tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 10

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 10


Ch~10~Treasure Hunt at Treasure Beach Report

Day One~ The Arrival~

Kimmy couldn't believe where her new job's first assignment had taken her—not only in geography—but also in learning of herself. Learning about the hidden desires that lay deep and dormant within her very core.

Her first flight out to Negril Jamaica aboard Bare Bottom Resorts private jet had been just the start. Kimmy had found a new side to herself there in the naughtiness of the Negril nights. Never had she imagined that she would find such passion in the arms of another woman.

As the Bare Bottom Resorts Jet winged her to the other side of Jamaica for part 2 of this assignment—she fantasized about what may lay ahead. What would she find at this resort—Treasure Beach—that was the burning question that remained to be seen—and felt—Kimmy thought as she became aware of the moisture gathering between her lips—wet and warm with anticipation—Kimmy arrived—At Treasure Beach.

12:00 Noon~ My Arrival~

Situated on the less touristy South Bay Coast side of Jamaica—The Treasure Beach Resort was much more natural than its sister resort in Negril had been. The beachfront villas were low to the ground, quite long and sprawling and hugged the natural curve of the cove's inlet beautifully. Here the attention was on the natural beauty of things surrounding you—not on the phony and pretentious pleasantries given at the other resort. Everything here was in rich natural stone and cedar tones, so that it didn't detract from the colors of the warm white sand and turquoise water.

12:39 PM

Lunch in the Discovery Room was wonderful. Everything was beautiful and natural...exquisite views from every side and the food was top rate as well—even offering the freshest local catches of the day from the nearby Discovery Bay—(the restaurants namesake of course.)

2:00 PM

After arriving at my villa I thought I'd take a short nap and be ready for the evening ahead. I was unaware however, of the vigorous action going on in the other ½ of the villa (each villa shared by 2 separate sign-ins.) Just as my head hit the pillow and I felt the warm sea breezes start to blow across my tanned and naked body I heard giggling... it was coming from the people in villa B—but why could I hear them so easily? The lanai—they were getting things started on their lanai and I guessed that the sounds were bouncing off the side of the villa and heading strait for the open doorway of my own lanai.

I couldn't help but listen—even if it felt a little wrong—or even a little creepy—it was hot and there was no denying that the sound of two people really going at each other was anything but an absolute turn on for me! I had always loved hearing the ohs and moans of another beautifully feminine voice during sex... I would close my eyes and listen when Jack and I would screw while watching porno back at home...I just loved to HEAR the sounds of sex—

As I always put it,

"If the ones you are listening to are any good together it can be just as enticing and arousing as watching...maybe more since the sight is left to your vivid imagination."

And the ones next door, they were great at it...

"Oh, yeah, fuck baby...that's it...yeah baby suck my cock baby..." The guy said as he urged his girl to do her best with his cock between her lips.

And she did. She slurped and sucked and licked and lapped...for all of an hour as I listened and imagined the thick hot shaft that was spearing the women's wet mouth over and over again. I dreamed of it until it got me so hot and wet that I just had to get a peak at how she looked...dark tan—long, curly, dark hair, grass green eyes. She was so sexy squatting there with her long, silky tan legs in a teal dress that didn't quite cover enough of her lower body in that particular position.

Her lover tossed her long curls over one shoulder as he ravaged inside the dress for a beautiful tan DD breast with the darkest brown areola I'd ever seen and a nipple so long you just wanted to bite it and pull on it to see how far you could take it...and that is just what the cut-armed dark haired man did. I only wish that I could have seen his face—seen the way he looked at her—seen the answers he gave to the many statements that her eyes made. They were the most amazing eyes, so sensual and expressive exuding sexuality to likes I had never seen before. And she definitely loved blowing...it was no job at all for her—but sheer enjoyment.

As she sucked her man to ecstasy I too found a bit of bliss with my fingers diving into my warm wet deeps as I came in unison with the dark haired man. When he had finished they made their way from the lanai and into their villa. I decided that the show was over and I jumped into a cool shower to ready my head for the night of observation and undercover detective work that lay ahead of me. Although the sites from the lanai never quite left my thoughts...I tried my best to push them out of my head for the moment.

5:30 PM~ Happy Hour~

Not yet ready for dinner, but definitely ready for something cool and tropical I headed to the Treasure Chest—one of the properties 5 bars. Its décor was cute... done in pirates and treasure chests of fake jewels and things...not tacky...just enough to remind you that you are a step or two from home!

As I made my way to the bar I saw posters for something called The Treasure Hunt at Treasure Beach...but I didn't really pay enough attention to the posters to know what it was all about.

After getting my first drink (from a bartender who wore nothing more than a pirate's eye patch, hat, buckled boots and sword,) I took a seat at a corner booth and soaked up some atmosphere. It was a very enjoyable place—everyone there was having a good time.

I couldn't help but notice when my neighbors from the lanai strolled in. the tall dark haired woman and the well-maintained dark haired man. Luck would have it that they would choose a table that faced mine. For the first time I saw the face of the dark man. He was handsome. His chiseled face, strong and lean, sea blue eyes full of mischief and lustful intentions towards the absolutely stunning woman in his presence. They exuded sexuality. Everyone in the immediate area took notice of the couple as they settled into their table.

The beautiful lady sipped at her drink and she looked my way once or twice—as if she recognized me. But that couldn't be. She certainly couldn't have known that I was watching. Could she?

I sat at the table and waited for my beer winch to refill my glass. A real cutie with a pirate's cloth tied over her head, little ruffle cuff and swash-buckles with more heel than any pirate ever saw! As she poured my brew she asked if I would be participating in their big treasure hunt in the morning. Explaining that I hadn't any clue what it was all about, she quickly retrieved a photocopy and then told me in elaborate detail about how things were done last year.

Day Two~ The Hunt~

1:00 Pm~ Sign-in~

Just as the waitress had said, here at the sign-up booth I found a list of things that I was suppose to hunt for. Along with the rules and regulations and tips for the hunt. Some people were searching in groups, we were allowed up to 4 members per search team.

I would be a one-woman team though...or at least that's how it was looking.

As I signed up using my room number and got my clipboard and colored bandana strips I was surprised to see the beautiful dark couple from villa B in line right behind me. If they signed up after me they'd know for sure that it was me that had been listening, watching, and reveling in their pleasure throughout yesterday and last night...but something in the grass green eyes of the tanned and toned woman led me to believe that she had been fully aware of my presence from the very start. I don't doubt that it could be true; we women have a great way of sensing another's presence even when we cannot confirm it by sight and visual recognition.

1:30 PM~ The Hunt for Item 1~

First on my list was a palm frond.

"That should be easy to find, ..." I thought.

Although I had to take the road less traveled off the beaten path of the beach and the villas to the rear of the villas to actually reach the palms that surrounded them. When I found the frond I needed I noticed that the couple was around the corner in a grove of some kind. I still couldn't get past the beauty of them as a couple their bodylines and curves and bulges, Lord...how they complemented each other! Standing there in all their naked glory.

It was quite a sight to behold as she faced him, her bare breasts and long brown hair brushing gently across his naked chest as he squatted, grabbing her firmly by the waist and lifted her over his head to reach the mango that had obviously been first on their list of treasures for the hunt.

As she reached for the ripest mango he too reached for her mango and began to suckle the sweet nectar from deep within it as I stood there, my naked excitement barely concealed by the fronds of the palm I hid behind; watching as he devoured the flavorful treat that lay beneath her beautifully shaven lips. Taunting and teasing her to his will, nipping then dipping and finally sinking his teeth into her pussy as if she was the main course on his noonday meal voucher.

"GOD DAMN!" "They are so fucking hot!" I thought to myself as I felt my hand sliding yet again between the wetness of my own lips—thanks to the arousal dished out by the beautiful dark ones.

As I leaned there against the base of the luscious palm I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to join them. What it would be like to kneel down in front of him right now and stuff his engorged, dripping cock into my hot, wet mouth while I fucked my own pussy with my fingers and listened as we came in unison. What a position for a 3-way I thought—that's one I've never seen in a book anywhere! I laughed to myself, as I wedged the third finger into my tight, slippery, cunt hole and began to ravage my own body—sucking and biting at my nipple and letting the scene before me fill my imagination with wonderful thoughts of 3—what "WE 3" could do together...little did I know I'd have my chance before long.

As she screamed her way to ecstasy—I twitched through my own again, trying to be as quiet as a mouse but she sounded so good. I bit my lip hard to cut off the gasp that partially escaped my throat, tasting the rusty flavor of my own blood as I did.

"Is that a smile I see, I mean...is she smiling at my gasps? Does she know I'm over here and that I am getting off because of her? It is isn't it—it's a grin of satisfaction...I'm almost sure of it..." I thought to myself.

The hunt for item number 2~2:45 PM~

The List—back to the list...what was next? A conch shell—well that should be easy too I thought. As I made my way from the mango and palm groves at the rear of the villas back to the beachfront. Back to the sun and sand and lapping sounds of the sea. What I was unaware of was that these conchs couldn't be found at the beachfront. While talking to some natives of the area they told me to stop wasting my time here and head for the Black Lagoon about a ¼ mile at the other end of the properties.

I wondered if any of the others knew to look there...perhaps I might win if the others couldn't locate a conch. After all, the guy at the sign-up table had announced that each list held the same items—they were all listed in different orders so that we wouldn't end up trampling each other for the same item at once. Apparently no more than two or three lists would hold the same item at the same number spot on the list at a time—that way it would keep the traffic for each item to a bare minimum—and a bare minimum it was!

When I arrived at the Black Lagoon I was the only participant there—hell—I was the only person there—period. So I began to comb the edge of the water for conchs. I had to wade in a bit since conchs are usually found buried in the muddy or sandy bottom at the water's edge.

As I knelt there in the waters edge feeling the warm black sand scratch across my knees and thighs I was startled by a voice...

The voice of the dark man:

"She looks like she's pretty comfortable in that kneeling position babe...what do you think?" he said.

"Yeah, she does..." The beautiful tan woman replied as they both neared the waters edge.

Just then I felt a hand behind me...a woman's soft sensual hand.

Suddenly she grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me back to look at her—

"I think that we should see how good she really is on her knees," she laughed a throaty laugh as she crammed her man's dick into the back of my throat.

"Well...she has been watching us...we know she wants it..." The dark man replied.

"You do want it—don't you girl?"

"You want to feel me spurt my hot jizz deep inside your throat don't you?" He continued.

At that I simply nodded yes and began to suck his manhood for all I was worth.

The beautiful tan woman sank to her knees as well, only behind me. She nestled my bountiful tits in her soft hands. Pinching and pulling and rolling my tender erect nipples between her long white nails. She started to lick the length of my neck, and nibble at my ears before settling in and biting and sucking to the point where I could tell that she was going to leave her mark.

And all I was thinking about was the feel of her big soft tits as they brushed and smooshed against my back. The tight erectness of her nipples as they poked into my skin let me know how aroused she was to touch me and to see me touching her man, taking him—making him my own as well.

As I knelt there giving the fabulously toned man his due, she worked her way around to my breasts and began to knead them in her hands, bending and suckling on them. I had never been sucked like that before and my cunt began to pour its juices everywhere. As her hands rubbed and traveled the length of my body and stomach, she let her hands brush the insides of my thighs.

"She likes us Baby...She really likes us!" She touted to the dark handsome man who had now begun to fuck his cock in and out of my mouth.

"Does she now...is she wet babe—is she asking for more with her dripping little cunt?" He replied.

" Yeah, I think she likes the way I suck...I think she wants me to suck a little lower!" She taunted.

"Mmm—Mmm..." I moaned as I sucked his cock and tried to nod my head.

She walked around behind me again and this time she laid down on the soft yet scratchy blackness of the sand and as I lifted myself higher up on my knees she gently slide her self under me and between my thighs she nestled down—the softness of her velvety lips against the wet, warm, smoothness of mine—and heaven ensued.

She teased me licking at my outer lips, telling me that I wanted her—asking me if I did and how much—telling me to show her to let her hear me if I wanted her to fuck me with her tongue. The more I moaned and tried to gyrate my hips around on top her face the more of me she began to take into her mouth—the more she licked the more she sucked—the deeper she speared my cunt lips apart with her hot wet tongue. The more I moaned and tried to scream out from around the ever faster face-fucking cock of the tall, dark, handsome, muscle man who I still held deep within my throat.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" She asked.

"To really fuck you—" She continued.

As I responded by shaking my head up and down as vigorously as I could and moaning yes—yes around the huge throbbing cock she growled a low giggle...

" Just remember—You asked for it—" She replied.

Just then the wet softness of her tongue was replaced by the hard boniness of her fingers as one slide deep inside me jamming itself in up to the knuckle and causing my body to clench from inside out. As her thumb rubbed my clit to oblivion. Then I felt the other hand spread me wide apart and another finger swiftly dug its way inside me...then another and another...as I screamed—as I stretched—as she fucked me hard, deep and fast with her entire hand buried deep up inside my pussy—as deep as it could go—to the knuckles.

The dark man knew that I couldn't take much more as he listened to my groans, nor could he if he stayed inside my sweet, wet mouth any longer. As he pulled out and walked around behind me he sitting astride his woman as she lay there and shoved his cock deep inside her. It didn't take more than a few strokes for me to hear her cumming since she was so excited by what we were already doing.

After he made her cum, he knelt and straddled her—cozying his way up behind me. He grabbed me at the top of my ass with one hand while he used his other hand to force his dick deep inside my asshole. I cringed and squealed from the initial shock—but he was already picking up a rhythm and the cries of protest soon turned to cries of joy and elation as he and she fucked all my holes to complete oblivion. After shooting of his warning round in my ass, he pulled out and she quickly slurped his cock in and swallowed him down—straight from my ass to her mouth and she grinned through every second of it as the last of "WE 3" finally felt our sweet release.

We rinsed off in the waters edge and decided to return to the sign-in table with the treasures we had collected. We may not have won the contest—but we surely won the "Real Treasure" of the Treasure Hunt at Treasure Beach that day.

We all knew that there would be more joint fun to spill over from villa A to villa B quite a few more times that day and the next.

Day Three~ My Departure~

After villas A and B combined and the night blurred into day "WE 3" decided to have breakfast on the lanai and then take a swim.

By the time my flight departed at 3:00 PM and I sat down with my laptop aboard the Bare Bottoms Jet to write my final report...I had plenty of good things to say about Naughty Negril's sister resort, Treasure Beach.

Its staff was friendly, fun, and above all accommodating. And I couldn't say enough about their recreation department for the great ingenuity it took to plan and execute the 2nd annual Treasure Hunt at Treasure Beach...something I was sure the resort would become known for in the near future.

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