tagBDSMCatch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can


Tira was beautiful. At 5'7", her lean runner's body aroused anyone who saw her. Her hair, long black, raven locks, were almost always free after falling out of her pony tails. Her blue eyes were mischief. She was a golden brown from summers on her parent's boat without a bathing suit.

Among other things, Tira was a runner. Her schedule was simple. Mornings, a five mile run. Breakfast, a shower, then classes. She got out of school at 2:30, when she immediately went to her coach's gym for running. She wanted to be in the Olympics. She lifted weights for an hour, ran sprints for an hour, ate a snack, then went home and did homework. On weekends, she did all of her work outs in the morning before hanging out with her friends.

Tira was a tease. She knew she had a nice body and she flaunted it. Short skirts, sports bras under half opened button down shirts. Shoes that were easy to slip off in case she decided to run.

Her main friends were those on the track teams. The only ones who could understand her. Most of the guys were cute, lean bodies, hard from working out. Tanned from running in the sun. Sometimes Tira fantasized about wrapping her long legs around one of them. She would never act on it, to her if they couldn't catch her, they weren't good enough to have her. That's where the Challenge came from.

Tira was hanging out with the gang one Saturday after track practice. Everyone decided to go to the lake to have some fun and go swimming. When they got there, Tira surprised them all.

"Tira, that suit is dangerous!"

"You're not wearing anything."

"God, you've got big hooters. Where've you been hiding them?"

Her suit was an electric blue. The top barely held her C breasts which swung almost obscenely free after being confined in sports bras for months on end. The thong didn't do anything to cover her tight runner's ass. The front of it barely covered her pussy lips and it was obvious she didn't have any hair anywhere. The material looked like it would rip from her body with the slightest provacation.

"What's the matter, too hot for you to handle?"

"You know Tira, one of these days you're going to get banged good for dressing like that."

"Hah! If someone can catch me first! I can out run anyone who would try, and if they could catch me I would gladly let them pop my cherry."

"You just issued a challenge."

Tira just laughed and ran to the water's edge, diving into the cool lake water. No one could catch her.

* * * * *

Weeks went by and the guys on the track team planned. Tira had teased them too much for too long to get away with the challenge she issued. It was quickly decided that as individuals no one could catch her, but together, they probably could.

They met at Tony's house. There were five of them. All had known Tira since Junior High and all wanted to have her. She was like a bad itch that could not be scratched. She just slowly drove you insane.

"Now, if Johnny, you start by challenging her first, then Mark can take her at the lamp post. Eric can help take her down. I'll drive the van, we pile her in and bring her to Eddie's house and nail her hard. We catch her and then have her. Agreed?"


* * * * *

"Hey Tira! Wait up!"

"What is it Johnny? I'm late."

"Quick race. I'll catch you at the lamp post by the library. I win, and you make good on your challenge the other week."

Tira looked at the lamp post. About a five hundred meters. Johnny was not a long distance runner.

"Fine, I win, you wear a dress to track tomorrow."


"You are so gonna lose Johnny."

"We'll see."

"Catch me if you can!"

They both took positions and counted down together.

"On your mark, get set, go!"

Both bodies took off like a shot. Johnny was not a long distance runner and quickly fell behind. Tira looked behind for a second to see where he was as she reached the lampost. She laughed when she saw how far behind he was. That is until she walked right into Mark. He quickly grabbed both her wrists in his hand and planted a kiss on her mouth. Startled, Tira didn't react.

The van pulled up, the door opened and she was inside before she could scream or do anything. A bandana was shoved in her mouth and tied behind her head. Mark still held her wrists. The van held no seats, except for the drivers and passenger up front. Johnny took the passenger seat next to Tony, he was sweating and laughing.

Eric leaned back against the wall of the van and the other guys helped settle her so her back was against his stomach. He then wrapped his legs around her waist, letting the weight of his legs settle on her thighs. It effectively stopped any movement of her legs. Mark took a piece of nylon rope and wrapped it around her wrists, holding them. Eddie used another piece to tie her ankles.

"Looks like we caught you, Tira. Soon, you can pay up on your challenge."

Tira's eyes widened. Part of her was scared, the other part was excited. She had known these guys for years, run with them, partied with them. She felt herself getting wet and groaned into the gag. Eric shifted himself and she could feel his cock bulging, pushing into her bottom. Without thinking, she wriggled her butt, pushing back.

"Oh God, I don't think she's minding this guys."


Eric moved his legs and Mark slipped his hand up. Like the tease she was, Tira was wearing a very thin thong. Mark pressed his hand against her crotch and felt the moisture soaking the material.

"Damn, she's soaked."

Tira shook her head, disbelieving that she wanted this so much. Eddie untied her ankles and he and Mark pushed her legs out. Eric starting rubbing her breasts through her sports bra.

"Damn, her nipples are hard!"

Eddie and Mark both took turns rubbing her through her panties. Tira's hips started bucking of their own accord. God, she wanted more.

"Do you know what I think?" Tony was looking in the rear view mirror as he watched. "I think she's a submissive."

"A what?"

"A submissive. She's so in control all the time, I think she gets off by not having control. By being "forced" to do things she really wants to do."

"What like bondage and stuff?"


"Do you Tira? Do you like that?" Eric's hand was caressing her cheek lightly.

Tira shook her head no, even though she knew it was true. She had always wanted to be tied up and taken. Then, she wouldn't be responsible for anything that happened.

"She's lying."

Tira shut her eyes. Of course I'm lying! Take me! Instead, she just shook her head.

"We're here."

Eddie jumped out and taking the keys from his pocket, went ahead and opened the door. This was his weekend house during school. Back in the woods, away from anything. His parents called it "Refuge." It had no phone besides the cell they brought with them for emergencies. No tv, just a generator for electricity. He immediatly went to the back and started the generator. The others brought Tira in.

She was untied and stripped quickly. She stood before them, completely naked. Goosebumps covered her skin and she was trembling. She was surrounded by them.

"So who goes first?"

"She has three holes, we can take turns."

None of them could take their eyes off of her as she tried to back away from them. They kept closing in on her, overwhelming her senses.

"How about age? Youngest to oldest?"

"Nice try Eric, we know you just turned 18."


"Lengths, shortest goes first so not to tear her."

The five guys looked at each other, then started stripping. Tira took that moment to try to bolt down the hall way towards the door. She made it out the door and was heading towards the woods. Unfortunately, she didn't know the land and tripped on a tree root. Tony immediately had her up on his shoulder and was walking back to the house.

"Tira, Tira, Tira. Don't you know not to run when you don't know the terrain? You could have seriously sprained your ankle or worse!"

"Let me go Tony! I mean it! You'll be in trouble!"

The door opened, closed and then locked.

"You know, for someone as athletic as you, you weigh next to nothing."

"Tony please!"

A hand came done on her ass, hard and quick. She gasped out loud and stopped struggling in her surprise. Tony shifted her to Johnny's lap so that she was face down. Tira felt Johnny's cock lodge right between her legs and fought more, trying to get off. A hand on her lower back kept her down. She flailed out with her arms until they were caught by strong hands and held above her head together. Her hair was parted and she saw Mark holding them.

"No, please."


"Don't struggle"


"Don't talk unless we tell you to."

SMACK! Tira whimpered as the hand hitting her ass got harder and harder. She felt fire spread across both sets of cheeks, one in pain, the other in humiliation.

SMACK! "You shouldn't have tried to run away." SMACK! "You shouldn't have teased us." THWACK! Something other than a hand landed and she jumped. Tears started streaming down her face and she felt moisture seep out of her pussy. Then, she felt a a hot mouth on her ass and jumped again. She was squirming more as her legs spread and it moved down the backs of her thighs.


SMACK! "I said no talking."

Tira put her head down again and the spanking continued. Mark was kneeling at her head, still holding her hands. She could see his shaft at full attention, a drop of pre-cum clear and inviting on the tip. She licked her lips in anticipation then jumped again with another blow.

"Oh God, my cock is soaked. She's,like, dripping."

She jumped again when Johnny squirmed and his cock rubbed against her clit. She moaned gently at the feeling of euphoria that was starting to overtake her.

"Let's move her to the bed."

She felt herself being lifted and squirmed again when she was put on the bed on all fours. She tried to sit up, but again Mark held her hands together and down. This time, they were handcuffed to the headboard. Her backside was lifted up and Johnny wiggled his way up the bed between her legs. He stopped to suckle her breasts, making her moan grind her hips against his stomach. Tira was lifted again and slowly lowered onto Johnny.

"Oh! She's so tight. God, she's a virgin. She's really a virgin."

Tira tried to pull herself off of Johnny when he said that, remembering her cherry. She didn't want to pop it, not yet. Instead, she felt his hands grab her hips while others pushed on her shoulders. She fell down onto him as he thrust up to meet her. A scream started welling in her throat, but was cut off by Johnny's mouth kissing her, ravaging her.

Hands on her breasts made her hips start to grind again and then another hand gently touched her clit. Tira exploded into euphoria. She cried out as her body spasmed again and again, tightening, threatening to cut Johnny off. Johnny in turn cried out, thrusting wildly into her.

Mark was at her head, guiding her mouth to his cock. Tira licked the tip, then sucked him. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face further onto him, fucking her sweet, hot mouth for all he was worth.

Something cold and wet was on her ass then, circling her back door. She stiffened as she felt a cock pushing against her defenses. She couldn't say no as her mouth was full of Mark. He refused to let her go even as she tried to pull away.

"Suck it Bitch. Suck it hard."

She nearly bit as the cock finally slammed into her ass. A voice groaned behind her and she recognized Eddie. The hand touched her clit again, circling it, pressing it. She came on the three cocks, grinding herself against them. Mark slammed himself down her throat and started shooting his load down into her. He pulled out, only to thrust forward again and again. Johnny cried out beneath her, grabbing her hips and pushing himself deeper into her as he released himself into her tight, wet ecstasy hole. Then, Eddie joined in, shuddering to a climax that filled her canal completely.

Eddie pulled out and she was rolled onto her side, cum seeping out of her three holes. Her hands were still tied above her head, pulling at her wrists and shoulders. They were uncuffed for a minute as she was rolled completely onto her back, then recuffed. Eric sat on her chest, his eyes full of promise as he lifted himself up.

"Open your mouth Tira. I'm going to fuck your face."

She licked her lips, then reached forward and licked his cock tip. She watched in fascination as it jumped. Eric's head went back and his eyes closed as she sucked just the tip into her mouth, letting her teeth gently scrape. Then, she sucked as much as she could in, swirling her tongue around it.

She felt someone between her legs and figured it was Tony. Tira saw the hand on Eric's shoulder and saw the fingers tapping gently. When the index finger landed a fifth time, both slammed forward. Eric filled her mouth and went down into her throat. Tony slammed tightly into her pussy at an angle, hitting her g-spot exactly.

She screamed her pleasure against Eric's cock and felt it twitch in her mouth. The two cocks were completely in sync as they drove into her, matching thrusts. Tira tried to moan her pleasure. She moved her body, asking for more and receiving it. The hand pressed against her clit again and she bucked, screaming in pleasure against Eric's cock. Tears of absolute pleasure rolled down her cheeks.

Suddenly, both stopped moving, their cocks deep inside her. She felt the twitch and was rewarded by hot cum pouring into her. The pressure on her clit intensified and she was cumming again.

It was over too soon and her handcuffs were being released. She dropped her hands, too tired to move them anywhere. Hands continued to caress her. Tony was the first to break the silence.

"Well, Tira, do you think you'll be teasing us anymore?"

She didn't bother to open her eyes as she nodded.

"Every chance I get." Her smile was devious and a little pouty. "Catch me if you can...Master."

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