tagNovels and NovellasBlood Love Ch. 10

Blood Love Ch. 10


Chapter 10: Love at All the Wrong Times pt 2

Saturday morning came and Alexia's alarm clock was going off. She wanted to start her day a little early. Turning her alarm off, she climbed out of bed with a stretch and headed straight for the shower. While she bathed all she could think about was her brother and all that went down in the past twenty-four hours. Her heart ached for him and she knew that his for her. Alex tried to think of a way to be with him without ruining his life but nothing arose. She climbed out and dried off. Watching herself in the door mirror she slowly slid her hand down her body and closed her eyes. Her mind drifted back to when she and Christian made love. She could feel his touch, his heartbeat, his voice... as if it was happening right then.

Alexia shook her head and headed into her closet to get her clothes for the day. Removing her dress from the hanger, her suitcase came into view. Their plans for a vacation were ruined. She was heartbroken as she looked at her luggage. 'Don't cry,' she told herself. Placing the dress on her bed, Alex retrieved her suitcase from the closet and placed it near the front door. Alexia gathered all her things and proceeded to get dressed and ready for the day. After she finished, she straightened up the place and grabbed her cap and gown, suitcase, and her purse and took them down to her car.

Giving her apartment a once over, Alexia locked her door then got into her car and drove toward the school. She drove with her mind on her brother, determined to get him back. If only their parents weren't around, like before. Soon Alexia arrived at her campus and parked in the student lot. Pulling out her phone, she forgot that she had a voice message. She listened as the message played...

"Hunny, it's me your mother. I need to see you before you march; please it's very important. I love you Alexia."

Christian's cell phone alarm went off. He groggily reached over, turned it off, and dragged himself out of bed. Walking straight into the bathroom, he started the shower, peeled off his clothes and stepped in. The cool water running over his stern body felt good and began to awaken him. His first thoughts were of his baby sister. He hoped she was ok and not still crying. It killed him to see her cry and not be able to hold her. He washed himself and then his hair and finished his shower. Drying himself off, he walked over to the chair where his clothes were laid out and began to get dressed.

Check out time was at noon and Christian was right on the money. He walked up to the desk and handed in his key. Then he pulled his suitcase out to his truck and threw it in the back. Outside he seemed confident and happy but on the inside, he was in terrible pain. His thoughts were only on his saddened lover and how he could get her back. Christian remembered there was a message on his phone. Climbing into his truck, he put his ear bud in and played his message.

"Son, it's your mother. I need to see you before the ceremony starts. It is concerning you and your sister. Please Christian, it's so important. I love you."

The message ended and Christian closed his phone. For a minute he was confused, anxious, and worried all at once. 'Why would she want to talk to me about Alex? Is she on my side?' His mind was racing and so was his heart. He pulled his seat belt on and started to drive toward the campus. They would probably meet in the parking lot. It didn't seem like his father would be there for this meeting so he was somewhat relieved. Finally reaching the campus parking lot, Christian pulled into a visitor's spot and turned the engine off. He sat in his truck scanning the area for any sign of his mother. His mind also looking for his separated lover but then realized that she would be over in the student's lot.

The waiting was almost unbearable. He popped in a CD to try to clam his nerves and let the music soothe him. Christian sat back and waited for his mom to arrive. She would probably try to seek him out so he really shouldn't move. Then his thoughts went right back to his sister. Chris decided that no matter what his father said he would be with Alexia. The hell with his job and his education: if he couldn't have his sister then he couldn't be happy.

Hayden roused early and got ready for the ceremony. She knew she had to leave before her husband so that she could talk to her children. As quietly as she could, Hayden dressed, and tidied up the room. Then she left a note for her husband saying that she was going to get a bit to eat and talk to one of Alexia's teachers who she was good friends with and that she would meet him at the graduation. Placing the note on the desk, she slipped out of the room and was on her way. Once she was in front of the hotel, there was a taxis waiting for a customer. The doorman held the door for her as she climbed in.

In no time at all, Mrs. Dawson reached the campus. Paying the driver, she climbed out and searched the parking lot for her daughter's car. Spotting it, she swiftly walked over and peered into the window. Hayden tapped on the glass lightly and watched as her daughter's face turned to her with a look of surprise and relief. Hearing the door unlock, Hayden opened it and climbed in. They embraced each other for a few minutes, both letting tears fall from their eyes.

They spoke for about five minutes. Hayden did most of the talking. Alexia just sat back, tears still in her eyes, sometimes nodding and wiping her tear stained face. After her mother stopped talking, Alexia smiled and embraced her. All she could say was thank you over and over again. Hayden kissed her daughter on the cheek and told her to look her best as she walked across the stage.

Hayden stepped out of the car and hurried over to the other parking lot, where she knew her son would be waiting. Searching the first row of vehicles for her son's truck, she spotted her husband's car pulling into a parking spot. "Damn it," she said under her breath as she kept looking. Then she saw him sitting in the truck only a few feet away. Running over to the passenger side door, Hayden tapped on the glass and waited for him to acknowledge her. Christian was pulled from his music when he heard a knocking. Looking over he saw his mother and let her in. Hayden hastily climbed in and hugged her son.

"What going on mom?" Christian asked wondering why she looked so nervous.

"I don't have much time to talk. I just saw your father pulling in. Listen, Christian, what happened yesterday...I want you to just forget about it. If you and your sister are happy together then you two should stay with each other. I'll love you no matter what. And don't worry about your father, he's full of hot air...nothing will happen, I promise. All I ask is that you still keep in touch with me."

Christian grabbed his mother and gave her a big kiss on the cheek and a hug. He couldn't believe it, but it was as real as he was. Realizing that he was probably suffocating her, he released her from his bear hug.

"Mom, I....you know we will...thank you."

She smiled a heartfelt smile, "Just being happy is 'thank you' enough."

Hayden reached over and gave her son a kiss on the cheek. Then she turned and got out of the vehicle. She fixed her clothes and then walked toward the path that led to the field. Turning back to look at her son, she waved and continued walking. Upon reaching the field she saw her husband already sitting and waiting for her. Maintaining her composure, she walked over and sat down next to him.

"Where have you been?" he asked

"Just talking to a friend. I did leave a note."

"You could have waited for me you know. So impatient."

Hayden just huffed and rumbled through her purse for something to keep her attention until the graduation started.

Alexia couldn't stop smiling. She knew she wouldn't stay away from him; no chance would that happen. Looking in the mirror, she fixed her hair and put her jewelry on. Then she stepped out the car and put on her cap and gown. She was already to leave behind all this and start her new life. Locking her car, she began to walk toward the gym where they would be lining up. She passed the visitor's parking lot and glanced to see if she saw her brother. It was packed and she couldn't really tell. Alex didn't want to take too much time so she continued to walk to the doors but then remembered that she had to go to the front. It was quite a walk to get to the front and since she was already at the back she decided to keep walking this way. As she rounded the corner to the side of the school she was suddenly grabbed and pulled into the corner. A strong hand was over her mouth and the other had a firm grip on her waist. Alex didn't panic; she remained calmed and waited for a chance to get away. The person then moved their head to the side of hers. They spoke in a low voice.

"Don't scream. I don't want to hurt you."

Alexia nodded and the hand was removed from her mouth. Then she was swiftly turned around and pinned against the wall. Before she could see who it was, a pair of lips was pressed against hers in a searing kiss. The person pressed their body up against hers and pushed their tongue in her mouth. Alex was distraught, at first she started to push away but then a familiar feeling came to her. She started to kiss the person back with equal passion. Her heart knew exactly who it was. They finally broke for air, their lips just inches away from each other. Both were breathing hard and eyes were closed. Alex moved her hands to the persons face and opened her eyes. A large smiled graced her face when she finally saw who it was.

"Christian," she breathed.

"In the flesh."

The pressed his lips against her again and tried to absorb her. She pulled his body to hers and traced his lips with her tongue. They both moaned realizing it had been too long since they felt each other. Chris trailed kissed across her cheek, down to her neck, and back up to her ear.

"I need to feel you Alex."

Alexia was turned on but somewhat shocked, "Right here?"

"Yes, I don't want to wait another second."

Christian moved his hand across her breast and lightly rubbed her nipples through her dress. He captured her lips again and moved his other hand down her body. Parting her legs, his fingers slid down her crotch until he felt her pussy lips through her underwear. Pressing his thumb against her clit, he slipped another finger under the cloth of her panties and pushed a finger inside of her.

Alexia arched her back and moaned into his mouth. She moved her hands to the fly of his pants and zipped it down. Gently, she pulled out his member and lightly stroked it causing him to moan back into her mouth. The kiss was broken and the finger was removed.

Her underwear was pulled to the side and Chris placed the head of his cock to her tight entrance. He lifted her with his other hand and pushed his throbbing cock into her to the hilt.

Alexia bit her lip as her lover filled her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He instantly began to move within her, kissing her all over her face and whispering sweet sentiments in her ear. They were both very close to climax.

Chris realized that he couldn't cum in her and held back his orgasm making sure she got hers. He felt her tighten around him and let go a deep moan. Instantly, Chris pulled out and set her down against the wall. He jerked his cock a few times and proceeded to cum, letting his seed hit the ground. A few grunts were released and leaned against the wall for support. Neither realized the pair of eyes that watched them.

"OH MY GOD," the female almost screamed.

The siblings looked up with pure horror all over their faces. They couldn't believe someone actually caught them. Christian quickly turned away from the onlooker and put himself back into his pants as Alexia fixed her clothes and tried to think of something to say.

"Katie, please don't freak out...just let me explain," Alexia started.

"Explain...oh god, you're...you're...just don't talk to me...don't...oh Christ! You're fucking sick!" Katie screamed.

"Katie, calm down please..."Alexia pleaded but her once best friend just walked off shaking her head.

Christian finished fixing himself and turned to his baby sister. She looked as if she was going to cry and it was his fault. He pulled her to his chest and held her. The thought of someone walking by them never really entered his mind. All he wanted was to feel her again, to make sure what his mother said was true and that he wasn't dreaming. Now he made her lose a friend. This was the second time they were caught. 'What the hell is next?' Christian asked himself.

"I'm sorry Alex. I didn't mean...never thought...I'm so sorry," he said holding her tighter.

Alexia pulled away and looked up at him. The sadness was somewhat gone from her face but still evident in her eyes. She gave him a big smile and leaned up to kiss him softly on the lips. Then making sure she looked decent, she turned and headed for the gym.

"See you afterward," she called out without looking back.

Christian cracked a smile but still wondered if she was ok. He checked to make sure he was decent himself and headed toward the football field to get a seat. Hopefully, this would be a quick ceremony and they could get out of here once she had her diploma.

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