tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDottie's Back Ch. 01

Dottie's Back Ch. 01


My thanks go out to Earl Grey for his assistance with editing this story.

This is a continuation of the "Sissy Hubby" series. To fully comprehend this story, the "Sissy Hubby" series should be read first.

As always, your votes and comments are appreciated.


Four weeks had passed since my first blowjob party. In that time, I had become obsessed with getting implants. The concept of being tit-fucked and wearing deep-cut tops without being concerned about the distinct line between my flesh and the fake boobs had become a constant fantasy of mine. After begging and whining to both Stacy and Kim for the past month, they tired of my complaining and consented to make an appointment with a doctor.

Time passed slowly until the day of the appointment finally arrived. Stacy had spoken with the doctor on several occasions and decided to join me for the first visit. We sat in the small sterile examination room in silence, my mind running wild with the knowledge of what was about to occur. A soft knock on the door sent a shiver of excitement up my spine. Dr. Mindy entered the room and graciously greeted Stacy as if they were old friends. She turned and introduced herself to me with the caring bedside manner seen only in the movies.

The exam proceeded quickly, she snapped on rubber gloves and lowered my gown to my lap. My current breast forms removed and she examined the skin on my chest. I was then asked to completely disrobe and rise to my feet, posing in different positions as she and Stacy decided how big of boobs the frame of my body could support. A decision was made to first implant a B-cup to stretch the skin, after a few weeks a large C-cup would be permanently inserted.

Dr. Mindy then asked me to lay back on the table as she positioned my feet into the stirrups. Without the slightest hint of shock, she unhooked my 'clitty' from the hot pink plug in my 'pussy' and withdrew the plug. I felt so vulnerable and exposed, I now completely understood why Stacy loathed her annual check-up at the Gynecologist. After a thorough quick exam of my 'clitty' and 'pussy', Dr. Mindy stood up and announced that she was finished.

Stacy stood near the door and spoke quietly with my doctor and I got dressed. Pills were prescribed to enhance my nipples. I also overheard a hushed discussion between the two of them regarding hormone therapy. When the doctor had left the room, I bent over against the exam table and Stacy hooked my 'clitty' back onto my plug. I then stood and faced her as she applied the adhesive to my breast forms and positioned them back onto my chest. At the front desk, Stacy scheduled my surgery for the following week, and collected the several prescriptions Dr. Mindy had written.

Stacy and I left the office together and I accompanied her to her car. She grinned at me as she pulled out of the parking lot. I stood on the sidewalk and waved as she drove off to return to work. When her car was out of sight, I strutted through the lot on the way to my bright red Civic. A single thought occupied my mind during the short walk: I will have REAL boobs! I couldn't remember ever being so excited about anything before.

I felt a warm breeze blow up my thighs and reached back to hold my short, purple and white checked skirt down. A bright white thong kept my 'clitty' and plug hidden. When the wind died down, I released my skirt. Reaching up to my chest, I adjusted the matching suspenders to lie on either side of my imitation boobs. My tight white crop top further emphasized my braless tits while leaving the majority of my stomach exposed. 5-inch purple platform heels completed the outfit.

Walking through the parking lot, trying to remember where I parked, I felt men staring at me as I wandered aimlessly until I finally found my bright red Civic. As I opened the door, I heard a man shout behind me, "Looking good sweetie, looking very good!"

I turned to see an average looking, middle aged man in a suit staring at me with the well-known look of lust in his eyes. I smiled a wicked smile and waved to him, my arm up high enough to expose more of my midriff and raise my skirt enough to flash him a glimpse of my panties. His jaw fell and a look of shock covered his face. I smiled even brighter as I was reminded of how easy it is to get a rise out of a man, and his pants were definitely rising. I briefly considered approaching him and introducing myself, but was dying to get to Kim's house and tell her about my upcoming surgery. While driving out of the parking lot, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw him watching me leave, holding his briefcase over his groin.

I could hardly contain my excitement on the drive home. Vivid memories of the days since the first blowjob party occupied my brain. Each day had a similar schedule.

The early morning hours were spent running through my neighborhood and at an aerobics class at a nearby gym. Then back home to clean up and get ready for the day. Stacy still chooses the clothing I wear each day and I am never disappointed in her decision.

Kim's house was my next stop, after some small talk, I would strip naked and she would give me my daily cleansing douche. What happened next varied from day to day: sometimes we would go shopping, other days she would tease me relentlessly and not allow me to cum, still other days I would play with my 'clitty' in front of her until I came and then feast upon my own cream.

My early afternoons were spent at home doing chores around the house. Jerry, the 18 year old boy from next door stopped by a few times each week at around 3:30. His visits had become a ritual after I boldly invited him in for a drink on his way home from school one day. I knew his parents didn't arrive home until 5:30 and was in dire need of a cock in my mouth. I began flirting with him the second he passed the threshold. He is so cute! He is about 5'8", couldn't weigh more than 130 lbs, and is a textbook nerd. His dark brown hair is always parted to the right and he looks at the ground when he walks.

I was on my knees before him in 10 minutes. His cock is bent to the right, probably from jerking off so much. It is the perfect size and slides down my throat so easily. I discovered quickly he loves to have his balls sucked on and is never disappointed when his cock shoots its creamy load onto my face. During the second week of his visits, he asked my permission (he is too cute!) to bring a friend along to "meet" me. Jerry and Brian were outside my door, right on time the following day. With their help, I am perfecting my blowjob skills and have found I give one hell of a hand job!

At 5:30, Stacy would arrive home and we would enjoy dinner together. After I had cleaned up the kitchen, we did whatever she had planned. Some nights it was as simple as sitting around the house watching a movie. Other nights she would invite guests over for me to entertain. Most of the time, these guests would be men. I would shift from man to man, offering my mouth to them. Technically, I am still a virgin. Stacy does not believe I am ready for a man to penetrate me.

Stacy would occasionally invite over a group of women, I would obediently lap at their pussies and little brown holes. By the end of evenings like these, Stacy would equip each of them with a strap-on and they would take turns fucking my 'pussy' and mouth.

One memorable evening, Kim and Stacy had arranged a party; six couples attended. I served drinks and snacks while wearing four and half inch black heels, white thigh-high stockings with black & white checked bows on the front of each, a tiny black & white checked skirt with an attached white apron, a matching black & white checked, off-the-shoulder top that left my midriff exposed and a little hat which wasn't more that a piece of matching material that tied under my hair.

Half-way through the party, Kim sent me to the backyard. On a patio chair, a young woman sat with her legs spread wide, her skirt was bunched up around her waist as she diddled her clit. I knew what was expected of me; I squatted between her thighs as she smiled down at me. Without hesitation, I took her clit between my lips and gently sucked and nibbled on it until she came violently. As she stood up to leave, another woman took her place. I spent the next two hours on my knees gorging myself on all of the attending women.

As the sixth lady left, Stacy stepped out to see how I was holding up. She found me with juices covering my face and dripping from my chin. She must have known my jaw could take no more and escorted back inside. Upon entering our living room, I found all of the women seated around the room. The men stood in a tight circle surrounding a chair on a plastic tarp, their pants were open and they were all masturbating themselves. Stacy led me to the center of the circle and sat me onto the chair. Each man took their turn straddling my thighs as I jacked them off. After they had achieved their orgasm, they would take a seat next to their mate. When the sixth man had sat down my face and hair was covered with their milky loads. That was a night I will never forget.

My attention was drawn to the rearview mirror by flashing red, blue and white lights. Shit! I pulled onto a completely deserted side street and withdrew my proof of insurance and registration from the glove box. Nervously I extracted my wallet from my purse and reached for my driver's license. Oh my gawd! The picture on my license was of my former male self!

I was stuffing the license back into my wallet when a knock on my window nearly made me jump out of my skin. Looking up at the police officer, I rolled down my window. "Hello officer, did I do something wrong?" I asked innocently while looking up at his sunglasses with my best 'little girl eyes'.

"You ran a stop light back there. I'll need to see your license, registration and proof of insurance." He replied in that condescending tone they must teach at police school.

Realizing my old name is on both the registration and insurance papers, I discreetly try to slip them out of his sight. "Um, I think I lost them."

"Well, Miss, if that's the case then we have a problem." He says as he lowers his chin and peers at me over his sunglasses.

"I promise I won't do it again," I say batting my eyelashes and glancing at his significant bulge.

"I can't let you off with only a warning. You could have caused a major accident back there." His eyes wander down to my chest, then to my thighs.

"Isn't there some way we can work this out?" I mischievously ask while blatantly staring at his groin then slowly raising my line of sight up to his face. He looks to be in incredible shape, the muscles of his thighs and chest nearly burst through his uniform. He had rugged good looks and could be a poster boy for the police recruiting office.

"Exactly what are you implying, ma'am?" A smug grin spreads across his face; his vision is locked onto my chest.

"Oh I'm not implying anything! I just thought there might be a way to keep this a secret between just us two." Once again batting my eyelids and grinning, wondering if I should just reach out and grab his cock through his pants.

He bends over and glances from the passengers to the back seat, looks right into my wide-open eyes and smiles a toothy smile. "What do you have in mind?"

Blushing a little as I whisper, "My mouth is good for other things besides talking." I let this comment linger in the air while watching his reaction. He went from wide-eyed shock to a knowing grin.

These must have been the words he was waiting to hear. Without a single word, he glanced back at his car, then opened my door and took my hand. He led me down a nearby alley between two dumpsters. Grabbing a large flattened cardboard box from one of the dumpsters, he placed it on the ground. I stepped onto the box and thanked him for thinking of me. He smiled as he placed his hands on my shoulders and guided me onto my knees.

I reached up and unbuckled his belt and pants. Once my fingers were on the zipper, I opened my eyes as wide as I could and raised my head slightly until I could see his face. Slowly I unzipped his pants and tugged them down. Being careful with my fingernails, I hooked my index fingers into his boxer shorts, pulled them out in the front to clear his cock, then down.

I lowered my vision for the first time to see his cock; considering the bulge it produced in his pants, it was of a surprisingly average size. The head was large and almost a purple color. His balls hung low in their sack and were the size of walnuts. I lied to him, "Oh my, you are HUGE!"

A look of arrogance appeared on his face and I knew he was thinking, "I know I am, baby."

Placing my hands on his thighs, feeling his leg muscles tense they rose closer to their goal. I cupped his balls in one of my small hands and wrapped the other around the base of his cock. My touch alone seemed to arouse him, his cock stiffened in my grasp. I aimed it at my mouth, then opened wide and slowly moved toward it.

Sticking out my tongue, I licked the underside of its head. Tightening my grip around the base, I took over half of it in my warm, moist mouth. Sliding off and back down again, all the while staring up into his eyes. I gently fondled his balls with my fingertips, while enjoying his musky manly taste.

The officer's precum started flowing rather quickly, from my experience I knew he wasn't going to last for long. The precum tasted salty and was thick.

I have found that each man's cum tastes a little different; some are salty and others are almost sweet. Even the consistency differs from man to man, some are thin and oily others are thick and sticky. Personally, I prefer the less salty, thin loads of cum. I have found them to be easier to swallow; the thick ones tend to get caught in my throat. I have even gagged on occasion while trying to swallow a large, sticky mouthful of cum. Stacy caught that on videotape once; it was almost comical watching myself gagging and spitting up that creamy juice.

My officer placed his hands on my head, raised his chin and moaned, as he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. Relaxing my throat, I dove forward. Inch by inch, his cock disappeared into my mouth until my nose was nestled in his pubic hair.

His head snapped forward and eyes bulged open. "Holy crap!" he exclaimed.

I withdrew his cock until only the head rested on my tongue. "Mmm, Yummy!" I moaned.

Precum was now pouring out of his cock like a faucet. I tightened and relaxed my grip around the base of his cock, sucking on the head as hard as I could. It suddenly dawned on me that this was a police officer; he had a community to protect and serve!

I shifted gears and began to bob my face up and down on his cock as fast as I could. Releasing his cock and balls, I braced myself against his thighs. It took less than a minute before I felt the muscles in his legs tense up and his cock throb on my tongue.

He groaned, "Oh my gawd..."

His precum had caked up on my tongue and teeth and I wasn't even going to try to swallow this one. Leaning back on my feet and knees, I wrapped both hands around his cock and jacked him off while staring right at the head. I love to watch a cock shoot cum. The idea of me pleasuring a cock enough to make it erupt is a reward unlike anything I have ever known.

His cock throbbed hard in my hands and a few drops sort of leaked out. Even though it is always depressing when cum drips out, I didn't slow down a bit. His cock 'spit' out a little stream, which landed between my knees as his body almost went into a spasm. He was moaning and groaning loudly as the last two drips seeped out and clung to the head. I leaned forward and licked the small amount before it fell to the ground.

Was I ever right, his load was very thick with a strong pungent smell and a very salty, almost bitter taste. I gazed up at him and stuck out my tongue for him to see, then closed my mouth and scraped the sticky cream with my teeth and swallowed. He was staring at me as if he had never seen anyone swallow his cum. I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue, enjoying the mixed look of shock and amusement.

I noticed his nametag for the first time. "Thank you, Officer Shank."

Through pants for air he gasped, "That was amazing!"

Still slowly pulling on his cock, "It sure was. I didn't think I could even get my mouth around this monster." I found out early on that men love to hear how big their cocks are, and I have no problem stroking a man's ego.

I stood up and dusted off my knees and shoes while he got his pants and belt back on. During this time he kept complimenting me: my innocent eyes, my bright smile and of course my cock-sucking skills. We walked back to our cars and he opened my door like a true gentleman. Leaning over I touched-up my lips with lipstick, gloss and liner in the rearview mirror. He was once again bent over leaning against my door. He asked for my phone number, I teasingly turned him down. After almost begging for it, I asked if a police officer had access to that sort of information. He smiled as I started my car and drove off.

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