tagNonHumanBlack Blood Ch. 02

Black Blood Ch. 02



A Call to the Boss


"JaQuez, it's me, Jean." she said into the payphone. "I can't complete the mission."

"Why has this development come?" JaQuez said with malice.

"He found me out, dammit, I appologize it was my screw-up." she rubbed her forehead and winced with pain as her hand touched the crack on her head.

JaQuez must of heard her groan of pain, because he asked, "Are you hurt?"

Jean closed her eyes and tried to survery her condition. One, she was in love. Two, her head was busted...Three, she was out of a job.

"Not badly. Just a little cut on my head." she winced as she said this.

"The mission is a total failure?"

"Positive." Jean said. "Will it be appropriate to abandon the mission?"

She heard JaQuez sigh and imagined he to, had a headache.

"I suppose I will have to either do it myself or have someone else...." he continued. "But for your work, I will stilll pay you half."

"There is really no need......"

He stopped her, "I insist."

"Well, I suppose I'll have to take it." she said and rubbed her head again.

"Thank you for your services, have you found anything new out?"

"Yes, I will send it with the specs." she paused for a minute. "He won't come after me...will he?"

JaQuez sighed on the other line and told her, "Thats why we are paying you...we don't know."

"Ok....well I am over and out. Send the money in the mail."

Jean hung up the phone and left Troy's motorcycle on the side of the rode, for him to see.

The bus just began to come when she got another phone call.

"A one nighter ,huh?" and she recognized the voice....Troy.




As Troy walked through the streets of New Orleans he recognized her smell. She had hung up on him last night and ditched the phone...but he would make sure he found her.

He was hungry again and thought about her blood, he could smell it in the air from her head wound. It had filled him up for a little while...curiously.

His head had been so clouded when they had been together that he had forgotten to ask her who sent out to kill him. He would ask her next time anyway.

When he found her. He walked throught the dark alleyways and lost her smell. Dammit the hunters are tricky, tricky, tricky. He wondered if she knew that he would try to find her.

Troy didn't even know why he was trying to find her himself...maybe it was her blood....or maybe just the smell of her hair. It could even be the way her body had clung to his.

But he knew he couldn't let her go. Troy was still furious that she had left him. But what had he expected?

He back tracked and found the smell again and came to an apartment building. Hum...so she rented a room here....well she'll get a suprise tonight.

He slowly made his way into the building...




He was furious. How could this happen??? What would he do???

The mission was a failure. But he supposed he could do the job himself....but then he would have to bloody his hands with his own kind.

JaQuez didn't know what to do all the plans...now in ruins. How had she failed?

Well she did sound hurt....damned Troy. JaQuez knew he would be trouble...even for Jean.

There was much going into these preceedings if Evelyn found out about the murders....he was sure he would get the wrong end of the stick.

Evelyn was the very first vampire. You know how they talk about "Dracula" and stuff?

Well they are sooo off. Evelyn is indeed a woman...very powerful too. Even one of the eldest, JaQuez was afraid.

Dammit...she was supposed to wake up soon! The mission had to hurry quickly to ensure no more murders.....or all of them was doomed.

"Master, Evelyn has woken, and requests to see you." his right-hand man said.

He sighed in resignation and walked toward the Revival Room.


The Awakening...


Evelyn fluttered her beautiful blue eyes open at the sound of JaQuez entering the room.

"I have heard things JaQuez...is it true my son has done these things?" she asked.

Evelyn almost looked human and almost sounded human at the moment, but JaQuez knew that she was the most heartless of them all.

He put his head to her feet and began to speak. "Yes M'lady, your son has."

Her eyes sparked red for a moment and then turned back to their deep, beautiful blue.

"Well...JaQuez...you have let my son run errant. I think we both know what happens now." she frowned and looked down on him, her teeth peeking out.

"Do what you must....he is uncontrollable now...his destiny has been in his own hands since I've been away."

JaQuez stood up and kissed his queen's lovely white hand.

"You may leave me now."

After JaQuez went out of the room, she whispered in the air, "I'm sorry my son."

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