tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDiary of a Fellatrix Ch. 02

Diary of a Fellatrix Ch. 02


Thanks to John's typically quick finish, I had time to more properly prepare for my next date. Taking my time, I applied my makeup in the bathroom, including smoky eye shadow and ruby red lipstick - the kind that was sure to leave my date covered in tell-tale red markings. With that complete, I pulled on some baby blue booty shorts and shimmied into a simple turquoise tube top dress, foregoing a bra. Examining myself in the mirror, I decided to leave my hair down for Adam's arrival, and placed a hair elastic around my wrist for easy access later.

Adam was going to be a very different sort of date from John, my soft-spoken gentleman. Where John was inexperienced and cute in his appreciation of my talents, Adam was insistent and demanding - a sexually aggressive guy who loved to use my wanton mouth for his pleasure. While I enjoyed servicing John for personally and emotionally fulfilling reasons, Adam satisfied my most base lust and desire to orally submit to an enormous cock. Topping out at over nine inches when fully aroused, Adam was certainly enormous, and I felt my mouth watering as I waited for him on my couch. I glanced at the clock which read 4:58pm; he was due to arrive any minute now.

I jumped as my apartment buzzer rang, startled out of my lustful daydreaming. I felt like I had a mouth full of marbles as I spoke to Adam, my mouth watering so much I nearly drooled. He chuckled with confidence over the intercom as I buzzed him in, probably hearing the anticipation in my voice.

Unlike John, who had fidgeted nervously when I let him in, in awe of my looks, Adam strode into my apartment like her owned the place, eyeing me eagerly up and down.

"You look fucking great babe." he said in a tone that managed to convey he expected nothing less. Without further formality, he clutched the sizable bulge in the front of his jeans. "Now why don't you get on your knees and show me why I came out here."

Snatching a pillow off of the couch and placing it on the floor in front of Adam, I knelt down at his feet. Licking my lips lewdly while making eye contact, I undid his button and fly before yanking his pants and underwear down all in one motion. Adam smiled down at me as his huge, heavy, and half-hard cock dangled inches from my face. Reaching down, he gasped himself by the base, and lifted it. On cue, I presented my cheek to him, and was rewarded with a loud *THWACK* as his fat head slapped into my face. I smiled widely and stuck out my tongue while he rained blows down on my face and mouth with his thick club - I could feel him hardening with each hit.

Leaning in, I took his balls into my mouth, licking and sucking them, moaning like a cheap whole while he slowly stroked his shaft up and down. Wanting to taste the precum which I knew would already be forming, I pulled back and took control of his meat with my hands. Jerking him slowly, I took his head in my mouth, and felt the familiar burning sensation of precum in my throat as I swallowed it down. He leaked like a faucet, and my mouth quickly filled with the taste of cock and seminal fluid. I moaned louder as I felt his hands come to rest on the back of my head.

While Adam's rock hard member was certainly evidence that he enjoyed my ministrations, past experience with his preferences told me that a cock-worshiping blowjob was not why he was here to visit. I moaned in horny anticipation as he tried a few slow practice thrusts into my mouth, holding my head in place with a vice-like grip. Adam was a face-fucker, a selfish and rough lover with an insatiable desire for deep throat. Despite the inevitable sore throat and bruised lips the day after a hook up with him, I came back again and again for his huge, thick dick, massive loads, and incredible stamina. In short, I got off on being a hole for Adam to use and dump his cum in.

"That's my good little whore." Adam said with relish as he felt my throat give way and allow his head entrance. "Gag on it like the slut you are."

He held himself deep, grasping the back of my head and pulling it towards his belly, pulsing his shaft inside my throat. After what seemed like an eternity, and was in reality probably only seconds, I began to convulse and gag involuntarily on his thick meat. Adam laughed heartily as he eased off the pressure and let me back away far enough to breathe, while still keeping his head in my gasping mouth.

"I fucking love gagging you, slut." he said.

"I love gagging on your fat cock." I murmured around a mouthful of dripping cock head.

Taking my words for the challenge they were, Adam began pumping away at my face in earnest.

*ULG GLUG GAK GLAK* I gagged on him in time with his deep thrusts into my throat, contracting around his head and making him groan with pleasure. After a while, he settled into a stable pace, one which I knew he could maintain for half an hour, leaving us both in a sweaty heap before he finally climaxed. Though physically challenging, I loved the stamina Adam possessed, and revelled in testing the limits of my own oral cavity.

Adam looked down at me and made eye contact, and I shivered with arousal at the thought of him watching his meat pounding my lips and throat. I forced my eyes to stay open despite my repeated gagging, and felt the tears streaming down my cheeks as a result. Adam smiled down at me, and picked up the pace, forcing me to shut my eyes tightly as I struggled to retain my composure in the face of his oral onslaught. To distract myself, I let me hand drift between my kneeling legs, and up under my dress. I pressed the palm of my hand hard against my clit and ground myself against it slightly, moaning as he fucked me. I felt and heard saliva splattering on the floor in front of me, and coating my tits and front of my dress in thick soupy spit. I moaned again and pressed against myself harder.

I lost myself in the bliss and hypoxia of Adam's brutal face fucking, my mind drifting as I rubbed my clit and gagged away on his meat. I imagined the shock, dismay, and secret arousal of friends and co-workers if they could see me there on my knees, drooling like a true slut over a huge penis as I submitted to the oral pounding of a lifetime. I imagined the gloating grin I would give to my uptight sister as I pulled away from Adam, leaving a sloppy trail of saliva behind connecting my smile to his cock. I panted and moaned uncontrollably as I felt myself begin to climax.

My vibrations and gyrations must have pushed Adam over the edge as well, as I felt my mouth suddenly devoid of his thick shaft. I opened my eyes, still in the throes of orgasm, and watched as he stroked himself, pointing at my face before suddenly exploding a laser-beam shot of cum into my face. I felt his stream ricochet off of my nose and across my cheek under my right eye, and moaned loudly, opening my mouth wide and repositioning in an attempt to catch his next blast. His second and third slapped home in quick succession, hitting my forehead and falling downwards to leave a pair of matching vertical lines on either side of my nose. I moved closer and tilted my head back, opening my jaw as wide as I could, and groaned with pleasure as I was rewarded by two more heavy jets into the back of my throat, coating my tongue along the way.

I kept my lips open wide as Adam pushed the head of his cock into my mouth, his fist banging into my nose as he stroked the remaining beads of cum into my gaping maw. I lashed his head with the tip of my tongue, rolling his cum around in my mouth and savouring the taste. I kissed and sucked the head for the last few drops before he pulled out, slapping his three-quarter hard member onto my face lightly and smearing his cum into my skin. I whimpered as I swallowed down his copious sperm, licking my lips and sucking my teeth dry for every last drop. Adam patted my head as he absentmindedly rubbed his dick against my mouth.

"Great job cocksucker." he said. "Ready for round two?"

I grinned and nodded lustily up at him, dimly aware of his cum still slathering my face. This was my favourite attribute of Adam's, beyond even the size of his offerings or his stamina. I adored his ability to remain hard after cumming, and his constant desire to work towards a second hard-earned load immediately following the first. I stood on wobbly legs and beckoned him to follow me to the bedroom.

"Lets go lay down and get comfortable." I said, taking him by the hand and leading him while he held his pants about his waist.

When we got to my room I turned, and harried, spit, and cum-covered as I was, proceeded to sensually slip out of my dress, and shimmy out of my booty shorts. Presenting my breasts to him, I then removed the elastic from my wrist and put my hair up into a ponytail to keep it out of my face while I worked on him. While he watched me, horniness gleaming in his eyes, Adam undressed himself as well until he stood before with his giant pole waving around in front of him.

"Why don't you lay down and let me work awhile?" I said, gesturing to the bed.

With a grunt, he complied, stroking himself slowly as he laid back, watching me as I eyed his unit hungrily. Bending at the waist and never breaking eye contact with his cock, I crawled slowly onto the bed, my breasts dangling heavily as I advanced on all fours to within an inch of his large balls, still glistening with spit.

Slowly and with expert technique, I began to worship him, starting at his balls and working my way up his shaft. I kissed, licked and sucked, leaving him gleaming with lustful saliva wherever I went. I stroked him, feeling him return to full mast as I moaned and murmured over his cock, whispering endearments to it, coaxing and playing with it. I rubbed my palm up and down his slathered shaft, then took the sticky hand and made a show of reaching back between my legs to rub my pussy. Adam grinned at me, appreciative of my work, but growing impatient to use me again. I smiled and winked at him before slowly impaling myself on his whole dick, deepthroating him with ease now that my throat was well worked in.

To his credit, Adam managed to restrain himself for nearly an hour as I teased and pleased him, and watched like a wolf as I rubbed myself to another orgasm with his cock in my mouth. Finally, however, his patience broke, and he grabbed hold of my head in his hands again. I opened wide and let my neck go limp as he first used my head like a pocket pussy, jerking himself off with my mouth, and then held it still while he began to thrust into my open and drooling oral cavity. I slobbered and moaned wetly as he pumped my mouth from below, feeling him grow slick with spit and precum as he started to pressure my throat again.

After a while, Adam grew more aggressive, and grasping me by the pony tail, dragged me around so that I lay below him in the middle of the bed, my legs dangling off the edge, bent at the knees. Next he straddled my face, using my pillows to prop himself up and get the best angle to plunge back into my mouth. With his thighs on either side of my face, and his shins pinning down my arms, he began to hammer home with his dick, driving my head into the mattress with each powerful down stroke. I coughed and gagged loudly, feeling saliva bubble from my mouth and leak down the sides of my face. Adam began to grunt as he thrust into me as hard as he could, fucking my face with an intensity and depth I had never before experienced. I wavered on the edge of consciousness, my legs kicking helplessly and my arms trapped unable to push him away and make room. My vision began to darken and I felt like I was slipping away into a deep dark hole.

I awoke gasping, with Adam lightly stroking my hair and looking down at me. I shivered uncontrollably as I came too and realized where I was and what was going on. Had I passed out? Adam relieved my confusion with a sardonic grin as he explained that I has indeed gone unconscious while sucking his cock.

"I guess we found your oral limit." He said with a rueful grin. "Are you okay Lucia?"

"I'm fine," I croaked. "now bring that fat cock back over here."

Adam looked utterly taken aback. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Get up here and fuck my mouth." I replied, unwilling to back down from the challenge, and wanting to taste his cum again.

He straddled me again, this time taking care not to kneel on my arms. Slowly, he started to thrust home once again, though this time with less depth and speed. I gagged lightly, but was able to breathe around him, and let him pump away for another fifteen minutes before squeezing his leg to get him to dismount.

"Now fuck my tits while I rub my clit." I said huskily, clearing my throat of built up saliva and precum.

Eagerly, Adam pressed my tits together around his sopping wet member and began to slide it between them, pumping his long cock towards my mouth. I reached down and began to play with myself again, gasping with pleasure when I connected with my clit. In short order I found myself rocking and rubbing myself wildly, on the brink of another climax. Clearly sensing this, Adam picked up his own pace, and exploded a thick white load of cum onto my lips, chin and neck as I was wracked with my own orgasm. He then collapsed beside, both of us sweaty and exhausted from our efforts. I curled up next to him, and murmured for him to stay the night tonight. I never heard a response before drifting off to sleep.

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