tagIncest/TabooCaleb Woke Up Ch. 08

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 08


This is the continuing saga of a naive teen who finds a magic necklace, and how he deals with all of the women throwing themselves at him.

There's going to be doing some spoiler warnings here, so feel free to skip down to the next bold section title if want to keep some of the mystery.

Warning: More incest with sister and mother, and some sexual activity during a church service. Everyone is eighteen or older.

This one took a little longer, and I should warn you that I might move to an even slower cadence, like one a month or something. Just wanted to set expectations. I don't have the full story already written like some authors do.

And I'm sorry for flipping around categories. That's really mostly my own doing. I think this story sits on the boundary of a several categories.

*** The Wind in the Willows ***

Luckily, neither mother nor son were seriously hurt after breaking the kitchen table during a raucous sexual breakfast buffet. In fact, the twisted pair couldn't stop laughing, and they continued to laugh until they heard footsteps upstairs as doors open and close.

Darcy got a bit of an irritated look on her face. "Bother." She knew their post coital bliss would soon come to an end.

Caleb smile and continued with, "... said Rat, all over egg."

Her face smoothed as she chuckled. It was a reference to a story she had read to him when he was younger. She was big into reading, and she had always read to him at night before she tucked him. It was her way of encouraging him to read, and at least this much parenting had worked.

"Where did that come from?" she asked with a broad grin.

"'The Wind in the Willows'? It's a children's book. Maybe you've heard of it?" It hadn't been his favorite book growing up. He preferred stories that took place in outer space where the kid suddenly realized he was the center of the universe or the son of a god, but he always cherished that time with his mom. And for some reason, this breakfast predicament with his sister tromping around upstairs triggered a scene from the book.

A thought dawned on him. He realized that he hadn't felt this close to her since she stopped reading to him once he reached puberty, and things started getting kind of awkward between them.

She chuckled, "Yeah, I remember it. It seems like lifetime ago."

"I always appreciated the times we spent reading together."

"In your bed," she grinned.

"Yeah, in my bed."

"You were always such a sweet boy, and so shy, but I remember you trying to cop a few innocent feels while we snuggled in bed together. I could tell that you fancied me."

"Sorry Mom."

"No, it's all right honey. I always understood. I can't imagine what it must have been like growing up with your sister and I in the house and all of those hormones in your blood stream. I think it's normal to be confused about getting excited when you catch a view of female anatomy, especially when it is a close relative."

Caleb couldn't believe he was having this discussion with his mom. The relationship seemed healthier and more open despite the sexual perversions.

"Well, I guess we should get up and do something about this mess."

"Sure Mom."

They got up, and Darcy got a couple of warm wet wash clothes so they could wipe the pancakes, syrup and goo off of themselves.

Darcy remembered back the times they used to read in bed, and he would put his head on her shoulder and snuggle with her while she read. Those were such sweet times.

Then she started thinking about what a fine young man her baby was growing into, and so popular with the ladies.

"So, uh, I guess that you've entertained a few girls since yesterday. You're getting quite popular. Gretchen, Ming Anderson, your sister, and me, right?"

"You knew about them?"

"Well, I heard you and your sister this morning, and I guessed about Gretchen. Ming sort of spilled the beans yesterday when she told me about the necklace and what kind of help you were needing."

"Wow. And you're OK with all that?"

"Well, yeah. I guess. It seems sort of right, somehow."

"Well, um, you missed one, Mel," he said.

"Mel? Who's he?" Is he bi-sexual? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I thought we were over that one.

"I mean Melissa. I met her yesterday at the storage unit. Remember I mentioned her on the phone?"

A little relieved, she responded, "Ah, Mel. That's right." She giggled when she thought about the strange conversation they had while he was cleaning out the storage unit. Well, that explains that!

"Come to think of it, it sounded like you two were having fun. We should invite her over for dinner some night. I'd love to meet her."

Darcy knew this wouldn't be the end of his conquests, and why should it be? He is such a wonderful boy. He should get what he wants.

"So, uh, who's next on your list? Is there anyone I can help set you up with?" Several friends and family members ran through her head while she pondered who else she could share this joy with, and who it would help most. She suddenly locked onto someone.

"Uh, Mom, I don't know about you fixing me up on any dates. That seems kind of weird."

She chuckled at the irony of his remark. What about this isn't a little weird? she wondered.

"Oh Caleb, don't worry. I won't do anything crazy, but a thought occurred to me. Do you think that Grandma Betsy is cute? She stays in pretty good shape. Sometimes I join her for yoga. She's religious about it. Have you ever had any fantasies about Grandma Betsy?"


"Well, she is still pretty young for a grandma; she isn't even sixty yet. And don't think I haven't noticed you staring at her rack."

"Mooommm!" Caleb protested. This was starting to get pretty embarrassing.

"What? I'm just saying she still seems pretty attractive, and well, I think it would do her some good."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well, I don't think she's had much romance with your grandfather lately. They seem to be drifting apart. They're so different from each other. And I wonder if a little spark wouldn't cheer her up a bit."

Plus, she can be such a controlling b-i-t-c-h when we're at family gatherings. It wouldn't hurt her to loosen up a little bit, she thought.

Caleb didn't respond.

"Well, let's drop it for now, but try to keep an open mind about it."

"Uh, well, I'll think about it," he acquiesced, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Good. That's all I ask. Are you still hungry? I could get another plate ready."

Caleb considered it. "I could eat."

"Why don't you go get ready while I make a plate, and let your sister know you're driving her in."

*** Cleaning Up ***

He picked up his clothes and bounded upstairs, three steps at a time. He knocked on the bathroom door. "Anna?"


"I'm going to give you a ride into church. Mom and Dad are going to the late service, OK?"

"OK, but could you come in here for a minute?"

I'm all sexed out, but I should see what this is about, and at least make sure she's OK, he thought.

He opened the door to the steamy bathroom and poked his head in.

"You want to join me? I'm having trouble getting all of your stuff off." It wasn't really true, but she still had a burning need for him between her legs.

Remembering the shenanigans from last night's shower with mom, Caleb was reticent. He was feeling pretty sated sexually, but she was asking for help, not sex. And he was still sticky from his full contact breakfast.

He stepped into the bathroom and opened the back of the shower curtain. The vision in front of him made him gasp. His voluptuous older but smaller sister was standing there in all her glory, with the water slicking down her hair, and her body glistening.

"You can't help me from out there. Come on and get in." Her eyes were closed. She had just started shampooing her hair, and her large breasts were bouncing around as she started lathering up. Caleb was in awe. Her narrow waist, and curvy hips were marvelous. Her body was tight. She had somehow avoided the freshman fifteen in her first year of college.

Caleb didn't remember dropping his clothes on the floor. All he could think about was her voluptuous body. His poor little peter had been through a lot in the last twenty four hours, but it ignored all biological laws and rose to the challenge before him. Caleb didn't realize that his necklace was making his organ more resilient than any porn star. He had no sample to measure against because he had no experience.

"You wash my back, and I'll wash yours. The soap's in the corner," she said.

He stepped in and reached down to grab the bar of soap, and felt around clumsily. He didn't watch what he was doing because he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He fumbled around and grabbed the soap.

Anna wanted nothing more than to tackle him and rape him where he stood. She was doing her best to hide her feelings. She was still a little embarrassed at how she had come on so strong earlier today, and how she passed out. Now she wanted him to make the first move. She wanted to make sure that this was something he wanted too. But it didn't mean she wouldn't try to present him with opportunities.

"C'mon, we're in a bit of a hurry you know," she said as she turned around presenting him with her back side.

He lathered up his hands and started washing her back, ass, and legs. She was catching most of the stream, but he was getting a little mist and some deflected water. The suds rinsed off his hands, so he grabbed some more soap, and did her belly and inched up to her breasts.

"Caleb, what are you doing?" she asked playfully.

"Just getting you clean."

"I already washed there."

"I think you missed a spot." He continued to rub her big soft boobs, as his penis pressed into her soft, round, lily white ass.

She started breathing heavily and sort of purred, "You shouldn't start what you can't finish."

Caleb scoffed with a smile, "You're one to talk, passing out before I even get started."

She remembered waking up in Caleb's bed, disoriented, not remembering having passed out. She had orgasms because he had asked her to, no, commanded her to.

"Oooh, well, what am I supposed to do when you give me three orgasms so close together? I mean, that was my first time; I don't think it's supposed to be that good."

She turned around to stroke his cock as she gave him a hungry kiss and melted into him.

"How did you do that? All you did was ask me to come, and I came," she whispered.

He didn't know how to respond. Was it that simple? Do I have that kind of control? The implications were a little scary for Caleb.

They heard a knock on the door. "Get a move on Anna. Remember you have a solo today," her mom carped. Anna was shook from her reverie. She reluctantly pushed back on her brother to separate.

"OK Mom. Just a second." She turned off the water and looked out. The door's open. Did she peak in? Does she know Caleb was in here? Couldn't be, or she would have said something, right?

She looked out, the and grabbed her towel and did her best to cover up. She didn't want to get caught. That was a little too close, she thought. She was giving her brother the look like, Get going. She was frustrated. Even after three orgasms, she needed more, but she knew now wasn't the time so she started plotting their next encounter.

They heard their mother retreat downstairs. Caleb casually stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel from the closet, and dried off.

"Get out before we get in trouble with Mom," she hissed.

He really didn't think that would be a problem anymore, but he didn't want to get into it just yet. Her distress was kind of cute. He just chuckled and tossed his cum and syrup soaked clothes down the clothes chute, and slipped out the door in just his towel. He went into his room, put on some Sunday go to meeting clothes and ran his fingers through his short hair.

He heard the blow dryer going in the bathroom as he headed downstairs for the second time that morning.

*** Second Breakfast ***

His mom was at the stove making another batch of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her untying the belt on her robe, and reaching up to cup her breasts. He was curious how she would respond. She just melted back into him, and leaned her head back on his shoulder with her eyes closed.

She was thinking, How'd I get so lucky?

"How long do we got?" he asked as he gently felt up her breasts and kissed her neck.

"I don't know, but we should be able to hear the car pull up." She felt his stiff staff push into her. Is he up again? Holy cow! She suddenly felt a little nervous, like she wasn't' sure her middle aged body was going to be able to take too much more of his pleasurable penis punishment.

"Why don't you sit down, and try to actually eat something this time."

As he pulled away from her, he grabbed her robe and pulled it off, and dragged it with him to the table and sat down. She was a little surprised at his aggressiveness.

I guess he must be getting more comfortable with me. He seems less awkward, more self assured. It made her happy.

She nakedly went about preparing a plate. She looked over at him, and hesitated before putting down the plate on the waist high dinette/buffet table. She pulled a Christmas table cloth out of the drawer of the dinette, and she started to open it up. Caleb got up to help and he grabbed one end. Watching her put the tablecloth on the table was doing little to alleviate Caleb's erection. The different angles of bare boobs bouncing and swaying as she reached over the table was tantalizing.

He realized that he loved watching her. He started taking inventory. She was in good shape for a woman in her thirties. She had a little tummy bump, but it was cute. Her legs looked toned, but a little more jiggly than Anna's. And her breasts sagged a bit, but they still looked and felt spectacular. Maybe they were a little smaller than Mel's. The areolas were pink and about the size of a quarter. The nipples were pretty small.

She set Caleb's plate at the end of the table where Caleb was to sit, and proceeded to pull down his pants with a lusty smile on her face. She then motioned for him to sit down, as she pulled up the side of the table cloth and crawled under the table. The way the table cloth was set, you wouldn't be able to be see her unless you pulled it up and looked.

"Tell me if you hear him drive up," she directed as she started licking his member.

"You are wickedly brilliant."

She countered with, "Well, I've always been practical." And she proceeded to lick and kiss his cock. In between pleasuring, she went on about her reasoning. "It's the biggest table cloth we have. It's a Christmas pattern, but your dad would never notice. I'll pick up another one before we have any discerning company."

He tried to focus on eating while his mom sucked on him. It felt so good, he sometimes forgot to chew.

Just then, his sister came bounding down the stairs in her Sunday go to meeting attire of a knee length skirt, and a button down grey cotton shirt. Her hair was pulled back into a simple pony tail. But she looked sexier than usual. Her shirt was unbuttoned to reveal some cleavage, and she was wearing some make up.

"Hey little brother, how you doing?"

She was startled by a loud bump from under the table, and she raised her eyebrows. She noticed that he was holding onto the table with both hands, and looked a little tense.

Under the table, Darcy was rubbing her head were she bumped it when her daughter startled her.

"Is someone knocking on the door, or are you just glad to see me?" she chuckled. She didn't actually think he could do that with his dick, but he had been full of surprises lately.

She lifted the table cloth to take a look at his magic erection, but was surprised to be faced with the backside of a naked female who had her head in her brother's lap.

She gasped, "Oh my goodness! Mother! what are you doing?!" She noticed that her mother seemed to be glistening from between her legs, and her pussy was bare! She never would have guessed that her mother shaved down there, but she had to admit it looked pretty clean and tidy that way.

It took a while for the reality of the situation to sink in for Anna, but her mother didn't skip a beat as she kept right on sucking. Caleb looked down and saw that her cheeks were flushed. She was clearly mortified, but apparently not enough to stop.

Anna decided she wasn't going to get judgmental or critical. She was going to play it cool. This certainly gave herself more wiggle room when playing with Caleb. So she walked over behind Caleb, and pressed her large breasts into the back of his head, and looked down over him to see their mother toiling away on his shaft.

Darcy was looking up at her two children feeling shame, but she rationalized it away. I don't know what the big deal is. I am just helping Caleb out with his problem, she complained to herself even as her cheeks were burning. It feels so wrong to be watched in such an intimate moment. She should show some manners and give us some privacy. Even as she thought that, shivers went through her body. She was already turned on, but somehow being watched and humiliated was just a multiplying factor in her excitement.

Caleb was nervous. Is Anna jealous, outraged, or disgusted? What will she do? Am I about to be strangled?

Anna leaned forward and whispered in her brother's ear, "Caleb, did you know that Mom is sucking on your cock?"

Caleb was relieved. He chuckled at her understated delivery of the obvious, and just nodded his head as he continued to eat, now with a goofy grin on his face. He wasn't be upset or embarrassed. He kind of felt in control to some extent since he had fucked both of these women this morning.

She continued to whisper, "Wow, she's really into it. It looks like she is deep throating you. Is she really taking your cock all the way in? Is she swallowing that beast?" Anna just couldn't imagine doing that, but now she was inspired to try.

Caleb just nodded again, with a slightly wider goofy grin. He picked up a slice of crispy bacon and offered it to his sister. She took it and sucked it into her mouth, not biting down. Just sucking the salt and flavor on it like a lollipop. On a whim she pushed it back into her throat until she gagged.

She pulled the bacon out and whispered, "She really looks turned on. Do you think she likes it that I'm watching?"

Caleb finally responded verbally, but continued with her hushed tones, "Well, I'm not sure if she likes that or not, but she says she likes being submissive to me, so maybe."

"Wow. She wants you to give her commands?"

"I guess."

"Tell her to touch herself."


"Tell her to play with her pussy. Tell her to make herself come," she whispered in his ear.

Caleb wasn't into humiliating his Mom. "Anna, I don't want to make her feel bad," he whispered back.

Darcy could hear the whispering but couldn't make out what was being said. She was sure that her two children were conspiring against her or talking about what a dirty slut she was. It made her feel ashamed, yet her pussy juice continued to run down her legs.

"Caleb, I think she wants you to. I think she might get off on it. C'mon, let's experiment a little."

Caleb thought for a second. She might have a point. And Mrs. Anderson did say to experiment. I wonder if this is what she meant.

"Mom, play with yourself."

She was shocked at his request, but it delighted her. She immediately reached her arm down between her legs and started frigging herself. Her wide eyes became lidded and she made muffled sounds and continued to work on his cock.

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