tagHumor & SatireAre You my Master?

Are You my Master?


Author's Note: Being a connoisseur of children's literature and a fan of erotic literature, I thought it would be fun to do another fun piece with an old story we all know and love. This is re-telling of an old children's classic story, Are You my Mother? written by P.D. Eastman. I hope you enjoy the newest version. {grins}

* * * * *

A handsome Master looked at the bound slave.
The slave whimpered and wiggled.
"Good girl," said the handsome Master. "It soon will be time! You will want to cum."
"I must find a new toy to help my slave cum," he said. "I will be back!"
So away he went.

The slave moaned. It squirmed, and wiggled, and blushed.
The slave's bindings fell off.
"Where is that master?" she said.
She looked for him
She looked up. She did not see him.
She looked down. She did not see him.
She looked around and around. She did not see him.
"I will go and look for him," she said.
So away she went.

Around at the play party she went.
Around, around, and around! It was a big, busy room.
The slave was not allowed to walk.
She could not walk, but she could crawl. "Now I will go and find that master," she said.
But she didn't know what that master looked like.
She went right by him. She didn't see him.

She came to a black man. "Are you my Master?" she said to the black man.
The man just looked and looked. He did not say a thing.
The black man was obviously not her Master, so she went on.

Then she came to a large man. "Are you my Master?" she said to the large man.
"No," said the large man.
The large man was not her Master. The black man was not her Master.
So the slave went on.

"I have to find my Master!" she said. "But where? Where is he? Where could he be?"
Then she came to a male slave. "Are you my Master?" she said to the male slave.
"I am not your Master. I am a male slave," said the male slave.
The black man was not her Master. The large man was not her Master.
The male slave was not her Master. So the slave went on.

Now she came to the host of the play party.
"Are you my Master?" she said to the host.
"How could I be your Master," said the host. "I am the host."
The black man and the large man were not her Master.
The male slave and the host were not her Master. Did she have a Master?

"I did have a Master," said the slave. "I know I did. I have to find him. I WILL!"
Now the slave did not just crawl. She hurried! Then she saw a phallus.
Could that big thing be her Master? No, it could not.
The slave did not stop. She hurried on and on.

Now she looked all around and around. She saw a man walking with a leash.
"There he is!" said the slave.
She called out to the man, but the man did not stop. The man went on.

She looked at a man with a flogger.
"Here I am, Master," she called out. "Here I am!"
But the man did not even look. The man went on.

Just then, the slave saw a strong man. Oh please let this be her Master!
"There he is!" she said. "There is my Master!"
She hurried right up to him on her hands and knees.
"Master! Master! Here I am, Master!" she cried out to the strong man.
But the strong man just said, "Humph."
"Oh, you are not my Master," said the slave.
"You are a grouch. I have to get out of here!"

But the slave could not get away. The grouch grabbed her by the collar.
He walked very, very fast. And across the floor the slave was dragged.
But now, where was the grouch going?
"Oh, oh, oh! What is this grouch going to do to me? Please get me out of here!"

Just then the grouch came to an abrupt stop.
"Where am I?" said the slave. "I want to go back to the furs. I want my Master!"
Then something happened. The grouch put that slave right back in the furs.
The slave was back where she belonged!

Just then a handsome man came back to the furs. He looked down at the slave.
"Do you know who I am?" he said to the slave.
"Yes, Master! I know who you are," said the slave.
"You are not a black man. You are not a large man.
You are not a male slave, or the host, or a grouch!
You are a handsome man, and you are my Master."

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