Breaking and Training


"That is not an acceptable answer!" Cognizance dawned on her face along with a streak of arrogance that I would discover was all bluff, as time went by. She gave the correct response.

"Yes Master."

"Now get those clothes off bitch, like I said. You don't have to get naked, just strip to your bra and panties." I wanted her lingerie left on to add to the drama the next few minutes would provide, but it also served to reassure the girl a bit that rape wasn't about to ensue. Either that or the cattle prod was already having an effect, for her hands again returned to the button and zipper on the jeans and this time there was no fumbling. The button unfastened and the zipper unzipped. She began to slip the jeans down her thighs.

Her jeans had fit so tight they had formed a 'camel toe'. That is where the seam of the jeans spilt the lips of the pussy and the lip hanging down each side so it looks like the toe of a camel. They fit so tight it reminded me of what I had said to buddies when I saw a woman wearing tight pants, when I was younger. "I'd like to lick the brush she used to paint those on with."

As she slipped them off, her panties started to slide down with them. Her shirttail prevented any exposure though, and Millie blushed and pulled her panties back up and continued to remove the jeans. As they slipped toward her feet I was treated to the nicest set of legs I had seen in a long time.

Her athleticism was apparent and the fact she had been the head cheerleader passed through my mind again. She made a half attempt to fold the jeans, and when I adjusted my position, raising the cattle prod as a part of that adjustment, I guess she thought I was going to zap her again, as she quickly laid the jeans on top of her boots, unfolded.

She stood and the shirt was removed quickly and without fanfare. It is hard to make the removal of a western shirt a slow endeavor with snaps that will just pop open, easily unfastening one after the other without much resistance. The shirt was deposited on the pile of clothing already started at her feet.

She stood in front of me clad in green lace bikini-style panties and white lace demi-cup bra. Though the bra and panties didn't match she was still a vision of loveliness. She had a classic hourglass figure, the swell of her 'b – c' cup breasts, tapering to a narrow waist, and then the womanly flare of her hips, tapering down on to those long lovely legs. Millie was only about 5'4", but she had the longest loveliest legs. That suited me, as I was a leg man.

She stood under my appraising gaze and grew self-conscious after a moment and tried to cover herself. The room was cool because it was underground, though not cool enough to force her to hug herself. So the gesture in that regard was surely the product of modesty. I told her to turn around and had her belly up to the sawhorse crossbar and to bend over and place her wrists and neck into the stock bar. I lowered the stock onto her neck and clipped the hasp with a snap and she was immediately rendered immobile. I walked around to the front of the stock, and her golden hair cascaded down each side of her face as she looked at the floor. I drew her hair up into a ponytail arrangement at the back of her head and threw it over the stock top onto her back. When it wouldn't stay, I got one of the cable ties lying on the table that I had used to attach the electrical wiring to the water pipe that went to the makeshift shower. And tied her hair up out of the way. I stepped in front of her and I began to speak again.

"You will be trained as a slaveslut, as I said earlier. Once you beg me to fuck you, you will learn all good sluts get fucked in all three holes. You will eventually want to have a cock in your ass, you cunt and your mouth at the same time. Depending on your worthiness as a slave, I will try to accommodate your desires. Soon you will beg to be used like a whore. You will discover the slut that dwells inside you and you will become her. All women have an internal slut that society has forced into hiding. We will let yours see the light of day.

"I may breed you and let you have a child. You will never see your relatives again, so you may relish having a family of your own. When you are bad or dishonor me you will be punished. If we find you enjoy pain, as so many do, we will add that as a reward"

The whole time I was talking, Millie never said a word, and she was looking at me in that strained position in the stock, the fear growing in her eyes steadily. I grasped the Velcro attached covering to my crotch piece and ripped it off. My cock sprang free, thankful for being loosed from the restraint that held it. It was almost comical as it sprang forward and nearly slapped Millie in the face. I'm not sure if it was the fact the possibility of rape reentered her mind or if the size of my cock was what shook her up. I was extremely well endowed for a white man at 10-inches. There must have been some African-American blood in my family tree somewhere, I figured.

I took hold of my cock and traced it along Millie's lips, and when she made no attempt to open her mouth I spoke.

"Since you don't consider giving a blow job as sex, I figure you won't mind sucking my big boy a bit."

She turned her head to the side and made no attempt to suck me. I guess she took me at my word of not requiring her to have sex until she asked for it. I knew she would ask for it, in fact beg for it. I had my ways, for now though the test of wills had begun. I repositioned my cock and replaced the crotch cover on my pants. I I walked over to the table and picked up a 16-inch Bowie-style hunting knife that I had sharpened to razor sharpness. I walked back over to the front of the girl, so she could see it.

"I guess I screwed up. I thought you would cooperate and I wouldn't need to strip you down or to break you." I stressed the words "break you" as I dragged the knife up my arm shaving the hair as it went. It was a fear reaction I was looking for. I had no intention of cutting the girl, but she didn't know that. I walked around to the side of the stock and lifting the shoulder strap of her bra, cut through it cleanly and without effort. I quickly severed the other side as well. Then I unlatched the latch at the back of the bra. It fell to the floor. I picked it up and looked at the label. 34C. I made a mental note of the size. The next day I would go to the large city up the road and purchase several pieces of lingerie for her to wear for my entertainment. I moved to behind her.

Her ass was superb. They say a legman is just a closet ass man, but I had come out of the closet years earlier and I appreciated a nice ass, but never forgot my roots in the closet as a leg man. Millie had an extremely fine shaped and toned ass as one might expect from a healthy athletic young woman. I lay the knife on the small of her back. The weight and the coldness of the steel got her attention and again I guess she thought she was about to get cut, for she let out a sob. I reached between her legs and placed my hand on the inside of her thigh.

No doubt no man besides her doctor, and perhaps her old boyfriend in a more aggressive moment had touched her there, and I expected her to clamp her legs together, but instead she stood frozen with fear from the knife lying on her back. Even her boyfriend had not likely touched her bare flesh there. I picked the knife up with my other hand and laid it on the table and instead of my hand sliding up toward her pussy, as she no doubt expected, it slid down toward her knee.

My hand continued to slide down her leg until it reached her ankle. I then slid her leg out to the side and quickly secured it to the leg of the sawhorse attachment, at the ankle and the knee. I quickly did the same to the other leg. Her crotch now was flared open and there was nothing she could do to close it.

I ran my hand back up the back of her thighs, until I reached her panty-clad ass. Millie had stopped crying and was now trembling at my touching her most intimate parts. What she didn't realize is it would get even more intimate before I was through. I would keep my promise though and she would have to beg me before I would fuck her. But I knew she would.

Then my cock would use her daily, and her life would be forever changed, to my benefit if not hers. I stood up behind her and removed my hands from her ass. I told her she had an exquisite ass and she thanked me for my compliment in an almost little girl's voice. It was almost like she couldn't talk because she couldn't breath. If she breathed her life might become totally unbearable in a moments notice, just because of the intake of air.

The compliment seemed like it was her training in manners from her parents that she had taken all her life. I told her I was sorry to have to ruin such a nice pair of panties, but that I just had to see her ass without any obstruction. I took the knife, slit the panties along both side seams and pulled them through her legs. Not that it mattered, because tomorrow I would purchase all new garments, but the bra and panties both could be easily repaired. I made note of her panty size as I had her bra.

With her ass unfettered of garment, I caressed her flesh with my hands. Tiny circles kept getting larger as I caressed the velvety smoothness of her skin. As the circles became larger, I drew closer and closer to the wispy blond hair covered lips of her pussy. I noted the slightest hint of arousal in her treasure trove, but I doubted it was voluntary on her part. The first time my circling hands made contact with the outer lips of her cunt, she jumped. Now every circle, my fingers danced lightly across the lips of her pussy.

She jumped each time the first few times I touched her where no man except her doctor, if a little country girl like her had even visited a gynecologist yet, had ever touched her since she was a very small girl. Though Dad might have cleaned her pussy during a diaper change. After several times though she stopped jumping, either resigned there was no stopping it or whatever. When she stopped jumping, I reached between her legs and laid my finger tip lightly on her pubes then drew it back through the wispy hair to the lips of her pussy and across her clit to her cunt and up to her ass. I then wet my finger with my saliva and reversed direction drawing my saliva-slickened finger through her ass checks, lingering momentarily at her brown star and then proceeding down to her cunt.

I teased the outer ring of her lips a moment then started to probe inside her virgin fuck hole. She tensed as my finger began to insinuate itself in her girly opening, and tried to move away, though movement was intentionally limited. Tied at the knees and the ankles would preclude her even closing her legs. I heard her release a wracking sob again. Once again I thought to remind her she needed to beg to be fucked.

"Do you want to beg for my cock in your sluts hole, bitch?"

"No mister, please don't rape me." She sobbed.

I immediately took my hands away from her body. I had discovered what I wanted to know anyway. Her hymen was intact, not the victim of some sporting event or horseback riding, and she was telling the truth about being a virgin.

She was a little wet, but that was probably the result of her body reacting against her will to the sexual stimulation I was creating with the salacious nature of the events taking place and with the teasing of my hands on her body. Even a virgin girl like her would get somewhat aroused.

Moreover, submissiveness often created sexual arousal, so Millie might be reacting to the forced submission of the moment.

This was good though, and all part of the education she was getting. Her education would continue until she learned her existence from this time forward was to give sexual pleasure and she needed to learn there was enjoyment in it for her, too. I stopped, not because I didn't want her to enjoy it. Enjoyment was the easier way to gain her complicity, but I was willing and able to break her if necessary.

No, I stopped for another reason.

I stepped away and on the table was a Cat-o-nine-tails. Not a vicious one with metal tips designed to bring pain, but a tame one designed only to sting. I lashed it across her ass several times before I spoke. "That was not an acceptable answer to my question slut." I bellowed finally.

Millie responded quickly between her sobs. "No Master, I do not desire your cock in my sluts hole." Her answer was even more than I had expected. A simple 'No, Master' would have been sufficient. I started to spank her again with the cat. It's leather strands cut through the air 5 more times before she finally cried out begging me to stop.

"No more, Please Master!"

Her ass was wiggling provocatively in a circle trying to avoid the stings of the whip. Its cherry redness almost broke my resolve to break her will before I took her, it looked so inviting, I stopped spanking, and I chastised the girl.

"When you are being punished you aren't to cry out or beg for mercy. You must learn to embrace the pain and submit to the power of it and the pleasure will come from it. I will not spank you more for crying out, since you didn't know you weren't allowed to. Like I said I am strict but fair. I spanked you for not listening. I told you I would not rape you, that you must beg me to fuck you. Until you beg for my cock your virginity is safe.

"You will beg to be taken like the slut you are and to become the bitch-whore you desire inside. That girl will come out soon. For now you must listen to what I say and learn trust, for trust is key to the relationship we will establish. So I will remind you again. Though I own your body now, I will not rape you. No, your first fuck will come when you kneel at my feet and beg me to take you like the slut you are. Do you understand?"

Her sobbing had almost stopped. "Yes, Master. Thank you for not raping me." She sounded a bit cocky again finally convinced she wasn't going to be raped and no doubt certain at least for the moment she wouldn't beg for my cock to strip away her virginity and make her a whore forever more.

But I had my methods and I was fairly certain the day wasn't long off when little virgin Millie would shamelessly beg for whatever cock was available to use her body as its owner saw fit.

I began to caress her reluctantly proffered ass again. It was such a prime piece of meat. Once again I had to steel my resolve, and to remind myself the anticipation would make the conquest that much sweeter. When my fingers began to probe her cunt she didn't try to move away from my exploring digits as she had before. I drew some of the liquid that had formed inside her virgin box out onto my finger and teased her clit with the slickened tip. I bent forward and began to kiss and lick her reddened ass, working my way to her puckered little brown star and teasing it's exterior with the tip of my tongue. She tensed and then relaxed at the warm wet presence on her asshole. I moved further down through her crack, until I was at the entrance to her virgin cunt. I spoke to her.

"I agreed not to have sex with you until you begged for it, but since you and your generation don't look on cock sucking and similar activities as sex, I am not violating that promise", I said.

I buried my face in her crotch, my tongue probing deeply into her virgin cunt. I had always heard virgins tasted different than non-virgins, but by the time I became a devoted pursuer of cunnilingus, virgins were no longer an option for me. I was becoming addicted to the taste of virgin pussy as I devoured Millie's sweet cunt for several minutes.

When my face first made contact and my tongue started fucking her, she had jumped and uttered an "oh". No sobbing or anything, just surprise, probably pleasant surprise when all effects were totaled up.

I sucked on her cunt and her clit for about 20 minutes. And after only a few minutes, her ass was churning in a circle and grinding against my face as she sought greater pleasure. Her little clit even stiffened as her pleasure grew to heights she had no doubt never attained. After about 15 minutes I felt a warm gush of fresh juice and she moaned rather loudly as I guess the first orgasm of her young life and many to come rippled through her crotch. She continued to grind against my face and I gladly sucked her pussy to orgasm number two in quick succession. This time she was a bit more demonstrative than she had been before.

"Oh my gawd!" she wailed as she ground her crotch against my face. Her ass was rolling as if she was trying to keep a hoola-hoop in motion and I reluctantly stopped eating her delicious pussy. I moved back around front again. I ripped the Velcro held crotch piece again and offered her my cock. "Since you don't see sucking cock as sex and you just enjoyed your first two orgasms as a result of my sucking your pussy, would you like to return the gesture?" She again turned her head away, and I thought once again the size must be the problem.

"If the size scares you, understand that soon you will appreciate the size for what it is. Soon you will learn to take it all down your throat and suck me to the balls as a proper slut should."

My comments had no effect and she made no attempt to suck my cock. I expected as much, so wasn't disappointed. It wouldn't be the first time Jill or Rosy my two fists had seen action. I replaced the crotch cover on my jeans.

I went to the cabinet in the room and withdrew two devices I had constructed. One was like a chastity belt and I strapped it onto Millie, two straps running between her legs, attaching to a third that encircled her waist. I slid the two attachments that were affixed to the straps that went between her legs in position on either side of her clit, and ran the attached wires up through the waist strap. I then unhooked the snap from the hasp and opened the stock to release the girl. She stood.

I had her kneel at my feet. Her hand came up as if she was going to touch the outline of my still stiff cock, but then that could be to push off if I started to accost her, as she never actually touched me. I slipped a head box onto her head and closed the door on the front of the device. I had her stand again. Though she couldn't see out of the confines of the box, her hands came down to cover her breasts, as they crossed her body. I turned her around and took the four wires that came from the contacts on the straps between her legs up and plugged then into the connectors on the box. I led her to what appeared from the outside to be a closet. I called it a sensory depravation chamber, as it was designed to create sleep and sensory depravation, one of the best brainwashing techniques.

I opened the door and helped her to sit inside. I attached two leads on the top of the head box to the power supply in the chamber. I strapped her arms to the arms of the chair like structure in the closet box. Then I strapped her legs in place. This prevented her removing the head box or trying to leave the closet. Then I told her what was going on.

"This is where you will spend your nights, for now. I wouldn't recommend you fall asleep though. The straps that run between your legs have two contacts on either side of your clitoris. If you move your head more than a few degrees in any direction, the mercury switch on top of the head box will close the circuit. The leads that are strapped to your pussy are from a cattle prod I disassembled. When the Mercury switch closes you will get a jolt from the cattle prod on your slutty little pussy. That will feel something like this."

I touched the momentary contact switch that activated the little red light on the wall of the closet to show the circuit was activated. This also sent a jolt to the contacts as the circuit had to close to turn on the light.

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