians. I am a supporter of same-sex marriage. However, I don't like treacherous women who take a man's trust and betray him selfishly and remorselessly. Especially if the man in question is a good man. A man who is kind, honest and trusting. Betraying such a man usually destroys his faith in humanity. That's cruel and unusual punishment. No. I couldn't simply let them go. Either of them. They had to pay. But how? Blackmailing women is always a dangerous idea. They're unpredictable. I've seen plenty of movies where a male character tries to blackmail a woman and it backfires. I wouldn't get cocky. And I knew next to nothing about the blackmail business. So, I decided to out them. Let the whole world know about them. Not because they're women or even homosexual, but because they're liars and cheaters whose lies and treachery need to be exposed in the light of day.

Yes, does my thought process surprise you? You always hear about down low brothers in the black community. Men who cheated on their wives and girlfriends with other men. Men who led outwardly straight lives yet surreptitiously slept with other gay and bisexual men. The black community is up in arms about these deceitful men. Well, guess what? Plenty of women from all walks of life are in the closet. Plenty of women betray their unsuspecting husbands and boyfriends by sleeping with other women. Society doesn't condemn them for it. But it's still cheating in my book. I don't discriminate based on gender. I think cheaters of both sexes need to get what's coming at them. End of story!

So, I released the footage of Natalie and Salome romping away happily simultaneously on campus and on the Internet. And I quietly waited for the repercussions. You should have been there. The news about Salome and Natalie spread like wildfire. And I played the role of the shocked and saddened, jilted man. From some, I got sympathy. From others, laughs. Whatever. I got my revenge. The students downloaded the videos from the web and it was the talk of the campus for a week. Hell, it even made the local news. Nothing ever happens in Hawking, Oregon. So the news reporters latched onto the story of two college sportswomen whose steamy lesbian love scenes wound up on the Internet. Well, the campus administrators didn't take this too lightly. Hawking College is a Christian school. Even though they're staunchly conservative, by law they cannot discriminate against gays and lesbians. However, the students at the college were expected to live by a code. There was no culture of rebellion or entitlement tolerated at Hawking College. So, Natalie and Salome were kicked out of school. Weird how that happened, huh? Your college cannot throw you out for being gay, bisexual or lesbian. However, that doesn't give you the right to make dorm room porn.

Yes, Natalie and Salome were gone. And to this day, nobody suspected that I was the one who exposed their secret life and dirty little secrets. In the eyes of the world, I was way too much of a gentleman or a Nice Guy to do something like that. I got what I wanted. And I feel absolutely no remorse. In fact, I feel vindicated. For the rest of the year, I focused on the things which mattered most to me. Playing football and going to class. I focused on class work. I was already a gifted student, making Dean's List every semester. But that year, I pushed myself really far. And I was amply rewarded for it. I became the First Male Valedictorian my school had seen in a long time. I graduated, and went to law school. From that day forward, I shall focus exclusively on myself. The other people I encounter simply do not matter. Male and female alike, they're expendable. Fuck love. Screw romance. Power and wealth are my new passions. In the future, I shall be master of all I survey. No girlfriends. No boyfriends. No wife and no kids. The acquisition and wielding of power, that's what I'm all about. It's the only thing which gets me going.

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