tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 06

Controlled Ch. 06


I awoke the next morning with Dan gently shaking my shoulder, I slowly opened my eyes and through the blur i could see that the alarm clock said it was just after eleven. I could here the bath running in the en-suite and smell the lovely aroma of fresh coffee from the mug that Dan was holding in his hand.

"Morning sexy" he smiled down at me "Hard night was it?"

I looked into his face and saw the excitement in his eyes "You have no idea." i murmured, then noticing the camera held down by his side in his other hand, and the slight bulge showing through his dressing gown "Then again perhaps you do. I take it you've had a look through that?"

Sitting up, i groaned slightly i was aching down below particularly from deep inside my ass, remembering what had happened, i wasn't surprised really. I reached and took the coffee taking a sip "Hmmm, that's needed. So have you looked through the pics then?"

Dan smiled, leaned down and kissed me fully on the mouth whilst pulling down the duvet exposing my breasts which he fondled gently, straightening back up he said "Yes, i've looked through them and even loaded them onto the computer."

"Well what do you think of your wife now?" i asked feeling slightly apprehensive, even though the whole thing had been mostly his idea.

Looking me in the eyes he said the one thing i wanted to hear "I love you"

I felt myself relax as i had been worried about this moment since we had decided to go ahead with things. It's all very well fantasizing, but when you actually do it, feelings can change quite a lot.

"I've actually been up since eight this morning, going through the pictures and thinking about what you had done."

I felt myself blush just a little, and giggled "And have you had a little play whilst thinking and looking?" I teased.

Now it was his turn to blush, looking down towards the floor he muttered that he had played with himself a couple of times. "Did you like seeing your wife fucking and sucking strangers?" I pushed.

Again a small mutter "I can't hear you?" I said "Louder please."

His face was really red now and still he couldn't look back up at me, but he said more loudly "Yes, i loved it"

I was really getting into this, the man i married and loved being so much like a little boy who had been found doing something he shouldn't. I was getting really turned on, wondering how far he would go if i pushed him. I swiveled round so that my feet were on the floor and i was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling back the duvet I spread my legs noticing when i looked down at myself how puffy my pussy was and that it still had some dried remains of the taxi drivers cum over it.

"Prove it" I demanded "Get down on your knees and clean me up with your tongue" He glanced at me quickly and then back at the floor "Come on" I said loudly this time "Make me cum before i have my bath"

He slowly got down onto his knees and leaned his head towards my now very moist pussy, after a seconds hesitation i felt his tongue start licking me. I reached down and grabbed the back of his head and ground his face into it, barely believing how quickly he submitted to what i had said.

"Mmmm" I moaned that feels good "Be gentle though as i'm still sore from all that cock i had last night" I felt his arm move against my leg and realised that he was playing with himself again "Does my little hubby like the taste of that dirty taxi drivers cum on my cunt" I teased.

Hearing a muffled yes, i ground my pussy into his face more firmly and completely lost myself to the pleasure of his tongue, in no time at all i was cumming over his face. After a few seconds calming down i pushed him back with my foot, so that he fell onto his back and stood up. Looking down at him still playing with his cock i smiled "I'll let you finish yourself off whilst i go and take a nice bath and relax. Make sure the computer is ready as i have to report in about last night."

I left him lying there wanking himself off, went into the bathroom and slowly eased myself into the bath, it was heaven. I just lay there for fifteen minutes letting the warm water soothe away my aches and pains before i started to clean up my body.

After getting out of the bath and getting dressed i went downstairs to the lounge and saw that the computer was on and ready for me to send my email to my new master, after about 10 minutes of writing including everything from my nasty neighbor staring at me until i got home and was fucked by the taxi driver, I even told him that Dan had cleaned me up this morning, after attaching a large photo file i sent it off. It took me another few minutes for me to check through other mundane email and stuff, when i noticed that i had a reply from The Lord waiting there. I quickly called Dan in who had been getting things ready for lunch and opened it. It went as follows:

Slut, my sexy slut,

What can i say, you've outdone yourself and i'm really pleased, i've only had chance to go through some of the pics and i'm very impressed with you, so much so you can forget about calling that other taxi man from before as i think you need to rest that sexy body of yours for a few days.

I have had a thought though of a much better form of fun which i'm sure you won't like, but i'm equally sure you will do as i command.

After reading your email and the very unflattering way you spoke of your neighbor, i've decided that it is definitely time for you to make it up to that old man. Your task is as follows, i want you to flirt with him, let him see you naked through the window if he is in his garden that sort of thing. I want you to go round at least two times to ask him to borrow something, each time you must be only wearing your housecoat and be naked underneath (Bare feet as well), make sure that it is only fastened loosely so that you can bend over and flash him your gorgeous tits. If he touches you let him for a second before moving out of the way. Then on wednesday night at six o'clock i want you to go round his house, invite him round for dinner again only wearing your housecoat and give him my email address so i can speak to him before he comes round. You are to wear the same sort of clothes you wore last night, see through top, no bra or jacket, short skirt with no knickers and again bare feet. I will expect you to sit next to him at the table and go along with whatever he wants.

I expect updates via email every day letting me know when he has seen you and when you have been round.

Do not fail me!

The Lord.

We both stared at the screen with horror, our neighbor Bert was a nasty piece of work, around 55 years of age, balding with a beer belly and a horrible attitude. Dan had had a couple of rows with him and he was always staring at me and making lewd comments. Whenever i sunbathed out in the back garden i would catch him looking out of his window or over the fence at me, and now i was supposed to not only let him but actively encourage him by exposing myself, even letting him touch me. I shuddered at the thought.

Dan looked at me "Well, what do you want to do?" he asked.

I looked at him and noticed that he looked a bit excited, there was definitely a twinkle in his eyes "What do you mean?" I asked "You know what i said before we got into this."

The twinkle increased "You mean you're going to through with it? With him?" he asked looking down at his crotch i could tell by the growing bulge Dan strangely was turned on.

I quickly stood up and started heading back upstairs taking clothes off as i went "Well, being as you are so happy about it, Theres no time like the present" I snapped at him. going quickly back to our bedroom on the back of the house.

As i entered i could hear a lawn mower outside so went to the window and looked out. There was Bert mowing his lawn, scruffy ripped jeans and not wearing any top, his hairy belly sagging over his belt. I was completely naked now so i took a deep breath and opened the bedroom window, pushing it wide open so i had to lean out with my breasts hanging down as though i didn't know anyone was there. Even though i didn't look his way i stayed there for a few more seconds taking a few breathes of fresh air to calm me down before i stepped back. Still staying in the window i took a quick look towards Bert and sure enough he was staring straight up at the window.

I stood there for at least a minute, giving him ample opportunity to stare at my naked body before reaching down and grabbing my housecoat of the floor and loosely fastening it around me. Turning round i headed back downstairs, Dan was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. "I'm sorry" he said.

"Don't be" I replied "Bert's already had a good look at your wife. Now i'm going to go and ask to borrow a couple of eggs." so saying i went out the front door leaving Dan looking a bit gobsmacked.

It was a lovely day as i stepped outside a bit of breeze but warm and sunny. I walked across to Bert's front door and knocked. I couldn't hear the lawnmower anymore no doubt Bert had gone inside to have a wank over what he had just seen, well he would have more of a shock now.

After a few moments with the breeze blowing my housecoat apart a bit the door opened and there was Bert standing there just in his Jeans his his fly and button was undone more belly was sticking out as well as a sizable amount of pubic hair. We just stared at each other for a moment his eyes traveling up and down my body, the breeze giving him ample glimpses of me.

I suddenly remembered that i could speak, "Hi Bert" I stammered "I was just wondering if you had a couple of eggs i could borrow."

"Eggs?" He asked, making no effort in hiding the fact that he was staring down my top.

"Yeah, eggs, you know chickens lay them" i laughed, making no effort of covering myself from his eyes.

He suddenly looked up and stood back a bit "Sure come in, and i'll get them" he made no more effort at standing back so i had to squeeze past his belly, as i did it rubbed against my dressing gown and pulled it to the side slightly exposing one ass cheek. I pretended that nothing had happened but tightened my dressing gown slightly.

I heard him laugh slightly "Cheeky" he muttered.

I pretended not to hear and walked towards the open door at the end of the hall leading to his kitchen. There were a few dirty plates and empty beer cans on the work-surface, I stopped in the doorway and was just about to turn round when i felt a large hand on my ass which slid up my hip pulling my housecoat up slightly with it. I jumped slightly.

"Excuse me" he said with a sly smile on his face, his hand still resting on my hip doing slight circular motions "I need to get to the fridge, to get you some eggs"

"Sorry" I said moving aside for him to pass.

He moved his hand away and headed towards the fridge. "That's alright, don't worry." He looked around at the mess in his kitchen "Excuse the mess, the place could do with a cleanup, a woman's touch is needed" he laughed, turned and took his time looking me up and down slowly "So could i" he said.

I felt myself blushing, here i was standing in front of a man i pretty much detested in nothing more than a very loosely fastened housecoat. Glancing down i noticed that rather a large part of my breasts were visible, i thought to myself well the old bastard has just had a good look at me through the window so what does it matter.

As if reading my mind he said "I just saw you upstairs in the window, i must say you have a great pair of tits, i'd love to get my hands on them, amongst other things"

I was speechless the dirty crude bastard, i felt trapped unable to move or say anything. He started to come towards me, smiling that sly dirty smile and i was completely helpless. When he came up right in front of me, i watched as his hands moved towards my housecoat which he took hold of and slowly lowered it off my shoulders letting it fall so that it was hanging down, leaving my upper body naked.

He reached his hands up and started to fondle my breasts "Mmmm. I always took you for a bit of a whore" he breathed rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, slightly pulling on it. "You always seemed to look down your nose at me, you and that fucking faggot of a husband of yours, but now look at you standing there doing nothing whilst a man old enough to be your father is playing with your tits. Yeah you're a slut alright." There were tears of shame in my eyes, that i could let this horrible man touch me and not have the will to stop him.

I felt him grab my hand and shove it down the front of his jeans his erection felt huge easily as big as Damien's from last night. "Yeah, that's my slut, you like that don't you?" he asked leaning down and sucking my nipple into his mouth. It was only when he started using his teeth on my nipple that i regained my strength.

I pulled away from him, turned towards the door pulling my housecoat back up and refastening it "I have to go" I sobbed and bolted out of his house.

"You forgot your eggs" He shouted after my retreating back "Come back any time" and then burst out laughing.

I ran back into my house and straight up to the bathroom where i sat on the toilet crying a little, thinking about the next time i had to go round there.

What would happen then? I didn't think there would be any stopping him next time. There was no doubt that i would go round to his house again, not just because i had been ordered to but because i felt really turned on by what had just happened to me.

I went back to the bedroom and got dressed again, then headed back downstairs to the computer to report what had happened.

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