tagBDSMCasual Sex Ch. 01

Casual Sex Ch. 01


Edited by: Angel Love

The music played loudly in the background and numerous people were dancing to the loud techno beats that were pouring from the speakers. There were dozens upon dozens of people dancing around with glow-sticks and moving in seemingly sporadic dances. This was the night of "The Rave," this was basically a huge rave that was being held in a humongous three story building. Chuck was able to convince a bunch of us to go to "The Rave" with him. Mike, Ryan, Doug, and I were here with him.

Almost as soon as we arrived we all kind of split and went our own ways. Mike and Doug stayed on the first floor pretty much, Chuck and Ryan stuck to the second floor, and I went up to the third floor. I was leaning up against a pillar sipping my drink when I glanced around and noticed a 5'10", black haired, green-eyed woman dancing very erotically and nimbly with a pair of pale blue glow-sticks. She was wearing a blue tie-dye T-shirt and baggy black pants. She winked at me and smiled a little bit, then continued on with her dancing. I stayed in my spot by the pillar quite content with watching her dance. I was almost mesmerized by the way she moved sometimes.

Mike and Doug started to approach me from the stairs. Mike came over and said ,"Hey man we're taking off to the hotel suite with a couple of girls we just met downstairs."

I replied, "Okay, I will catch up with you all later."

Then they took off, heading back to the hotel suite no doubt, to enjoy themselves in other ways for the remainder of the night. I paid them no more attention. Instead I turned my attention back to the black-haired woman. Her glow-sticks were now a reddish color and she was now wearing a black tank-top and had her hair up in a pony tail. She stopped her dancing just long enough to take a drink of water from her bottle by her gym bag, from which I could see a small part of her tie-dye shirt. As she took a drink from her bottle of water, I could see a light sheen of sweat on her sexy body. It sent a shiver down my spine at how attractive she was.

Chuck and Ryan came to me about this time and asked if I wanted a lift back to the suite. I informed them that I would be all right here and that Doug and Mike had already headed back to the hotel. Charles and Ryan said that they would see me later in the room. With that they both left the rave and left me there by myself. I didn't mind though not with the black-haired woman that was still dancing to watch. After Chuck and Ryan left, I once again turned my attention back to the woman of the evening. She had started back dancing by this time.

She looked at me and waved for me to come over to her, I obliged and walked over to her area. She had a small flock of guys around her watching her dance and move, she could have had any one of them but she seemed to invite me closer to her. I continued to watch her dance. The DJ's had switched out and this one was playing something she seemed to really get into.

She started to dance so seductively, she held up her hand and made the 'come over to me' motion with her index finger. So I carefully walked through the crowd of guys around her to get into the little circle she had. After a short while, I started to dance with her. With that the crowd of guys started to disperse, almost as if they knew she had already claimed her partner for the night.

I moved a little bit closer to her and whispered in her ear that I was going to go into the hallway to get something to drink from the vending machine. She nodded and then started to follow me. When I got into the hallway to head to the vending machine she caught up with me and wrapped her arms about my waist. As we walked to the soda machine like that she started to slowly move her hands into my front pockets and once there she started to grope around my groin area.

"You always do this to guys you just meet?" I asked her.

She breathed lightly in my ear, "Nope only the ones I take an interest in."

"Really," I replied. I then reached behind me with both hands to grab her ass.

She let out a short gasp and said, "You always do that to a woman you just met?"

"Nope, only the ones who take an interest in me," I replied.

She then removed her hands from my front pockets and spun me around, so we were facing each other. I could smell the fragrance of her sweat intermingling with the scent of her perfume. The smell of her was just about driving me crazy with lust. She was irresistible to me at this point. She began to slide her hands underneath my shirt and around to my back. I could feel her fingertips around the back of my shoulders, she then started to slowly drag her nails down my back. At first it kind of startled me, but after a while it started to feel good. It was then that I realized where we were.

"Shouldn't we be getting back to the rave?" I asked.

"Naw let's go back to my place and continue where we left off," she suggested with a little smirk on her face.

Still, sort of amazed by this prospect; I just nodded my head in agreement. We went back into the rave, retrieved her stuff and proceeded out to the parking lot. She led me to her car, which was a candy apple red, 1964 Ford Mustang. (My jaw just about dropped to the ground.)

We hopped into her car and she started it up and took off like a bat out of hell from the parking lot. She sped through the streets like a pro then we got onto the highway and she showed me what her car could really do. She had the 'Stang doing about 120mph easily on the stretch of highway we were on, then all of a sudden she stepped hard on the brakes and pulled a quick U-turn.

"Sorry, I missed the exit," she said with a little giggle.

We arrived at her house shortly after getting off the highway. She pulled into the driveway and we got out of the car. We were standing in front of a cozy single story house, probably a three bedroom. She started walking up the steps to her front door when she turned around and said, "Are you coming or do I have to get the leash?"

She winked at me then turned to open up the front door. I finally got up the steps behind her and we started walking into the house. As we entered the house she put her keys on a small key rack by the door. She then continued on through the house leading me on a short tour. We finally stopped in her bedroom where she dropped her stuff by the foot of the bed.

She turned around and said, "So where'd we leave off, sugar?" We approached one another as she slid her hands under my shirt, around to my back. "I remember now."

She began dragging her nails down my back again. She then started to work my shirt up my chest and eventually off my body. So I began taking off her tank top, unveiling her perky breasts, sitting there almost begging to be touched. I slowly began to caress her tight stomach and slowly worked my way up to her tits.

Meanwhile, she began to pull me closer to her. Reaching her breasts I started to play around with them, gently massaging them and playing with her nipples a little bit. Before long we were too close to one another so I slid my hands around to her back and embraced her. I could feel her hot breath on my neck. She began kissing my neck lightly and working her way down to my chest. All the while she kept walking me back to the bed. She turned us around and now my back was to the bed. She slid out of my embrace and pushed me down to the bed.

She then hopped up on the bed and straddled my abdomen and began caressing my chest. She grabbed my arms and positioned them so that my wrists were touching the posts of the headboard. Bending down and kissing me passionately, I heard a clicking noise and realized she had handcuffed me to the bedposts. I didn't mind too much as I was experiencing the most passionate kiss I had ever had, and the cuffs weren't on tight enough to hurt.

She then broke the kiss, slid off my chest and off the bed. She undid my pants and started sliding them down and off my legs. Lightly dragging her fingers up my legs to the edge of my boxers, she slipped her left hand in and began to fondle my balls and gently stroking my cock.

"Big one ya got there baby. Let's see if I can make it grow some more."

She slid my boxers off of me then reached under the bed and produced a bottle of lotion. She put some lotion in the palm of her hand and began to stroke my cock slowly. First the lotion felt cool but the more she stroked my dick the warmer it got.

She eventually got my dick to a full erection and said, "There that should keep you hard until I get back."

She then left the room and came back shortly afterwards carrying a small tray with whip cream, cherries, and a bottle of chocolate syrup. She placed the tray on a small end-table and took off the rest of her clothes.

"I am going to have me a little dessert," she said as she reached for something on the tray.

I realized that she had grabbed the can of whipped cream and she began to spray some on my chest with a line of it going down to my dick. She then dropped the can to the floor. She got up on the bed and straddled my chest in a sixty-nine fashion and began licking the cream off my chest and slowly working her way down to my cock. All the while she wiggled her ass a little bit as she licked the cream off me and worked her way down my chest to my groin. When she finally got to my groin area she reached for the chocolate syrup and proceeded to let it ooze down onto my dick. When she was satisfied with that she put the syrup back on the tray and grabbed a single cherry from the table and placed one on the tip of my cock.

She said, "Mmm, saved the best for last," as she licked her lips.

She wrapped her mouth around my dick and began giving me a blow job, her tongue was dancing around my dick as she gave me the blow job. I could feel my dick touch the back of her throat and she began moving the cherry around my dick with her tongue. She stopped for a second and got off my dick. She held the cherry between her teeth and then swallowed it. She started back with her ministrations, took my whole dick in her mouth and began sucking like a baby on a bottle. The sensation of her mouth contracting and relaxing around my dick was more than I could handle and I came in her mouth. She began swallowing it all as I came.

After she was done, she said, "Well that was a nice treat. Now it's time for you to get your just desserts." She swung herself around and slowly worked her pussy down my still erect cock. She started a slow rhythmic motion up and down my cock and I started fucking her to her rhythm. As she started to go a little faster so did I. It was going to take me longer to cum again than it was going to for her to cum, so I started fucking her harder and faster practically ramming her forcefully with each thrust.

She started to moan a bit more, which I took to mean I was doing something right, so I continued with how I was fucking her. Her continual moaning more and more and louder as well, kept me going. Eventually she let out a scream as her pussy tightened around me and she went into the throes of her orgasm. When she was done, still impaled on my dick, she leaned forward on my abs and placed her hands on my chest.

"You satisfied with your dessert."

"Not yet," I replied. I kept fucking her until I came. "Now I;m satisfied," I said. We both fell asleep after that.

When morning came around I awoke to find that my handcuffs had been removed, dessert toppings put away and my boxers were back on my body. I looked down at the foot of the bed and noticed my clothes had been neatly lain out on the blanket. Then in she walked in a sheer black nightgown carrying a tray with breakfast for two on it.

"Good morning, sugar. Glad to see you're finally awake." She placed the try on the night stand next to the bed and she got up on the edge of the bed beside me. "Well that was a great night for both of us, wasn't it?" she asked.

"Yes it was," I replied.

"How would you like to have more nights like that?" she asked.

"Are you asking me to marry you?"

"No, not that. I was just wondering if you would like to have more nights of guilt-free, casual sex." she said.

"Hell yeah," I replied. "Last night was amazing and I do wish I could have more nights like that."

"So when is the next time you want to do this again?" she queried.

"How about whenever we see each other again," I replied.

"This could prove to be an interesting relationship," she said with a devilish smile on her face. She then kissed me lightly on the neck and we began to eat our breakfast

Look for more to cum . . .

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