tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 14

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 14


This story is intended for readers over the age of 18. All individuals described are consensual adults. If you do not enjoy stories of control and groups then do not read this story.



"Yes Babygirl?"

"Do we have any plans for Saturday yet?"

"Nothing too big that I know of, why?"

"I was just wondering if we were going to be home is all."

"As far as I know, yes we will be."

And with that, a smile played out on her lips as the idea started to form in her head....

Saturday morning had come around quickly that week. Babygirl had been talking to a couple of her friends about putting together a little surprise for Daddy. This was going to be something she had not yet done for him, so she was pretty excited to see how it would all work out and how well Daddy would like it!

Daddy got up and showered while Babygirl went and got breakfast ready for him. He had a couple of small errands to run this morning and Babygirl had opted to stay home this time. It would give her a chance to get started with some cleaning and other preparations for the evening activities. After eating, Daddy headed out to do business. Babygirl got started quickly with her chores. She threw in a load of laundry and then cleaned up the breakfast mess while waiting. After switching things over to the dryer and throwing in another load to wash, she set out to clean the bathroom. Once the bathroom was clean and tidy, she moved along to the bedroom and finished up with the living and dining areas. The sweeping, dusting, mopping, scrubbing, and vacuuming were all complete and she was just finishing up the last load of laundry when Daddy came back home.

She went about making his lunch and serving it to him. While he ate she went and showered and got ready for the rest of the day. She dressed simply in jeans and a t-shirt for this particular event. She straightened her hair, so it would be easy to pull back later, and put on a minimal amount of make-up. When she was finished with herself, she headed back to the kitchen to clean up the mess from lunch. Daddy was laying on the couch when she got finished. She sat down on the floor in front of him and rested her head against his leg.

After several minutes she turned around to face him. "Daddy?"

"Yes Babygirl?"

"Tonight Erica and Taylor are coming over, but when they get here there is something I'd like to be able to do with them first. Will that be a problem?"

"That depends on what exactly it is you plan on doing" Daddy answered.

She smiled, "nothing like that Daddy. I was just going to bathe them and get them ready for you is all. I thought maybe you would like it if I prepared them for you tonight Daddy."

"Yes, that will be fine."

"Thank you Daddy" she leaned in and kissed his cheek before standing up and heading towards the bedroom. She called her friends to make sure they were still on for tonight.

As the afternoon went on, Babygirl started getting things ready for supper. Erica and Taylor would be joining them for dinner and drinks before actually getting to the fun of the evening. Dinner was just about finished when the doorbell rang. Babygirl went to greet her friends and show them in. Everyone sat down to eat and Babygirl served the supper she had prepared. After they had all finished eating, Babygirl cleared the table quickly and came back to stand by Taylor and Erica.

"Taylor, Erica, if you would please follow me this way" and Babygirl started walking back towards the bathroom. She drew them up a nice hot bath and took special care in helping them undress and slide in to the tub. She used some lavender scented bath soap and lathered up the cloth. Babygirl started with Erica, sliding the washcloth down her arms and her back and stomach. She leaned back against Taylor as she slid the cloth down her chest, her stomach, and across her legs. Taylor slid her hands across Erica's soapy body, cupping the water and letting it wash the soap away. Next it was Taylor's turn, and Babygirl repeated the same process. Starting with her back and then her arms. She leaned back against Erica as she ran the cloth across her chest and her stomach and down her legs. Erica returned the favor and washed the soap from her body with her hands.

Once the girls were both cleaned and relaxed, Babygirl grabbed a couple of towels and helped them from the tub. She started with their heads and worked her way down their bodies, drying the water as it slid down to the floor. They touched up their hair and make-up, to ensure they looked their best. She watched them in the mirror as they went about their task. Erica was slightly taller than Taylor, she had blonde hair and fair skin. It was such a contrast to Taylor's shorter figure and her long dark hair and tanned skin. When they were finished, Babygirl grabbed the two collars and chains she had placed in the cupboard earlier, and attached one to each girl. Babygirl knelt on the floor and placed the handles between her teeth. Erica and Taylor knelt behind her and crawled with her out to where Daddy was sitting.

When she arrived at his feet he took the handles from her. She sat up on her knees, "Daddy, I offer you these two girls to use for your pleasure this evening, I hope you will accept it." She looked down at the floor and waited for him to respond.

Daddy lifted her head with one finger under her chin until she was looking up at him. He kissed her forehead and smiled. "Follow me." Daddy said. He led the two girls to the bedroom and Babygirl crawled along behind them.

Once in the bedroom Daddy led each girl to opposite sides of the bed. He left them there to wait and walked back to the doorway where Babygirl was waiting for him. He wrapped his fingers up in her hair and led her towards the corner of the room, turning her around so she was facing the bed.

He pulled her head slightly to the side and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "you will ONLY watch tonight as Daddy is pleasured, is that understood?"

She nodded her head and whispered, "yes Daddy."

He let go of her hair and walked back towards the bed. He crawled up on the bed and propped himself against the wall, pulling the girls towards his cock by their collars. Erica and Taylor instantly started licking Daddy up and down, making him nice and hard. Erica shifted her body so that she could begin sucking and licking Daddy's balls while Taylor took his cock in her mouth. Erica would let her tongue trail down and across Daddy's ass each time Taylor's nose came down to his stomach. His dick buried in her throat, with gentle hands massaging his balls and Erica's tongue licking his ass.

After a few moments they switched spots and Taylor focused her mouth on Daddy's balls while Erica used her mouth to please his cock. Wrapping her lips tightly around him, opening her throat as he slid to the back of it. Taylor brought her mouth up to Daddy's cock and the girls used their tongues to lick each side of his throbbing dick. One mouth going up, one mouth going down, and a tongue flicking across the tip of his cock when it reached the top.

Daddy pulled the girls off of him and kneeled in the middle of the bed. Erica kneeled behind him and Taylor kneeled in front of him. She opened her mouth for his dick and as her head came towards Erica, Daddy pulled her hands up to grab the side of Taylor's head. She wrapped her fingers tightly in her hair and used the leverage to help Daddy fuck her face.

Erica let go of Taylor's hair and pushed her to the side. She laid on her back and Taylor straddled her legs. Daddy crawled on top of her and placed his cock between her tits. Taylor slid her hands under Daddy and helped Erica hold them tightly around Daddy as he pumped his cock between them. Taylor let her tongue stick out to lick Daddy's ass when it came towards her.

Daddy grabbed the collar of each girl and pulled them from the bed. He led them to the side so that he could see Babygirl as he took each of the girls. He leaned them over the edge of the bed and wasted no time before slamming his cock deep in to Erica's pussy. Her head snapped up from the bed as she cried out. Daddy dug his hands hard in to her hips as he pulled her towards him, fucking her hard, his legs slapping sharply against hers. Then just as quickly, he pulled himself from Erica and forced his dick hard into Taylor. He pulled her head back hard and made her and Babygirl stare at one another. Pumping her so fast, the sound of his body smacking against hers was echoing in the room. Just as Erica's pussy was recovering Daddy switched pussies once more. He pulled Taylor over and leaned her over Erica's body. Sliding his cock deep in Taylor's pussy then pulling out only to slide his cock hard in Erica's pussy.

"Fuck her hard Daddy", Taylor would encourage him when he switched. Their groans and gasps filling the air as Daddy assaulted their pussies.

"Take her ass Daddy, fuck her hard", Erica begged him. Daddy decided to start with her since she was on the bottom, making it harder for her to squirm. He plunged his cock in Taylor's pussy one last time, her juices coating his dick. Daddy rested the tip of his cock at the entrance of Erica's ass.

"Daddy waaaaiiiii", before she could finish he had driven his cock into her ass, his balls hitting her swollen pussy. He pulled Taylor off of her and pushed her to her knees beside him. He fucked Erica's tight ass hard for several strokes, then pulling himself out. Daddy wound his fingers in Taylor's hair, pushing her head tight against the bed. Guiding his cock to her lips, she opened willingly and Daddy fucked her mouth as he had just been fucking Erica's ass.

Pulling himself from Taylor and going back to Erica's tightened ass, pounding her hard before thrusting his dick back in Taylor's awaiting mouth. Daddy pulled Taylor up and leaned her back over the edge of the bed, switching Erica in to her spot on the floor. Daddy pinned her head against the bed and fucked her throat for several seconds. Pulling his now-wet dick from her mouth and lining it up to Taylor's ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back hard as he thrust forward, burying his cock in her ass with one forceful thrust. Daddy pounded away at her ass for several minutes, occasionally swapping her ass for Erica's wet mouth.

As the pressure started building, Daddy spun Taylor around and pushed her to the ground by Erica. They laid cheek to cheek with their heads resting against the side of the bed, tongues out and mouths open as they begged for Daddy's cum.

"Give us your cum Daddy, oh please cum on our faces, let it drip down our chins" they chanted. Daddy stroked his cock a couple of times and then leaned forward as his cum spurted against their faces, hitting their cheek, their eyes, their nose. Dripping across their lips and down their chins, the girls lifted their heads and shared Daddy's cum, licking it from one another.

After a few moments of recovery, Daddy grabbed the handles of the leashes and pulled the girls over towards the corner of the room where Babygirl was still kneeling. He placed the handles in her mouth once more and then led her to the bathroom with his fingers entwined in her hair. She drew up another hot bath for everyone, and set about cleaning them. She started with Daddy, rubbing the cloth all across his body, paying extra attention to his cock, cleaning him well. She moved on to Erica and Taylor, cleaning the remaining cum from their faces and chests. When she everyone cleaned up and relaxed once more, she helped each one out and dried them carefully. Daddy led the girls back to the bed, lying in the middle while the girls rubbed his back.

Babygirl crawled from the bedroom back to the kitchen and started cleaning up the mess from supper. She put everything back in its spot and washed up the dishes. When she had everything finished, she grabbed a blanket and curled up on the couch. Daddy, Taylor, and Erica were already asleep in the other room.

Babygirl was the first one awake on Sunday morning. She peeked in the bedroom to see if everyone was still sleeping, and they were. She walked back to the kitchen and decided to make some breakfast for everyone. Babygirl served up three plates and three cups of juice, placing them all on a platter and heading back towards the bedroom. Erica and Taylor were just beginning to stir at the smell of breakfast cooking. She placed the food on the bed for them to enjoy, and then headed off to shower. By the time she got done everyone was finishing up their breakfast. Babygirl took the dishes back to the kitchen and cleaned everything back up. A few moments later Erica and Taylor came out of the bedroom and in to the kitchen.

"Thanks for having us over last night!" Erica gave her a hug.

"Yeah, and thanks for the food - it was really good" and Taylor hugged her.

"Thanks girls, for everything! I'll call you later and we'll set up a girl's night out next week!" Babygirl said.

"Okay, sounds great!"

She walked with them to the door and they all said their final goodbyes. Babygirl went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. When she was all done she went to the bedroom to check on Daddy. He was still laying on the bed sleeping. She turned out and quietly started closing the door.

"Come back here" Daddy called out to her.

"Oh, sorry Daddy. I thought you went back to sleep." She climbed up on the bed next to him. "Did you enjoy it Daddy?"

"Yes, I certainly did." Daddy replied.

"I'm glad Daddy." Babygirl laid next to him and rubbed his stomach. After several minutes of silence Babygirl said, "so, what's on the schedule for today?" she looked up at him and grinned.

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