Part 1

Britney stepped out of the Limo and into the humid summer air. She looked up to see a throng of fans and flashbulbs screaming and flashing at her. The sound and lights pulsed in waves that energized her, and she smiled in anticipation.

"It's gonna be insane in there, eh?" Yelled her personal assistant, Mark.

"Oh yeah," she said.

"Are you still exhausted from last night?" He asked her.

"I'll be okay." She shouted. And they walked into the club through the VIP door that led to the Green Room.

Once inside the room Britney was greeted by the club's manager.

"Ready to go?" He asked her.

"Let's do it," she said.

The manager led Britney and her backup dancers down a hallway towards a door marked ‘Stage Right.' The base beat of the club's dj vibrated through the walls and floor, increasing in volume and intensity as they neared the door. The manager opened it, and stepping through, Britney entered the dark air of the stage that pulsed and throbbed with music. She peered in-between the black curtains and saw a writhing mass of bodies whirling with the tribal rhythms. She drew a deep breath, and prepared to go on stage.

The Stage Manager walked up to Britney and Mark and said,


"No, give us one more minute." Mark said, and the Stage Manager nodded and moved away speaking into his radio.

"Why another minute?" Britney asked.

"Because you still look absolutely exhausted, and I want you to take this," he said. Mark took her hand and put two capsules in it.

"But I don't—" She started to say,

"Just take them. You have an hour-long show to do, and it has to be flawless. Just do it." He told her. Britney put the pills on her tongue, and took a pull on her water bottle, swallowing them. The music diminished slightly and the dj said,

"Are you ready to breathe?" He yelled to the club, and a roar of approval responded.

The lights went down on the stage, and Britney moved into position with her dancers on the stage. The opening number's music exploded and so did the crowd. Britney forgot about the pills and began to perform.

Twenty minutes later Britney finished the closing notes of her fifth song when she noticed a sensation inside her body. Trying to ignore it as the lights faded again for her to move to the next song's starting spot she wondered what it was she had taken.

The lights came up and Britney lifted her head and launched herself towards the front of the stage in a slinky walk. Suddenly her body vibrated from her head to her toes. Her skin hummed with the base notes in the air as they moved across her chest, and she felt like someone had hit the fast forward button inside her brain that controlled her vision. The glow sticks of the dancers mesmerized her, and she raised her hand to her face to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

The simple contact of her fingers sliding across the damp flesh of her forehead coursed through the rest of her body. Each finger sang with pleasure in harmony with her head and she forgot where she was.

Britney slowly sank to the floor as she continued the movement of her hands sliding over her head and down the back of her neck. Waves of pleasure flowed out of the flesh of her neck and rolled down the outside of her body at the same time as she felt it spiraling down the inside of her body through her pussy and into her feet. She felt hands pick her up, and moaned at the sensations of others touching her as she was carried offstage.

Inside the Green Room, Britney felt herself being laid down on a couch. The club manager raced into the room and yelled,

"Is she alright?"

"She'll be fine, thanks. We just have to get her into the Limo without a million pictures being taken." Said Mark.

"Okay, let's get her out of here." The manager agreed.

Minutes later, the Limo pulled out of the club's parking lot. Inside, Britney lay on the long couch staring at the blue tracers of a glow stick she had found in the club. Suddenly, she sat up and yelled,

"Its too quite, I need music!!!"

"Okay, okay." Mark said, and he turned on the stereo system as loud as it could go.

Britney relaxed as the base flowed into her body. Mark picked up the phone that allowed him to talk to the driver and yelled,

"Anna, we're gonna have to drive around for about five hours. We made it out of the club without any pictures being taken, but I doubt we can get into the hotel without getting caught."

Hanging up the phone, Mark turned to see what Britney was doing. She had opened the door of the mini-fridge and had a cold bottle of water in her hands.

Britney marveled at the slick weight of the bottle she was holding. She could feel the coolness of the bottled water inside her pussy, and her nipples hardened into aching points. She opened the bottle and took a sip of the water and time slowed. She felt cold fire flow into her mouth and then down her throat slowly easing its way over each nerve as it then increased its speed and shot like lightning into her body. She felt as though she had swallowed an orgasm that moved from her throat down inside her chest, and then flooded in back and forth motions through her mid-section and then finally bursting inside her stomach with an ice-fire intensity.

The sensuality of the moment awed Mark as he watched. He moved over to sit next to Britney and placed a hand on her shoulder to ask her if she was okay.

Britney felt a soft warm hand touch her and she arched again as another wave of pleasure passed through her. She turned to Mark and kissed him full on the lips. The single moment of her lips pressing into his erased all the other sensations of her reality. She fell into the softness of his lips, and the sliding sensual slipperiness of their mouths moving against each other.

Mark knew he should stop her, but after working with Britney for six months, and trying to suppress the urges he had for her he finally just gave in.

Britney's hands began to fumble at his zipper and he helped her to get his pants off. His cock was stretching out his boxers, and Britney stopped the kiss to look down at it. She pulled the waistband of his boxers down releasing his cock.

Britney grabbed the hot hard cock in her left hand, and with her right she reached to turn down the music so she could tell him,

"Oh my god, you're cock feels so good." She said as she stroked it.

"Do you want me to suck it?" She asked him, and he nodded.

She suddenly noticed how heightened her sense of smell was with the music not as loud. Britney could smell Mark's musky body odour and felt it swirl upwards into her nose and into her head. She bent down and licked his cock from the base up to the top slowly. Each contour of his cock, as it slid along her tongue, sent a shiver of delight up her tongue and into her nipples and pussy. She began to suck the head, and move her mouth up and down.

Mark knew he was going to come any second, and tapped Britney on her shoulder to warn her. She slipped her hands under his ass and pulled him into her mouth harder. She began to take his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. He could feel her teeth encircling the base of his cock as she sucked, and then he was coming into her mouth. His body arched off the couch, and Britney continued to suck as she let the come fall out the sides of her mouth.

She continued to lick the shaft of his cock after he finished coming. Working her way down to his balls, she lightly bathed them with her tongue. Mark felt like his orgasm continued to linger as she made the moment last longer. Then he took her by the waist and lifted her to place her on the couch.

Mark quickly lifted up Britney's schoolgirl skirt and pulled off her thong. He looked up at her and said,

"Do you want me to suck your pussy?"

"Suck it, oh my god, suck it!" Britney said.

Mark buried his face in Britney's pussy. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth, making a pulsing suction that he knew would increase the size and sensitivity of her clit. As he sucked he flicked his tongue lightly over her clit as he felt it grow in size inside his mouth. He could taste her pussy, and as he gasped for breaths inbetween sucking and licking he also felt the luscious aroma fill his head.

He sensed Britney's orgasm was quickly building to a climax and switched from light strokes of his tongue to hard swirling circles that he knew would push her over the edge.

Britney felt Mark's mouth lift from her pussy to take a breath and then his tongue began to push firmly into her clit. She felt as though his tongue was licking into her body, and her pussy felt like a polar volcano. She didn't understand the combinations of cold and hot sensations that she was feeling, but the slick wetness of her pussy poured outwards and down her lips. And then the orgasms blossomed inside her and she felt lost all sense of everything except for her pussy bathed in ice-fire explosions of ecstasy.

End Part 1

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