tagGroup SexDoing The Nine Sisters Ch. 05

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 05


One Tuesday night our house had a spontaneous mixer, meaning that the girls of Chi Omega just showed up at the house and we partied.

As usual. Pledges had "serving duty" so I ran ragged fetching food and drink for the actives and our guests. I must have filled a hundred bowls with pretzels and potato chips and poured three hundred beers before nine o'clock!

All during the party I had noticed one of the Chi's staring at me. Her name was Carol and after I had fulfilled my duties I went over to her and said hi.

"Hi, Joe. You don't know me but you sure know my sister, Elise."

Elise? The name sounded familiar.

"Elise Dayton. She told me you were quite a stud."

THAT Elise! She was a girl I had met during orientation the summer before. Three straight nights we hooked up and fucked all over campus, including each other's rooms.

"So, how is she? I haven't seen her around."

"She decided to go to State instead of here. But she told me all about you. And that monster cock of yours."

I liked where this was going! "Did she now? Do you girls always kiss and tell?"

"We're close, what can I say"?

Carol came over to me and pressed her lips to mine. I took her in my arms and kissed her back. She reached for my crotch and began rubbing my cock, which came straight to attention.

Since all the food and drink had been served, I figured the kitchen would be empty and lead her back there. I pulled open her blouse and undid her bra. Before long I was teasing her nipples and they were as hard as my cock.

Carol got on her knees and fished out my penis, already at full-staff. "Elise didn't lie, you do have a great cock Joe!" With that she took it in her mouth and sucked away. Her technique was not nearly as good as her sister, but hey, my cock was in the mouth a pretty girl, what did I care!

I held off from coming and lifted her up onto the big chopping block in the middle of the kitchen. I reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. Then I dove for her pussy, tonguing all along her slit. She let out little groans as I teased her clit and asshole. When I stuck my tongue up her pussy, she let out a scream as she orgasmed.

I stood up and guided my cock to her opening. In one thrust it was in and my hips pistoned in and out. My hands went to her tits and I held onto them as I screwed her. She reached under my shirt and pinched my nipples.

Neither of us noticed that her screams had attracted an audience. At least a dozen people had made their way into the kitchen and watched our mating.

"Fuck her good, Joe!"

"Way to go, Joe!"

"Look at that cock!" I heard a female voice cry out.

We turned to look at our audience, but were too involved in fucking to care. I decided to put on a real show and reached under her. Once I had lubed up my fingers from her pussy I jammed them up her ass. This made her jump and hump me back harder.

"You like this? You wanted me to fuck you good, you like it?"

"Yeah, Joe. You're better than Elise described. Fuck me you stud!"

Our banter brought applause from the others. I pulled her off the block and turned her around. I guided my cock back into her and fucked her doggie-style.

Our audience started pairing up, driven to a fever pitch from watching Carol and I. Girls started pulling out cocks and sucking on them. Before long the kitchen had turned into an orgy pit filled with moans and groans and other sounds of pleasure.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Carol started crying with each thrust. I rubbed her clit with one hand and held one of her tits with the other.

Looking around the room I saw that several couples had begun fucking, on the floor or against the wall. One redhead with huge tits was being double-fucked by two of my pledge brothers.

I felt my own orgasm approaching so I slowed down a bit, wanting to prolong things. Carol's pussy had really stretched from my reaming her.

I pulled out and turned her around again. I kissed her hard as she stroked my cock, keeping me erect. I picked her up, hands on her ass. She reached down and put my member back inside her. I maneuvered her near a wall and fucked her standing up. Soon, another couple took our place on the block.

I reached the point of no return. "I'm gonna come!" I screamed to the room. Carol screamed with one more orgasm as I filled her pussy with my semen.

I kissed her and then went over to the big-titted redhead, offering her my cock. She sucked it in, tasting the combination of Carol's cunt oil and my sperm. She chowed down like I was her favorite flavor popsicle.

Once I was hard again I tapped my pledge brother on the shoulder and he dismounted. Carol went up to him and they started making out.

The redhead was named Denise and those mammaries were huge. I played with them for a long time before I spread her legs and inserted my manhood. Other people were changing partners as Denise and I got going.

"It was sure hot watching you and Carol go at it," she told me.

"Watching you was pretty cool, too." I left no space for pleasantries as I just pounded her pussy. No finesse. Just hard, hot fucking!

I looked down at the sight of me entering her repeatedly. The picture of my black bush and her thick red curls turned me on even more.

"Fuck me, Joe! Fill me up with your cream!" I started pounding even harder, wanting to give this hot slut what she wanted. I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to see one of my brothers, wanting in on the action.

"You want her pussy or her ass?" I asked.

"Pussy. Some of the guys really want to see you shove your big cock up Denise's ass."

I dismounted and let my brother get on the floor. Denise Jumped on top of him and then I guided my cock up into her tight asshole. It took us a couple of minutes to develop a rhythm, but before long we had her going back and forth on our dicks.

I loved the feeling of his cock rubbing against mine with Denise's membranes in between.

"I'm almost there, Joe. You ready?"

"Yeah. Let's do it!" With that we both unloaded our sperm into Denise. By her screams I figured all three of us had had one big, simultaneous orgasm.

I saw Carol take a huge load of cum on her face, and the other people were finishing up. We all agreed this was the best mixer ever. I got many slaps on the shoulder for getting the sexual games going. It was the first time I had ever fucked with other people watching, and it was a tremendous turn on. Seeing all those cocks and pussies and tits had driven me crazy. I made a vow that this wouldn't be the last time.

We all went up to the pledge trainer, and all we got were laughs. "This little episode is going to go down in the house legends!" he told us. All ten brothers had scored Chi Omega's in one night, a new house record.

I made my way up to my room and collapsed. My balls hurt, I was sore all over. But I had never felt so great in my life!

Five down. Four to go.

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