Charlie and Me


Shit! I slammed my mobile phone shut and trembling with rage, thrust it into my bag. My stupid boyfriend. He always lets me down. I'd taken a trip down to London to see one of my friends and after a great weekend of drinking and clubbing I had had to leave early to meet my boyfriend Rob. He hates all my friends - he thinks that they lead me astray - in fact it's the other way round - and so we had arranged to meet in this bar in Soho before going to see his stupid family. And now he texts me to tell me that he's missed the fucking train. I'm so pissed off. His mother is expecting us, and she hates me. Suffice to say that I don't relish the idea of turning up there on my own. Plus thanks to Rob I'm already late, and now I have nowhere to stay tonight apart from his parents. So I think fuck it. I'm going to have a drink, and fuck her. I've been sitting in this bar on my own for forty minutes - I'm always early to meet up with people and I deserve a drink. So I go up to the bar "Tequila please. Two shots."

"Two shots? Had a bad day?" An amused voice cuts across my consciousness and still fuming, I'm about to snap back a retort, but I turn and check out the owner of that sexy, sardonic voice. I recognise him, but how?

He is in his mid thirties, tall and well built with dark hair and an attractively jaded face. There was something about him that was familiar, but at that moment, still pissed off, I couldn't tell what. The retort dries on my lips as I realize that this man is sexy. Really sexy. He was looking me up and down appreciatively taking in my long dark hair and almost perfect figure. I'm not conventionally pretty, more sexy and intelligent, but I take care of myself and since I'm only in my early twenties I do like to show off my small waist and long legs. I was wearing a black cocktail dress that hugged my curves and stopped just above the knee with high black stilettos although even with those four inches I'm nowhere as tall as this guy. Suddenly my anger has seeped away and I smile at him. This evening has just turned very promising. Our eyes meet. His eyes are dark, almond shaped, and filled with sardonic laughter, like my own. No longer angry, I shrugged, downing the two shots that the barman brings, feeling the heat burning down my throat with satisfaction. "Could have been a lot better."

"May I join you?" His voice dropped an octave to a sexy husk and I sat down next to him as he pulled some notes out of his pocket and paid the barman.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I shouldn't get pissed off. Boyfriend. He was supposed to meet me but now he tells me he's not coming down so now I'm really in a mess. We were supposed to stay with his family, but they hate me so I'm not that inclined to go and see them on my own."

He laughed, and I found myself grinning. "And now I'm going to miss my favourite TV programme too."

"You like TV?" We started talking about TV and within a few seconds found that we liked exactly the same programmes. He had, for me, perfect taste and I was astounded that he knew of things that most people had never even heard of. Within a few minutes we were quoting parts at each other and it soon progressed onto computer games and music. He was funny. After a little while we were making each other laugh so much that neither of us noticed how much we were drinking but his eyes were always sizing me up, looking me up and down as if I were the finest thing he had seen in a long time. "How does such a sexy girl know so much about films and games?"

Although I don't look like a nerd, I've always enjoyed computer games and know quite a lot about gaming and new technology. As a gawky teen I had a lot of nerd friends and as I've got older I've kept up to date with new technology even queuing for three hours to buy the newest games on the days they come out. But this guy knew more than me and as the drinks flowed I found myself hanging on his expertise. But his familiarity was intriguing me and so, quite drunk now, I blurted out. "Who are you? You seem so familiar..."

"Charlie. Charlie Brooker."

Oh my God. Charlie Brooker. No wonder he seemed familiar. I read his stuff every week, even buying the paper specially if he's writing. I blushed and then went pale, suddenly trying to remember what I had said, but he saw my reaction because he raised one sardonic eyebrow, asking "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, it's just...the writer?" He nodded and I could feel the sardonic smile twisting my lips. How do you tell someone you're a massive fan of theirs without seeming like a freak? He leant forward, letting his long finger trail down my neck and involuntarily I trembled, suddenly wanting him very much. Somehow his other hand was on my knee. "What?"

"I'm a really big fan. That sounds crazy but I am." I shrugged and he moved closer. Suffice to say that I didn't mind. Not only did he have the sexiest figure but as he smiled slant eyed at me I felt the alcohol making me rebellious. "I've always thought you were really sexy."

"You do?" He looked surprised and his hand was inching its way up my leg. Provocatively I opened my legs a little so my dress ruched up. "It's not just that I'm successful?" The cynicism in his voice had me drawing back. "Yes. That's the kind of person I am. A Guardian groupie." My waspishness didn't seem to offend him, as he laughed and he bent closer his lips close to my ear. "Do you want to fuck me?"

My mouth went dry with desire. This seemed like some sort of dream. "Do you want to fuck me?" His eyes were on my high firm tits outlined through the clinging material of the dress. "What do you think?" For a long moment we simply stared at each other until he murmured "Come back to my flat."

He took my elbow and the next thing I knew we were in a taxi tumbling against each other in the back seat, giggling and passionately kissing. He slid his hand up underneath my skirt, pulling my tiny thong off with long strong fingers as he gave the driver instructions. Then his fingers were inside me, sliding over my clit, I couldn't suppress a moan and it was such a turn on knowing that the driver was only a few feet away. But the taxi was stopping and dragging me out, a strong possessive arm around my waist, he paid the driver. Pulling me into his house, pausing only to unlock the door, I reached up to kiss and lick at his throat. He pulled me inside shutting the door behind us and almost dragged me up the stairs, kissing me all the way up until we reached his room. Pulling me inside, he pushed me back against the door. His hands were sliding up underneath my dress but I turned around and he unzipped me, kissing all the way from the nape of my nape to the small of my back with gently feathery but imperious kisses. Feeling so desirable, I pulled the dress off and turned, hearing his indrawn breath. "You are fucking gorgeous"

"You're gorgeous" I told him and pushed his jacket off his shoulders, kneeling down to unsnap his belt. I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down, pulling out his big, hard dick. It was huge, at least nine inches and eagerly I leant forward and took the head into my mouth, sucking gently before swallowing inch by inch, groaning in pleasure. I heard his moan and reaching round, pulled him into me, taking every inch deep into my throat. I began to deep throat him, feeling him getting bigger and harder as he face fucked me. I didn't want him to be gentle, I wanted him to fuck me, so I urged him on, bobbing my head as I gave the best blowjob of my life. His dick felt incredible, so big and hard that I was gagging as I sped up but I didn't care, all I wanted was to pleasure him the way he was pleasuring me. But he pulled away and grabbing my hair, lifted my head. "I want to fuck your cunt..." His deep growl made me even wetter than I had been before, my cunt dripping with anticipation. So submissively I stared up at him letting him drag me to my feet and throw me onto the bed. "You are such a sexy little bitch..." He joined me on the bed, and bending his tall frame began to fiercely lick and suck at my hard stiff tits. It felt incredible and I moaned grabbing at his thick dark hair "Oh Charlie, fuck me, fuck me, please..." But he kept on until I was screaming, begging for him, "Please, please fuck me!" Then he lifted his head, his eyes glazed with lust. "You really want me?"

"Yes. Yes!" I was out of my mind with pleasure, lifting my hips madly and then his fingers were slipping down between my legs, sliding into my dripping cunt, first one finger then two. "Your cunt is so tight and wet..." He began to stroke my clit, sliding one finger in and out and I couldn't bear it any more "Fuck! Fuck me, oh Charlie..." I came so hard I thought that I would pass out, but he kept on, stroking my clit as he moved over me. Then I felt his big, rock hard dick moving into me, inch by inch and almost cried with the pleasure. He felt so big and hard that all I wanted was to take it all, craving him more than I had ever wanted anyone. Slowly, so slowly he filled me my back arching as I urged him on and then all of a sudden roughly, brutally he slammed into me and began fucking me so hard I felt as if he would tear me in two. It felt incredible, my legs up around his neck as he pounded into me, kissing and biting my neck. "You are such a sexy little fuck, you little slut..."

"Yes, fuck me harder, harder!" I was out of my mind with the pleasure, the feel of his huge dick fucking me almost unbearable. But he was slowing, pulling out only to slam all the way back in. I must have come over and over, my pussy clamping his dick with possessive lust. He was so hard, so big, and I never wanted him to stop, clinging to him, licking and kissing his chest as his strong, big body ruthlessly took my small delicate frame. But he was pulling out, turning me round so I was on my hands and knees, my face pressed up against the pillows. Overcome with loss, I moaned but he slammed back into me, filling my cunt with one long thrust. "You love that, don't you slut?"

"Yes, yes, please, fuck me..." Over and over he fucked me, harder and faster until with an incredible wave of pleasure and lust I spasmed under him, my body racked with pleasure that was almost unbearable. I collapsed onto the bed but he carried on ruthlessly until I heard him groan above me and he came, shooting what felt like gallons of hot sticky cum into my willing pussy. "Oh fuck..."

He pulled out, groaning in satisfaction and I felt an incredible sense of tenderness, like none that I had ever felt before. Rolling over, I smiled tentatively up at him and he joined me, rolling me into his strong arms. "How are you ever let out of the house with a pussy like that?" I grinned and he pushed my hair back from my face, kissing me long and deep. "You want to play some Halo?"

For the rest of the night we fucked and played computer games, turning on the TV in the early hours to watch DVDs. It was probably one of the best nights of my life, and as I left in the morning, he insisted on taking me to the station and putting me on the train. Pressing his phone number into my hand as he put me on the train, he kissed me again, long and hard and deep. "Call me when you come down next, you promise?"

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