You see behind Me the open door to the bedroom revealing the soft light of the flickering candles. I walk slowly around letting My fingers trace the lines of your ruby red bra and thong. My body strong and hard under the black silk kimono. Stepping in front of you I draw a ruby red silk scarf from My sleeve and let it unfurl down over your breasts. I smile devilishly as I let it caress your full firm breasts before slipping it around your eyes and tightening it. You stand still as you sense me move away. My cologne fills the room as you hear Me step closer again. The sounds of tinkling metal fill your ears. You feel My hands lift first your right ankle then your left, cuffing them, then My hands taking your wrists and cuffing them as well.

"Follow Me slave." I whisper as I take hold of your handcuffed wrists and lead you into the bedroom. your steps shortened by the length of the chains around your ankles. Your high heels making you walk carefully towards the light. Once inside the bedroom you can only make out a diffused light through your blindfold.

I pull your arms wide apart as I place you face down on the bed. Your hips raised by a pillow causing your ass to be lifted higher. You hear the handcuffs locked to the headboard. My hands spreading your legs by the ankles as I spread your legs to the sides of the footboard and locking them in place.

"Mmmm delightful slave." You feel My hands caressing your asscheeks around the line of your thong. Suddenly My hand spanks your ass once, HARD, a squeal releases from you at the sudden lash. Again My hands softly caress you. Your hips rolling as you try to move your asscheeks with the touch of My fingers. Then another spank. HARDER. Your body shakes as you recoil from the blow. My hands slide across your ass again. This time slipping downwards between your legs, fingers finding your thong damp now. "Oh My slave seems to be enjoying this. Perhaps I shall step things up a bit." One hand remains stroking your cunt through the slim line of material of the thong as the other moves away. You feel the cold sharp edge of a knife on your ass and you gasp. In fear or anticipation. One quick movement and you feel the back of your thong sliced apart and pop free exposing your asscheeks completely.

The scent of the candles fills your nostrils as you lay waiting for what is next. You hear Me step from the bed and then return to you. "Are you ready slave?" I whisper. "Yesssss Master." you reply. Your response is instantly greeted with the lash of My flogger across your asshceeks. A quick sharp blow that makes your body jerk away. As you settle back you feel the leather of the flogger stroking your ass and thighs as I caress you. Another sudden sharp blow. Then another and another, each harder than the last, alternating cheeks, crisscrossing your ass. I hear you squeal and moan at the blows. After ten lashes you are panting and groaning. Your ass red and tender. You feel Me press the flogger between your teeth as I lightly stroke oil onto your asscheeks. The lotion soothes you yet the tender soft heat remains.

Quickly you feel Me unlock you and flip you over. Your welted ass now on the pillow, raising your pussy up, your cut thong falling to the side. I quickly bind you to the head and footboards again. You feel the cold steel of My knife between your bra cups as I suddenly cut it apart. your breasts burst free, nipples swollen and thick. You feel My hand pull My flogger from your teeth again. Only to feel it slide slowly around your breasts. Suddenly, a sharp slap to each nipple causing you to gasp aloud again. Then the flogger drags slowly downwards. I grind it against your cunt. "So wet already, My slave, good, very good."

As you strain your eyes to try and see through the silk blindfold you feel Me lightly spanking your cunt. Each slap teasing your clit. Your body moving, it jumps and jerks. As your mouth opens to moan you feel a thick dildo pressed to your lips. Instinctively your tongue rolls over it. I slowly sink the toy deeper and deeper into your mouth as I paddle your pussy, with a tug I bring the toy out dripping with your saliva. You feel each drop as I move the toy to your spread and pouting cunt. Using the flogger to grind your clit I ram the dildo in hard and deep. A sudden rush through you at the penetration. I move the toy slowly circling the fat head within you, grinding your clit. You feel My mouth suckle at your nipple as I pump you with the toy.

As your body reacts and begins to move in rhythm with My motions you feel the flogger fall and know I am reaching for something else. You feel the vibrations of another smaller toy pressing at your asshole, The oil I rubbed into you coating the tip as I glide a vibrator up your ass. My mouth leaves your breasts as I lean back and begin to truly fuck you with the toys. Long slow steady strokes into your pussy and ass, alternating the thrusts. In your pussy, up your ass. In your ass, out your pussy. Your hips rising and falling thrusting back at the toys. You feel My lips brush your clit. The thrusts of the toys increasing in speed as My tongue swirl around your stiff clit. Your mind reels as your orgasm explodes.

Your body shakes and writhes in the cuffs binding your wrists and ankles. The dildo stuffed deep in your cunt and the vibe buzzing in your ass send waves of sensation through you. But it is the scrape of My teeth on your stiff clit that sends your mind reeling. With no vision beneath the blindfold you let yourself go. You feel nothing but the sensations assaulting your cunt ass and clit. Your back arching as you release. The orgasm so powerful you blackout momentarily.

Gasping, you regain your senses and feel empty. The toys are gone from your holes. My mouth is no longer on your clit. A sudden fear grips you as the silence of the room, the isolation of the bindings and blindfold become your world

"Master?" You whisper.

No response. No indication that I am there.

"Master?" You repeat louder, now struggling against the cuffs.


"Master?" You cry out louder, "please, where are you?"

Suddenly you begin sobbing, the emotions of just cumming so hard and being left bound and alone overwhelming your self-control.

"Master....Master...please." sobbing, tears spilling from under the blindfold. You cry and choke trying to pull your arms and legs in to cradle yourself when you feel My thick swollen cock slap against your cheek.

"MASTER!" You cry joyously

"slave." You hear Me chuckle as I slap my cock across your face. The head swollen, the crown flared, the shaft hot. Hard slaps across your face as I chuckle above you. You twist your head from side to side trying to catch the crown, but each time it slips away from you to smack against the other side.

Your sobbing begins again as you plead for my cock. "Please Master...give me your cock...let me taste you...let me pleasure you!"

You feel the flogger lash across your breasts, your back arching in pain and pleasure. Your mouth forming a perfect O as you gasp. And I ram My thick cockhead in deep. One hand twisting in your hair, the other lashing the flogger across your welted breasts, as you choke down My cock. Deep forceful thrusts driving the crown like a wedge through the ring of your throat.

the head plugging your throat, gagging you.




Long moments without air.

Before I tear My cock from your mouth. You cough and spit. You can feel your hot saliva drooling off my cock covering your face.

"Good, slave...Master is so nice and wet and hard now. But where to fuck you slave? Cunt or ass?"

Spitting and coughing you gasp back to Me. "Anywhere, Master...fuck my cunt...fuck my ass....use me...please god use your slut!"

As you plead, you feel Me move between your legs...the head of My thick wet cock slapping at your clit as I tease you. "Cunt or ass?"

"Please Master...please fuck me."

You hear My laughing growl. "Both then slut!"

And My cock plunges hard into your cunt. The sudden spearing causing you to pull tight at the cuffs. Suddenly full of hot meaty cock, your body betrays you and starts to shake instantly. With deep thrusts, the head of My cock rips and tears at you.

Suddenly you feel the iron stiff cock yanked out, and rammed hard into your ass.

"ARGHHHHHHHH!" You scream as the huge crown forcing your sphincter open viciously...I grunt as I hammer My cock hard into you. Your asshole still so tight even after having the vibrator in it. Three hard thrusts and I'm still not completely in.

I rip My cock out and ram it back into your cunt leaving your ass gaping. Driving deep as you twist and moan, begging for your Master's cock. Slamming you hard into the bed, then out again and spearing your ass.

Over and over. Cunt then ass. My pace increasing as I continue to lash the flogger across your breasts. Each hard penetrating thrust driving more and more of My thick meaty spear into you. Finally opening your ass completely to take My cock. You feel My cock swelling and throbbing, you know I am close.

As I grind deep into your ass your orgasm explodes again. "Masterrrrrrrrrrrr!" You sob and shake "Please give me your cum, pleaseeeeeee!"

"Yes slave! I growl ripping My cock from you, leaving your cunt and ass dripping and gaping.

"Master?" You gasp just before you hear Me growl louder and My hot seed splashes. Covering your face. Thick ropes of cum soaking your blindfold and filling your mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm yessss!" I whisper as I stuff My cock into your mouth. "Drink it slave!"

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