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Down Low Sisters in Hollywood


Welcome to the top secret A-List Parties organized by high-ranking members of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. We cater to beautiful women of all races, as long as they're Hollywood hit makers. Got to be a multi-millionaire just to be invited. These parties are for lesbians and bisexual women only. Absolutely no heterosexuals of either sex. We're really nothing new, just an old society that has had a face lift. In the old days of Hollywood, we catered to Lauren Bacall, Tallulah Bankhead, Janet Jackson and the likes of Pam Grier. Today we cater to the likes of Queen Latifah and Sharon Stone...and the many gorgeous and powerful women who follow in their golden footsteps. Tonight is an introduction party for some of the newest members of D.L.S.H. The top secret society known as the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. We're all about making A-List women's dreams come true.





Tonight's party takes place at a secret resort in the Caribbean. It is attended by the likes of Sanaa Lathan, one of Hollywood's most powerful African-American starlets. She is a tall, gorgeous Black woman who clearly needs no introductions. Sanaa Lathan is accompanied by her longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union, another gorgeous Black actress known by moviegoers around the world. Also present is Beyonce Knowles, a tall, golden brown African-American beauty who is a triple threat. In the world of music and hit movies, she's becoming a legend. And of course Alicia Keys, a sexy African-American singer and actress who's beloved by fans around the Globe. All four of these ladies are avowed bisexuals who keep their affairs with women secret because if the truth were to come out, it would damage their careers. The D.L.S.H. is about more than juicy hookups. It's about making these ladies dreams come true. Tonight's Dream Come True Bash has two guests of honor. Two very sexy ladies that only we could bring together. Hollywood superstar and living legend Charlize Theron, a tall, alabaster-skinned and golden-haired lady from South Africa and Serena Williams, a tall and gorgeous Black female athlete. The undisputed Queen of the Women's Professional Tennis. Recently ranked World Number One after ousting an uppity European chick who dared stand in her way.

Unbeknownst to their adoring public is the fact that Serena Williams and Charlize Theron are gayer than a two-dollar bill. Oh, the former is often see with the rapper/actor Common and the latter is often seen with has-been British actor Stuart Townsend. But that's just for show. A lot of wealthy women in Hollywood show up at movie industry events with good-looking men on their arms. Most of these women are actually sleeping with their female assistants and personal trainers. And the public never catches on. For example, Alicia Keys sexuality has come into question, mostly in the Black community. To stop the rumors, she began showing up at music and movie industry events with a certain good-looking guy and she's outright lied about their relationship. Behind closed doors, Alicia Keys sees more pussy in one week than a gynecologist does in a year. And we are not exaggerating. The famous rapper/actress Queen Latifah is clearly a butch lesbian to anyone with half a brain. Since coming out of the closet is never a good idea for Black celebrities, Queen Latifah started dressing more feminine and showing up at industry events with male company. Naturally, many people aren't fooled. Queen Latifah couldn't care less. Behind closed doors, she's banging her personal trainer, her maid and her gardener. All of whom happen to be gorgeous young women who do very little 'real' work. Yeah, Hollywood's A-List female celebrities have deeply secretive lifestyles.

Tonight, Serena Williams and Charlize Theron are having a steamy hookup. Every member of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood has to have sex with at least one woman in the Sisterhood right in front of all the others. That way her secret is known to all. Just as she will know the secrets of all of them. The Sisterhood's way of maintaining balance between the women and keeping all of these gorgeous ladies honest. Serena Williams and Charlize Theron come from different worlds. One hails from the steamy, politically evolving and ever-changing world of South Africa. The other hails from Compton, California. One of the toughest cities in North America. A place that really requires no introduction, yet has produced more Black celebrities than almost any other city on the Coast. How did these two ladies meet? At an industry event. Their eyes met and without a word being spoken, the attraction was mutual. A mutual friend introduced them to the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. The rest, as they say, was history.

Let's watch these two tall, gorgeous ladies do their thing, shall we? Charlize Theron looks at Serena Williams, and smiles coyly. Serena looks at the tall, golden beauty that is Charlize Theron and licks her lips. Like a lot of butch Black lesbians, Serena has a thing for tall and sexy, ultra-feminine white women.

Not something you'd hear her admit, even to herself. Charlize Theron looks at Serena Williams, and the gorgeous white woman from South Africa likes what she sees. Growing up, Charlize Theron had always felt attracted to tall Black women but in Apartheid-era South Africa, interracial relationships were frowned upon. And even today, gays and lesbians mostly kept their business to themselves in South Africa. Being in the public eye, Charlize Theron kept her lust for Black women to herself. Sometimes she discreetly hooked up with a Black chick at her home, but that was a rare occasion. Well, tonight she was about to get a tasty treat. The gorgeous Black chick she was hooking up with was none other than her crush, Serena Williams. The tough-as-nails, exotically gorgeous, occasionally mean but always sexy Serena Williams.

Serena Williams looked at Charlize Theron, and felt her pussy get wet. She was almost salivating at the thought of hooking up with the woman she secretly thought of as her White Goddess. She walked up to Charlize Theron and, after a brief hesitation, she kissed her. Charlize Theron felt a slight electric shock as Serena's sexy lips pressed against her own. She wrapped her arms around the woman she secretly thought of as a Black Amazon and kissed her passionately. The other women gathered around the room/makeshift arena hooted and hollered. Charlize and Serena began undressing each other. Each marveled at the other's body. Charlize Theron ran her hands all over Serena Williams sexy form. She found the tall, large-breasted and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman to be sexy as hell. Serena moaned in pleasure as Charlize cupped her breasts and began feeling on her big round butt. Charlize got more aggressive and began fingering Serena's pussy.

Serena Williams simply let herself go and the two of them got on the bed, and started doing their thing. Charlize noticed that Serena was surprisingly passive. She had watched the Black woman on the tennis court countless times and thought Serena would be all intensity in bed. She commented on that. Serena laughed and said that she was completely submissive in bed. Charlize grinned, and told Serena she wouldn't mind dominating her. She'd always dreamed of dominating a strong Black woman in the bedroom. And now she got to dominate Serena Williams. Many a lesbian's wet dream. Amazing! She whispered something into Serena's ear and to her surprise, Serena agreed to try it! What did Charlize Theron have in mind? She wanted to play Dungeon Mistress and Submissive, interracial lesbian style. Serena Williams, an avowed submissive with kinky tendencies, definitely wanted to play. Both of these ladies are tall, gorgeous and talented, wealthy women. Neither felt any shame or fear about playing a game of dominance and submission. It was just a sexy game between equals.

Let the fun really begin. Charlize Theron sat on the bed, the very image of a dominant White mistress, while Serena Williams knelt before her, the very image of a submissive Black woman. Serena Williams began sucking on Charlize Theron's toes while Charlize fingered her own pussy. She was already wet, so turned on by the sight of Serena Williams kneeling before her. Hot damn. Charlize had always dreamed of this and now her all-time favorite fantasy was coming true. Serena sucked on Charlize's toes like her life depended on it. Charlized spread her creamy white legs wider and asked Serena to lick her pussy. Well, that's exactly what Serena wanted all along. She began licking Charlize's sweet pussy. Licking and fingering her, Serena had Charlize moaning her name in several languages. Charlize leaned back and relaxed as Serena licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. In no time, she made Charlize cum. The white woman from South Africa squealed in delight as she came, squirting hot girly cum all over the face of her favorite Black Amazon...Serena eagerly licked every drop of Charlize hot cum. Then she kissed her. Charlize pulled Serena into her arms and kissed her, tasting herself on the sexy Black woman's lips.



The two sexy women looked at each other and then continued their erotically charged games, to the delight of the assembled women of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Charlize asked Serena to get on all fours, face down and ass up. Serena was all too happy to oblige her. Charlize began to spank Serena's big Black ass, loving the way the Black woman's spectacular butt cheeks jiggled as she smacked them. Serena yelped, but laughed a second later. Charlize laughed, then took out her strap-on dildo for some fun. She pressed the dildo against Serena's pussy lips. With a swift thrust, she penetrated her. Serena grinned as Charlize's dildo entered her. It felt so damn good. Charlize held Serena's hips and thrust into her. Serena completely surrendered to Charlize, and begged her to fuck her roughly. Charlize didn't need to be told twice. She slammed the dildo deep inside Serena's pussy and grabbed hold of Serena's long, deeply artificial hair as she fucked her. Serena yelped as Charlize pulled on her expensive weave while slamming the dildo deep inside of her. Hot damn. Charlize was definitely a bossy dame and she liked rough sex. What more could a sexy submissive like Serena ask for?




Charlize spanked Serena's big Black ass and fucked her hard with the dildo while pulling on her fake hair. She got a wonderful idea while watching Serena's awesome ass cheeks bouncing to and fro as she got fucked by her dildo. Charlize pulled the dildo out of Serena's pussy and the Black sportswoman gasped in protest. Charlize told her to relax, then grabbed Serena's big butt cheeks, spreading them wide open.

She pressed the dildo against Serena's asshole. Serena's eyes widened when she felt Charlize's dildo against her anus. She turned to look into Charlize's face. Charlize's beautiful face was stern, and she told Serena she was going to fuck her in the ass. Although she'd submitted sexually to many of Hollywood and the sports world's sexiest closeted women, from Maria Sharapova to Lady Gaga, Serena had never allowed another woman to fuck her in the ass. And now that's exactly what Charlize was asking of her. Serena swallowed hard, and nodded. Charlize grinned, and patted Serena's big ass gently. Then she pushed the dildo into the world-famous Black female athlete's tight asshole.




Charlize Theron held Serena Williams wide hips tightly as she eased the dildo into her asshole. She sensed that Serena was an anal virgin and she had to proceed with caution. Charlize recalled how she lost her virginity during a steamy hook-up with Lisaraye McCoy, a gorgeous Black actress she met while visiting some friends in Atlanta, Georgia. Lisaraye McCoy was a close friend of Charlize's friend Will Smith. In fact, he introduced them. Lisaraye was something else. A dominant Black lady with a penchant for white women. She bent Charlize over and spanked her white ass before fucking her mouth, pussy and asshole with her strap-on dildo. Charlize enjoyed surrendering to Lisaraye. And now she enjoys dominating Serena Williams. She thrust the dildo deep into Serena's asshole. The Black female athlete squealed as Charlize's dildo filled her tight asshole. Charlize laughed and spanked Serena's ass while sliding the dildo deep into her booty hole. Truth be told, Serena's squeals and screams were music to Charlize's ears. She fucked Serena harder, loving the fact that she was completely dominating a strong Black woman who seemed like a dominant goddess in the minds of millions of women and men around the globe.



Serena Williams simply lay there and took it, face down and ass up. Charlize Theron's big dildo filled her asshole. Serena couldn't believe she was letting some white chick fuck her in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Oh, she'd submitted to many women of diverse races before. Queen Latifah once tied her up and fisted her pussy before urinating on her and making her drink it. Sanaa Lathan made her lick her asshole. However, Serena had never allowed another woman to butt-fuck her before. This was definitely a first. And what a first it was! She was getting fucked in the ass by Charlize Theron, her secret crush, and one of the sexiest women in the world. She relaxed and enjoyed, completely surrendering to the hot, strong woman who was fucking the living daylights out of her ass. Serena realized her own pussy was wet as hell, so turned on was she by what Charlize was doing to her. She fingered her pussy while getting fucked in the ass. It felt so damn good. She came moments later, shouting in sheer pleasure as hot girly cum oozed out of her pussy.




Once Charlize heard Serena's orgasmic screams, she pulled the dildo out of her asshole. Flipping Serena onto her back, she spread the Black woman's thick, sexy thighs and began licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Serena moaned in pleasure as Charlize ate her out. It was so much fun. Afterwards, the two women embraced passionately. The other women of the Down Low Sisterhood cheered them on. One of the most powerful members of the Sisterhood, the inimitable Whoopi Goldberg officially welcomed Charlize Theron and Serena Williams into the secret society. They were given golden bracelets signifying their eternal allegiance to the Sisterhood and the wealth of pleasures it would bring them. Then the ladies celebrated the new inductees by having a massive orgy. It was definitely one for the ages.

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