tagMind ControlBe Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.

This is the continuation of 'Be Careful What You Wish For'. In Part 1 Dave Brickman agrees to go to couples counselling with his wife Marion. She thinks he's oversexed and he wishes she would be more adventurous in the bedroom. The therapist starts Marion on a course of hypnotherapy. Dave discovers that the key word 'aeons' puts his wife in a suggestible state and the word 'hectic' causes her to return to her normal condition with only a vague memory of what she had done in between. Dave decides to conduct his own hypno therapy sessions with surprising results.


After they got home from the party, Dave was so keyed up that he didn't get to sleep 'til the wee small hours of the morning. By contrast his wife Marion was gone the moment her head hit the pillow.

Dave assumed that she didn't have as clear a recollection as he did of the whole evening's events.

He had happened to remember the key word that Marion's therapist had used to make her become more open to suggestions. And the blow job she had given him in the car showed just how amazingly successful the hypnotherapy was.

However there had been that cop that had pulled them over and his wife's brazen and effective efforts to get him to tear up the ticket.

All David had really wanted when Marion suggested they get into couples counselling was that she might loosen up a little sexually. He didn't really know if he could handle the wildly amoral animal he had seen her become when left to her own fantasies.

He spent the next few days in a state of total bewilderment.

He called Dr. Von Stramm's office and postponed his appointment. He didn't cancel it. He just told the receptionist who took the call that he needed a little more time to figure out his feelings. He said he'd call and re-book.

Marion on the other hand continued going to therapy twice a week. And the change that he had seen in her since she started the treatment continued.

After a week or so Dave started worrying less about his wife's transformation and more about getting laid.

One night he came home with flowers, another night, with a new pair of earrings. Marion seemed really pleased with these little gifts but when he made his eager advances to her in the bedroom she shut him down cold.

On one occasion she had actually stiff armed him, slamming him in the chest with her outstretched hand and telling him to 'back off'!

Dave's frustration level and sperm back up were both reaching critical mass.

One day, about two weeks after the incident with the highway patrolman, Dave decided there was more than one way to skin a cat.

He called Marion from the office about mid-way through the morning.

He told her quickly about what was going on at work and listened impatiently while she told him about some of her girlfriend's gossip.

And then he said innocently enough...

"You know honey it's been aeons since I made you dinner. Why don't you plan on just relaxing this evening and let me take care of you..." 'aeons' was the trigger word Dave had used the last time that he and Marion had had sex.

Of course he had no idea whether or not the therapist might have changed it. He waited nervously to see what his wife was going to say. It seemed like it was taking her a long time to answer.

But then Marion said...

"I think I'd enjoy that..."

And Dave thought he detected a certain sexy purr in her voice. He was very encouraged. He told her he'd pick up something interesting on the way home and that he was looking forward to their evening.

Marion said..."Me too. See you later hon..." then hung up the phone.

Dave could barely contain his excitement. For the rest of the morning and through the lunch hour his imagination ran wild, picturing all the kinky things his wife might be preparing for their evening.

By two o'clock He couldn't stand it anymore. He told his boss he was feeling fluish and that he thought he'd better go home.

He stopped at the gourmet grocery in the mall just in case he had got it wrong and all he was really going to get that evening was a good meal.

When he got to the house he decided he would surprise his wife. Instead of pulling into the garage he parked half way up the block and walked the rest of the way.

He slipped up the driveway and went in quietly to the kitchen where he put the groceries down. He remained standing there motionless for a moment listening to see if he could figure out where his wife was.

Since he couldn't hear her he thought she might be upstairs in the bedroom.

Well let the games begin he thought as he climbed stealthfully up the back staircase.

But when he stepped into the bedroom Marion wasn't there. Maybe she was out in the back Dave thought. He stepped out into the hall.

Dave and Marion's house was a loft design. The upstairs bedrooms were all in a row and the hallway connecting them looked down on the living room below.

Out in the hallway Dave could hear Marion's voice. It sounded like it was coming from downstairs. She was probably on the phone.

He went to lean over the railing and look but before he did he heard a man's voice. Now that was odd. The TV was in the basement, not the living room. Was there someone down there with his wife. He sort of peeked over the railing.

There were two men in the living room. One was Tom Ryan his neighbour who was sitting on the couch. The other was Mark Harris, another neighbour who lived down the block. Mark was sitting in a chair off to the corner of the room.

Dave wondered why they were both sitting in his living room on a Tuesday afternoon. He remembered that Tom was doing some major repairs to his pool and that Mark was giving him a hand. Mark was a little bit older that John and Dave. But he was a contractor and a really handy guy to have around if you had a job you wanted to get done.

But that didn't explain what they were doing there. And even more surprising to him than seeing this little group assembled was his wife. Marion was wearing socks and sneakers and the smallest pair of cut-off jean shorts he had ever seen. They barely contained her creamy ass cheeks as she paced back and forth between the two men like a cat. Above the shorts she was wearing a tight white tube top with spaghetti straps, beneath which her conical tits were rippling and heaving with every step she took. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were jutting urgently through her little top.

On her head she was wearing a white ball cap with her blonde pony tail swaying out behind her just above the strap. She looked incredibly hot!

Pony tail? Wait a minute. Marion's hair was cut short. Dave looked closer and decided she must be wearing hair extensions. He dropped down to his knees and got closer to the railing. There was little chance anyone was going to see him crouched down like that.

What in the hell was she up to? As it turned out he didn't have to wait long to find out.

Marion slowed her strutting around but kept moving as she said...

"I'm so glad you boys didn't mind coming over for a minute. There was a little something I wanted to do and I hoped you wouldn't mind helping me out...."

"No problem Marion...Whatever you need...Happy to help..." the two men replied, tripping over each other with their responses.

'Oh yeah...' David thought...."I bet I know exactly how you want to help her out!...'

"That's very sweet of you boys. Now I hope you won't think badly of me but I've been having this little fantasy lately and what I really needed was two strong men for me to make it happen. That's why I asked you to come over."

"I know this is going to sound a little unusual but I really think if you're willing to be open minded about this it can turn out to be a win/win situation all around. Because my fantasy is to help you with your fantasies. Alright boys? Ready? Here goes..."

And with that she walked up to John so that she was standing right in front of him.

"Who am I John?..." Marion asked putting her hands on her hips and smiling down at her neighbour.

John seemed pretty puzzled by the question but he finally said..."Why your Marion Brickman, my neighbour..."

"No I'm not John... Look again...I'm Amber Harris, the girl who's been cleaning your pool and cutting your grass forever... I'm Mark's daughter...the little blonde you've been dying to fuck for the last two years!..."

Dave felt himself gasp with surprise as did the other two men in the room when his wife said that.

It was bizarre, but now that she had said it, Dave could see that Marion did look remarkably like the tall blonde who had made a successful summer business out of coming home from college and taking care of the neighbourhood properties. And a lot of that success was based on the fact that all the men in the neighbourhood drooled over Amber when she showed up at their home in her cut off shorts and her tight tops and strutted around their yards mowing and vacuuming the pool. More cars were washed on those days than on any other day of the week.

Of course Marion was older and had noticeably bigger tits than Amber, but with the pony tail and the outfit she did bear a strong resemblance to Mark's daughter.

"Now wait a minute..." grumbled Mark half rising from his chair.

Marion wheeled on him and moved across the room to him swiftly.

"No you wait a minute mister..." she snapped, stretching out one foot and pressing it firmly into the surprised man's crotch. She pushed him back down in his chair like that and put a threatening amount of weight on his balls.

"You just sit there and be good....I'll get to you in a few minutes...Understand?..." Marion demanded, leaning even more heavily on Mark's tender testicles.

"O.K....O.K......" Mark gasped, not believing the scene he was seeing unfold. And neither could Dave.

Marion smiled down on him for a moment longer, took her foot off his balls and puckered a wet kiss at him.

Then she strode back across the room to John.

"Look Marion...I don't know what this is all about but maybe this isn't such a good idea..." John croaked nervously.

"I've seen how all you men look at me when I'm working in your yards Mr. Ryan..." Marion/Amber purred, not paying any attention to John's remark.

"I've seen how you look at my ass..." she said, turning to face away from the seated man. She leant slightly forward so her butt was jutting back towards his face.

"You haven't wanted to get your hands on this and squeeze it?..." she asked, smiling over her shoulder at John. She reached back and gave one cheek a resounding slap. Then she squeezed it until the creamy flesh was bulging out between her fingers.

Dave could see John swallow hard as he ogled the blonde's lewdly offered butt.

Marion held that pose for a moment and then she turned back to him.

" And I've seen how you look at my tits. You know Mr. Ryan, I don't wear a bra on purpose. They jiggle so much more that way and that really gets you hot doesn't it?..." Marion purred, reaching up and squeezing her arrogantly thrusting breasts through her skimpy shirt.

Dave thought he heard a quiet moan come from John.

Marion dropped to her knees in front of him, pushed his knees apart and shimmied in close to his groin. She put each of her hands on the inside of his thighs and started sliding them slowly up towards his crotch.

"If your cock isn't rock hard right now then maybe I made a mistake... Did I Mr. Ryan?... Did I make a mistake?...You really don't want to fuck the little girl who cuts your grass?..." Marion asked, moistening her lips with her tongue as her hands approached the big bulge in the front of John's pants.

Then she had her hands on him, one hand squeezing his erection and the other clutching his balls through his pants.

"That's what I thought!...Then it's settled!...All you have to do now is fuck me!..." Marion purred as her hands began to deftly unfasten the front of John's pants.

"Ahhh!...Geez!...Marion!...Wait!...I don't know..." John groaned,

But Marion reached into his open pants, pulled out his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.

"Let me convince you..." Dave's wife said, leaning forward and sucking the end of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh my Goddd Marion!..."

"Call me Amber..." Marion mumbled as she slid further down John's eager tool.

The seated man was squirming with excitement under Marion's oral onslaught. The nasty blonde was bobbing up and down on his pole with avid enthusiasm.

"Nahhh!...Ahhh!...God!...Marion!...Amber!...Don't go so fast...You're gonna' make me...Ahhh!..." John cried.

Amber pulled off his gleaming spire with an audible slurp then straightened up between his legs.

She reached between the couch cushions and came up with a condom in a foil pack.

Staring into John's eyes with a smile on her face, she ripped open the little packet with her teeth.

"You'll have to wear a rubber when you fuck me Mr. Ryan. A young girl has to be careful you know..." Marion purred as she pulled out the little rubber ring, carelessly dropping the empty wrapper on the floor behind her.

She reached out and put the condom on the end of John's cock and then started rolling it down his shaft. She stripped the rubber ring slowly down his length with little up and down strokes of her encircling thumb and forefinger.

Even from his hiding place on the balcony overhead, Dave could see that John's cock was growing to an enormous size under his wife's wicked fondling.

"I made it with your wife last week..." Marion said casually.

"Excuse me?..." John stammered, thinking he must have misunderstood.

"It was last Wednesday. It was really hot and I was working around your pool. You weren't there. Anyway, Ingrid asked me if I'd like to come in and have some iced tea. So I went in but when she headed for the fridge I stopped her and told her that what I'd really like was to sit on her face...."

And as she was casually telling her shocking tale, Marion was shuttling her little hand up and down John's cock in a very exciting rhythm. The condom was one of those lubricated kind so that she was able to stroke him smoothly. She moved her other hand into his crotch and squeezed his balls in her cupped palm.

"Oh my Goddd!...What?...." John gasped in disbelief.

"And you know she never even batted an eye. The next thing you knew we were on the living room floor going down on each other like there was no tomorrow. I'll tell you Mr. Ryan, your wife sure knows how to eat pussy. She had a way of nibbling on my clit while she had two fingers playing around just inside me that made me crazy. She got me right up to the edge and she just held me there for what seemed like forever. "

"I don't believe this!..." John gasped. But it was obvious that Marion's little story was getting to him. He was starting to hunch his cock up through her pumping fingers in counterpoint to her skilled masturbation. Marion went on as if he hadn't said anything.

"After about a half an hour with her mouth on me I was just a puddle of girl soup down there. I can't remember how long it's been since I was that excited. She's such a bitch!..."

"Oh God Amber!...Nahh!...What...what do you mean?..." John groaned. His hips were starting to strain upwards off the couch as his excitement mounted.

"She left me like that and went into the kitchen. When she came back she had a carrot in her hand. And not one of those little ones. It was a big field carrot with a funny bend in the end of it. I asked her what she was going to do with that. But she just smiled at me and said...'Oh you'll see!...'

And then she had that damn carrot up me and she was fucking me with it and it was poking me in all sorts of funny places. And I thought ..'My God she's going to tear me up with that thing!...' But then it got feeling good and I was really getting into it and fucking back onto that gnarly thing. It was all so dirty! She was so dirty! And that's when she made me come. When she got me off I thought I was going to pass out. It was incredible!"

Dave was going crazy upstairs. His wife had to be making all this stuff up didn't she?

"Ahhh!...Nahhh!...Oh God!...How...how did she...did she...get you off?...Unnn?..." John whimpered.

"That was what was so dirty. While she was jamming that carrot in and out of my pussy she stuck her finger up my ass and started twisting it around inside me. Like this..." Marion purred, dropping her hand off John's balls and sliding her outstretched index finger through his sphincter. She didn't stop until her knuckles were rammed up into the crack of his ass. Then she started twisting her wrist around, reaming his cringing butt hole nastily.

"Nahhh!....Ahhhh!...Amber!...Don't!..." John gasped, squirming frantically on Marion's prodding finger.

But the kneeling blonde just smiled at him, working her two hands in time with each other. She added a little in and out action to the finger she was jabbing up his ass while, with her other hand, began stroking his cock a little harder, a little more urgently.

"I know. It felt kind of strange at first but then it started to feel kind of sexy and the next thing I knew I was coming so hard I thought I was going to piss myself. It was so intense..." Marion purred.

And John was going...."Nahhh!...Ahhh!...Ahhhh!..." as he rose up on top of Marion's plundering finger and a creamy torrent of come began to spew into the condom sheathing his tool.

"Yeah!....Like that!...Just like that Mr. Ryan!..." Marion enthused, beating her shuddering neighbor's erection in time with his feverish orgasm.

"Hah!...Hah!...Hah!..." John barked as his loins spasmed frantically. He hadn't been expecting to come like this. He was amazed at how forcefully his balls reacted to every little twist and turn of Marion's finger skewering his ass.

"Umm Yeah!...So much come!...Look at it all!...That rubber looks like it's ready to pop!..." Marion giggled.

And it was true. Even Dave could see from fifteen feet away that there was a big round glob of cream bulging through the bloated tip of the condom. It really did look like it was ready to burst.

Marion continued her skilled masturbation. She sort of rose up on her knees in front of John, smiling as she looked down on him, pounding his spewing dick to make sure she got every drop of sperm from his now aching testicles.

Finally his cock stopped kicking in her little hand and she slowly released the strangle hold she had on it with her encircling fingers. Instead of easing her finger out of his rear hole she snapped it out with a quick flick of her wrist that made him yelp and that caused a final dribble of come to spurt into the already overfull condom.

"I guess you liked my finger up your ass a lot didn't you Mr. Ryan? You should get your wife to do that for you. She's really good at it."

"When she finished me I was really wiped. Then she pulled the carrot out and I just stared at it and said something like...'I guess we'll have to boil that thing to make it go soft...' Ingrid laughed at that and said...'Nahh! I'll just grate it and put it in John's salad!...'

As Marion was finishing her story she was using both hands to pull the condom off John's crimson dick. She did it very carefully, managing to squeeze off the open end of it as she took it off of him without spilling a drop. Then she laid it down on the couch, again being careful not to let any of the come leak out.

She reached in and gave John's ropey cock a warm squeeze.

"Now you behave for a minute. I'll be back..."

Then she turned on her knees to face Mark who was looking completely dazed in the armchair across the room. He didn't look like he was really comfortable with this whole lewd setup.

With her eyes sparkling wickedly, Marion peeled back the spaghetti straps of her little top then pulled the thin material down to her waist, baring her conical breasts. Mark's eyes opened wide as he stared at the two luscious jugs the smiling blonde was displaying for him. Marion twisted her shoulders back and forth, making those swollen orbs sway hypnotically back and forth from her chest.

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