Changed Ch. 04


"Just one little change." I said. My voice sounded strained with my arousal. "Relax baby, you're going to love it." As I spoke I pushed on her mind. I pushed all thoughts of men out of her mind and pushed in thoughts of women. I looked into her eyes and saw lust suddenly flare up, even hotter than before. She would never want a man again, I thought, she was now a lesbian, just like me.

"Now why don't you come over here and sit on my face like a good little girl. You ate me; it's only fair that I eat you." I purred to her as I lay back down on the floor.

She didn't even hesitate. She stepped over me and kneeled down over my face, bending down to nuzzle the inside of my thigh.

"Have you ever made love to another woman, Toni?" I asked before I started.

"Only my sisters. We used to experiment on each other when we were younger. But we haven't done it in years." Toni answered with what seemed to be regret.

"Well, then just relax and enjoy baby. You're never going to want another man after I get through with you." I said, knowing that she already didn't want any man, she now only wanted women.

"I don't want a man now! I only want you! Please make love to me Mary! I need you!" She was almost begging.

Without replying I gently kissed her pussy. She jumped and squealed with surprise. "Oh God! That's so GOOD! Please, I need more, please!" She begged.

Again I kissed her pussy but this time I kept my lips pressed to her. The tip of my tongue slipped out between my lips and I ran it slowly down her slit, savoring her sweet taste. She was soaking wet and my face was quickly covered with her wetness.

"Ooooohhhhh!" Not a soft moan but a loud, full throated moan of complete ecstasy.

"Do you like that Toni? Do you like having you cunt kissed by another woman?" I teased her.

"YES! Oh please don't stop! I need it! Eat me, please! Oh please eat me!" She begged me. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my legs and her fingernails were digging into my thighs. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy; her face was only inches from it.

My voice came out strained when I spoke, "If you want me to lick your twat, then you have to lick mine baby! So start licking."

Instantly I felt her mouth on my pussy. Her eager tongue slid into my slickness and she started to slurp me up. Pleasure exploded in my brain as she worked her tongue around inside me.

I felt, more than heard her low moan as she drank my sweet juices. I lay back for a minute looking at her tight ass hovering over my face. Her bald pussy just inches over my mouth. The lips of her pussy were swollen with her arousal and they glistened wetly. As I watched, a fat drop of her juice ran down her pussy lips and hung suspended for a few moments, then dropped onto my lips.

My tongue flicked out and licked up the silky sweet liquid. She seemed to taste better by the minute. "Mmm, Toni, you taste absolutely delicious. I think I could drink your juice all night."

She raised her head from between my legs long enough to gasp out, "Please, please, eat me Mary! I'm on fire! Please make me cum!"

I smiled as I looked up at her cunt. "Well, since you asked so nicely…" I pushed my tongue as deep into her tight pussy as I could.

Toni jerked her head out from between my legs and let out a shrill scream. She pushed her pussy hard against my face and started to grind her self into me. Loud moans filled my office as Toni approached her climax.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, I'm gonna CUM!" She cried out.

I could hardly breathe as she frantically ground herself against my face. Her soft, wet pussy quickly soaked my face and hair. I grabbed a hold of her ass and pulled her pussy tight to my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Holding it tightly, I started flicking her little bud with my tongue.

Toni went crazy as a pleasure she had never know erupted in her cunt. She lost all control of her body and collapsed heavily on top of me as an orgasm more powerful than anything she had even dreamed of took over her body.

I almost drowned under the gush of cum that flooded over my face. She let out another high pitched scream, her strong arms wrapped around me and held me in a death grip and waves of pleasure assaulted her body.

"Aaaahhhhh! Oh Mary! Mary! I… I… aaaahhhh!" She screamed as another orgasm assaulted her tight body.

By this point my pussy was on fire with hot need. I decided that since Toni was one of my lovers now, she should get the same benefits as all my other girls. I pushed on her mind and body, changing her even more. I gave her the same super sensitive body and heightened sex drive as my other girls and myself. Then I linked her mind to mine so that whenever one of us had an orgasm, the other would to.

As soon as I had completed the change a powerful orgasm surged through me. She was not even touching my pussy right now so I knew that I was sharing her pleasure. I let out a scream that was muffled because my face was still pressed between her legs.

Toni let go of her death grip on my body and started to grind against my face again. Suddenly she got up on her knees, turned around and sat back down on my mouth, facing me. My breath caught in my throat as I saw the look of unbridled lust in her eyes. I had never before seen such lust, even in Julia, whom I had made into a nymphomaniac by accident on my first day with the ring. I wondered if I had pushed a little too hard on Toni's mind. Maybe I had gone too far.

Then her lips formed into a small grin and placing her hands on either side of my head, she slowly started to ride my face again. This time, however, she never took her eyes off mine. Our gazes remained locked as her pace quickened.

Unable to control myself, my hand went down between my legs and two fingers were soon working in and out of my sopping wet flower. Within moments I knew I was about to go over the edge. I felt the muscles in my pussy tighten and my stomach went taut. I arched my back and cried out into her cunt. Liquid ecstasy ran through my veins as I came over and over again.

Sitting over me, Toni was cumming to. More of her hot juice soaked my face as she moaned and whimpered. Her hands shot to her breasts and she started to pull on her hard, dark nipples. She wasn't ready for the new sensitivity of her nipples, the sensitivity that I had given to her. She cried out "OOOOHHHH! SO GOOD! OOOOHHHH, OH, OH I'M CUMMING!"

Pleasure surged through me again as I shared her orgasm. White lights were flashing in my eyes and I thought I was close to blacking out when I saw Toni's eyes slide slowly closed. I watched her fall back and roll onto the floor. There she lay still, breathing heavily.

I lay there on the floor for several minutes trying to recover my senses. God, this girl likes to fuck; she was as bad as Julia. At the thought of Julia a new surge of lust flared inside me. I couldn't wait to see Julia and Toni together. These two would fuck each other stupid.

My mind wandered back to the start of our love making and those unexpected orgasms I had. Where did they come from? As soon as I thought about it for a second the answer became perfectly clear. One of the other girls was having sex somewhere. Apparently we could share orgasms even when we weren't together. I wondered who it had been that was having sex. Julia, Alissa or Cassandra? I decided there was no way to tell but thought it was probably Julia, she was the horniest of the three.

Then it occurred to me that the other girls had probably just been sharing my climaxes with Toni. A deliciously naughty wave of satisfaction went through me as I wondered what they had been doing when they came for the first time. I wonder if they were with anybody. What would they have done? Run and find someplace private most likely. Well, I would find out tonight.

Toni moaned softly and rolled over, her dark eyes looking over at me. "That was incredible! I've never had sex like that before. You were so good, I just couldn't stop cumming." She smiled and rest her head back down on the floor.

"Well, I'd say that this interview is complete. You're hired. When can you start?" We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

When she stopped laughing, Toni said, "I can start tomorrow if you'd like."

"That would be perfect." I said standing up. "Now I think its time for me to be going home. Let's get dressed and I'll walk you to your car."

We both got dressed and headed out into the parking lot. Toni's blouse and bra no longer fit so she was only wearing her skirt and blazer. The blazer, which was also a little small, now, had only a single button about at her navel. This allowed a more than generous view of her large breasts and I found it hard not to stare at them as we walked out.

The office building was located in a small office park near a residential area. The parking lot emptied onto a local road that was little used and most of the businesses were closed by this time of day. The employees from surrounding businesses had gone home so we had the parking lot to ourselves. My Land Rover and a Honda Civic were the only two cars in the lot. I assumed the Civic was hers and walked towards it. We stopped in front of her car and she looked over at me. "I hope working for you is going to be as much fun as the interview was." As she said it a sly little smile played at the corners of her full lips.

"Actually during the day we do have to get some real work done. But after hours… well, that's another story. But for now I had better be going, Julia will be wondering if I've run off with another woman."

A look of jealousy flashed in Toni's eyes and she looked down at her feet. "Who is Julia, your roommate?" She asked, trying unsuccessfully to be casual.

"Yes, and my lover, well one of them anyway." I answered. I was looking directly at her, watching for her reaction.

Her dark eyes went wide and she said, "How many lovers do you have?" Then she seemed to catch herself. "Oh, I'm sorry, that's none of my business." She turned and reached for the door handle. "I should be going, I'll see you tomorrow."

I stepped up close beside her and putting a hand to her cheek, turned her head to face me. "Including you, I now have four lovers, and it is your business since you're one of them." My hand slid from her cheek down into her blazer. I cupped her full breast with my hand and with my fingertips, pinched her large, hard nipple.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened as she gasped with pleasure. I leaned in and pressed my lips to her open mouth and slid my tongue into her. Our tongues danced while my other hand unfastened her blazer. The breeze blew open the coat exposing her huge breasts to anyone who cared to look.

Toni seemed not to notice, or if she did notice she didn't care. She just continued to suck on my tongue and moan as I played with her nipple. One of her hands went to the back of my head and grabbed a handful of my hair, holding me in place. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her other hand reach up and clutch her other breast, her own fingers playing with her stiff nipple.

In a very short time she leaned back against the car and laid her head on the roof. She continued to moan but now the moans were accompanied by other little sounds. Little grunts and whimpers escaped her mouth. Her very sensitive nipples were rapidly driving her to another climax, and right out in the open.

I suddenly realized that we might have an audience. I looked over my shoulder and saw that we did. Two women dressed in running outfits were standing on the sidewalk, not twenty feet away staring at us with wide, shocked eyes.

Both were brunettes, average height, physically fit, and looked to be mid-thirties or so. They probably lived in the nearby residential area and went running together fairly often, I thought. One had longer hair, tied back in a pony tail; the other had shorter hair cut in a bob. The woman with long hair was wearing jogging shorts and the other had on spandex tights. Both were wearing jog bras with nothing else on top. As I looked, I could see that both of them seemed to be looking back at us with mixture of horror longing.

Enjoying the show, girls? I thought to myself. Then a deliciously naughty idea came into my head. I pushed on both of their minds so that they would enjoy watching, and really enjoy it. Then I pushed onto them that I was their mistress and that they would obey any command I gave them. Both of their eyes got even wider and they took a few steps closer.

By this time Toni was right on the edge of ecstasy. She was moaning loudly and she had removed her hand from behind my head and put it under her skirt. I could hear soft wet sounds coming from under the skirt and knew she had at least one, probably several fingers working in and out of her pussy.

I released her breast and stepped back a few feet, watching her as she continued to lean against her car, play with her big tits and finger fuck her cunt.

"What are you doing?! Please help me! I need to cum, make me cum, please!" Toni begged when she realized that I had stepped away.

"Don't worry baby, you're going to cum. I just thought you would like a little audience participation." I said, looking over at the two joggers. They stared at Toni with lust and fear in their eyes.

Toni realized what I had said and her head snapped up, her eyes locking onto the two women watching her. Before she could try to cover up or run away I pushed on her mind, stoking her fire to even higher levels. She looked horrified that she was being observed but she couldn't hope to control the lust that was now raging inside her body. Her fingers continued to work on her pussy and nipples and she moaned again.

"Now ladies, I think that Toni needs a little help getting off. Why don't you two go give her some help with her breasts?" I said to my two newest toys. I watched their tight bottoms sway as the walked past me. I made one more quick push on their minds then smiled as I watched the show.

They both walked quickly over to Toni and bent down to her breasts. Each took one of Toni's breasts in both of their hands and started to suckle her dark nipples. Within moments Toni's moans got louder and much more urgent. "Oh that's so good! Oh, oh, I'm… I… aaaagggghhhh!" She cried out as she came.

Pleasure erupted between my legs as I shared Toni's orgasm. I managed to remain on my feet as I watched through the haze of passion. Toni sank to her knees and the women followed her down, getting onto their own knees and bending over, their lips never left Toni's nipples. I could hear their moans too as they enjoyed their own orgasms. The last change I had made to them was to link their minds to Toni's so they would share her climax.

As I finally fell to my knees I found myself staring at the backside of the short-haired woman. Her tight ass was covered with the black spandex tights and for the first time I noticed that there was no panty line. As I stared I noticed that there was also a wet spot spreading rapidly between her legs. She must have had a very wet orgasm, I thought and I wondered what she tasted like.

I wanted to know but decided that it probably wasn't the time or place. Toni had collapsed against her car and the two women were lying on top of her, each resting their heads on one of Toni's breasts. All three were moaning softly and panting, trying to recover.

I stood up and looked down at them. I realized that I too was panting heavily and making the same little moaning noises as them. As I stood watching, I could feel the wetness between my legs and knew without looking that I needed a dry pair of panties.

"Come on girls, I think that's enough fun for today. Toni, you had better cover yourself up or you're going to get us arrested." I said looking around to make sure no one else had seen us. I couldn't see anyone but that didn't mean that we were alone. There were several offices nearby and their parking lots were not completely empty, someone could have been watching us from behind a darkened window in one of those buildings.

All three of them stood up a little shakily and tried to straighten themselves up. They all had blissful, satisfied smiles on their faces. Each seemed at a loss as to what to do. "So, now that we've all had a good cum together, what are your names?" I asked, looking over at them.

The one with long hair answered for both of them. "My name is Sheila and this is my friend Anna." She said pointing at the short-haired woman.

I looked at their hands and noted that neither one wore wedding bands. "Are you married and do live around here?"

It was Anna who answered this time. "I'm separated and Sheila is single. Why do you want to know?" She asked.

"Do either of you have a boyfriend?" I asked, ignoring her question.

"No." They answered together.

I smiled tightly to myself. Perfect. "Well it seems to me that you two ladies aren't getting enough sex if you came over here and jumped on poor Toni like that without even knowing her name. What do you think?"

"I don't know what came over me just now! I've never done anything like that before!" Anna said in amazement. "I just couldn't control myself; I had to taste her breast! I've never done that before with a woman but it was wonderful. I've never felt anything like it!"

"Me too! That was incredible!" Added Sheila.

That was music to my ears. "Well since you like it so much, I think you two should do it more often. I want you two to have sex together at least three of four times a week from now on, ok?" I pushed on their minds to reinforce my command.

They looked at each other and Anna, without taking her eyes off Sheila said, "Yes, I think we can handle that."

"Good and you can try to seduce other women as well but no more men for either of you. They don't interest you at all anymore." As I told them this I watched their eyes closely for some kind of reaction.

They both seemed about to protest, then they became confused for a second, then they accepted. It was a different reaction than the other girls I had changed because I hadn't really altered their minds that way; I hadn't turned them into lesbians. Instead I had made them obedient to all my commands then given them a command to be only interested in women. It appeared to work but it didn't seem like it was as strong a change as if I had altered their minds directly. I decided to keep my eye on these two. Just for research purposes, I said to myself with a grin.

"And give me your phone numbers. I may want to come hang out with you, or maybe have sex with you." I said, the grin still on my face.

The girls gave me their phone numbers and saying goodbye I sent them on their way. I watched their tight bottoms for a minute as they jogged away, then I turned to Toni who was standing by her car waiting.

"So how did you like your first day of work?" I asked.

A big smile split her full lips, "I think I'm really going to enjoy working for you!"

"I think you will too. Well Toni, I have to be going home. I'll see you tomorrow." I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and headed for my truck. I sat there for a few moments and watched Toni drive off as I collected my thoughts.

I had better be careful with my lusts, I thought. I hadn't really intended to turn those women into lesbians but once I had become aroused I just couldn't seem to control myself. If I wasn't careful I might turn every woman I knew into a lesbian.

"That was quite a busy day, mistress. Did you enjoy yourself? I know that I did." The voice was not spoken aloud but rather it echoed silently in my head.

I smiled again, "Yes Marcellene, I did have a very good day. I'm glad you enjoyed it too."

The silent voice in my head belonged to Marcellene, the sorceress whose soul was bonded to the magical ring on my finger. She had become trapped in the ring thousands of years ago while trying to create a magical artifact. It was the ring that gave me the power to change and control women. It was also the ring that fired my lust for women. I had never been interested in women until I had put on the ring, now I couldn't get enough of them.

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