tagNonHumanAura Ch. 02

Aura Ch. 02


Author's note: Just like part one, this is based on an idea from a novel of which title we cannot divulged, due to the restrictions on this site, so if you want to know, you'll have to message us.


He came at night, waking me to be with him. At first I thought his visits were dreams but no one has dreams so vivid and recurring, it had to be real. I would wake up the next morning exhausted, utterly drained of energy after his visits. The more often he showed, the weaker I became but I could not stop. The pleasure he caused in my body was incomparable to anything before, addicting, and all I wanted was for him to return.

He was gorgeous, the likes of which I've never seen before. Just looking into his piercing blue eyes, my body became aroused. My nipples hardened as thoughts entered my head of what I wanted to do to him. Thoughts that I would naturally never think of, suddenly seemed so common place. The ideas in my head became realities, almost like he was putting them there himself. I would do anything for him, do anything to him and most importantly I would let him do anything to me.

The visits start exactly the same; I wake to see him standing at the foot of my bed. He's smiling, staring at me, and unbuttoning his shirt. I don't scream, I don't try and run, it's just the opposite. I can't take my eyes off of him, quivering from what his stare is doing to my body. Before his shirt is even off my nipples are taunt and I feel my clitoris pulsing with want. Crawling toward him, my mouth salivates for what is in his pants. His large member is all I want and can think about. The thoughts in my head make me do things I would never do, clawing at his pants, the barrier that keeps me from his delicious body.

Finally, I get his belt unbuckled and tear his pants down to find what I want. He's hard, pulsing and throbbing in my hand. As I engulf his head, his flavor is beyond words, which shouldn't make sense, but I'm beyond rational thought, all I want is him. Tugging and sucking him, I'm focused on pleasing him and only him. I suddenly know how to give oral sex like never before. I know what he likes as if he's telling me what to do and I understand it perfectly. I don't gag, I'm not turned off by his musty smell, and nothing is as it supposed to be. He smells incredible, tastes divine and my throat opens up for his length with no hint of grief.

My hands find his perfect butt and legs. He's muscled and impeccably formed in every way from his feet to his hair. I claw at his ass, pulling his cock deeper into my mouth as my head rocks back and forth, spinning on his shaft with my lips tight around his throbbing length. I want him to cum, I want to taste his semen and swallow his load as it surges from his head, but he stops me before I can take him over the edge.

He lifts my head, bending his down to kiss me. Cinnamon rushes into my mouth from his, hot pleasure engulfs my body as he kisses me deeper. Suddenly, he picks me up, effortlessly. My legs wrap around his waist, my arms, his neck, as we kiss. I can feel his hard, wet member brush my flushed pussy and slip past me to rest between my cheeks. My hardened nipples smash against his muscled chest, sending more pleasure coursing through my body. I want him more than anything. I want his long hard cock deep inside of me. He lifts me, ever so slowly, higher until I feel his head make its way back toward my waiting tunnel. He's hovering just at the entrance, but he keeps me from falling onto him, teasing me until my body screams for him to penetrate me.

My breath leaves my body as he rapidly drops me down on his rigid member. I scream out in pleasure, feeling his length and girth rush in and spread me wide. The anticipation and sudden thrust send my body into fits. I shake and convulse in his arms, as my pussy floods with pleasure and juices. I'm already climaxing in an astonishing orgasm I've only dreamed of experiencing. During my release, I feel him stiffen; his body reacts to my orgasm as if he's absorbing my pleasure for himself. His cock hardens inside of me as my pussy quivers around it. I hear him moan, and open my eyes to stare into his. His expression is one of power and energy. The muscles in his shoulders ripple under my arms, as his entire body becomes firmer.

His hands, now under my but, lift me off his shaft before dropping me down onto him again. The sensation of his member, sliding smoothly out and in, only increase my convulsions. He kisses me again, thrusting in and out, while I cling to his body to control my spasms.

His strength is endless; he lifts me off and onto his member for an hour without stopping. I cum three more times, each just as powerful as the last. With every orgasm I feel him grow stronger. I'm unaware of how impossible it should be, during. It's not until after, do I realize what he's doing is inhuman. I've let go of him, no longer clinging to his shoulders or waist. I'm hanging limp while he continues to lift me off and onto his ragging cock. My body is in a constant state of bliss, so much that I don't recognize how exhausted I am.

The orgasms keep coming. How I don't care. One after another they build and crash over my body as his cock constantly thrusts inside of my shuddering pussy. Two hours pass and I've lost track of the orgasms he's coaxed out of my body. Suddenly I'm falling, only to hit the bed he's tossed me onto. Seconds later, I feel hot semen splatter my body. I open my eyes to watch him stroke his incredible cock over my body, showering me with rope after rope of hot cum. His physique is covered in perspiration, glistening in the dim light of my room. His muscles are even more cut and defined than when he first appeared. He's even more gorgeous, something I didn't think possible. He's a vision of perfection, stroking his cock and moaning as his cum spurts from the slit.

I bath in his juices, rubbing his warm semen around my breasts, stomach and pussy. My entire body hums with pleasure. Tasting him, I find an indescribable flavor, better than anything I've ever tasted in my life. Hungrily, I eat all I can find, as he watches me with a grin on his face. Finding none left, I sit up to suck what I can from his member. It shows no sign of going soft. It's impossible, but he remains hard as I suck and stroke him, obsessed with his flavor and wanting more of his semen. My efforts are rewarded; somehow he ejaculates a second time. It's only been between three and five minutes since he covered me with cum and now he's ejaculating in my mouth. There is so much cum it's difficult to handle it all. His cock continues to spew, filling my mouth, forcing me to swallow before the next gush rushes out of his rod.

I'm crazed, sucking and swallowing with everything I am, to not miss a drop of his delicious semen. It's all I care about. To me it's the most precious fluid on earth and nothing could stop me from having it all. He's contractions finally slow, pumping only small globs of exquisite cum, which I eagerly suck out of his hole, and swallow while moaning my pleasure. When I can find no more, he pulls me away from his throbbing member and pushes me down onto the bed, with my face in the sheets. Suddenly, thoughts of his cock in my ass fill my head and I want it to happen. It would never be a thought with anyone else. But I look back at him begging him to fuck my ass. The words seem foreign to me, like it wasn't me speaking such dirty talk. He smiles, moving forward toward me. I arch my back, spreading my legs, positioning myself for his entry.

Amazingly his cock is still rock hard, after two huge orgasms. My clitoris throbs. My anal muscles press out automatically as I feel his head begin to penetrate me. I scream out in awed pleasure as he passes my tight ring, sliding in inch by inch until he fills my bowels with his long cock. Rapture fills my body, spreading from my connection with him. His hands find my breasts, squeezing and pulling the nipples as he withdraws his member slowly from my body. He kisses my back, sending chills through me, adding to the bliss his hands and cock are inducing. He buries his cock again, deep, I scream from unrivaled passion. I've never felt anything like this before and can do nothing but moan and try to breathe.

My pleasure builds, culminating in another mind blowing orgasm after only a few minutes of him thrusting his member into my ass and playing with my body. He alternates between my breasts and clitoris until I convulse and shake in my most recent orgasm. I feel his cock engorge with my release, and he moans with me as if he's cumming himself. I feel my strength leave, making it more difficult to breath and remain conscious. The pleasure is too good, I don't care what it's doing to my body, I just want more and more.

My memory is fuzzy from then on, I don't remember specifics. I just remember him pounding away for an unknown amount of time and the two ensuing orgasm because of it. I lost consciousness after the last one. I never heard him leave or felt him cum.

I didn't wake up until 11 A.M . My alarm blaring since seven. I could hardly move, lacking the energy. I was parched, hungry and unable to reach over to turn off my alarm. Rotating my head was all I could muster. There on my night stand was a large glass of water. I knew he had to have put it there, because I didn't. I managed to reach for it, spilling more than I drank but even a little helped. The memories of the night came rushing in. I should have been horrified but instead I yearned for his return.

It took another hour before I was strong enough to leave my bed. I had to crawl to my bathroom from more water; I'd never been so thirsty in my life. I called work, telling them I was sick. I crawled to my kitchen, sitting next to my refrigerator, eating whatever I could reach.

It took me three days to recuperate. On the fourth day he returned, starting the process over. My body never fully recovers now; it's weakening beyond any chance of help, he's returned so often. I know now the next time he returns I won't survive, but I don't care.

I wake, seeing him standing at the foot of my bed, unbuttoning his shirt. He's naked, crawling onto my bed, his cock rock hard. As he enters me, I forget my worries, savoring the sweet pleasure his member provides. I welcome the bliss, smiling as my final orgasm rushes over my body.

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