Decent Family


"I picked up some new ones mom." Brad casually informed me as he set a plain brown bag down on the kitchen table. It was so fun to so be so open about our common interest. The pull of family sex... incest drew us closer each day.

"Oh good," I smiled to myself but didn't turn around. I was daringly only wearing a thin bra and panties and didn't want Brad to see how excited my nipples already were or see the wet spot at my crotch. We were sharing something forbidden and exciting, but I was still having trouble acknowledging it. I found it easier to tease him by how I dressed then talk about incest yet. I sensed Brad's eyes on me, and it made me excited. My sheer silk panties were bunched up between my cheeks and I reached back and pulled them out. If he could have seen my face he would have known how much I enjoyed showing off my body to him. I didn't trust myself to look at him when I breezily told him, "I've about read all the ones we have." I felt wicked admitting that they were now 'our' magazines. "Some of them several times," I added bravely. I know I was blushing and could feel the heat creep up my neck. Brad noticed too. He came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them. I practically melted into his body. "Mmm, that feels so nice." I told him. His fingers fumbled with the straps to my bra as he pushed them down over my shoulders. My heart skipped a beat. He wasn't doing anything I didn't want him to do, I told myself.

"I'm glad you think so Mom. I reread them too, especially the ones I leave out for you. The ones about... mothers and sons." He put his face to my hair and inhaled. "It's so cool how we both like reading about the same thing Mom." His hands moved over the tops of my shoulders and inched down. "I watch you read them, and I know they affect you the same way they do me." Brad moved his arms under mine and wrapped his hands around my stomach and drew me into him. I felt his hard cock push the thin material of my underwear between my cheeks. "I think about when you let me touch you before. Do you think about that too?" He knew my answer.

I laughed nervously as he moved his hands over my taut stomach. "Brad... you promised." I reminded him but did nothing to stop him. He knew I dressed like this for one reason... him! I didn't try to pull away from his hard cock. "And yes, I think about that day. It was beautiful and exciting... but something we can't do again honey." I knew I didn't sound very convincing. I turned around and found my pussy pressed up against his cock. He held me lightly, and moved his hips back, making me search for his hard cock. I greedily found him and wickedly pressed myself against him. My whole body responded. If we were lovers, I would have fucked him right there, standing up.

"I think about how awesome your tits are Mom," He whispered as he pressed back against me. His cock was against my pussy. "But you know that don't you Mom? You know I jack off thinking about you." He huskily said and moved his hips suggestively against me. His cock became wedged between my damp lips; only my panties and his shorts separated us. We rocked back and forth together, my pussy coming alive. I was as wet as a dishrag as I enjoyed the thrill of my son's cock.

I lay my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him and held him to me. "I know you do honey." I murmured. "It makes me excited knowing you do." I moved my hips rhythmically against him, stimulating my clit as I rocked against him. He felt so damn big down there and my resolve melted faster than snow in summer as we held each other. I nervously laughed and tried to keep the mood light. "I like it that you feel you can tell me which stories you like best." I lightly pushed back against his cock and smiled. "We should stop this now or you're going to get ideas." I said as I tried to move my hips away from his. Brad's cock followed me.

He reached behind me and pulled me to him again. "I already have those ideas Mom." He hungrily shoved his cock hard at me this time. "Can't you tell?" He teased. "Let me touch you again Mom, please. You loved it as much as I did." He soothingly whispered into my ear and ignored my plea to stop. He slowly rotated his hips as he reached between us and touched my breast. His fingers found my nipple through my thin bra and he lightly pinched it. I moaned with forbidden pleasure. "This is the perfect bra mom. I can see your pink areolas and see how hard your nipples are." He said as gently attacked the other one.

"Brad you promised!" I gasped as exquisite pleasure overwhelmed my body. "You have to stop this." I weakly told him as I pushed my pussy back at him.

"Just this once, Mom? I'm so excited; I know you want me to." He said as he ground his hard-on against my pussy.

Oh! I certainly did want him. The head of his cock was practically ripping a hole through my panties. "Honey, we shouldn't. We have so much going together and I love sharing our stories together but I can't let us do this." I sadly told him and pushed his hand away from my breasts. They ached where his hands hand just been and I wanted to put them back

"They're so beautiful mom. I love touching them." He murmured softly and reached for them again. I let him.

He used both hands and I moved into him and automatically sought out his cock again. I wanted to feel him between my cunt lips again. Despite our clothes I felt his steel rod work itself deeper between my pussy lips as he fondled my breasts. I had an explosive orgasm when he pinched them lightly. My mind was shouting for me to stop him but my body was begging for more. His hard cock burrowed into my pussy and I almost cried out for him to go ahead and fuck me but I couldn't make myself do it. I became giddy. I realized that I was having fun fooling around with my son. I foolishly told myself I could stop this anytime I wanted to. "Brad honey, I love doing this as much as you do but you promised last time that that would be the last time," I teased. "How can I ever believe you?" I involuntarily lifted one leg and wrapped it around him and trapped his cock against my pussy. "You're making your mother do such terrible things." I laughed softly and moved my pussy against his cock.

Brad laughed with me and grabbed my ass and pulled me into him. "I don't think they're so terrible." He quipped as he held me by the hips and shoved his cock further between my lips. He knew he could do anything he wanted now.

I felt like we were already lovers when I hooked my other leg around him and let him hold me up in the air. I was practically throwing my pussy at him now, but I knew it was time to stop. "Enough honey. We can't do this. Decent people don't do this." I laughed at how silly that sounded.

Brad ignored my plea and massaged my ass and even dared inch his fingers towards my pussy but he stopped short of touching me there. "Are you sure we're decent people Mom? This doesn't feel very decent to me." He kissed my neck and ears over and over and whispered, "I love you Mom, more than anything."

I couldn't help but laugh. This was fun and wicked and wrong and I loved being in his arms. "I know you do baby, and I love you too but this is so wrong." I reluctantly unwrapped myself from his arms and stood away from him. The outline of his cock stood out boldly and I wanted to drop to my knees and touch him. "Now go to your room and I'll go to mine and we'll both masturbate and cool down." I teased. I turned and silently went to my room and masturbated as I thought about what I had just done. I knew I only wanted it to happen again.

Later that night, as if nothing had happened earlier, we sat together and read our incest magazines together. I was wearing a thin top and panties and Brad was only wearing a thin cotton pair of shorts. Brad finished a story and handed it to me. "I love this story, bet you will too." I could tell by his smile that it was a hot story.

"Thank you dear." I read it immediately. When I finished, I looked over at him and smiled. "I like that one too." I didn't try to hide the fact that I had my hand over my pussy. I was wet enough to soak through them.

Brad grinned and winked as he stared at my crotch. "I thought you would. That was so cool how the mother convinced her son that blowjobs were actually healthy for him." He laughed at his lewd suggestion.

I laughed, "He must be the healthiest kid on his block after all the times she sucked him off." I couldn't help blushing at talking that way.

Brad immediately feigned being sick. "Oh mom, I don't feel so good. Could you please give me a hummer so I'll feel better?"

I laughed too. "You wish." If only I dared to just crawl between his legs and put that monster of a cock in my mouth and suck him off!

I had long lost my shyness about looking at Brad's hard-on. He seemed to take a great pleasure in sitting in front of me with it tenting in his shorts. I couldn't help but silently wonder what it looked and felt like. He had a swimmers build, tight chest muscles and absolutely the greatest ass ever to go with his thick cock. One time as I was coming out one door and he was coming in, we bumped into each other and Brad's hard-on pressed right up against me. I laughed, "Brad, you're going to hurt someone with that thing if you're not careful." It was meant to be a joke but it made me lightheaded to feel how hard he was.

"It won't hurt and I'll be careful mom," he teased. He looked down at his tented shorts and grinned. "Maybe I should put a warning sign on it."

"Yeah," I chimed, "Mothers beware!"

Once when I was out of town, I found our favorite magazines at a newsstand. I was so proud of myself for buying them and couldn't wait to show Brad what I had done. "Look what I bought!" I showed him. "The newest editions," I proudly announced. It was the first time I had ever purchased them and felt pretty good about myself for doing that. Buying them for us made me drunk with incest thoughts. I was growing more comfortable with our intimacy with each passing day. I didn't feel nearly as guilty about what my son and I did anymore. I knew we were closer than any other mother and son I knew.

"Want me to leave one for you?" He teased me; he knew full well that I would want to read all of them.

"Yes of course. I can't wait to read them. I thought I did quite well saving them until I got home. I wanted to share them with you first." I informed him. I had of course, taken a couple of old ones with me so I would have something to masturbate with.

"I'll take one and you can have these two." He knew I couldn't wait to sit and relax and read them.

Then it struck me, I didn't know where Brad bought his. "Brad honey, were do you go to buy them?" We lived in a small town and I knew none of the local stores carried Family Frolicks or Loving Families, two of the titles we both liked best.

"Where? At Decents." He said matter of factually.

"Decents?" I said aloud and then remembered. It was the adult bookstore about 20 miles from town. "Decents, where decent people go for decent fun," was how they advertised themselves.

"One in the same, Mom. Dirty books and videos," He said as he rubbed the front of his shorts and showed me how hard he was. "Dirty books that I buy and share with my mother."

He made me blush. "Maybe I could go with you next time you go. It's been years since I was there." I was thinking I could use a new vibrator.

Brad smirked and read my mind. "What's the matter Mom? Need a new vibrator? Yours wearing out?"

"Brad Hunt, how dare you talk to your mother like that!" I wasn't mad of course. I actually enjoyed being able to talk so candidly about sex with him. "But if you must know, yes I do need a new vibrator. Mine has been getting a lot of use lately." It was fun admitting that to him. "Some young man keeps getting me all horny."

Brad grinned. "I know what you mean. This sexy older woman is driving me crazy. I jerk off two or three times a day thinking about her."

"Bragger," I grinned but knew he was telling the truth. "But I must admit, my young man gets me so horny I usually have to masturbate at least twice a day."

The sexual talk and touching only increased over the next few days and weeks and I did nothing to discourage it. One evening as I was watching TV in the living room and Brad came in and joined me but not to watch TV. He came in to read. He stretched out on the couch next to me with a copy of Family Four Play. He was wearing his favorite loose fitting cotton shorts. I couldn't miss how hard he was before he even lay down. I gazed longingly at the front of his shorts and felt my pussy start to dampen. The outline of his cock was so perfectly molded; I could make out every vein.

"Anything good on?" He asked, obviously not interested in TV as he started reading.

"Just the usual," I told him as I tried to watch the TV and him at the same time. I knew he masturbated or jerked off frequently, so did I, but we had always given each other some space when we got horny but tonight seemed different. It was as if he sensed he could do anything he wanted to in front of me. He was intentionally flaunting his cock, daring me to look at his bare, muscular chest and the obvious hard-on he had. He looked very comfortable with himself as he read and I liked that. It made me smile and feel good about our relationship to think we could be so open with each other. I even teased Brad about a certain story he was reading, betting him he was going to jerk off after reading it. He didn't deny it.

I had become increasingly more casual and less discreet about how I dressed in front of Brad. The bras I wore were fancier, usually lace trimmed and fairly transparent. Even my choice of panties became more brazen. Several times I had worn thongs and Brad just about flipped when he saw me in those.

"Heck mom, I won't have to read anything when I jerk off tonight. All I'll have to do is think about how hot you look in those." He was almost panting as he spun me around and looked at my ass. He stood behind me and rubbed my ass and blew into my ear. "You have the smoothest skin Mom," he said as he ran his hands over my cheeks. "I could cum just touching you." He lewdly promised. To my surprise and pleasure, he knelt behind me and planted little kisses all over my bare cheeks.

"Oh you devil!" I mewed as he kissed my ass cheeks. I guess if I didn't want this kind of attention I wouldn't have dressed so brazenly. "Brad, you're tickling me," He was but it felt good too. I teasingly wiggled my butt for him. "Honey, I don't think you need my help jacking off. You're horny all the time anyway." It made me feel so alive and excited to be able to talk dirty with him. It was if we were already lovers.

"I'm horny because of you Mom, but I'll take all the help you want to give me when it comes to jacking off." He said as licked between my cheeks and kissed my ass. I felt his tongue follow the string down between my cheeks. I wanted to reach around and pulled them apart but I just couldn't make myself cross that line... yet. When he stood up, his cock was so hard it had pulled his shorts inches away from his body.

I laughed and bent over and did a little bump and grind. "Glad I could help sailor." I knew we were way past having innocent fun. It had become so easy and fun to be sexual with him. The guilt was lessening and so were my objections to incest. I loved having him kiss my ass and exposing my body to him. I wanted him to look at me and do things to me.

"Geez Mom, just stay like that and I will cum." He was gripping his cock through his shorts and lustily pretending to jerk himself off.

I laughed and stood up. "Sorry buddy, times up. If you want to see the next show, you'll have to buy another ticket." I was absolutely dripping and the front of my panties did nothing to hide that from Brad's eyes. There was a large wet spot right over my crotch.

Brad stared at my pussy. "You're such a tease mom," He laughed good-naturedly. "I've had a little accident too." A wet spot about the size of a quarter showed on the front of his gray shorts. His precious pre-cum was leaking out. Brad pointed to my crotch and told me, "Looks like you have too. It's a shame we're wasting it."

I innocently ignored his comment about my wet pussy. "Oh, poor baby. I thought you liked it when I teased you." I said innocently and reached out and touched the wet spot over his cock head. "I guess you have more than you need." I giggled and jumped back from his hands.

That pretty much blew him away. "If you get to touch me, I get to touch you too!" Brad reached for my crotch and I let him put his hand over my pussy. His finger rested between my wet slit. "I won't have any problem beating off now." He smiled and pushed his finger up and down my gash.

"Leave your door open and I'll listen." I moaned.

"I'd rather have you watching."

"Maybe someday I will." I grinned wickedly and left him standing there thinking about that.

Touching and flirting became everyday occurrences for us. I liked it when Brad would find an excuse to straighten my bra straps. His hands always seemed to end up on my breasts. I let him play with them for a few minutes as we silently looked at each other. Once, when we were hugging, Brad's cock somehow worked itself out of his boxer shorts and found my waiting pussy. I couldn't see it but I sure could feel him. "You're going to get a cold if you let it stick out like that." I breathed heavily as he nestled it against my panties. My body tingled all over while we stood like that. Brads hands were still on my breasts and I couldn't help myself when I ground my cunt against him.

"I know a warm place to put it." He lewdly suggested as we dry humped each other.

Brad dated and that was good but it also meant he wasn't home with me. I actually got moody and depressed when he hadn't touched me intimately for several days I hated being denied looking at his body too. When I was sure he was staying home, my mood would change and I would be noticeably happier and friskier and ask him, "Are you going to read tonight?" I hoped he would get the hint that I wanted to see him with a hard-on.

Brad knew what I wanted and teased me. "What's the matter Mom? Are you horny?" We both laughed but I was dead serious about it.

I would give him a coy little smile and say, "Maybe." He knew I was.

Tonight as Brad read, I raptly watched as his shorts rose slowly before my eyes. His cock looked immense, bigger than usual I thought. I'm sure it had to be at least eight inches long and I was positive my fingers wouldn't reach around it. I watched as he touched himself through his shorts. He grabbed it and pulled on it twice and then stopped. I thought about what it would be like to watch him masturbate, and it made my pussy drip. I was disappointed when he straightened it up along his stomach and then took his hand away. I almost cried out but caught myself before I did. I was dangerously horny tonight and I knew I was going to do something about it. I could feel the dampness between my legs and I fanned myself to cool down. When Brad suddenly sat up and faced me he looked pleased to find me intently watching him.

"Have to pee." He casually said, the grin on his face told me he knew I had been watching him. When he stood, his shorts poked out like a tent and Brad casually reached inside them and straightened it. "Oh, sorry Mom. I forgot myself," He chuckled and moved quickly past me.

"You did not and you are such a tease." I panted. I sat there breathing hard as my pussy flowed rivers. The way he had stood there and let me admire him just fueled my lust for him. I loved looking at his youthful body and my fears of becoming more intimate with him diminished with each passing moment. A year ago I would have been embarrassed to have been caught looking at his crotch but not anymore! I was the one that seemed to be begging for more intimacy. I couldn't resist touching myself. My lightweight pajama bottoms were thin enough to easily masturbate through. Within seconds my crotch was soaked and I pushed my finger through the wet material and between my slit and drove my pussy wild. When I thought I heard Brad returning I quickly crossed my legs and pretended to be watching TV. I was disappointed when it was another five minutes before he returned. I wondered what was taking him so long since. When he came back, his erection was gone.

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