tagIncest/TabooBaby & Me Ch. 02

Baby & Me Ch. 02


It is now seven months and many sessions of frenzied love making later. Chrissy has been sleeping with me now since that first night and we just finished decorating her old room for the baby that is due in about two months. Chrissy is showing quite a bit already – she hasn't gained much more weight than that of the baby and its fluid but she is very round in the belly and her breasts and nipples have grown larger and much more sensitive.

We still fuck every night and often during the afternoon after Chrissy wakes up from her nap. She is getting a little tired and doesn't have the energy she had five months ago but we are taking good care of her and the babe.

As she has increased in size, we have found it no longer comfortable for her to make love in the missionary position. Besides we have been using all kinds of positions from the very first time as we learn more and more about what excites us. Now, Chrissy loves to straddle my lap with her legs on the outside of mine and ride me like a stallion! As my cock drives into her depths, we can almost feel the motion of the babe riding along with us! We consulted her doctor about having sex for as long as possible and she suggested if we were both enjoying it and the regular checkups have shown no negative effects on our baby, then we can continue at least until the last couple of weeks. Then we may have to rethink the situation – we don't want anything to happen to our 'love child'.

Many times as she rides my cock almost to the point of my cumming, I will lift her up by the waist (even pregnant, I can still lift my baby), and suspending her over my rampant cock – now slick with her cunt juices and my own precum – impale her open asshole on my cock until I am buried to the hilt! We have fucked anally many times and Chrissy loves the fullness of my cock filling her nether hole! She feels so silky and hot and her anal muscles grip and milk my cock until I explode inside her over and over again!! I cum so much that it oozes out of her ass around my cock and onto my legs. Chrissy really likes to get dirty then and climbs off my still firm cock and falls to her knees between my legs and deep throats my cock! She loves the slightly gamey taste of my cum mixed with her special rear juices – we both make a point of douching and keeping our passages clean since we never hesitate to tongue fuck each other in the ass!

In fact, Chrissy never passes up an opportunity and telling me to lift my legs to my chest, she runs her tongue down the underside of my firm wet shaft to my balls and takes them one at a time into her mouth to gently suck on them and roll them in her mouth. Her tongue then slides over and presses on the perineum (that sensitive spot between my ball sac and my sphincter which sends a shiver up my spine. Her tongue then starts to slowly rim my anal opening until it starts to relax and I help this process by bearing down. As my puckered hole blossoms outward and opens, she starts to press her curled tongue inside until it lips past my sphincter muscles and inside my ass.

Now I have to tell you; Chrissy has one of the longest tongues I have ever seen and it comes to a hard tip at the end. I swear that when fully extended between her lips, I is almost 2 ½ "long! When she slips the full length inside me, and starts to literally fuck me with it, I am driven close to insane with a need to cum again! The feeling of that hard hot tongue and her lips kissing my outside rings as she fucks me is a sensation that she knows I love and she enjoys knowing that she is driving me quite crazy in the process! My cock, with help from her stroking hand, has grown fully erect once more and Chrissy rises up on her knees to take my cock back into her mouth. As she bobs up and down until I reach the back of her throat, she rams two, then three, fingers into my already loosened ass and pushes them all the way to my prostate which she proceeds to press and rub. Just like having a rectal exam at the doctor, the pressure on this gland creates a combination urge to piss and forces precum out at an uncontrolled rate! Chrissy sucks everything down as she madly strokes and sucks hard on my cock.

Without warning, I cum again in what feels like a massive amount down her throat and nary a drop is spilled as she gobbles it all down.

My baby slowly climbs up onto my lap and I bring her lips to mine as I stroke her rounded belly and her shaved pussy; our tongues intermesh and I taste myself as she shares some the cum she saved for me. It melts in the heat of our kiss and she lays her head on my shoulder as I stand up and carry her to our bedroom for a recovering nap in each other's arms.

Two months later:

Chrissy, with me assisting in the delivery room, gives birth to our love child. We name her Christina Louise and she is truly the most beautiful baby!

As we lay together back home cradling the baby in Chrissy's arms as she breast feeds her – I am just now learning to love drinking at my baby's breast after our child is finished – we know that we want to have another baby (lots more) together!

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