tagNovels and NovellasCum-filled Surprise Ch. 04

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 04


WOW! Carl had shown me just how good it could feel. I still the taste of his cum in my mouth and my pussy, my whole body, had a relaxing but tingly feeling. I walked in the house, smiled at Mom and went to my room. I could hardly believe what just happened on my front porch. My first ever orgasm from a guy! I did not know what to do next. I mean I wanted to bring Carl inside but knew that would be a disaster. I could not sleep and finally decided to call Stacy. She had given herself to her boyfriend months ago so, I knew she would understand.

Thankfully I had my own line. So I called Stacy, she picked up after four rings. "He he... hello?"

"Stacy! Its me, you will not believe what happened tonight!"

"Really. Well uh what was, uh that?"

Her enthusiasm was less that I expected. "Stace, I took Carl to the River tonight."

"Um, well that's good. Did you... did you uh, have a good time?"

"Stacy! What's going on? I just told you I took him to the RIVER. What do think happened?"

"Well, was it nice out? Did you go for a walk or something?"

"Or something is right! Stacy, I don't think I am a virgin anymore!"

"Really not, wait, what do mean anymore? Did you, uh wait, wait, did you have sex tonight?!?"

I was sure by now Stacy was not alone. I could hear someone whispering but could not make out what the other person was saying. "Stacy, are you alone right now?"

There was a long pause at the other end, "Not exactly."

Another long pause. "Stacy, what are you doing right now?"

I could hear her as she repeated my question. Then I got the answer that started a change in my life I never anticipated, "Vanessa, I am, well I am a little busy right now."

I knew what that meant. Stacey was with her boyfriend. Probably, one of them was at least partially naked. My pussy quivered thinking about this. "So, uh, what are you DOING right now?"

Again, there was a pause as she repeated the question. I heard a giggle, "Well, I'm just sitting here you know. Not doing much."

She sounded way too happy to just be sitting around. "OK, what exactly are you doing, you know, what is going on?"

She giggled and for I could almost make out her muffled voice as she talked to someone else. The bitch must be covering the phone with her hand. "No really, I am just... ooohhh, don't stop, I don't care baby..."

"Uh... Stacey, should I call back later?"

"No, no, please... wait just a minute..."

OK, I am not stupid, obviously she was "doing something" but just as obvious, she wanted me listening as she "did it". I was getting excited all over again just thinking about what Stacey was doing right now. I did not hear any noises so I had to imagine what was going on at her house. Then I heard her whispering.

"Yes, yes, almost there... Yes, Nessie can hear me! Please, please, yes..."

"Stacey are you fucking him right now?"

This got her attention. "What? No, no. I am... well he is well... I mean OOOOOHH! YES! YES!"

I heard more sounds that only women truly understand. I knew she just orgasmed and silently waited while her moment of ecstasy completed. Having just gotten off a little while ago myself I felt my contentment grow. It was special, sharing that most sensuous of moments with my friend, even over the telephone.

I strained to hear anything from the other end of the line. There was someone moving around so much I heard the bed squeaking. Finally Stacey came back on the line, "Nessie? Sorry about that. I was just getting more... comfortable."

I could absolutely hear the grin on her face. Then, another bed squeak.

"Stace, what EXACTLY is going on right now?"

"You want me to tell you EXACTLY what is going on right now?"

Her tone was obvious; she was talking to someone else. I distinctly heard another voice this time. A male voice encouraging her, "Tell baby, tell EXACTLY what I am doing to you right now!"

"Well, Doug came over earlier and we were supposed to study but..."

"Oh my god! Are you really fucking right now?"

There was another infuriating pause, during which the bed squeaked.


Stacey's breath was getting faster and the bed squeaks louder. Doug said something else I could not quite hear. "Right now? Well... Nessie?"

"Yes?", I answered.

"Doug has me on my back."

She stopped and I could hear more whispering by Doug.

"Yes? Yes?!?", I wanted more details.

"And... and. well... he has my legs spread wide and OOOHH..."

I waited and Stacey started again, "And he is just fucking me!"

We both giggled. It was amazing, I wanted more details. I hears more whispering,"... tell her...tits...cum..."

At least that is what I thought I heard. "Stacey, what does it feel like?"

"Fucking fantastic! Doug is just drilling me and it feels... so...good! I never want him to stop! Yea baby, fuck me harder!"

By now Stacey was breathing loud and hard. The squeaking bed was now telling the tale. Squeak, squeak, squeak. The rhythm was fast. My own excitement growing as I listened to my friend and her boyfriend fuck over the telephone. I started thinking about Doug lying between my legs. Yes, my legs. I saw myself sprawled on the bed with his cock just pistoning in and out of my dripping pussy.

"Uh, baby I'm cumming!", I heard Doug call out.

"Yea baby cum for me, cum for me!", Stacey answered.

The squeaking stopped and Stacey was whispering, "That was great. I loved having her on the phone with us. Baby, I know, like a threesome. I love you too."

Then I heard some kissing and decided it was time to hang up. By now I was worked up and needed some relief. I imagined I was at Stacey's and now Doug was walking to me, spreading my knees apart. Sliding his still hard dick right into me. I moved my hand under my panties; my cunt was slick and tender. It took about two minutes to masturbate to an orgasm. Wonderful! I leaned all the back with my eyes closed thinking about what just happened. I still had Carl's cum taste in my mouth and had my first multi-orgasmic day. I suddenly had a craving to suck off another guy. As I laid there just thinking about when my next chance for sex would be, the phone rang. I knew exactly who it was!

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