tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 22

Caught by My Boss Ch. 22


So, there I stood naked, in front of Melody, her husband Mike, her brother Jim and his wife Kathy, and Melody had just been told to spank me, in front of them.

I had come to Melody's home because she told me to come there, wearing only my coat and heels and she had me give the coat to her husband for him to hang up. I was embarrassed as hell but I was secretly enjoying this. Not that you could tell, my face was red and I was trembling. I did not want to be spanked for an audience or even in private by Melody, but the total humiliation it promised me was exciting to me.

Not only had they seen me naked but they had seen Mike shaving my pussy, my legs spread open, everything on display! That had been horrible, even though I felt a twinge of arousal.

"Come on Melody, spank the dumb bitch!"

"I'm not sure that I really want to do that to her, Kathy."

"You'll like it and she probably will too."

And that was how I ended up over Melody's knee, after a bit more persuasion. My bare ass in the air, my bare boobs dangling beneath my chest and my toes and hands touching the carpet. And then she started spanking me!

At first it wasn't bad, but as the spanks added up it began to hurt and she just kept spanking me! Soon my ass was hot and from the comments very red. Then with each spank my legs and feet and started kicking and shortly after that I was crying and begging for her to stop. I made a spectacle of myself! At first I kept my knees pressed to together but after a while when I started kicking and crying I didn't pay any attention to my limited modesty. My legs would open as I kicked them and even if I didn't realize how much of a show I was putting on, I did when Melody stopped and I could get up. Because Kathy, Jim and Mike were all seated behind me, watching, commenting and laughing at me. They were all laughing because of how I squirmed and kicked while getting spanked!

Once Melody had finished with me, she made me go stand in a corner with my reddened ass facing them. I managed to stop crying after a bit of being in the corner, but I was dismayed by my arousal. How could this type of thing make me feel that way? I didn't understand it at all. Was I some kind of kinky slut? I had never been promiscuous in my life and I still wasn't promiscuous, but I had pretty much allowed people to get my clothes off and allowed them to show me off. And I got turned on by it!

I stood there for a while, listening to them behind me and finally Melody told me that she was taking me home. What she did was drive my car, with me in it with her, but she didn't let me have my coat and Kathy drove another car following us. In the parking lot at my apartment building, Melody waited and Kathy joined us. Then Melody drove off perhaps four blocks away from my building and stopped. She got out and Kathy got behind the wheel. I sat there in the car.

"Get out Sabine."

"I can't get out I don't have any clothes!"

"Yes, you can, and don't worry, I will be with you."

I hesitantly got out of the car and Kathy drove off, and I got so scared.

"We're going to walk to your apartment building Sabine."

"I can't! I'm naked!" "Of course you can, or would you rather have me leave you here?"

I damn near died when Melody said that to me! So, I started walking, nude but for my heels to my apartment. I wanted to run every time we came to a streetlight, but Melody made me walk normally. I was scared to death that I was going to get caught, shivering and trembling. The first streetlight I trotted through the patch of light and Melody made me come back to her and walk through it again, walk through it!

"You are to walk Sabine, not run. If you do run again, when we get there, I'll take you to your door but not open it. I'll just leave you there and since I have your keys you'll have a small problem, won't you?"

I didn't run again, believe me! God it was cool out and my nipples were so hard! And I could feel how moist I was getting too! So scared that I felt like I had to pee. It was the longest four block walk I had ever made! Then when we got there, Kathy was waiting for us at the side door to my building, grinning as she saw me walking towards her. Melody unlocked the outside door with my key and had me walk up this long flight of stairs to my floor and then down the hall to my door. Now I was so afraid that one of my neighbors was going to come out and see me nude with two dressed women. But thankfully no one came out and Melody unlocked my door and let me inside.

I was so relieved! But things stayed the same. If Melody wanted me to be naked I would undress for her, just by her telling me to do it. I still don't really get why I do that, but it does get me going when I do. Melody was concerned too about how things were going at work for me and she had Mike offer me a job at his business. I jumped at it and soon was out of the office where my stupidity had gotten me into all this.

But then again, perhaps not. Because Melody would drop by and take me to Mike's office and have me undress there. It still made me blush to do that in front of Mike, hell I even blushed when it was just me and Melody!

Things actually quieted down for a few days, but on the next Thursday Melody and Mike to me to a club called Déjà Vu. I didn't understand it a bit until we got inside and I realized that it was a strip club! When Melody took me to meet the manager, I really realized what she had intended for me. I was entered in the amateur night contest, by Melody. She didn't ask me if I wanted to enter, she just did it! Then I was informed that the contest began at 11PM and would be done around midnight, but that I would be performing for free until the club closed, which was 4AM. And that I would be nude for the entire time!

I was also informed that the other girls had until the end of the second song played for them to get naked, but I had only to the end of the first song. Then I had to move around the stage opening my legs for each man sitting at the stage, making sure that they saw my pussy. The worst part was my age compared to the other girls. I was in my thirties. They were in their late teens or very early twenties. Since the club served no alcohol, most of the men were young. I think that I was older than most of the patrons.

When my turn came, I hurriedly stripped, fearing a public spanking if I didn't obey and do what I had been told. I was red in the face, although extremely aroused. It only got worse when I had to get on my bare ass and open my legs for the young men who were clustered on chairs all around the stage. I didn't dance the last two songs at all, just scooted on my ass from one to the next, spreading open, blushing like crazy. The actual dancers watched me too, making it worse. My nipples had gotten hard as soon as they were exposed and I could feel my pussy getting moist while I opened my legs for kids, even though they were eighteen or older, kids that I was almost old enough to be their mother.

I just left my clothes in the dressing room and after two rounds of voting I could go to Melody's table, nude. I guess that an exception was made for me that night because all the other women who stripped got dressed before mingling.

Once the contest was over, and although I had finished third out of five, now I had to go and ask young men if they wanted a table dance which was nothing more than showing them my tits, ass and pussy for three songs. Melody made me take the money for each dance and then as soon as one of the regular dancers came by me, I had to give them the money I had just been paid for exposing myself to a young man. I was not allowed to do lap dances since I was nude and I could not do the special six dance sets in a private room because I was nude. The girls had to wear a g-string for them. I didn't have a g-string to wear.

And I did this for close to four hours, until the club closed, with Melody and Mike and several of Mike's friends, who had joined them there. Two of the friends were men who worked at Mike's business, where I worked also! So they were seeing me nude for the first time and would see me Monday through Friday, unless they weren't at work or I wasn't.

So, for four hours I was naked in a club, a strip club, giving table dances, exposing myself, and I still had to take a turn on the stage when it was my turn, but unlike the other girls, I came on stage nude and immediately started spreading my legs for anyone and everyone around the stage. I was told after my first time to also get on my hands and knees and pull my cheeks open for the young men. So, not only did I show my tits, ass and pussy but also my asshole. I got a lot of tips, just like the other girls, but I had to give my tips away to another dancer.

It was really hard, once I got my clothes off to sit on the stage in front of a kid who was probably no more than eighteen and spread my legs and I felt my face start to turn beet red as I did it. Then after letting him have a good look, he gave me a dollar! Only a dollar! And then I had to move down slightly to face the next one and spread my legs for him also. There had to have been at least twenty of them, sitting on chairs right by the stage, waiting for me to expose myself to them, smirking at me, staring at my pussy and tits! God it was humiliating and knowing that Melody and Kathy were there, knowing what I was doing was in some way even worse. Also knowing that I was going to have to give all the money away too was not hard but humiliating. Knowing that I was doing this for nothing, just because Melody had told me to do it.

They let me take breaks finally, after the first two hours, but if some guy came by, someone would ask him if he wanted to see my cunt, and if he did, even during a break I had to spread my legs for him. I was the only one who had pussy hair on their body too.

Then at the end of the night, when the club was closing, Melody and Kathy came back to the dressing room with me, took my clothes and put them in Kathy's large purse and walked me out nude, all the way to the car. Drove me home nude and had me walk into my apartment building nude also. Made me stand while Melody opened my door and then let me in and gave me my keys.

I masturbated myself for a long time after they left, I couldn't help it. All the exposure had turned me on immensely!

Other nights Melody and Kathy would take me out to bars and give me a couple of drinks and then have me ask men if they wanted my panties or my bra. If they answered yes, the two girls made me take the bra or panties off right there and hand them to the man. I was asked to leave at least one bar a night out with them. After I had taken off my panties, then the girls would ask some guy there if he wanted to see my pussy, not theirs, mine! They told him that he could for a coke, since I had usually already had my two drinks for the night. If he bought me a coke, really a costly item, they would make me lift my skirt for him, right at the bar. And since most guys were not there alone, they would invite their friends to watch me lift my skirt or dress too, and tell them it was just for a coke! So I would be lifting my skirt or dress for more than one man in a bar! And Melody and Kathy would be giggling behind me, looking over my shoulders to make sure I was doing it.

But the one thing they made me do was probably the worst for me and perhaps the best for me at the same time. When we were at the last bar for the night, they'd pick out guys and ask me which one I would go out with. After they had done that several times, they would make me go up to one that I had said I would go out with and tell him....

"Would you come out to our car and undress me?"

Then once one said yes to my questions, some of them thought I was just teasing them, they would take me out to the parking lot and without caring if anyone was there, they would tell him to strip me. Strip me nude while I stood next to the car and each item of clothes went into the trunk of the car. The man usually couldn't believe his good fortune! And of course hands usually roamed over me while he undressed me.

I really felt slutty, standing by the car while some stranger was behind me, undoing the clasp and zipper to my dress and slowly tugging it down, baring my tits and then my pussy and ass in the parking lot. Then when I stepped out of it, and only had heels on while one of Melody or Kathy took it and tossed my dress in the trunk and slammed it shut and I knew that I was not getting it back until I was in my apartment. The guy was getting as many feels of me as he could by this time, rubbing my nipples and squeezing my tits, sort of afraid to try to touch my pussy as most of them were. God I got horny so fast!

They never let the guy or after a few weeks, guys get their hands on my pussy thankfully. As soon as one went there, they would get me in the car and smile sweetly at him and drive off as soon as possible. I think they thought that I would fuck the guy bent over the trunk or hood if they didn't. I very well might have. All this getting naked and showing off was a big turn on, even if it was humiliating in showing everything to strangers. I still blushed although not as much as earlier. I guess I was getting used to be naked or showing my pussy to strangers. God knows in the past weeks enough strangers had seen me. Basically because the amateur night contests at Déjà vu had become a weekly trip for me.

And of course, after the first night where two of Mike's employees saw me totally bare ass naked they couldn't keep quiet and by the third week of my so-called dancing, every employee had been at the club and seen me, even the two other women.

It was so hard to go to work each day, even if I was happy to be out of that other office, the one where I had initially been caught naked because the other girls there would look at me and giggle. The guys would grin and stop to talk to me, probably thinking that I would show them something. Which I didn't do by the way. Everyone where I worked had seen me nude once more, but they weren't sticking fingers up me or making me get naked in the office at least. But they all knew that if they wanted to see me naked, see my pussy, tits and ass all they had to do was go to the club each Thursday and most likely I would be there, stripping and spreading my legs for nothing.

If I tried to say no, I wasn't going, Melody would tell me that if I persisted in ignoring her desires, I would get spanked again. I tried to do that once and she did, she spanked me, good and hard and for a long time too. I just let her do that to me, because it was so humiliating. Mainly because Mike was there watching me get it while I was nude. If I went to their home, I almost always had to undress at the front door.

So, between having to drop by Melody's home and stripping nude there, the Thursday night contests and sometimes Melody dropping by Mike's business and having me strip in Mike's office I was spending a lot of time nude in front of Mike and once the other employee's were aware of the Thursday nights, I spent a good amount of time nude in front of them also, not even counting that there might be company at Melody's.

So much time nude that I didn't even bother to think how humiliating it was that I just took off my clothes when Melody told me to take them off. It was harder when I hadn't stripped in front of someone before, mostly company at her home. I would really blush then. But the getting nude wasn't that hard anymore.

It was the other things that were hard. Melody never told me to do anything but get naked but if someone else there wanted my legs spread wide open, she would smirk at me and tell me to go ahead. So often I found myself in front of people, my ass on the edge of a chair and my legs wide open, displaying my pussy to all who were there. Often someone would want a "really good look" at my pussy and I ended up with my fingers holding my lips open, showing them right up inside me. And I had to sit there like that until they got tired of seeing me. And the worst part was that my nipples were hard and my pussy usually got moist, very moist, so much so that if I had to pull my lips open it was noticeable.

What I hated the most though was if they wanted me on my hands and knees with my ass facing them. I was usually told to put my face on the carpet and that made my cheeks open up and I was showing my pussy and asshole. That is so much more embarrassing and humiliating. The nasty comments about me having to be a slut and a whore didn't help either. That occurred even after Melody told them that I just loved to be naked. I did, but I wasn't happy that she told everyone that.

And eventually, when someone did ask me to show everything, Melody had me say this.....

"You want to see my cunt?"

I absolutely hate that word! I couldn't use vagina or pussy, I had to use cunt! If I hadn't felt like a whore before that started, I did then. As soon as cunt came out of my mouth the giggling and chuckling started, which made me blush more which got more giggles and chuckles. And that made me get redder. I just hated it and unfortunately I didn't object and did as Melody told me. The humiliation was delicious.

Then, one night, when it was just Mike and Melody, she produced a rather large dildo with a suction cup base, told me to stick it on the coffee table in their living room and get on it. She and Mike sat on the couch right in front of the coffee table, right in front of me, watching me hold it at my hole and slowly sink down on it. She didn't give me any lube and I am ashamed to say that I didn't need any. Sure it took a while to get it inside me, but I was wet enough to do it. Then....

"OK Sabine, just ride it like it is your boyfriend."

And I did ride it. And God, it felt so good! Even doing it with the two of them watching me. This quickly became a once or twice weekly occasion for me. Most often I would be facing them and leaning back on my hands so they could see it going in and out of me, but sometimes I would be facing away from them, told to put my head down so my ass was up in the air and my cheeks spread wide open. When I was in that position I could hear clothes rustling and some soft moans and I knew that they were playing while watching me. Made me feel even hotter than I was initially, knowing that they were really getting off on me. Made me feel dirtier too. And once in a long while Mike would come between my cheeks and I could feel his semen dribbling down over my asshole and down around my pussy. I felt really dirty then and so aroused, knowing that I had turned him on so much and that Melody didn't mind his coming on me. I never saw a thing, just felt the spurts and his semen running down my body.

I had no idea if Melody helped him come or if he did it himself, with her watching. It was deliciously nasty!

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