Backsliding Ch. 07


"Viola!" said Sami as she finished all four blunts. "This is some primo shit, sister girl. Are you ready to get baked?"

Sarah just nodded her head and smiled. Sami smiled back and sparked the blunt, inhaling deeply like a pro. She held the pungent smoke in for what seemed like minutes, and then let it out slowly, blowing it toward Sarah. I saw Sarah reach for the blunt, but Sami shook her head.

"Not so fast, sister. We're going to get you properly baked and we're going to do it my way."

Sarah just looked confused as Sami inhaled another huge hit and then leaned in toward Sarah. I instantly knew what was coming and I felt my already stiffening member spring to attention. My god, was Sami about to give Sarah a shotgun? Sarah must have anticipated what was coming because I saw her shudder slightly and then lean in to meet Sami's lips. Sami softly blew the smoke from her lungs into my wife's mouth. I saw Sarah's chest expand as she inhaled the marijuana into her own lungs and held it there. She softly let it out, then sat back on the sofa and waited for the high.

In only a few minutes, I saw a smile spread across Sarah's face and she relaxed in the sofa. "Ummm, that's good shit," she said dreamily.

Sami took another drag on her blunt and brought her lips to Sarah's again. Sarah was waiting for her this time and softly grabbed the back of Sami's neck and brought her face to hers. She eagerly accepted the smoke from her friend. After she exhaled this time, I swear I could see Sarah's eyes begin to glaze over. Sami must not have been lying about the potency of the weed.

The girls sat there sharing the blunt for several minutes until it was gone. Sami crushed the tip out in an ashtray that I had been using to smoke my cigar. She looked over at my wife who was obviously feeling no pain.

"How do you feel now, Sarah?" she asked.

"Fucked up," Sarah giggled. "That's some dank shit. I'm too fucking stoned."

Sami got up and walked to the kitchen table and retrieved two more blunts. She walked back to the sofa and offered one to Sarah.

"There's no such thing as 'too stoned', you light weight" she said as she lit her own blunt and handed the lighter to Sarah. Sarah lit hers without hesitation.

In the meantime I didn't know what to do. The girls were enjoying their pot as if I weren't even there. I admit that I was a little annoyed. It was my birthday, after all, and I had expected a quiet romantic evening at home with my wife. I was pondering my misfortune when I saw Sarah stand up unexpectedly and walk to my recliner and sit on my lap, the blunt still in her hand. She sat in my lap with my hard-on pressing against her almost bare bikini-clad bottom. She wiggled her ass seductively and sat sideways in my lap.

Without saying a word, she took a huge drag off of her blunt and inhaled deeply. I started to complain about the smell and about someone calling security, but as I opened my mouth to do so, Sarah pressed her lips to mine and blew in the smoke. She pushed my jaw shut and put her fingers over my lips. I wanted to protest, to spit, to sputter, whatever it took to get rid of the pungent smoke, but all I did was inhale the shit deep into my lungs.

"Now hold it," she whispered.

I did what she asked, then exhaled slowly when it felt like my lungs were going to explode. I didn't feel anything at first and started to protest.

"Sarah! You fucking know I can't be smoking that shit! What if I have to drug test at work next week? I can't lose my job over a fucking..."

She didn't let me finish. Instead, she inhaled again and gave me another shotgun. This time, when I inhaled and held it, time seemed to stand still. I looked at my wife, still sitting in my lap with a burning blunt between her fingers and a stoned smile on her lips. I looked over at Sami who was smiling as well. The girls started to giggle.

"You can exhale now, silly," said Sarah.

I realized that I had forgotten to exhale. I found that amazingly funny and started to chuckle as the smoke escaped from my lungs. I sat back in the chair and felt a tingling sensation began to spread slowly up my arms and legs. My head suddenly felt like it was made of clay and my mind became foggy. It felt as if my body was going numb and with it, so were my worries and fears. Suddenly, I didn't give a shit about work or a drug test or whether or not my relationship with Sarah was headed in the wrong direction. I didn't care about anything at all and it felt amazing. This time when Sarah handed me the blunt, I took it on my own and inhaled. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was high for the first time in my life. I laughed out loud as I handed Sarah the half-smoked blunt.

"What's so fucking funny?" she asked.

"Nothing. Everything. Damn if I know. I think I'm stoned," I said, still chuckling.

"I fucking know I am. How do you like it?" she asked coyly, taking yet another hit.

"I like it. I'm surprised," I said, my voice sounding like it was in a barrel.

"Well, I'm all about surprises tonight, so hang on cowboy. It's going to be a hell of a ride!"

Later, the two girls decided we needed to go bar hopping. I was in no shape to argue, so I just went with whatever they suggested. It turned into the quintessential Las Vegas night. We had a limo with the music blaring, the moon roof open and both girls hanging outside drinking and yelling at pedestrians on the street. We were all still pretty high and the drinks kept flowing. I didn't have a care in the world and I was enjoying everything the girls did. At one point, the girls even flashed their tits at some college kids. They fell back inside the car, laughing hysterically, their tits still hanging out. I noticed that Sami's nipples were pierced. Sarah noticed them too, and nudged me to look at them as Sami was pulling the top of her dress back up.

Both girls were obviously wasted. I was tired and ready to head home, but the girls were showing no signs of slowing down. I'd never seen Sarah so wild and uninhibited. I laughed at myself for being so down on her for this kind of behavior just a few days ago. Now I was reveling in it. When Sami pulled the final blunt out of her purse and sparked it, I actually cheered the girls on. When they passed it to me, I took a half-heated drag and handed it back. They didn't seem to notice and finished off the blunt.

Until this point, I was thinking that Clarissa was obviously drunk last night and had the deal all wrong about Sami. Then I saw Sami reach out and put her hand on Sarah's thigh. I red light started flashing in my brain. I saw Sarah glance at me, but she didn't make an effort to move her friend's hand. Sarah was drunk and stoned, but I knew she was coherent enough to know what was happening. She was becoming a willing participant.

When Sami began to rub Sarah's thigh, Sarah actually moaned and leaned in toward her. Sami looked over at me and smiled. Sarah closed her eyes and laid her head back on the seat. I decided to ruin the moment before things got out of hand. I knew this was my wildest fantasy, but I wasn't sure I could handle it.

"So what's next, ladies? Do you want to go to that club from last night?" I asked.

"Fuck no," muttered Sarah without moving, "I'm too fucked up to dance anymore. I want to go home."

"Sounds good to me," I said. "Sami, can we drop you off at your hotel?"

"Sami's coming home with us," Sarah slurred. "We're going back to the Jacuzzi and party some more!"

When we got back to the room, Sarah stumbled into our bedroom and changed into her black thong bikini. Sami stripped down to her bra and panties. Sarah knew the black thong bikini was my favorite, and she winked at me as they trotted off to the Jacuzzi while I brought more drinks.

The Jacuzzi was built for two people, not three, but I didn't say anything as I sat down in a chair and enjoyed the girls' conversation. I turned on the stereo and let some music seep into the balcony. I was sitting across from the girls, not saying a word, when I saw the unexpected.

Sami had gotten up unexpectedly and trotted into the kitchen. When she returned, she was holding a small engraved metal pill box in her hand. As she slid back into the tub, I saw her place a small white pill on the tip of her tongue. I saw her slide over to face Sarah. Without saying a word, Sami kissed my wife on her lips, slowly and passionately. Instead of pulling away, Sarah opened her mouth allowed Sami to slide her tongue in between her lips. I could literally see their tongues meet and I saw Sami pass the pill off to Sarah. Sarah swallowed.

The girls just sat there listening to the music and enjoying the jets of water for several minutes while I fought a raging hard-on. The whole scene was surreal. Did my wife just let another woman kiss her and give her ecstasy? Was this really happening? I must really be drunk, I thought to myself, but I knew I wasn't. Especially later when I saw Sarah's pupils begin to dilate and a smile cross her lips. She slid around and sat in Sami's lap and laid her head back on Sami's shoulder, smiling dreamily.

"Hmmm, I feel...hmmm...oh my god! I've never felt anything like this in my fucking life. Oh Jesus, I feel fucking amazing. What the fuck did you do to me?" she muttered softly, still smiling dreamily with a stoned look on her face.

"It's just ecstasy," smiled Sami. "I thought you might like it. Do you?"

"Oh fuck yeah. I love it, but I don't want to do it alone."

Before I could react, Sarah was handing me a pill. I probably should have thought it through, but I was thinking with my dick again. I was willing to do anything either woman suggested at that point. I took the pill and chased it with a bottle of water without any protest or second thought. I sat there for the next twenty or thirty minutes without anything happening. I was wondering if the pill was real when I started to feel my own heartbeat.

Then, very gently, the euphoria began to sweep over me in soft waves. I had never been so satisfied or happy in my life. I could feel my skin come alive. I could actually taste the breeze and smell the water in the Jacuzzi. I looked down at my wife, who was looking up at me. She had seen the wave of intoxication hit me and she smiled. I looked into the water and could see that Sami was rubbing Sarah's clit through the swimsuit under the water. Sarah didn't complain and turned her head to nibble on Sami's neck. Sami responded by kissing Sarah passionately on her lips.

Sarah stood up on wobbly legs and untied her swimsuit top, then wiggled out of her thong. She turned briefly to face me and smiled. She slid back into the water, facing Sami. She pressed her lips against Sami's pierced nipple, playfully flicking her tongue against the barbell. Sami moaned in pleasure and kissed Sarah's neck.

I couldn't contain myself anymore and I unzipped my pants. When my hands touched the heightened sensitivity of my foreskin, I thought I was going to explode. At that point, all I cared about was what was happening in the 20 feet around me and didn't give a fuck about who might be watching from what balcony or what the neighbors might be hearing. I felt good, incredibly aroused, and I felt a passion for my wife and her new friend that I didn't know existed. I understood why the drug was called ecstasy. I was in it at that moment and I never wanted to leave.

I sat there quietly; the nerve endings in every square inch of my dick exploding in pleasure as I gently squeezed my dick. I could feel the music from the speakers on the balcony, as soft as it was, reverberating through every inch of my body. When I saw Sarah stand up and pull Sami out of the tub, I felt myself shudder in anticipation. Sarah and Sami, still dripping wet, walked inside the suite and toward the bedroom without saying a word. I got up and followed.

When we got into the bedroom, Sami softly pushed Sarah onto the bed. I sat down in a dressing chair and pushed my hand inside my boxers. I wish I could describe the look on Sarah's face, but words won't do it justice. She stared at Sami in rapt attention with half-lidded eyes and dilated pupils. I knew that she must be feeling what I was from the tiny pill, only probably more intensely. When Sami's lips touched Sarah's, Sarah responded with abandon.

The two former church girls made out like two wanton lesbian sluts for what seemed like hours, but must have been only minutes. Time was moving slowly for me at this point, probably fueled by the weed, alcohol and ecstasy. Eventually, however, I saw Sami softly move down Sarah's naked body with her tongue, brushing over her soft tanned skin ever so softly. When she settled on Sarah's nipples, Sarah moaned forcefully with pleasure. Sami continued what she was doing as Sarah started to move her body in time with the soft music still being piped in through the stereo speakers. Slowly gyrating with the beat, Sarah arched her back when Sami flicked Sarah's navel ring. I knew this was a sensitive area for Sarah since she'd had it pierced in her first stages of rebellion and I anticipated what would happen when Sami discovered it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Sami continued her tongue journey toward Sarah's shaven mound. I knew how much Sarah liked having the top folds of her clit flicked with the tip of my tongue. This was Sarah's most sensitive erogenous zone and I started pulling more forcefully on myself as Sami moved closer. At that moment, Sarah, who had appeared totally stoned and lost in the moment until then, looked at me dead in the eye with absolute clarity. I knew instantly that she was aware of what this whole scene was doing to me. I began to pull harder on my dick, not caring now if anyone knew that I was masturbating shamelessly as another woman went down on my wife.

When Sami's tongue finally entered the folds of Sarah's smooth pussy, Sarah screamed and arched her back, her head rolling back and forth on the pillow, her short spiked blond hair now wet with sweat and sticking to her forehead. Her large golden hoop earrings were swinging like a pendulum against her neck muscles. With each thrust of Sami's tongue, Sarah would moan louder and rock the bed in reckless abandon. I saw Sarah grip the bed sheets with both fists and pull as she arched her back. I knew what was about to happen.

Almost without warning, Sarah made a final arch of her back, coming completely off of the bed from her ass to her shoulders, her head thrust forward. I'm sure she woke the neighbors when she started to chant, "Yes, yes, oh my god! Yes!" Then, with a final shudder, she slowly sank back onto the bed, spent.

I was about to explode in my own hand when I saw my beautiful wife look at me and motion for me to join her and Sami on the bed. I stood up on wobbly legs and dropped my pants. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the floor and wiggled out of my boxers. When I neared the bed, Sarah reached out and softly grabbed my throbbing member and tugged ever so slightly toward herself. I took the hint and slid into the bed beside her. She rolled over to face me, pushing her breasts against my chest and wrapping one leg over my waist. She softly reached down and guided my dick to her dripping pussy, which was still winking with the dying shudders of orgasm.

Sami didn't protest as Sarah turned her back to her and focused her attention on me. Instead, I saw Sami cuddle behind Sarah and kiss her on the back of her neck, her hands resting on the outside edge of Sarah's breast. I refocused my attention on my wife.

Looking back now, I don't know if it was me being caught up in this amazing surreal fantasy or if it was the euphoric side effects of the drug. What I do know, however, was at that moment, I had never felt closer to my wife or loved her more. Although I was throbbing and I knew my dick was full and ready to explode, I was able to go deeper into the moment. I lost track of time as we lost ourselves in the moment. As I softly made love, real love, to my wife, I realized just how much I adored this girl.

"I love you," I whispered softly, just before I finally released myself inside of her.

"Happy birthday, baby," she whispered back.


I suppose this is the part of the narrative where I'm supposed to tell you how my formerly demure, innocent, and pure-as-the-driven-snow church wife went off to become a brazen lesbian slut. Maybe that does happen in some people's reality, but not mine. You see, the truth is, today Sarah and I are a fairly average couple living a very average life.

The trip to Las Vegas was two years ago. Granted, we did spend two more days in Sin City and the three of us did our part to put the "sin" in Sin City. It was a grand time, or at least it seemed like it at the moment, but all good things must come to an end. We said our goodbyes to Sami at the airport and never saw her again.

Once we got home, it took a few weeks for Sarah to completely get the wildness out of her system. She continued to drink and smoke and she loved a good party. I willingly went along for the ride, but cautiously. I was nervous as a whore in church while I waited for the marijuana and ecstasy to clear my system, afraid that I may have to face a drug test. Eventually, however, the fear subsided and life went back to normal.

The pendulum began to swing back center for Sarah as well. Several months after our Vegas adventure, we heeded Rachel's urging and finally went home for a visit. I was still afraid of facing the wrath of Sarah's parents for corrupting their innocent daughter, but it was actually a nice visit.

Rachel, now unencumbered with the rules of her legalistic church, seemed happier than ever. The girls no longer had to face the uncomfortable questions from their schoolmates about why they couldn't wear pants, cut their hair, play school sports or attend dances. Now Rachel allowed them to do all of that. When we went to visit, both girls immediately jumped in Aunt Sarah's lap to show off their newly pierced ears. I chuckled at the sight.

Rachel's changes had an unexpected effect on her entire family. She and Mike now had something besides the girls in common and he obviously was impressed with her changes in appearance. He eventually broke things off with his secretary and he and Rachel are trying to work things out. They even started attending a non-denominational church together, which doesn't have most of the legalistic rules of our former church. Even Sarah's hard-nosed parents have attended the new church with the grandkids periodically and have become a little more laid back and less judgmental.

The visit home had a profound effect on Sarah. She came home a different person. Our party lifestyle ceased almost overnight. We still have our friends and we still drink socially occasionally, but no more drugs or overindulgence. Believe it or not, Tommy and Lizzie, of all people, started attending a church similar to Rachel's. Lizzie doesn't drink or smoke at all now, especially since they're expecting their first child. They've even managed to talk Sarah and me into visiting church with them occasionally. I actually found it to be refreshing after being away so long. I think Sarah feels the same way, although neither of us is quite ready to jump back into the whole organized religion thing just yet.

Since Lizzie got pregnant, Sarah is starting to yearn for motherhood again herself. She doesn't say much, but I know how much having a family was a part of our dream when we first got married and I know it bothers her still that I'm unable to have kids. We did finally breach the subject of adoption recently. We'll wait and see how that might work out in the future.

As I sit here writing this, my laptop sitting on the patio table, I find myself looking at Sarah. She is resting peacefully in my hammock. The weather is a little nippy out; the first hint of fall is in the air. Sarah is swinging slowly back and forth, wearing her favorite pair of faded jeans and old flip flops. Her hair, now back to its original deep scarlet color, barely brushes the top of her breasts. I remember how that hair once flowed in gentle curls to her waist and how she filled out those tight jean skirts back in Bible College. I remember the angel that she was then when I first fell in love.

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