tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBirthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 02

Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 02


Jade squirmed against her bonds trying her best in her restricted position to rub her skin against itself, the wall, anything. It was so irritated, itchy and hot. She was sure she had caught something in the days since she had been taken. A strange land, strange foods, who knew what she had caught. Her agitated cry split the air again. "Help! Doesn't anyone care that I'm dying?" She closed her eyes mumbling to herself under her breath as she continued to shift about. "Or maybe that is my punishment. To die strapped to a wall for daring to breathe that lunatic's name."


Jade's eyes snapped open, at once dismayed at having her words overheard and relieved that someone had come to rescue her from her torment. Jade quickly dropped her eyes to the floor and started to speak as though he had not just heard her insulting him. "Thank God you've come My Prince." She made sure to address him correctly in her effort to find favor with him. "I'm afraid I've become very ill and I need to see a doctor."

Noticing a small smile playing about his mouth she felt aggrieved further. Really, what more could he do to her? "It's not funny." Giving him her hardest, coldest look, Jade tried to impress upon him the seriousness of his folly. "If your people hadn't kidnapped me and if you weren't holding me here against my will I likely wouldn't be sick unto death.

At those words he did laugh. "Sick unto death?" His mocking tone told her he didn't quite believe in the severity of her condition. "Tell me luscious Jade," his eye on her breasts as he spoke, "What are the symptoms of this terrible illness with which you are afflicted?"

"For starters my body aches as though I have the flu."

"That sounds painful." His droll tone did nothing to convince Jade that he was taking her condition seriously.

"Fine," she huffed, closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the wall, "Don't believe me, but my death is on your head."

The prince moved closer to her, noting the motions of discomfort her body was making rubbing sinuously against the wall. He brushed his finger lightly over her left nipple and watch while her body jerked as though she had been shot.

"Has it ever occurred to you," he asked indolently, tipping her chin up so her eyes were connected with his, "That you're not sick, but maybe drugged?"

Jade tried to pull her chin out of his strong grip, offended by his words and by the idea. "No, it didn't ever occur to me that I had been drugged. But since you brought it up, then may I ask, have I been drugged My Prince?" She added on the title as more of an insult towards his unprincely behavior rather than in deference to his lofty position.

"Since you ask so nicely, my lovely little love slave, then I'll answer just as nicely. Of course you have been." He saw her physical repulsion at the idea, but continued as though it didn't matter one way or the other what she thought of him. "How else could I be sure your body would warmly welcome whatever punishment I chose to give it?"

"My body will never welcome anything from you," she defiantly threw at him, proud of the steadiness of her words. She didn't admit even to herself that she had already made a lie of her words earlier in the day by welcoming his body into hers.

His fingers slid between her thighs as his other hand held her chin steady. He received a certain sort of pleasure at making her submit to his will and it was clear to him that she would rather die than have to face his mocking brown eyes. Her eyes only shifted from his when she caught a motion off to her side. His hand, glistening with her readiness. "It seems the choice is not yours to make."

He brought his hand in front of her face instructing her to taste her own desire. She shook her head refusing to do anything so sexually decadent. Who went around tasting themselves? He slid one of his fingers into his mouth savoring the taste of her as her eyes followed the motion of his tongue. "Delicious," he praised. "I must insist that you have a taste." He smoothed his finger over her lips and almost with a will of its own, her tongue swept out to follow the path of his finger. While she wouldn't go so far as to say delicious, she could certainly admit there was something decidedly erotic about the taste.

Pulling away from her, he saw her body strain against her bonds as she tried to follow his move.

"I'm glad your body is so ready." Her skin went a fury red at his direct words, but she was powerless to keep him from speaking his mind. She vowed in that moment if she ever managed to escape she would find a way to make him suffer.

"I have a gift for you. An ancient gift that few people have had the pleasure of experiencing." He loosened the bonds on her arms giving her hope that he was letting her go, only to dash it by securing the bonds again adding a few inches of extra leeway.

She watched with horror filled eyes as a statue of an impossibly large and thick penis was brought into the room and positioned too near to her vulnerably exposed body for comfort. Once the two servants had left he positioned the offensive stone phallus between her legs. "It is called the King's Delight modeled after my great grandfather."

Jade balanced unsteadily on the tips of her toes and just managed to keep herself high enough that the tip didn't enter her, but not so high that it didn't pressed against her delicate folds and demanded entry.

Prince Akim sat down to observe her attempts knowing that sooner or later she would become tired and sink down out of exhaustion.

Jade felt the muscles in her legs quiver with exhaustion. She couldn't maintain this position for much longer and she tried again to appeal to the prince who was no prince at all if his scandalous behavior was anything to go by.

"Okay, I'm sorry." He ignored her appeal, only stared at her beautiful face dispassionately.

Her legs gave way and she sank down on the sculpted penis. The cold, hard stone slid into her with difficulty. It was extremely large and even with her wet heat coating it, it slid in mere inches before stopping. Jade still managed to hold a certain amount of weight in her arms and knew that when her arms became too tired to hold her up that last inch her full weight would force the foreign object deeper into her body.

"Please," she tried again, feeling her arms tremor before they gave up entirely and she sank down further onto the King's Delight. She cried out in discomfort and tried to again push herself on her tippy toes.

Akim watched her struggles with amusement. Any moment she would say the words he waited to hear.

"Oh my God," she moaned in complaint as the bit she had managed to escape slid back into her. "Please. Please. Please," she moaned, a litany of cries filled with discomfort and agony. "Ah!" she screamed as she tried again to lift her weight off the phallus and failed having the rough stone scrape along inside of her. "I'll do anything, only please let me go."

Akim rose slowly from his seat and walked over to her. "Anything?"

"Anything," she howled, prepared to say anything to be free. Seconds later she found her bonds released and her body eased off the cold statue. He pushed her down to her knees and began to loosen his pants. Jade just barely managed to bite back the moaned protest that rose in her throat. He was determined that she would suck him dry this very day and if that was what he wanted, then fine.

Calling to mind a lollipop she had been denied as a child she bent her head down conjuring up the sweet strawberry taste in her mind and pulling strongly with her jaws. She worked her head up and down sucking strongly all the while. The quicker he came the sooner she would be free of having his disgusting length in her mouth. But somewhere between despising that he had got her down on her knees again and that he was virtually choking her with his thick length for his pleasure, she started to take a sort of pleasure in her work. That she could reduce him to this mindless pleasure seeking animal whose sole purpose for life lay in her mouth at that moment was an invigorating thought. She let him slide a little deeper until he was sliding down her throat.

It took all her strength of will to relax when his hands tightened in her hair and held her face still while he pummeled into her mouth and worked her throat raw with his fierce possession.

His deep growl of pleasure and the tensing of his thighs was all the warning she got before he shot his load down her throat. Jade swallowed as quickly as she could while black dots danced before her eyes as her airway was cut off. She pulled her head away as soon as he released her hair looking up at him warily. Her body was still on fire, but she ignored it, treating it like the disease she had originally imagined it to be.

"Get up," he demanded, motioning for her to get on the bed.

"You can't be serious," she bit out before she thought better of it and went to the bed as he had instructed. She scooted onto the bed while he went back to the chair he had been sitting in previously, positioning it so that he could see the bed easily from his vantage point.

"Touch yourself," he instructed.

Jade froze. He wanted too much. She would never masturbate in front of another person. It was a personal experience, one she wasn't going to be sharing with a complete stranger. Her face turned mutinous and she didn't move.

"Jade," he said her name warningly.

Jade heard the threat in his tone but couldn't bring herself to do it. "No," she refused.

He rose from his reclining position and she knew there would be a serious penalty to pay when he reached her. Jade sat there like a frightened rabbit for several crucial seconds before her rational mind suggested she not let him reach her. She darted for the door knowing guards would be swarming about the palace and that she was naked, but not caring. He grabbed her inches from the door further enraged at her attempt to escape.

"Do you really think I would let you go?"

"Do you really think I want to live the rest of my life being able to do only what you allow?" she countered.

"You are having some trouble being obedient. This I can understand since you have been allowed so many freedoms since birth."

Never one to let an opportunity pass, Jade took his apparent understanding as a chance to plead her case yet again, "Let me go and there will be no trouble."

"Li'ir," he called, and immediately the woman she had known only as their keeper appeared. So she had a name. Did that also mean she had a heart? "Bring Kindra to me." Li'ir fled to do his bidding. In the meantime Akim led Jade back over to the bed and pushed her gently down onto the soft surface.

Li'ir appeared with Kindra in tow shaking with reaction as she often did these days. Akim resumed his seat, and had Li'ir bind Kindra to the wall. "Listen well Jade, for I will not repeat myself. Every time you fail to comply with my requests Kindra will suffer for it. Do you understand?"

She numbly nodded her head in agreement. He was such a Neanderthal, such a controlling manipulative jerk, but what could she do?

"Now," he settled into a more comfortable position, certain he was about to get the show he demanded, "Touch yourself." She hesitated for a split second and heard a whip crack. She turned just in time to see it connect with the tender skin on Kindra's back. Kindra's loud mewl of pain brought a speedy reaction from Jade.

Her hands immediately flew to her breasts determined to keep Kindra from any more distress. The whip cracked again and Jade's wide, angry eyes flew to his, but she knew better than to castigate him in front of Li'ir.

"Like you mean it," he instructed.

Jade closed her eyes. She didn't know how else she could meet his demands other than to pretend he wasn't there. One hand swept down over her belly and caressed the soft skin there. The other stayed on her breast squeezing the mound as the blood began to flow in earnest. She thanked God that the drug they had given her increased her arousal making it a simple matter for a flush of excitement to spread over her skin. She pinched her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, moaning as the gentle pain intersected with the pleasure from her hand on her stomach. She moved both her hands between her legs determined to get it over with.

She used one hand to hold the lips apart and the other to slide between her slick folds. Her fingers had always been sufficient before but she had never had anything else to compare them to. Now, having experienced the mind numbing pleasure of his fingers inside of her she became restless and frustrated with her own smaller, shorter fingers. She pulled her fingers out trailing them up her nipple to rub the proof of her desire onto her nipples, causing them to glisten for his approving gaze.

She brought her hand back between her thighs going straight for her clit. She pinched the swollen nub between two fingers and squealed in delight arching her back in pleasure. She pressed down hard on her clit and let out a loud scream of pleasure. He called out to her then, "Look at me." Jade opened her eyes finding his stare touching everything at once. Focused on the glistening beacon between her legs, fixed on her embarrassed aroused face. She tried to push herself towards orgasm, but found it too difficult once she was fully conscious of her environment again. He walked towards her, heavily aroused, watching the flush mount her skin as he caught her staring at the hard proof of his desire.

"Do you want this," he asked motioning towards his erect cock straining up as if would fall of it weren't satisfied soon.

She shook her head in mute denial as his hand wrapped around her ankle, dragging her body towards the edge of the bed. Her glance flicked briefly over to Li'ir and Kindra. She shouldn't be shy about them hearing Akim claim her as they had pretty much seen it all earlier in the day, but still she couldn't shake the discomfort that claimed her body. Akim felt her stiffen and told Li'ir to leave them. Li'ir quickly freed Kindra and escaped the room correctly interpreting the impatient desire coating his voice.

The door had barely closed behind Li'ir when he lifted Jade's hips and slid deeply into her slick body. "Mmm..." he moaned, desperate for the hot heat of her body after only having claimed her the once. He was quickly becoming addicted to his birthday present. He would have to remember to thank Li'ir properly with a tangible display of his appreciation.

He spent himself quickly between Jade's thighs, enjoying the position and the depth with which he could penetrate her. Jade's body accepted him easily as she relaxed into his possessive hold, her tight walls unconsciously stroking him as her muscles contracted all around him. She responded so perfectly when she wasn't fighting him that it was hard to remember she had no sexual experience. It was especially hard when he remembered the stroke of her tongue sliding over his flesh. When he would have collapsed next to her on the bed, he instead chose to continue pleasuring her. The high scream of delight she made when she came was addictive and he wanted to hear it at least once more before he left her to attend to his duties.

He slid easily from her slick folds to the floor, scooting her another inch closer to the edge of the bed before spreading her thighs wider. He brought his mouth down to the inside of her left thigh, spreading kisses and bites along the surface until she was practically screaming with the need to have him move his attention a little to the right. He obliged, sliding his tongue over her clit. She exploded at the first contact, shuddering as he slid a finger into her. She screamed again afraid of experiencing so much at once. Her hands came down to ward him off, one hand covering her folds in an attempt at protecting the other shooing him away. "Please Akim," she appealed in her breathless whisper.

She could have bitten off her tongue when she realized what she'd said. Her eyes flew to his. Would he put her back on the King's Delight? Her mind answered back in defiance, would she continue to cower before him like she was in the wrong? It all came back to the fact that she shouldn't even be here, much less trying to watch her words. Her spine stiffened. She wouldn't apologize. Besides, it hadn't gotten her anywhere the last time.

"Jade." The way he said her name was so cold she expected an ice front to breeze into the room and fill the empty silence.

She said the only word that came to mind, "Akim."

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