tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharming the Charmed Ones Ch. 01

Charming the Charmed Ones Ch. 01


Things were not going as planned on the set of 'Charmed'. Rose McGowan, who'd become somewhat of a prima Donna, had spent more time shouting at people than doing any work.

'Jesus,' Alyssa Milano hissed to herself, getting a coffee. 'Why doesn't she shut the fuck up?!'

'She thinks she should have special attention.' Said a voice behind her. She spun around and had to look up to see who was talking. A large man stood sipping his coffee by the wall.

'And why's that?' she asked, a little annoyed at this stranger listening to her.

'Because she's fucking the director.' He said matter of factly. 'She'll come over here and in the first sentence she'll say the words sleaze, bastard and slave.' Surely enough, she stormed over to the coffee table and mixed a coffee.

'That sleazy bastard thinks I'm his fucking slave!' she growled. Alyssa stared at the man, who simply winked and continued to sip his coffee until Rose left.

'Wes Franklyn. You're battling me over the next couple of weeks.' He said, extending his hand.

'Umm...Alyssa Milano.' She said, forgetting he undoubtedly knew that already.' How did you know that-?'

'I can read people, call it a gift.' He said.

'Can you read me?' She asked.

'You are in love with Holly but are terrified to admit it to anyone.'

She stared, dumbfounded at him, her jaw not working properly to say anything.

'Don't tell me I'm wrong.' Said the stranger. 'I know. I can even help you open up to her.'


'Get her to her dressing room, that's it.' He took his last gulp of coffee and walked towards the dressing rooms.

'Jeez, that was a great day of shooting!' Holly sighed sarcastically.

'Yeah.' Mumbled Alyssa behind her. Her eyes followed Holly's ass as it wiggled in front of her and she had to resist the urge to just run up and kiss her. She followed her to their dressing room and went in after her. She spotted Wes before Holly did and introduced them.

'I thought we might go through some lines.' He said, shaking her hand. He sat down on the couch and gestured for Holly to sit next to him. They went through a bunch of lines and Wes got steadily closer to Holly, until they were almost touching.

'I think I'll go get a coffee.' Alyssa said, sensing something was gonna happen.

'Oh, could you get me one?' Holly asked. 'You know how I like it.'

Alyssa left the room and Holly put her lines down on the table.

'You don't mind if I lay down do you?' she asked.

'Not at all.' He replied. 'I'll massage your feet if you'd like.'

'Really? Thankyou. Jeez, today's been terrible. Fucking Rose keeps demanding more!' She stretched out on the couch and put her feet up onto his lap.

'Don't worry about her.' Wes said, slipping her shoes off and starting to massage her delicate feet.

'MMMM!' she moaned in approval. 'So, what you do for a living? You a professional actor?'

'No, I'm in college. I do some work at a martial arts studio for money.' He said, moving from her feet to her calves. 'One of the scouts for the show saw me there and asked if I'd come on. I'm kinda a fan anyway, so I wasn't going to refuse.'

He looked up and saw Holly had her eyes closed. She wasn't asleep, just enjoying the massage. He slowly and strategically moved up to the bottom of her thighs. She opened her legs up to accommodate him.

'You know,' He said. 'It's easier for me to massage you without the jeans.'

She stopped enjoying the massage and sat up. She looked at him through narrowed eyes, her legs closed tightly.

'Don't worry.' He reassured her. 'I'm not planning anything; I probably should have mentioned I'm a trained masseuse.'

Though she was still suspicious, Holly stood up and took off her pants. As she bent over, Wes had to readjust himself so as not to show the bulge in his pants. She walked over in her small black panties and lay herself back down. Wes once again started on her calves, this time massaging her soft skin. Holly quickly forgot her suspicion and opened her legs for him to move to her thighs. As he did, she closed her eyes and sighed softly. He quickly moved up to her thighs and massaged up to just below her crotch.

Holly had almost forgotten that he was there and was enjoying the massage quite loudly. As she did when she felt that good, her hands inadvertently moved to her panties. She moved her hand over the damp patch developing over her slit.

Lost in her pleasure, she moved the crotch of her panties to a side and slid a finger into her pussy. As he continued to massage her thigh with one hand, he unzipped himself and took out his cock with the other. Once it was free to the air, he decided to make his move.

Holly's legs were open enough for him to slide between them without her noticing. He waited until her hand had left her pussy and her gone to her breast and ran his tongue over the moist slit.

'What the hell!?' She awoke from her lust in shock and looked down. 'What are you-Oh my God! Oh that's good!' She lay back down, the feeling too good to worry about anything. He stuffed three fingers into her hole as he flicked his tongue over her clit.

'Oh fuck!' she cried. She grabbed his hair and shoved his face into her, rubbing her juice all over his face.

'You ever ejaculated?' he asked. Though her head was already rolling on her shoulders, he was able to make out her shaking her head. 'Hold on tight then.'

He only had to manipulate her cunt for a minute more before he felt the walls contract around his tongue and her body started to shake. With an almighty scream, she let her pussy open to a torrent of cum she never knew was in her. She let loose almost a dozen squirts onto his face before her body relaxed and she slumped down, panting hard.

'Enjoy that?' He asked, licking his face and sliding up and kissing her on the lips.

'Oh God.' She sighed as she tasted herself on his lips. 'I've never felt anything like that before.'

As they kissed, Alyssa walked into the room with the coffee. When she saw what was going on, she nearly spilled it all over herself. She remained quiet and walked over to a chair, setting the coffee on a table and watched.

'Now your turn!' Holly whispered to Wes, getting on top of him. She slid down his body and undid his jeans. He slid them down and took off his boxers, letting his big cock spring free. Both she and Alyssa marvelled at it's size. It stood at about 9 inches and was nice and thick as well. She took it in her hand and stroked it up and down, getting a moan out of him. She licked up the shaft and took the head in her mouth. She sucked on it for a couple of seconds then swallowed it.

'Oh Fuck!' Wes cried, sitting up immediately. He stroked her hair back so he could see her face and lay back down.

After only a couple of minutes of bobbing her head on his cock, she felt he was near and got him on the couch. She got on her knees in front of him and started jacking him off.

'Come on baby! Cum on my face!' She said to him. Her demands were soon met when he blew his load all over her. His cum landed all over her face and dripped down onto her tits.

'I want your pussy now.' He said. She straddled him and lowered herself down onto his rock hard cock.

'Oh fuck you're tight!' He groaned as his cock slid into her cunt. Once he was in as far as possible, she started to bounce on him. Wes grabbed her hips and used them to steady her so he could slow his rhythm. After a couple of minutes of thrusting, he remembered the reason he was doing this and got Holly off him.

'What's wrong?' she breathed, quickly moving her hands to her aching pussy.

'Nothing.' He replied. 'I thought we might try a change of position.' He lay down on the floor and turned her over so she was on her back over him. He again grabbed her hips and lowered her ass down towards him. He felt her pussy lips stretch around him and lifted her back up off him. He teased her like this for a while and then dropped her onto him, his cock ripping through her little cunt. He then got a steady rhythm in and out of her and let go, letting her balance herself and reached around to play with her tits.

'Alyssa.' He gasped. 'Come over here.' Alyssa walked timidly over and crouched next to him. 'You have to join the party sweetie.' He said, reaching out and grabbing her breast and massaging it through her thin top.

'Well, what do I do?' she asked nervously. 'I've never been in a...you know...a threesome before.'

'Just get that sexy body out of those clothes and I'll tell you what to do.'

Alyssa walked back to the couch and peeled off her clothes. As nervous and scared as she was, looking at Holly's sweating body bouncing up and down, load moans of pleasure escaping her hot mouth, her face still flecked with cum, Alyssa could feel her pussy getting hot.

'Lay down there and spread your legs.' Wes instructed her, pushing Holly off him again. He positioned Holly on her hands and knees right between Alyssa's legs and positioned himself behind her. He moved his cock head to her asshole and gently started to push.

'Don't worry about gentle!' She said. 'Just shove it in!'

Wes took no hesitation and rammed his cock up her ass.

'OOOWW!!!' She screamed. 'Oh fuck that hurts!' Wes thought to slow down, but she read his thoughts. 'Don't stop! Tear my ass apart!' She started thrusting back on his cock, still moaning more from pain than pleasure, but too lost in her lust to care. She got comfortable with his cock in her anus before she noticed the spread pussy in front of her. Not one for hesitation herself, she bent over and shoved her tongue deep into Alyssa.

'Oh fuck!' Alyssa moaned, half in shock, half in pleasure. 'Oh Holly that's good!' she sat up and watched as this girl she loved so much ate her pussy greedily. She lay back and enjoyed Holly's mouth on her, stroking Holly's hair with her hand, her other massaging her breast.

As Wes's thrusts became more paced, Holly's fingering and tonguing became more vigorous and she soon had Alyssa on the brink of a complete meltdown. Just as Alyssa's body tensed up, Holly left her cunt.

'What are you doing?' Alyssa asked, a little annoyed, a little confused. Holly slid her ass off Wes's cock and walked over to her wardrobe, both Alyssa and Wes could see the wetness that ran down her leg.

'I wanted to do this for so long to you.' Alyssa said, reaching for something inside the closet. 'But I was scared of what you'd think if I asked about it. Close your eyes.'

Alyssa did as she was told and waited nervously with her legs spread. She felt Holly lie down on top of her but was still none the wiser as to her surprise.

In one quick thrust, Holly let her know. Alyssa felt the massive dildo slide up into her small pussy and moaned, arching her back. Holly removed it and pushed it again. Since she'd lost her shock, Alyssa realised just how big this thing was. She measured it as best she could and figured that it had to be al least 10 inches long and a couple wide.

Alyssa noticed through the pleasure that Wes was now alone and, deciding it was time to return his favour gestured to come next to her.

He crawled over and knelt by her head. She turned her head and opened her mouth for him. He quickly grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her throat. She gagged and coughed but he seemed not to hear as he started fucking her face hard, ramming his big cock down her throat. After a short while, he slowed and then stopped, letting her do her thing.

She licked up and down the long shaft and tasted it, tasting also Holly's holes. She took the head in her mouth and sucked on it, enjoying it while Holly rammed her little cunt. She counted five thrusts from Holly before she swallowed his cock whole.

'Oh Jesus!' He moaned.

'Hey you little bitch!' Holly yelled at Alyssa, twisting one of her nipples. Alyssa turned from Wes's cock and was met with a sloppy and messy kiss. Holly got on her knees and spread Alyssa's legs even further. She used the new position for more speed as Alyssa went back to Wes's cock. From her extremely loud moans, Alyssa guessed that Holly had a dildo in her on the other side of the strap-on.

'Oh fuck I'm going to cum!' Alyssa squealed.

'I want to cum with you!' Holly said. She took her hand from Alyssa's leg and started to finger her own ass. She knew from previous experience that this always got her off faster and soon had two fingers fucking her.

As Alyssa started to moan louder, Holly started to ram both the strap-on and her fingers faster, bringing herself right to the edge.

Alyssa was so busy with her orgasm that she left Wes's cock and used all her power to thrust back on this dildo.

Just before they both came, Holly lay back down on Alyssa and just as they both climaxed, she whispered in Alyssa's ear.

'I love you so much Alyssa.' And slumped down, exhausted onto her.

While this went on, Wes stood up and continued to get himself off and was soon ready to cum.

'Now, who wants some cum?' he asked. His question seemed to give new life to both girls who were already on their knees, open mouthed to get a load. They were not disappointed and great streams of jizz flowed from his cock and landed in their mouth, on their face and tits and even in Alyssa's hair.

Faces dripping, the two kissed passionately tasting the cum of all three in each others mouths.

Watching them, Wes slumped down and rested for a moment...before they heard a knock.

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