tagBDSMAs the Master Wishes: Punishment

As the Master Wishes: Punishment


(This chapter takes place after the mess that appeared in Day 6.)


Stephanie finished her shower and was downstairs as fast as she possibly could. She knew from being married to her Master for so long that when he was in his Dom mood that she had to comply quickly. She had many questions in her mind about what exactly he saw and what trouble she was in. As she rushed downstairs with a towel in one hand and her plug in the other, she saw something interesting on the floor in front of the television.

It looked like a cylinder with a dildo on top of it. It wasn't much to look at, but one look from her Master told her that the peace of equipment was part of her punishment. As she walked over to him, he told her to assume the position. She stood next to him, facing away as her legs were spread apart and her butt plug was slowly inserted inside her rectum. He smiled in response to her willingness to comply, especially after the sins she had committed against him over the last five days.

Before she had a chance to think, he told her to sit down on the couch with the towel underneath her so she didn't mess over the leather. She carefully folded the towel so that it would cover where her pussy would make contact with the couch. As she sat still watching her Master, her mind wandered over the events from the previous days. She remembered the different cocks that had the pleasure of sliding within her pussy and ass and how open and slutty the men attached to them made her feel. In her heart, she knew her Master wasn't as angry at her as he was acting and that she was going to be thoroughly pleasured by the time she closed her eyes.

After fifteen minutes of watching her husband looking at his laptop, she was pleased to see his eyes looking at her. Even though he showed a face of anger, she could see the smile that was underneath that seemed to warm her from across the room. He walked over and began to touch her neck. It felt so good to feel his touch that she started to melt from just his touch before she felt her nipples being touched. She started to grimace in pain because he seemed to be grabbing them in a less loving way than she was used to. She was about to cry out before she remembered that he was in control and that he wouldn't hurt her. As she was distracted by the sight of the bulge in his boxers, she felt cold metal bite into her sensitive nipples. As she looked down, he commanded for her to look forward. That meant her eyes were focused on the bulge in his boxers while he tested the clamps. She felt her nipples driving her closer to a mini climax before her Master stopped pulling and playing with the clamps. He commanded her to face forward as he walked over to where the big screen was and turned it on.

As she faced the television, she saw the video player click on as her Master seemed keen on trying to cue something. About fifteen minutes later, he commanded her to get up from the couch and carry the towel over to him. She complied as she felt the moisture from both her sweat and her own pussy juice that flowed as her Master messed with the clamps. He held the towel up to his nose and smiled moment before reverting back to his angry face. He walked her over to the new contraption and began to explain what a Sybian was. Stephanie was excited, but she kept her composure as he helped her onto the phallic portion of it. She felt the cold latex slide into her pussy and shivered in reaction before his hand landed on her ass in response. The smack left a really deep hand print on her skin as she apologized for her reaction before he swung and smacked the opposite cheek.

She stayed on the Sybian for a few moments looking straight at the television screen before it clicked to life and she started feeling the vibration underneath her. The vibration combined with her butt plug started driving her towards an orgasm before he started to back off the controls. As she opened her eyes, she saw the shots of the first day when she sucked the cable guy's dick into her mouth and swallowed his seed. As her Master showed her the violation, she felt the vibrations on full power driving her towards a forceful orgasm before she begged for him to allow her to cum. He kept quiet as she realized that this was her true punishment. As the clip went out, the power on the Sybian went down and he walked over to pull on the chain before he commanded her to cum. Her climax being drawn out was intense as she looked at him and apologized for disobeying him the first day.

The clips from the second day saw her refusing to follow her Master's orders as related to the "tennis instructor." As she watched in horror as she was there on the screen refusing to take his salvo on her breasts, she felt the buzzing underneath her again. He looked at her in twisted mock rage as she squirmed on the machine and tried to hold back her fast approaching climax. She begged for him to forgive her and begged to cum. His response was calling her a slut before the machine calmed down again. The tears began to run down her cheeks as she apologized for her sins. She begged him to allow her the chance to make it up to him in any way she could. His stern look held firm as he told her to cum like the dirty slut she was. She felt her body release again as she started seeing the third day cued up. She watched as she was guiding the landscaper into their bedroom for some fucking that he didn't authorize. Before the machine was turned on, she did something he didn't expect.

She used their safe word.

It was apparent that he wasn't ready for this to occur. As he looked at her, she repeated it again before she rose up from the machine and ran crying into their room and slammed the door closed. As she flew onto the bed crying, she could hear the door open before feeling the warmth of a blanket being carefully placed on her nude form. She then felt the slight twinge as she felt her ass releasing the plug that was stuck inside it. As she turned to see him, his face was down as if he knew her punishment for once was way too far.

When her crying subsided, he held her in his arms and kissed the top of her head as he started apologizing for driving her punishment too far. He confessed to having a few cameras set up in the house while she visited her mother a couple months prior and how he used them to record what happened when she was performing his assignments. He also confessed of how each suitor was called after the experience to explain what was done. She felt a sigh of relief as he explained how he was massively turned on by her sins against him and how wrong he was to push her as far as he did. He asked for forgiveness before standing up away from her for a moment.

Her response was standing behind him and slowly lowering his boxers from behind before she began to kiss his legs from behind. She knew that he loved it when she kissed him like that. As she neared his ass, she moved to the front and saw her favorite cock waiting for her attention. She politely asked her Master to sit on the bed while she began to slowly take his cock down her throat. She started making a buzzing sound in her throat that she knew would drive him crazy before she felt his familiar hand pushing her deeper on his cock.

She began to pull back from his dick as she slowly stroked it and told him how much his slut missed his cock and how much his pussy missed being fucked by him. The words of encouragement seemed to have appeased him as he pulled himself up and slid her on the bed. As she felt the clamps pull on her breasts, she let out a moan before she felt his hardened member slid easily into her open ass. His hands found her hips as he began to drive deep inside her, telling her how he missed feeling her tight ass grabbing his cock. She could feel him losing his control a bit as he moaned before telling her that he is going to love cumming inside her ass.

She could feel the spurts of his cock coating deep inside her ass. As he pulled out, he asked her if she wanted to see the rest of the DVD he made of her exploits while he held her. As she looked at him in mock disgust, she answered that she would under the condition that she was going to get to stroke his beautiful cock while they watched. Together they walked downstairs towards the living room to watch her perform.

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