tagNonHumanBreakdown Ch. 03

Breakdown Ch. 03


I can not believe it all started less than 24 hours ago. I was innocently planning a two week vacation away from my ex-husband and 3 kids. The kids were going to the ex's house and I was going to my sisters in South Padre Island, Texas!! Fun in the sun. That was the plan.

I live in Dallas, Texas, about 600 miles from South Padre, and had gone about 150 miles into my trip. I drive at night because there is less traffic and I am kind of a night owl. My van broke down and my adventure began. A couple of nice looking guys, who turned out to be Vampires, picked me up in there Hummer and one thing led to another and I agreed to be there late night snack and had an amazing night because of it. I woke up at their home and had a great morning of fun also. They decided to show me around their home. My new vamp friends are named Michael and Luke. My name is Candy and this is my 2 week vacation.

"Who is the woman in the painting above the fire place?" I asked Luke. Michael had gone to order the part to fix my van.

"That is Sara."

"She is beautiful. Was she close to you and Michael?"

"Yes she was close to us, and yes she was beautiful. Just like you are."

"Thank you." I am still not used to all of the complements. I don't get them often.

"You don't know how beautiful you really are do you. You think you are unattractive because you are bigger than a super model. You need to learn not to be so shallow. Look deeper. Like we do. We see big beautiful brown eyes a great smile and a sweet woman."

He came up behind me and turned me around to face a full length mirror in a corner. I hadn't even noticed it yet. He went into the closet and pulled out a beautiful kimono robe. It was red and had an embroidered dragon on the back. Luke turned me around to face him and slid it on me. It was so soft. It hit me just above the knee and made me feel very feminine and very sexy. Then he turned me back around to face the mirror.

"This is beautiful."

"I want you to keep it."

"Thank you." Then I realized that I could see the both of us. "I didn't think Vampires had a reflection."

"Michael and I can make ourselves be seen when we want to. I guess its because when we meet Sara and stopped killing for fun we also found a piece of our soul."

"How did you meet Sara."

Then he disappeared again. I could only see me in the mirror. I saw the tie come undone and the robe fall open to expose my breasts. I felt his hands on me and him nuzzling my neck. Kissing it with light kisses. It wasn't even sore anymore and the bite marks were already fading away. I was beginning to feel that familiar warm feeling again. From head to my toes. "I think you are changing the subject again and I don't really mind at all."

"How could you not know that you are beautiful." Then I could feel and see my nipple being sucked and caressed. I was getting very aroused.

"Turn around and look at me." I did. I knew he wanted me again. He led me over to the bed and had me lay down. I saw that there was also a mirror on the ceiling.

"I can tell this was Sara's room. She must have loved to watch you touch her."

"She did. Especially when I did this to her." He spread my legs apart and ran his hands from my neck to my pussy and he said, "Watch the mirror." I did. He disappeared again.

I felt him run his fingers along my slit. Sliding his fingers in and out of me. Running them up to my clit and circling it around making me moan in response. I started rubbing my nipples through the soft material of the robe. Watching the effect he had on my body and me while not being able to see him made me burn. He continued to run his fingers in and out of me faster and faster and then I felt his tongue on my clit. It was so warm and the pressure was building inside of me until I finally shook from my orgasm.

I looked down at Luke and smiled at him. "That was amazing. Come here."

He crawled up my body. Kissing and nipping his way up me. I felt his hard cock on my thigh. I reached down to take him in my hand, but he stopped me and took my hand and put it above my head. He took a scarf out of the night stand beside the bed and tied my hand above me.

"What are you doing?"

"Whatever I want."

"What do you want?"

"You will see."

He took my other hand and tied it to the other end of the scarf that was wrapped around the bed post. He took a feather out of the drawer next and began running it up and down my body. Going slowly around my nipples

"My God you are so mean to me" Then all I could do was moan aloud. I knew I had to be flooding the sheets because I was so wet.

"Please let me touch you."

"Where do you want to touch me?"

"I want your cock. I want to taste you." He crawled up to my head and kept his 9inch cock just out of my reach. "Beg me."

"Please. Please let me taste you. I want to feel your dick sliding down my throat." He brought it to my lips.

"Lick it." I tried to do as I was told. I leaned over as far as I could. I could barely get the tip past my lips. I stroked the tip with my tongue and he slid a little further into my mouth. I sucked and licked as far as he would let me. He pushed further into my mouth. Rocking back and forth making me milk him with my mouth and tongue. Then he just pulled out.

"NO. Please let me suck you a little more."

"No I want to suck you a little now." He leaned down and kissed me. He kisses me from my head down to my neck, down to my breasts, down to my pussy and then he starts running his tongue along my inner thigh. Then I feel him sink his teeth in me and begin to suck. Gently at first then he is holding on like he is afraid I will move.

He ran his hand up my thigh and started running his fingers along my clit and into my pussy. I was going crazy. I had to do something.

The position we were in gave me access to his dick again. So I took him into my mouth and start sucking him while he is sucking me. He begins to fuck my mouth and finger fucking me I feel my orgasm building and his too. He lets go of my thigh and takes his dick away from my mouth and places him self between my spread eagle legs. He runs his dick up and down my slit then places my right leg on his shoulder and turns me sideways. He thrust his cock deep inside me. Hard and fast. I came instantly. My orgasm rocked me so hard I threw my hips against him rocking him hard and fast. He grabbed my hips and road with me until his orgasm hit him. Then he just fell on top of me. We just laid like that for awhile.

"You are going to kill me." He jerked up in surprise when I said that. I just laughed and said, "Not really, it wont be your fault and I will die happy."

Then he smiled at me, "Don't scare me like that."

"Would you be kind enough to untie me."

"Are you sure you want me too?" Then he laughed and said, "Okay, Okay just checking." Then untied me.

I got up and put the robe back on.

About that time Michael came into the room. " I called the Parts shop and they had the part in stock. They will be delivering it in about an hour."

"Oh, okay how much was it?"

"Don't worry about it, Luke and I have more than enough money. We would love to take care of it for you and we would be offended if you didn't let us. Did you find any clothes that would work for you?"

I just smiled and nodded. I didn't trust myself to talk. They were being so nice to me and I was feeling a little emotionally overwhelmed.

"I guess you will be able to get back on the road tonight. If you want to that is. We would love to have you stay with us a while longer. Would you like to?"

"You have both been so nice to me, I would love to stay here with you but my sister is expecting me by tomorrow. I could call her and tell her I had van trouble, but she will not be put off for long. It has been a long time since I have seen her and she worries about me. As a matter of fact I need to call her anyway. May I use your phone?"

"Sure there is one in the kitchen. You are probably hungry I can whip you up something to eat."

"I am a little. You boys can really work up a girl's appetite."

Michael and Luke threw on some old sweat pants. God those guys would look good in a potato sack! I followed them into the kitchen where Luke started making a breakfast fit for a Queen.

I made my phone call to my sister and let her know that I was running a little behind. Car trouble and all, but I was okay and staying with friends until it could be fixed.

Michael was right beside Luke washing everything Luke got dirty while cooking. Where have these men been all my life. Why is it all the good men are either taken, gay or not human! Life is just not fair! There should be a law about a man looking so good and being so great and not being available to keep. I needed to distract myself before I jumped them again.

"So, tell me about Sara."

"She was our daytime protector and our friend."

"We meet her in 1925. She was 25 years old and had been widowed for about 1 month. Her husband had died from influenza. We came across her at the grave of her husband at midnight. She had a knife and she was going to slit her wrists. She didn't think she had any reason to live. She didn't have any children and she didn't want to go on living with out her true love."

Luke turned around and continued to cook breakfast while Michael took up where he left off on the story. "Back then we were cold blooded killers, literally. We killed for the fun of it. That night we had our fun. We had killed an entire family. A mother, father and 2 small children and felt nothing."

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. What do you say to that. Finally I said, "What made you change your ways?"

"Sara did. She was so beautiful with her broken heart. She was so sad and lonely because someone she loved so deeply was taken away from her. She was willing to take her own life because of it. It touched a part of me I knew should no longer be there. I knew it couldn't be there, but there it was my heart beating and breaking for her."

"Luke came over to me and hit me and asked me why I had a stupid look on my face. He was very compassionate back then. NOT! Anyway I told him nothing was wrong and we left, but I came back alone. I had to see if she was okay, I didn't understand why I cared. I just had to know. When I got there she had slit her wrists. I took her in my arms and held her. She just looked at me, she didn't struggle she didn't ask any questions. She just asked me why I was so sad. Can you believe it. Why I was sad. I told her I hate to see something so beautiful whither away. She said, "I have nothing to live for." I picked her up and took her to the crypt where we had been living for the past few weeks."

Luke broke in and said, "Breakfast is served!" I just glared at him and he said "Sorry didn't mean to interrupt. I just didn't want your eggs to get cold."

"That's okay. I was just getting into the story. I can wait for the rest until the two of you get done eating." and then I noticed that I was the only one with food.

"Michael and I don't really eat breakfast. At least not the kind that you do. Besides if you remember we already ate this morning."

I just smiled and said, "Oh yeah right, how could I forget. Please continue your story."

Luke picked up then. "I was shocked. In all the years we had been together I had never known him to bring home someone. I mean we usually eat and run if you know what I mean."

"Yes, Luke was not very receptive to my bringing home my stray as he put it." He said,

"Why the Hell did you bring that home?"

"I am not sure. I just knew she needed to be here."

"Why! She is already dead. Just give her a few more minutes and she will be."

"Not if I can help it." and then I cut my wrist and let a few drops of blood fall into her mouth.

Luke slapped my hand away from her and asked me, "What the Hell is wrong with you?"

"I can't let her die." I felt her stir, my blood was working its way through her system. I could feel it. Since I didn't take her blood she would not turn into a vampire, but she would never be the same either. "Luke you and I have been together for a long time. Can't you feel it? That she is suppose to be with us."

Reluctantly Luke nodded. "Yes, but I don't know why. It is like she is pulling at me." and then she did. She grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes, and that is all there was too it. I cut my wrist and let her have some of my blood too. So she could be a part of me too."

"Within 24 hours she was 100% again. She didn't remember why she was sad in the first place and we didn't tell her. She didn't even question why she was with us. She just took over our care. She found us a real home for the day time and the night time where we would be safe. She took care of every need we had."

I had to ask them, "Every need?"

They both smiled and said, "Yes every need. From carnal cravings to hunger cravings."

"She would make sure we had clean clothes, a clean house, warm blood in our stomachs and a hot woman in our bed."

"So what happened to her?"

"She died of natural causes. She was 101 and she only looked 55. A very healthy 55. Our blood made her live a longer life, but it still wasn't forever. She wouldn't let us make her one of us. We begged her. I guess it was for the best. She gave Luke and me 76 wonderful years of memories. The women in the paintings down the hall, were all friends of hers and ours. She couldn't be our sole source of nourishment and entertainment so she brought in reinforcements. The ones in the paintings where the special ones that stayed around."

"I think I understand. You had been killing for so long, making people lose their loved ones and causing all that heartbreak. It found you and made you understand what you were doing. It was like it made you find the last piece of your soul. Do you miss the killing? Have you ever killed again?"

"No Michael and I have never killed after that night. We couldn't. Now that our hearts were beating again we didn't want to chance losing that."

"You boys have made my heart start beating again. I don't think I am ready to lose that yet either. I was thinking, Maybe you could use a vacation. Come down to South Padre with me. We could drive at night and sleep during the day. We could find a motel with a basement for you two. Give me 5 minutes on the computer and I will have everything planned."

"A couple of Vampires at the beach. Now does that make since."

"Sure it does. Have you never seen the ocean by moonlight. I am sure it is beautiful and we could have so much fun."

Luke looked at Michael and said. "Oh yeah bud. We haven't been to the ocean in years. I think we could use a little vacation."

"Okay. Sounds great. The computer is in the third room on the right. The credit card is in the top drawer feel free to use it to make the reservations."

About that time the door bell rang.

"Who could that be?"

"Probably just the guy with the part to your van. He will leave it at the door, we have an account with them. Lets just leave your van here anyway. We could take the Hummer."

"That would leave me totally reliant on you. Do you want to be at my beck and call the whole 2 weeks?"

Luke leaned over and whispered into my ear, "There is no place I would rather be!"

The End of Chapter 3

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