Coed Vampire


His companion was definitely worth smiling about. Her youthful beauty and very sexy body had attracted him to her in the first place. In his human form, he had the same carnal desires as any young man, and that included wanting to enjoy himself sexually with the young and beautiful new vampire. Conrad helped her to her feet and embraced her. Having no blood flowing through her veins, Buffy's body was cold, but no colder than his own, so he didn't notice it. Her breasts and ass were just as firm and succulent as he remembered them from the previous night in the back seat of his car, and he hoped she would quickly become as sexually excited as she had been then.

The delicious blood she had fed on earlier, combined with the thrill of flying through the night air had so excited Buffy, she forgot what she had said a few minutes earlier about being pissed off. When he lowered his face toward her, she avidly kissed him back, thrusting her tongue into his mouth where it met his trying to do the same.

Knowing the sharpness of her own teeth, especially her canines, and being aware his were just as keen, she had been worried about this, until her tongue felt around the inside of her mouth. Her teeth were just as they had always been, and Buffy remembered the adjustment she had felt them make before biting into the gun wielder's throat. Apparently they didn't become fangs until just before feeding. She was glad of that, because she loved giving and receiving oral sex with a man, and intended to do both that night with Conrad.

When he saw her approaching him in the Student Union, Conrad had noticed Buffy was wearing a short skirt, and it had showed off her long, shapely legs. When he placed his hands on her succulent ass cheeks, he had another reason for appreciating her choice of attire, because he pulled her skirt up and started stroking her through the silk panties she wore under it. That was good, but the texture was even better when he slid his hands through the elastic waistband and fondled her equally smooth bare skin.

It got even better. "Just a second," Buffy whispered, grinning at him. She sat down and pulled off her sneakers -- she wasn't wearing sox -- and stood up to unbutton and unzip her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her sweater and bra quickly followed, and she was wearing only her panties. Her pussy had been eaten many times, and she knew most men liked to remove that last article of clothing before burying their faces in her crotch.

When Conrad embraced her again, she unfastened his belt and started on his pants, unbuttoning the waistband and pulling down the zipper on his fly. While her hands were busy, so were his, thrusting back inside her last garment to push on it so her skimpy panties slipped down over Buffy's succulent ass and started to slither down her legs. Seconds later, his pants fell to the floor, and she shook her body so her panties puddled at her feet. While working Conrad's shorts over his stiff cock, she stepped out of her wispy lingerie and knelt in front of him, pulling his underwear down as she went. Although he had no blood flowing through his veins, Conrad had enough bodily fluids to substitute for it and develop a full erection, and Buffy held it gently in her hands and leaned forward to start licking the head.

After a few seconds of applying her tongue, she made a suggestion. "Why don't you sit on the bed? It'll be a lot more fun for both of us."

She was right, of course, and Conrad sidled over and sat down. Still holding his cock, she followed on her knees and, after he was seated, leaned forward, her elbows resting on his thighs, and continued licking the head of his cock. Still holding his shaft with one hand, Buffy untied his shoes and removed them and his socks with the other one. A man having sex with her while on a bed but not being barefoot was something she considered very uncool, and she wasn't going to change her mind about that just because she had become a vampire.

With that nicety taken care of, her mouth became even more active, and she raised her head above his cock, still licking, preparatory to engulfing its entire length. She loved the velvety texture of the head, and was rather surprised at how sensitive her mouth seemed to have become. Accepting the phenomenon as another change in her body as the result of becoming a vampire, Buffy's tongue caressed him in concentric circles until she was licking under the hard ridge. Before going any further, she raised her head and smiled at the man who had become her mate.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" he said. "Vampires like you and I have heightened senses; it sort of comes with the territory. When I go down on you, it'll be the best eating your pussy has ever had."

Buffy smiled at what would be happening and resumed enveloping his stiff shaft in her mouth. She lowered her face slowly, reveling in the way the girth spread her lips apart and at how the smooth skin felt to her tongue. He had been right about the heightened sensitivity; none of the many cocks she had sucked had ever felt as good inside her mouth as this one did.

His senses were heightened too, so it felt just as fantastic to Conrad. Only one thing was wrong with what was happening, and he started attending to that. He unzipped his jacket and pulled it off, to be followed by the sweater he pulled off over his head and tossed aside, leaving himself completely naked, the better to enjoy the night of sex he and his new vampire companion would be having.

With both of them naked and Conrad sitting on the bed, Buffy got more serious about sucking his cock. It was a good size for sucking, and the sensation of it spreading her lips and teeth as she enveloped its length was better than she could remember a cock ever feeling in her mouth. The smooth skin stretched tightly over its hard roundness felt better than any other against her tongue as she caressed it. Even looking up at his face and watching the grimaces of pleasure flickering across his visage, as she always loved doing, was more fun than it had ever been before.

She had always enjoyed sucking a big cock but, with the increased sensitivity, she enjoyed Conrad's rather ordinary erection more than Buffy would have thought possible. She was giving deep throat, and was having no trouble at all with her gag reflex. Not having to breathe, she was able to hold the entire length in her mouth and down her throat for a long time while laving it with her tongue while her lips were being tickled by his pubic hair. It was obvious from the way his body was writhing on the bed that he was having a great time too.

When sucking a cock, Buffy always uses more than just her mouth, and she pulled Conrad's erection out between her lips and held it gently with the fingers of one hand. With the other hand, she held one luscious breast in place and started moving the cock back and forth, rubbing it with her nipple. That contact was incredible too! The nipple was fully erect, and ultra-sensitive as her tongue and lips were, and other parts of her body probably were too. A few minutes later, the new vampire learned of at least one other organ that would react to stimulus better than it ever had before.

She spent several minutes rubbing her breast and Conrad's cock together and, by that time, her clit was crying out for some attention. She took his erection back into her mouth to resume sucking him off and reached down to where the little cutie was so swollen it had pushed its way out from its protective hood. When her fingertips brushed the little morsel, a great burst of joy, like nothing she had ever felt before, rocketed through her body, almost enough to make her come. Buffy realized her clit was also the beneficiary of the new level of sensitivity, which had increased by many times. Very delicately, she began to stroke herself there, holding her clit between a finger and her thumb while protected by folds of her pussy lips, and felt even greater waves of pleasure flooding her body.

Her mouth felt better too, partly because she could feel Conrad's cock starting to throb, and she knew he was almost ready to come. She stopped taking the end down her throat and placed her tongue under the head so she would be able to catch his cum when he ejaculated. Buffy has always relished the flavor of semen fresh from a cock, and wondered if the taste would be as much better than usual as all her other sexual experiences had been.

It was. Conrad's cock started to jerk inside her mouth, and a gush of his cum landed on her tongue, exactly where she wanted it. Her sense of taste was as much more acute as her other senses had been, and his semen on her taste buds was delicious. Buffy paused to swoosh it around in her mouth to fully savor the taste and texture, before letting it slip down her throat, and resumed sucking, wanting to get the rest of his fresh juices.

Conrad ejaculated twice more onto her tongue, and each gob was a delight. When he was through, she pulled his cock out between her lips and held it upright while swirling the semen in her mouth, relishing the flavor and texture. After swallowing everything, she licked the rest of the viscous fluid from his shaft, being sure to apply her tongue under the head to get anything that might have been there. Wanting still more, she held his cock in one hand, with her thumb in front of his scrotum and the fingers on the opposite side of his shaft. Slowly, she drew her hand toward her mouth, catching on her tongue all the cum that oozed out, until she had it all, and took full enjoyment from it the way she had the previous mouthfuls.

Buffy withdrew her hand from her clit and stood up, in her lovely nakedness, to look down at Conrad, who was lying on the bed with a look of total bliss on his face from her blow job. She was extremely aroused, with juices dripping from her pussy down the insides of her thighs, but she believed he had an obligation to bring her to a climax, preferably by eating her pussy first and fucking her a few minutes later. He opened his eyes and smiled, at both her gorgeous body and the great time her mouth had just given him.

"That was great, Buffy, the best I've had in a long time. But, you know, you can't do that with a living human. Your fangs will sense the presence of his blood just below the surface of the skin and pop into place. You'll shred his cock like confetti."

Conrad could easily smell the heady aroma of the juices from her pussy and made the offer she wanted and would have insisted on. "Just lie down here, and I'll do the same for you."

He moved out of the way, and she lay in the middle of the bed, after pulling a pillow under her head. Conrad knelt beside her, held a breast in either hand, and started licking one of her nipples. Like every other part of her body, her breasts were being stimulated as they never had before. She was aware there are taste buds and other nodules on a person's tongue, but Buffy had never actually felt them until Conrad started raking his over her nipples. Of course, his tongue was just as much more sensitive than that of an ordinary human, and he derived tremendous pleasure from licking her like that. The cute pink nubbins were fully erect, and he could even feel the individual ridges, as well as the pebbly texture of her areolas.

Buffy's body was writhing on the bed under his ministrations and, although he was reveling in licking her nipples, he knew it would be much more fun when his tongue began caressing lower on her body. Slowly, he licked and kissed and nuzzled his way down her soft torso until he reached her fluffy blonde pubic hair, which felt almost as good as the smooth skin of her belly had. He got up off the bed, got back on at the foot and approached Buffy on his knees, until he stopped when he was between her calves.

She had always been something of a party girl, and had experienced having her pussy eaten often enough to know what he wanted her to do next, so Buffy raised her legs and rested them on Conrad's shoulders when he ducked down to accept them. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and leaned in closer, and she could no longer see his face, except for the top of his forehead and his short, dark hair.

She could definitely feel it, though, beginning with that incredible mouth on the highly sensitive skin of her inner thighs, and going from there to lick up the juices trickling from her pink hole that was producing them. When he finished there, his tongue started slowly meandering up one of her outer lips, taking a long time and sending thrills of delight rippling through her body. Already, she was cooing from the pleasure Conrad's mouth was giving her, more than Buffy had ever received from the lingual attentions of any other person.

It got better and better. After kissing her Mount of Venus, the older vampire brought his face back between her thighs, devoured the wealth of fresh juices she had produced and started treating her other outer lip as he had the first. Moving slowly again, his tongue caressed her, while licking through her downy pubic hair until he again kissed her mons. This time, he raised his face to look at the sexy young blonde.

Her eyes were closed in bliss, but Buffy somehow sensed her companion was looking at her, and opened them to see his smiling face, and how the bottom part was smeared with her juices. "That is so fab!" she gushed to him. "Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

"Oh, you learn, after a while." He saw no reason just then to tell her he was hundreds of years old.

For one thing, he had more important things to do with his mouth than talk, and he got right back to doing them. After sluicing Buffy's freshest nectar into his mouth and savoring its delicious flavor, he started licking between an outer and an inner lip, beginning with the ultra smooth area between their origins. This small patch is very sensitive, and his tongue caressed her there for a long time, while her movements went from squirming to writhing under his mouth. From there, he started licking upward and, when he reached the place where the labia are close together, he turned his head slightly sideways to slide his tongue into the seam between them, relishing the textural contrast between the slick outer lip and the spongy inner one.

Buffy reveled even more in what his tongue was doing, and her movements under his face became even more strenuous. She rocked from side to side on her ass, while her hips started swiveling, thrusting her legs out back and forth past Conrad's head like a set of pistons. Her oral responses were just as happy, and had gone from cooing to moans of bliss, which were starting to end in sobs and whimpers, as her climax steadily mounted.

His tongue caressed both labia until Conrad reached the point where the inner lip merges with its opposite number to form Buffy's clit hood. Once again, he paused and raised his head, and saw how that adorable little morsel was so swollen it had pushed its way out from under its protection and resembled a lovely pink pearl. He also saw how her body was thrashing about on the bed and her head was pitching back and forth on the pillow, before lowering his face to feast on all the fresh nectar and start licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips.

"Don't stop! Keep eating my pussy!" Buffy pled with him but, by the time she finished speaking, Conrad's mouth was already doing just what she needed so urgently.

That was treating the second pair of lips as he had the first pair. The young vampire's body was so active, pitching and tossing under him and ramming her pussy against his face, that he could hardly keep contact with his mouth, but the result was well worth the effort. The aroma and flavor of the fresh juices spattering all over his face were superb, and the combined textures of her inner and outer lips as he stroked them with his tongue were better than anything he had ever felt.

His oral attentions to her pussy were better than anything Buffy had ever felt. Her eyes had been closed in bliss while her head rolled from side to side on the pillow, but she opened them and beheld a wonderful sight. Conrad's face appeared, with his hair disheveled and her juices smeared all around his mouth and his tongue protruding.

"Suck my clit," she begged him. "Suck my clit and make me come!"

He wasn't quite ready for that yet, but she could feel Conrad stroking his tongue delicately across the little cutie, sending even greater bolts of pleasure rocketing through her body. Buffy had lost all control of her muscles and given herself completely to the incredible delights of his probing and stroking tongue. Her only thought was how much she wanted and needed an orgasm.

Conrad knew she was close to her apex of arousal, but he didn't want to bring Buffy to a climax just yet. Her pussy may have been the best he had ever eaten. Since he would be unable to eat out a human woman without his fangs tearing apart the object of his lust, hers was the only one he had eaten in years. The last previous had been another woman he had turned into a vampire, only to have her declare her true nature of lesbianism, and choose to limit herself to receiving oral sex or sharing strapon sex with beautiful women whose blood she had fed on.

Even so, he knew the time had arrived. Buffy's thighs had rotated outward, and were presenting her pussy to him as fully as possible. Her legs were thrusting out and back over his shoulders, and her arms were waving so wildly he feared she might accidentally become a bat, which would present a whole other set of problems. Conrad opened his mouth wide and engulfed the lovely pearl he had seen before and, with his lips forming a seal, he began sucking.

Buffy's movements became even wilder. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered, in the same tempo as the pumping action of Conrad's mouth and her pussy thrusting upward. "Oh!" she cried out ecstatically as her climax started to explode and overwhelm her.

Her legs continued with their pistoning movements, but they clamped onto the head of the person who had brought her to that state and started swinging from side to side, carrying him with them. Buffy's arms flailed the mattress, and she continued with the sobbing and whimpering in bliss for as long as she was coming. Conrad clung to her thighs, kept his mouth and tongue working, and enjoyed the wild ride.

When she climaxed, Buffy cried out again from the exquisite pleasure, greater than any she had ever felt before. Her pussy rammed against Conrad's face for an ultimate time, and all her muscles clenched and relaxed, leaving her lying on the bed as relaxed as a rag doll. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted in a smile of bliss from the most fabulous orgasm of her entire life, at least up until that time.

It had been great for Conrad too, and one of the best parts was licking all the nectar from her thighs and pussy lips and everywhere else it had spattered. He left the juices still inside the pink hole that had produced them, because he knew they would be needed to perform their natural function of lubrication. The great blow job he had gotten early had satisfied him for a little while, but the aroma and flavor and beauty of the pussy under his face had aroused him again, and his cock was hard and in need of more action, so he knelt between Buffy's shapely legs to wait until she was as ready as he was.

When that time came and she opened her eyes, Buffy's smile of joy became one of lust. The cock aimed at her pussy was slightly smaller than average, but it had been great in her mouth, and she expected it to be almost as good for her pussy as Conrad's tongue had been. However, she noticed a detail that gave her some pause.

"Aren't you going to wear a rubber?"

"No need to. You can't get preggers, and neither of us can get the clap or AIDS or any other disease."

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