tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDomination of Her New Young Man

Domination of Her New Young Man


My, how horny she felt tonight. The anticipation was making it worse! Her lips were ready for action and she was feeling so powerful and ready to take what she wanted. Another conquest awaited her strange and devious desires. She smiled to herself, in some respects this was the most sexually stimulating part of the adventure, the hunt, the capture, the control, the manipulation, and the domination, of her new pet men. Men, they were nothing more than horny animals, dogs on the look-out for a bitch to fuck.

What should she care if she used that to satisfy her own strange and unique desires? They deserved everything they were to receive (and more) from her. She pinched her nipples through her top, she felt the surge of sexual energy course through her, and tingle in her body was intense as ever. Her adrenalin was really pumping strongly tonight. Her hunt, for another man, for another dog, she loved this pet training so much!

She arrived at the club at exactly 2am. She knew many of the young men would be coming in from the bar around the corner, after it closed. She waited, and then in he walked. He was exactly what she wanted in a new pet. In her outfit no normal straight man was going to say no to her to her advances. She walked up to him and smiled, it was such a predatory smile; like an eagle before it swoops down on an unsuspecting little rabbit. He watched as she approached him. Wow, he thought, she is truly gorgeous, and that sexy outfit, it definitely says, "fuck me baby, and fuck me, and fuck me hard, have me screaming, and you'll get your reward!"

She said nothing to him, as the sexual energy surged through her body and mind; she just leant over and kissed him so passionately on his lips. What an unsuspecting fool! His body reacted immediately to this erotic administration; he felt his thick cock swell quickly in his tight pants. Oh, wow, this bitch is unbelievably hot he thought to himself, and he felt he was definitely going to get his thick throbbing cock somewhere hot, wet, and wild tonight. Poor man, really he had no idea just how all his silly uncomplicated dreams were about to get confused and distorted. He'd never be quite the same again after this night of twisted lust.

She watched as the drug in her lipstick slowly took its effect on him. Yes, his eyes had become glassy, and that was always the sign she was looking for, so she reached out and took his hand firmly in her and dragged him away with her. She led him to the male toilets. In they both walked, she pushed him into the large toilet cubicle. She took out the injection she had prepared and administered it to him without him even being even really aware of what was happening to him.

She pinched her nipples again, yes that felt so good, she felt the power and sexual energy surge through her again. She lifted her dress, she wore no panties [they just got in the way], and she sat down on the edge of the seat ready for the delights to begin. Now the drug was taking its effect on his body and mind. He was feeling so horny, unnaturally so, and she looked so good, what could he do to make her happy?

He just wanted to make her happy! She smiled at him, "come over here my pet and feast yourself on my body, like a good boy!" she ordered. "See this hot and wet pussy, it's all yours but you must be a good boy and lick me until I come! No sopping until I tell you to stop or you'll be punished."

She loved the way he stuck his tongue out. Ready to start before he'd even got to her hot tasty dripping pussy, and its hard as steel clit lay hidden behind it fleshy hood. She watched as he moved his face towards her raging pussy, she felt herself willing him to attack her and make her feel the joy of his obedience. When he came close enough she grabbed his hair roughly with both her hands and pushed his eager tongue into her drenching hot love tunnel.

As he got into the heat of her action, he used his lips and mouth to suck hard on her clit and to lick it roughly. What a good pet he was already, she patted his head to reward her compliant dog man. She told him where and how to lick her pussy, her lips, and to suck and nibble on her lower body. Like the pet he had become already he did what his mistress demanded. Sucking, licking, and being such a good little pet making sure she felt such wonderful sexual delights.

She could feel herself almost there, ready to cum. The cruelness surged in her, she dug her nails into her man dogs head, she twisted his ears, and screamed at him to go harder, she demand that he make her cum! As he grunted in pain with her cruelness, he never stopped his attentions on his mistresses body, he felt his cock throbbing, it was so hard it hurt, he was leaking pre-cum uncontrollably, it was dripping from his cock, but still his mind was firmly dedicated to her pleasure not his own.

It was upon her, her orgasm was as intense as it should be; this was the ultimate pleasure for her, with the first surge of powerful lust washing over her. The orgasm's under-toe was dragging her under the water of pleasures, known to those who possess another for their own desires, she held her breath as her mind and body convulsed and the new pet continued to administer his oral delights until she ordered him to stop.

Her mind was delighted with the results of her recent conquest. He had already proved himself to be such a good boy for her. She looked at him; you may now lick my arse while you play with your cock. I will tell you when you may cum.

He ran his tongue around her arsehole, licking gently and carefully, making her feel the teasing nature of his lust filled but delicate tongue tickling of her butt. She found this a new kind of experience; this pet was definitely a new delight. It was such a relaxing pleasure, his caressing of her arsehole with his tongue. He was slowly put vigorously playing with his throbbing hard cock. The pressure in his balls was wonderful, he could feel a volcano of cum about to explode out of his cock. He drilled his tongue into her arsehole. She yelled at him to cum now!

He squirted his cum everywhere. His mind finally relaxed a little. He looked up at her with his adoring and compliant eyes. He knew there was more to come in his new life.

She instructed him about how to get to his new home with her. He dressed himself and drove to his new home. When he arrived she was waiting for him. After he was inside the home, she directed him into a special room. She knew the drugs she had administered would start to wear off soon, so she took this opportunity to cement her domination over his behaviour and desires. He was told to lie down on the couch and to relax; she then hypnotized him, and administered another injection. The combination would ensure his pliant subjugation for the period she required his services as a pet.

A period of dominant training was now required. This was the next phase of her control over him. She ordered him to come over to her as the pet man dog he was, so that she could place a collar around his neck. That done, it was now time for her to become the fucker (yes she loved this twist!).

She ordered him to remove all his clothing. The training would begin now with her special toy. She thought about the pleasure she was about to get from using her special toy to train her pet; the special strapped thin vibrator on one side and with a short thick vibrator with clit stimulator for her side.

She needed to get herself more in the mood, so to ready herself she called her pet over to lick her pussy. He was informed that he must be gentle and careful not to be too rough. After a few minutes of his tonguing her, she was warm and moist and ready for the fun to really start.

She stood up, patted her pets head, and said to him, "you're a lucky boy tonight, I'm going to ride you like the fuck puppet you are, and you will learn that like all good pets you must do what you are told to, and do whatever I need to make sure your owner enjoys herself. Do you understand me, my pet?" He nodded his head and licked his lips.

She looked at his penis, it was hard and throbbing. She smiled at him, and strapped herself into the double sided toy she used to train her new pets. She had used lots of lubricant to make sure it slipped on comfortably to her, and once in position, she then switched on her side of the toy. The pleasure coursed through her, and now she was ready to take control of her pet.

She ordered him to take up his dog position, with his arse in clear view for her to see. Next she applied lots of lube to his butt and over the vibrator cock she was waving around near his arse. Then she moved towards him with obvious intent, and rubbed the tip of the vibrator around his inviting butt hole. He made whining noises as he moved his arse backwards, trying to push the vibrator inside himself. "What a bad boy you are, trying to get your arse full of my cock before I'm ready, you're a very greedy little man dog, you should be a good boy for me!" she scolded him. With the tip on his arsehole against her vibrator cock, she pushed forward, he felt her enter him and take control of his body.

Once she had the vibrator inside him, she instructed him to do exactly as he was told for her, and she explained that he was about to get exactly what he deserved as her pet for the good licking he had given her earlier in the night. Slowly she began to fuck his arse. Then as she got a rhythm going she began to get rougher. To completely control her pet she reached around his belly and grabbed his cock.

She dug her nails into his foreskin and dragged her nails cruelly back along his hard and throbbing cock. Her pet had never experienced such pain or anything quite like this before! He was howling and yapping, as she attacked his rock hard cock that was dripping with pre-cum, and she continued to hammer him in his arse with her vibrating cock. She knew it wouldn't take long before her pet would be letting his seed fly everywhere.

In her hand, she could feel his cock continue to swell, as she administered more rough attention on his quivering cock. He didn't know what to do, he was pinned from moving too much by the delightful pleasure he was receiving from the vibrator moving in and out of his arse. But the unbelievable pain on his cock was just too much for his mind to cope with for long. It was so terrible and yet he couldn't wait for her to give him more.

The pleasure and pain merged together into a concert of ecstasy. He started to make grunting noises as his cock began to throb and swell ready for its eruption, as he entered that period just before he was about to shot his load of cum. Then he felt his cock spray everywhere.

She felt her pets cum spray all over her hand, and she felt herself cum too, as she pinched her nipples and felt the control of this new pet reaching his pinnacle of attachment to cruel lust. He was hers now. She knew he would crave the pain, and would do anything she asked of him to get his butt fucking with her special toy. As slowly as she could she removed the vibrator from his arse, every now and then she'd push it in again, teasing him, making him suffer in delightful over indulgence of post orgasm pleasure.

When she had removed it, she stood there looking down at him. He came over to her and began to licked her feet as she stood there not saying a word. He started licking up her legs, but she told him to be a good boy. So he went back to licking her feet.

What a great pet he would make for her and her friends. He would now enter a period of his life dedicated to servicing his mistress and her friends. And no matter how abused he might be, in the end he would be a good little man dog, and do what he was told as her pet. He would mount whatever needed his cock, and he would be fucked by whoever needed that to get them off. Yes it's what a pet must do to satisfy his beautiful but cruel owner. He had a drink of water from his bowl and then settled down in his bed on the floor, until he was needed again to keep his mistress happy.

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