tagErotic Poetrybeast fucked

beast fucked


he was fucking me doggystyle
with his belt tight around my neck
i was his little slut
and he was keeping me in check
my big tits were swinging
my hot ass was shakin'
i was his play thing
there was no mistakin'
like a dog on a leash
i was under his control
and he gave me a good pounding
he really drilled my asshole
with each powerful thrust
he'd tighten his belt
i almost passed out
or at least that's how it felt
i got so light headed
and my browneye was sore
but master does what he wants
i'm just his anal whore
he called me names
bitch and cunt
then pushed even further up my butt
and let out a grunt
my asshole was ripping
i could hardly breathe
but what was i to do
i couldn't just leave
then all of a sudden
he growled like a beast
and my asshole
was flooded with the cum he released

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