tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 18

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 18


Welcome to the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, folks. Tonight, we have a bevy of multicultural beauties just for you. Serena Williams has abdicated her throne as Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood because of her extraordinarily busy schedule. She simply can't be in two places at once. Her fight to hold onto the Number One Spot in the world of Women's Professional Tennis is more important to her. The new Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood is Serena Williams very own best friend and lover, Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron.

The tall, blonde-haired and absolutely sexy alabaster goddess from South Africa has declared that she will continue Serena Williams policies of a racially inclusive Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Gone are the ways of the past. Charlize Theron's first order of business is to recruit new ladies. The Recruiters brought a list of sexy powerhouses before her. Women from the worlds of business, politics, music, education, science, movies and politics. Queen Charlize Theron picked the best and brightest. First and foremost there is Michelle Obama. The first Black woman to become First Lady of the United States of America. This is going to be a very fantastic initiation.
Charlize Theron has been having a lot of fun since Serena Williams officially gave up her Crown and relinquished her title as Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood. For her sexual amusement, she has been sampling the new recruits. By far, the most fun she had was with Zoe Saldana, the sexy young Black actress who dazzled the world in movies like Star Trek and Avatar. Zoe Saldana was a closet lesbian who had a thing for White chicks.

This made her the perfect plaything for Charlize Theron. Zoe Saldana liked to be completely dominated. And this was right up Charlize Theron's alley. She ordered Zoe to get naked, then bent the shapely young Black woman over her knee to spank her. With swift strokes of her hands, Charlize spanked Zoe Saldana's big butt really hard. Zoe squealed as Charlize spanked her. Charlize laughed. The sound of a Black woman screaming was music to her ears.
Later, Charlize Theron whipped out her belt. Tying Zoe Saldana's hands and feet with thick steel chains, the sexy White woman from South Africa proceeded to whip the African-American starlet. Zoe screamed as she felt Charlize Theron's belt hitting her back, her thighs, her ass and even her face. Charlize fingered her own pussy as she whipped Zoe. Hot damn she was turned on.

To top things off, she took out her strap-on dildo and thrust it into Zoe Saldana's pussy. The sexy Black woman from the Dominican Republic howled as Charlize Theron began fucking her roughly with the strap-on dildo. Charlize spanked Zoe Saldana's shapely ass as she fucked her cunt with the dildo. Then she flipped Zoe Saldana on her back and raised her legs in the air. Without a word, Charlize began fingering Zoe Saldana's asshole while drilling her pussy with the dildo.
Zoe Saldana begged Charlize Theron to fuck her in the ass. Never one to resist a sexually submissive Black woman, Charlize Theron lubricated Zoe's asshole and then pushed the dildo inside. Slowly, Charlize worked her strap-on dildo into Zoe's supple asshole. Clearly the young Black woman was no stranger to anal sex. Holding Zoe Saldana's hips tightly, Charlize Theron began fucking her in the ass. Zoe Saldana licked her lips as Charlize Theron fucked her ass with the dildo. Anal sex was Zoe Saldana's favorite thing in the world.

Charlize grabbed hold of Zoe Saldana's long hair and yanked her head back while fucking her ass with the dildo. She fucked the young Black woman until she came and begged for mercy. Afterwards, Charlize made Zoe kneel before her and clean the dildo with her tongue. Then she dismissed her. Zoe Saldana left the room, feeling abased but more alive than ever. Charlize Theron watched Zoe Saldana leave. Just like an obedient slut, she did as she was told. Charlize loved that in a Black woman.
Unlike her gorgeous African-American predecessor, Charlize Theron likes to micro-manage and she feels that her new recruits merit individual attention. One lady at a time. That's her rule. So she handled them that way. First, she handled the sexy and absolutely regal Michelle Obama. The most envied Black woman in the world stood naked before Charlize Theron, showing her every inch of her beautiful self. Charlize smiled at Michelle, and gestured for her to come to her.

Smiling, Michelle Obama walked up to Charlize. The two sexy ladies sat together on the couch and Charlize asked Michelle to tell her about her fantasies. What Michelle revealed amazed Charlize. As the embodiment of the Strong Black Woman Archetype in America, Michelle had a lot to live up to. And this thoroughly frustrated the bisexual gal's desires. Simply put, Michelle Obama has a submissive side and she feels guilty and conflicted about it.
Charlize Theron smiled kindly at Michelle Obama and told her that there was nothing wrong with a strong Black woman having submissive desires. All human beings, regardless of race or gender, had both a dominant and a submissive side. Michelle nodded. Charlize asked Michelle if she would feel comfortable submitting to a White woman. The First Lady smiled and said she thought about it many times but could never go through with it.

Charlize Theron told her she was the world's foremost White dominatrix and an expert in the practice of race play. Growing up in the Republic of South Africa, Charlize Theron had many Black female servants in her household. She was an expert in Black female psychology and domination. Michelle Obama was quite impressed. And she told Charlize she wanted to give this whole interracial lesbian submission thing a try. Charlize grinned broadly. This was going to be so much fun.
First, Charlize Theron ordered Michelle Obama to kneel before her. Nothing can make a strong Black woman feel submissive quite like the act of kneeling before a White woman. Hesitantly, Michelle Obama complied. Smiling, Charlize Theron began to explain her new condition to Michelle. Charlize declared herself Michelle's superior in every way and Michelle acknowledged this. To prove her fealty, she began sucking on Charlize's toes. Charlize smiled to herself and fingered her pussy as Michelle sucked her toes.
The sight of this strong Black woman on her knees, sucking on a White woman's toes was enough to get Charlize Theron's pussy really wet.

When she deemed Michelle's toe sucking unsatisfactory, she smacked the Black woman hard across the face. Twice. Michelle blinked in surprise. Charlize smiled wickedly and told her that when her female submissives didn't do exactly as they were told, they got punished. And Charlize liked to punish her rebellious female submissives harshly. Michelle nodded understandingly, and promised Charlize she wouldn't displease her again. Charlize smiled and rubbed Michelle's head affectionately.
Afterwards, Charlize Theron spread her creamy White thighs and ordered Michelle Obama to give her pink pussy a good licking. Michelle eagerly dove between Charlize's legs and began licking her pussy. Charlize closed her eyes and tried to enjoy what Michelle was doing to her. This was absolutely fucking fantastic. Michelle was really good at licking and fingering pussy. In no time she made Charlize cum. Charlize squealed in delight as she exploded orgasmically.

Thrilled beyond measure at what Michelle had done for her, Charlize was quite eager to return the favor. She spread Michelle's sexy thighs and began licking the Black woman's pussy like her life depended on it. Michelle ran her hands through Charlize's long blonde hair and moaned in pleasure as the South African woman went down on her. Charlize fingered Michelle's asshole while licking and fingering her cunt. And Michelle absolutely loved it.
Charlize took out her strap-on dildo, and Michelle eagerly got on all fours, ready to get fucked. Charlize playfully spanked Michelle's big ass, then gently bit into it. Michelle laughed. Charlize spread Michelle's big Black ass cheeks wide open and pressed her dildo against the Black woman's asshole. Gently, she eased it inside. Michelle grimaced as Charlize's dildo penetrated her. Holding Michelle's sexy hips tightly, Charlize thrust the dildo into the Black woman's asshole.

Michelle winced as Charlize's dildo went deeper inside her asshole. Hot damn. Michelle hadn't been fucked like that in a long time. Charlize grabbed hold of her long hair and yanked her head back while slamming the dildo up her asshole. Michelle screamed. Charlize laughed. Face down and big ass up, that's the way the South African chick likes to fuck her Black women. She smacked Michelle's big ass, loving the way it bounced as she rammed her dildo into the Black woman's booty hole.
Charlize Theron fucked Michelle Obama for a good while, then pulled out. She smiled as she noticed that Michelle's formerly tight asshole was now a gaping hole. She spat inside her asshole, then turned the sexy Black woman around. Charlize ordered Michelle to suck the dildo, right after fucking her ass with it. Obediently Michelle sucked the dildo, tasting her ass on it. Charlize smiled to herself, pleased beyond measure at how docile and obedient Michelle had become. Good.

Afterwards, the two sexy ladies showered together. Michelle returned to her life and Charlize went back to ruling the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Charlize's reign was only beginning, and she intended to recruit many sexy ladies of all colors into the Sisterhood. It's more than just her job as reigning Queen. You can call it her new mission in this life.

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