Drop On By


A Placebo slash fic by elegantdildo.


"Always stays the same, nothing ever changes,
English summer rain, seems to last for ages"

The sweet, hypnotic voice of Brian wafted throughout the massive crowd-bloated stadium, clearly drowning out the heavy distortion of the instruments being played. I don't know if was just the intensity of performing in front of 16,000 screaming fans, or the satisfying aftershocks you feel after rocking the mob silly… then starting all over again, but there was just something about tonight's performance that seemed to heighten my senses into unfamiliar territory; it was overwhelming. Probably our best performance yet. And there was just something euphoric about performing this particular song; the scattered, pop-electronica inspired beats, the blinding, sprinkled disco-like lighting, and of course that beautiful impish sex God whining into the mike on my left. I really wanted to glance over at Brian, but I didn't dare to break my concentration on my bass. Besides, just the sight of that soft, pallid body would be enough for me to drop my guitar and sigh into the microphone in awe.

"I'm in the basement; you're in the sky,
I'm in the basement baby, drop on by"

Jesus, was that a subtle invitation? I chewed my bottom lip on frustration, trying my goddamn hardest not to look over at him. I hardly had been able to keep my eyes off him throughout the whole performance. He just looked so ludicrously sexy; a true pleasantry to the eye. He knew it too. And the fact that he was dripping in perspiration made him appear even more stunning. Maybe just quick glance… I whipped my head sideways, catching site of him. He was absorbed in working the sampler; moving his small body in measure with the beats. Gorgeousness.

Impulsively gliding over across the stage to the direction, I passed him and stopped at the opposite side of the table, towering over his small frame. He glanced up at me, piercing me with those bright green kohl lined eyes, whilst still pressed the buttons. God, I wanted him so much right now. The lights shining down from the ceiling brought out his best features; ridiculously long, thick eyelashes and tantalizing fleshy ruby lips. God, how I wanted to taste those lips on my tongue.

Still gazing up at me, heavily lidded, he stopped working the sampler and fumbled for the cigarette from the ashtray. Eyes still locked on mine, he took the smoke between his thumb and index finger, and brought the tip to his reddened lips. My eyes darkened with lust as he sucked in a big draw, and then exhaled, blowing a cloud of grey smoke in my general direction. My face cracked into a wild smirk as I knew what this indicated; it was directed in the most subtle manner, but Brian was horny. I was quite used to it; he always came looking for me after or midway through an interval. It may hinted as a simple nod of the head, to a surprise make-out against the wall, but either way, it always eventuates into the same outcome.

I flashed him a grin of acquiescence, discreetly brushing past him as I made my way back the original place on the stage.

"Close your eyes, and count to ten;
Fall apart and start again,"

I bit my lip in anticipation, as mental images of what was going to happen very soon played upon my mind. As soon as it hits interval, I'll be working up a hell of a lot more sweat than onstage. And, I assure you ladies and gentleman, that there will no instruments involved.

Only three more songs to go.


"We fucking rock!"

I heard Steve's drunken voice roar, overriding the combined noise of the general conversation amongst the crew and band members. I was sitting down on the steps, resting my legs whilst Bill was standing up directly opposite me, rambling on about something to do with broken strings on "Special K." I was barely paying attention, just mumbling a noise of affirmation every so often. I was too busy focusing my gaze on Brian, who was across the room at the dressing table, getting his makeup redone. Whilst Lisa was turned, sorting out the sponges on the dressing table, he glanced over at me, catching my gaze. Our eyes met with burning intensity for a few seconds before the motion of Bill's hand waving in front of my face broke my concentration.

"Stef, are you listening to me?"


I swatted my eyes back upwards, to the frustrated looking face in front of me. Bill sighed, shaking his head.

"Look, you have all the time in the world to perve on Brian AFTER THE SHOW, okay, but right now, we have the matter of these strings…"

My face went beet red at his honest words, and I looked away from him, officially embarrassed.

"I'm not perving on Brian…" I mumbled, the element of timidity in my voice totally contradicting my argument. Bill's face lit up with disbelief, folding his arms, his expression reading, "Oh really?" I quickly added,

"Strings… they broke. So what's there to tell?"

"Well…" he started again, abandoning his previous pending comment, much to my benefit. I tuned out once more, shifting my eyes discreetly past Bill, and back to the place where Brian was before. But alas! He had disappeared. That sneaky little…

"Damn, he probably gone to get changed… maybe I'll have to wait until the show after all…" I thought, trying not to let out a scream of frustration.

I was just about to focus my attention back to blabbering Bill, but a figure in the black shadows of the hallway in the distance caught my eye. I needn't think twice to realize who it was; both the white outfit and outrageously large eyes, all shining and bright even in the darkness was enough to confirm it.

It was just light enough to see him flash me a seductive grin, and being the King of subtlety, affirm his choice of location by one simple nod of the head toward the door on his right. Personally, I don't like the idea of doing it in a public bathroom, but with Brian, I'd do it anywhere. I returned a submissive sign by the raising of an eyebrow. With that, he turned the knob , and all his body disappeared inside, except for a single muscular arm, beckoning me over with the curl of peach-tipped finger.

That tease.

Politely informing Bill that I needed to "chuck a piss", with a sudden burst of energy, I rose up from the stair and wove my way through the crowd of the band and crew. Like a puppy being lead on a leash by his master, I followed Brian's footsteps toward the hallway. I briefly glanced back at the crowd as I turned the knob; no one seemed to notice, so I entered with ease.


Once inside, pitch black filled my vision. I fumbled for the light switch, but was instead pushed against the wall and greeted with a mouth crushing kiss. Immediately, the familiar taste of alcohol, cigarette and just pure BRIAN invaded my mouth and I feverishly reciprocated, sweeping my tongue over his, eager to explore every inch of that talented little gob. Still kissing him deeply, I flipped our positions, so he was pinned against the wall, and pressed my body harder against his, furthering over combined arousal.

"Yesss," he hissed as I leant in and licked at the hollows of his taut neck, tasting the warm salty skin on my lips, whilst slipping a hand in between our joined chests. Button by button, I hastily undid his white vest. Knowing I always came prepared; he reached behind me and fumbled for a condom in the back pocket of my jeans. Throwing his vest on the cold floor, he responded, fumbling for the hem of my shirt and sending it over my head. Time was running out and desires were becoming carnal, so once again, I captured his lips, kissing deeply, whilst bringing both my hands down to his stomach, quickly undoing his belt, then zipper, letting both barriers slip easily down his small legs. He assisted, stepping out of the clothing puddle, as well as his shoes. Briefly parting our kiss, he mimicked the same actions I did on him, and within seconds, we were both naked. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him; an electric current whipped throughout my body and up my spine as our bodies fused together in intense contact.

He nuzzled at my ear, hot breath tickling my skin;

"How would you like me?" he whispered seductively, coming to meet my face with his own.
"Against the wall, face to face," I commanded, giving him a peck on the lips in return.

We smiled in unison as he draped his arms around my neck. Using my shoulders as support, he lifted himself up against the wall, wrapping his legs around my torso, holding me near. Freeing one hand, he handed me the tube of lube and in dainty Molko-fashion, tore open the condom packaging with his hands in one graceful motion. I felt a pleasurable twitch in my groin as he sheathed me inside the plastic. I flicked open the cap of the bottle and squirted a generous amount of lube onto three long fingers.

I loved preparing Brian; it was almost as erotic as the sex itself.

He breathed raggedly onto my neck as I traced over his pucker, teasing the pulsating ring of muscle momentarily before working a single finger inside him. He gazed up at me with a desperate look in his face that screamed, "I want more!" I inserted another, feeling the spongy interiors pulsating around my fingers. A slight hit of pain filled his face as I entered the third, but was soon washed away as I maneuvered my fingers into a scissoring motion, stretching his delicate inner walls. His breathed came in soft little pants, and fingernails clawed my neck as I increased the speed of finger-fucking him. Once again, I brought my lips to his and his moans were muffled as we engaged in a slow, almost lazy kiss.

"Mphf… Stef!" he cried, pulling away, "you have to stop… I'm about to…"

I suppressed a smile, and obeying his command, withdraw my fingers from him. I suppose I did get carried away. He smiled droopily, resting his forehead against mine, panting heavily.

"Fuck me," he breathed, wrapping his short legs tighter around me, "Fuck… me…"


I lined up my erection to his entrance, and keeping my eyes locked on his, pushed foreword, slowly penetrating him. Fingernails clawed at my neck like an eagle as I slid smoothly inside.

"Ahhh…" he shuddered into me, closing his eyes, biting his lip. He wriggled momentarily, molding himself around me. As he was getting used to me, I couldn't help but lean forward and give him a quick but tender kiss on the lips. The feeling of being inside Brian was almost overwhelming; he felt so good, so tight.

Giving a few moments to adjust to the familiar, gorgeous sensation, he finally gazed back up at me and gave a weak smile. I knew it was alright then. Setting the pace, I started to thrust upwards, slowly against his petite frame. I knew how Brian liked it; slow but deep. Every prolonged thrust, filling him with all I had repeatedly, drew a mixed sound from him. Gaining leverage, I took hold of his hips, making my thrusts deeper, pushing him further up the wall. He let out a strangled sound cross between a squeal and groan as our hot bodies bumped and grinded together in an aggressive rhythm.

Even in the dark, he looked a picture of true beauty; with bottomless aqua eyes gazing off into oblivion, black locks plastered into his perspired forehead, mouth pulled into a little "o" shape. He looked like he was off into his own world, hypnotized. Clearly enjoying the ride… literally.

Little beads of sweat were running down my face and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer; Brian didn't look like was either. I hadn't even touched his cock the whole time, and I knew that this probably wouldn't be necessary, considering what I was about to do next…

"Bri," I choked, alerting his attention, "shift down a bit baby…"

Following my instructions, he wriggled his lower body down the wall coming to meet his face with mine. I arched my lower back slightly and forcefully thrust foreword, my hardiness precisely hitting against his most sensitive spot. His eyes shot wide open, and he froze, gawking at me. So I did it again. He whimpered as his whole body tensed up, leaning his head back against the wall, face pulled into an expression to represented utter pleasure. I knew it would only one more time to set him off, as well as myself, so I withdrew almost completely, except for the tip, and wham, in one intense motion, I plunged deep inside him, hitting hard against his prostate.

"Ahhhh!" he cried loudly, as we collapsed into a joint orgasm, shuddering into each other in dual ecstasy.

Moments later, Brian's warm cum spilled over my stomach, as I let out a bucket load in Brian. Five long, hard bursts... it felt so good and lasted for fucking ages.

Naturally, but unfortunately, our climaxes came to a finish. A weak, lazy smile formed on his face as I felt his interiors dilate, returning to their normal shape. I lingered inside him for a few more moments, getting my breath back, before slowly withdrawing. He released his legs from around my waist and stood up with wobbling knees, and leant against the wall, wiping his perspired forehead. As I reached down, ridding myself from the condom, I felt another pair of eyes on my, well, down there. A small giggle escaped his mouth.

"What?" I said, smiling bashfully.

He glanced up at me, then back down, then back up again to my face.

"You're in the sky…" he said grinning, tilting his head toward my, well, you know.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, smirking, as I retrieved my pants from the floor.

"Brian!? Stef!?"

The muffled voice of Xav cut through the air, jolting us out of the afterglow, back to reality.

"Seven minutes!"

We both exchanged worried glances and frantically grabbed our puddle of clothes from the floor. As fast as lightning, we both hastily got dressed, and as per usual, I waited for Brian to go out first. Just when he was about to disappear out the door, he turned, with that trademark smile plastered all over his glowing face.

"Thank you," he whispered, his flushed cheeks and swollen red lips now evident in the lights.

I winked right back at him;




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