tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Gyno: Kelly Clarkson

Celebrity Gyno: Kelly Clarkson


Dr. Jill Halloway was walking through the underground parking lot for employees and doctors for the incognito medical building. This particular medical building needed to not attract a lot of attention for this place was a gynecologist office for celebrities and other high profile women. Dr Halloway walked through the well lit underground garage towards the elevator at the south part. They recently made it underground afraid the garage in the back wouldn't do well covering up the celebrities incase they were followed by the press.


"Hello, Kirsten," Jill walked up to the receptionist's desk and looked at the schedule. She immediately found herself getting turned on from the name she saw along with the others. "Oh wow looks like a busy day today." She said trying to take her mind off her soon to be first patient of the day. She sat the book down and went over to the coffee machine.

She reached her office and fumbled for her keys to the frosted glass double doors. She found them and opened them to her warm office. She sat her briefcase down along with her cup of coffee on her varnished wooden desk. Walking over to the coat rack than slid her green blazer off of her slim body. It was a bit humid outside so she wore a thin white business shirt that clung to her little petite body, her breasts pushing against the shirt. Her red hair was done up in a bun to keep her cool through the day and she put on a business skirt that ends above her knees.

Jill kept thinking about her patient that will be coming in today she couldn't wait until she started examining her in all her bare beauty. She kept reminding herself to stay calm and collective as she always does with the famous women that come in. A professional attitude is always needed and she needs to be a doctor not the voyeur playing around with the women's privates. She leaned back in her chair and thought about her next patient. Slightly her legs opened she felt herself becoming moist at the thought of Kelly Clarkson's legs spread open wide on the medical table. As she inspects every inch of her sweet womanly parts and feeling around both her pussy and tight little ass.

"Snap out of it Jill." She scolded herself and stood up and grabbed some papers off the cabinet near her desk. "You have examined her before and gotten through it."


One of the oak doors opened up and in came Kelly for her six month appointment. She was always a little embarrassed about these medical visits but she knew it was for her health and cleanliness. In her line of work she needed to be clean and healthy. She signed in at the front desk said hi to the receptionist flashing a smile and went to take a seat in one of the blue sofas in the room. "Dr Halloway will be with you shortly."

Kelly smiled again in her direction.

"Kelly welcome back." Jill came in with a hint of a flush look over her face. "How are you doing today dear?"

"I'm doing nicely," smiles again tossing her brown with blonde highlights hair off to the side. It was flowing down nicely on and over her shoulders bringing out the pink shirt she had on. The shirt was small and stopped little above her belly button. Her jeans were tight blue denim hip huggers and she had on a pair of sandals. Jill was taking this all in how talking to her and leading her down the patient room.

"Here we are," she opened the wooden door and let Kelly go in first. "Ok you know the drill, I will set up stuff how you get ready."

Kelly walked over and went behind the wall where the medical gown is for her to change into. She pulled her long hair off to the side and lift her pink shirt up past her breasts and over her head. Reaching behind her slim back she grabbed her white lace bra clasps and unhooked them, her breasts bounced free out the secured hold. The nice cool air embracing her medium sized breasts, she undid her belt and jeans then slid them down to her ankles kicking off her sandals than her jeans. Hooking her thumbs on each side her panties she slid them down her long tanned legs and put them near her jeans. She put the medical gown on leaving it open, she learned last time no sense in tying it when it will only be opened in a matter of minutes anyways.

Kelly walked over to the medical table and hopped on it, her breasts bouncing with the fast movements and exposing a little bit with the front of the gown being opened. Jill handed her a thermometer and told her to put it in her mouth how she checks her vitals. Jill opened Kelly's gown a little bit and she placed the stethoscope over her chest. "Ooh cold."

"Sorry," Jill smiled and then looked at her watch counting the pulse with the time. She would occasionally look over a little bit to admire the perfect tanned breasts on Kelly's chest. Not wanting to lose track on the time, they were only glimpses doesn't matter though, soon she will be examining them with her bare hands. Time up, Jill put the stethoscope on the table and then recorded some information on her clip board. Moments later the thermometer went off and Kelly took it out and handed it to Jill. In turn Jill recorded that onto the clipboard, she turned around and faced Kelly.

"Have you been doing your breast exams like I showed you?" Jill asked her opening up the medical gown and letting it slide down Kelly's tanned arms and back, baring her whole upper body now. Jill looked at her face than her breasts.

"Yes, just not as much as I should though," She looked a little red in the face for having her breasts exposed like this, even if it is in a privacy of a doctor office. She looked at Dr. Jill and forced a casual smile and then looked down her hair falling off of her shoulders and to the sides o back.

"Well at least you do them," Jill looked at the beautiful breasts in front of her, they were big, not too big but just the right size to cup in hand and suck on. "You haven't come across anything unusual have you?"


"Good," She turned her chair around and wrote on the clipboard again. "Ok well let us see how you are doing here."

Jill's hand lightly grabbed Kelly's right breast underneath of it and started squeezing a little bit than she moved it up around to the top. Her breasts feeling so soft and warm against her bare hand, she slid her fingers down to her nipple and light squeezed it. Kelly let out a soft moan and little breath when she felt her insides wave with electricity. Her nipples went from being round and soft pink to being hard and pointing out towards Dr. Jill, almost inviting her mouth to wrap around and start sucking and tonguing. Dr. Jill moved on over to her left breast and did the same. She never got tired of examining beautiful breasts with her bare petite hands. Slowly moving them from under the flesh to the top, taking in all the softness of them. To top it all off, squeezing their nipples to check for sensitivity and if they arouse healthily and normally.

Kelly was feeling a little embarrassed and turned on now with the fondling of her breasts by her doctor. She didn't know if any of her other patients ever get turned on, but she was and felt bad and yet so good at the same time. She felt Dr. Jill's fingers again pinch her left nipple sending more electric shocks through her body. Kelly started to feel her pussy go wet a little bit, her face turned red and she kept looking down.

"It's ok Kelly," Jill turned back around and filled more out on the clipboard. "You are healthy up there no signs of any troubles."

"Ok," She said shyly and in a mouse like voice.

"Ok, Kelly if you can take your gown off and turn around and lay face down on the table please." Jill felt her heart begin to race, she was getting excited this was her favourite part. Checking the ass for any problems or signs of anything else that might cause problems.

"Ok." She slowly let the gown off and let it hit the ground, she kept her tanned legs closed incase Dr. Jill saw she was getting wet between them. She turned around and was on her hands and knees and slid down on her stomach using her knees keeping her legs as closed off as she can.

"Thank you."

Dr. Jill grabbed a pair of rubber gloves out of a box and turned around to face Kelly. What a body, she thought, it has gotten even more beautiful since she last was in here, that ass you could feast on all day. She placed the gloves in her pocket, she never used them she just took them to look like she was. Her hands are clean anyways and no one really knows, they never look back out of embarrassment and mixed emotions. She ran her hand over Kelly's tanned round butt and lightly opened her legs. Pussy lips slightly peeking out between, she opened her sweet butt cheeks and started to rub a lubricant over her tiny pink asshole.

"So what are you doing in the studio now?" Breaking the awkward silence, she always did this to make them comfortable.

"Working on a new single to release and a little bit on the next album." Kelly said feeling the lubricated finger rub tiny circles all around her opening. She was getting a little more aroused her pussy getting wetter with each rotation around her little hole Jill makes.

"Oh, you going to do a lot of touring this summer?" Jill started to slide her bare finger inside the warm tight anal opening. She felt her ass walls close fast around her little finger caressing every inch she pushes inside the sweet little hole.

"Yes we are making dates now for cities, I can't wait I love touring." Kelly started to speak a bit faster and breathe heavier. She felt the finger inside her wriggle softly around, the finger tip probing deeper inside her with the whole finger spreading the insides wrapping tightly around the flesh probe. "How are you and your husband?"

"That's good to hear, he and I are doing very well. Our anniversary is coming up so we are planning that now." Dr. Jill slowly pulled her finger out of Kelly's tight little asshole, she watched it close up and go back to the airtight hole it was before she stuck her finger deep inside.

"That's good to hear," Kelly still laying there getting even wetter now that a finger has been inside her young body.

Jill acted like she pulled the gloves off her hands and then went over to the sink and started to wash her hands again. "Kelly if you can turn around and place your feet into the holders we can get on with the final part of your exam."

Kelly did as she was told and she slid up on her knees again using her arms, turned around and laid back placing her feet into the holders. She was staring up at the ceiling when she felt the table turn up right bringing her upper body up for better comfort. She looked at Dr. Jill and saw her holding the speculum in her rubber glove covered hand. Kelly felt again embarrassed but yet so turned on, her legs spread opened revealing her sweet pussy that is wet now along with her breasts and whole bare body. She shook her head to get her hair out of her face.

"Right then, let us begin," Jill scooted closer in her chair bring her face leveled with Kelly's tanned pussy.

Jill looked in awe at her pussy, it was trimmed with a bit of hair on top fanned out, it was thicker down the middle as it grew lighter on the sides. Last time she was in for her appointment she was completely shaven, she must be wanting something different this time of year, she thought. Jill took her one hand and placed it over the soft folds of Kelly's pussy and opened it. Revealing all the soft wetness that saturated her pink pussy, she saw where some the moisture was seeping a little bit out of her pussy hole still.

Kelly was feeling the hand spread her wide open revealing her most intimate body part. Than without any warning she felt a ton of electricity course through her body, she let out a coo and then jerked a bit from it as Dr Jill's other hand reached up and pinched her tiny clit peaking out. Without any knowledge Kelly moved her hand up and she was rubbing her still harden nipples.

Dr. Jill looked up at Kelly, her eyes were closed how she was lightly rubbing her breasts. Jill proceeded on and slid a finger inside of the juicy pussy. Than another finger. She had two fingers inside of the tight little wet pussy hole. She could feel the warmth and wetness through the rubber gloves, it was very slippery with the gloves on as well. Kelly was really wet from all this just like last time when she was in. Jill could feel her own pussy becoming wet real fast she kept her long pale legs closed tightly. The two fingers really wet the young singer's juicy hole up and she pulled the two fingers out slowly. Feeling the pussy walls slowly close as she withdraws her fingers, sliding against the wet sides.

Kelly was still rubbing her breasts now breathing heavier and louder, her eyes closed how she kept rubbing her nipples. Jill parted her now even wetter pussy lips open again and slid the speculum inside her and opened it up. This spread Kelly's pussy hole wide open where you can see clearly the wet soft pink walls and the sweet juice saturating her insides and out. Jill kept wanting to just shove her face between those legs and lick up all the sweet nectar. She placed a finger inside the speculum hole and started to rub all around top to bottom inside the extremely wet hole. Kelly started breathing even harder now and rubbing faster over her breasts and beginning to gyrate her hips a little.

Dr. Jill wrinkled her nose bringing her glasses up higher and she leaned in to look more at the sweet open pink hole. Her finger began to slightly push against the soft wet walls and she started to rub around faster. Kelly's pussy juice was starting to dribble down out the sides and the speculum hole. Kelly began to coo a bit louder now in between her breaths. Dr Jill looked up at her, her face was scrunched up and eyes tightly shut. Jill was moving faster each time she circled back around the wet insides still pushing in on her velvety pink sides. She reached up with her other hand and squeezed her clit again that is no engorged and really peeking out.

That is what sent Kelly her orgasm, the simple squeeze of her little clit. She was breathing heavy and face flushed now. She looked up and smiled knowing she got through another appointment with Dr. Halloway. She slumped a bit where she is sitting catching her breath.

"Ok you are healthy Kelly," Jill turned around and took off the drenched rubber gloves and disposed of them in the trash. She noticed her arm got hit with a bit of Kelly's juices and smiled a little. She filled out the last part on the clipboard. "You are a normal sexually healthy young woman Kelly, I will see you in six months from now."

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