tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Merry Ch. 03

Enchanted Twelve: Merry Ch. 03


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thank you for your votes, comments and e-mails on my previous stories. Here is another chapter of the Enchanted Twelve chain story. I invite you to read the previous chapters of Princess Merry and Prince Karl's adventures, as well as reading the contributions of my fellow authors to this chain. Enjoy.


'Skeletons and Moonbeams'

"Let us make haste," Merry cried. "I think I hear music. The Dancing Ground must be but a few strides away."

"I am not so sure," Karl replied. "We should have reached it by now. I fear we have again been diverted from our usual..."

"Karl. Look!" Merry exclaimed. "It is so beautiful."

They emerged from the forest into a moonlit glade, the moss and grass underfoot soft as any carpet. Pleasurable fragrances drifted on the gentle breezes of the night and they inhaled them deeply. Exotic flowers bloomed in scattered clumps, their pale faces turned toward the full moon's shimmering glow.

The silence was deafening; sounds of the forest did not penetrate the glades confines, only the gentle breezes. Wordlessly, Princess Merry and Prince Karl walked to the center of the glade and embraced.

"It is as if this is our special place," Merry said, her pink tongue tracing Karl's jaw line. "I have never loved you more than I do at this moment."

"My heart and my own," Karl replied, kissing her bare neck and shoulder. "I love and desire you forsaking all else."

Kissing and caressing they slowly removed their clothing, laying their weapons to one side as they sank to the ground, the moss cool on their naked bodies. Karl straddled her and they exchanged passionate kisses.

She sighed as his mouth engulfed one nipple, then the other, tongue swirling around the stiff flesh. Her hands floated over his muscular shoulders and down his broad chest, fingers tangling in his chest hair.

Raising her hips, Merry rubbed the velvet head of Karl's stiff cock on her wet pussy. He lunged forward and thrust deep in her as she moaned in pleasure. Her legs encircled his waist as their bodies moved in perfect rhythm, the sounds of their lovemaking echoing eerily in the glade.

Holding Merry's waist, Karl rolled on his back. Without missing a stroke, she bounced happily on his rigid flesh, glorying in his thick cock deep inside her. Leaning forward, she offered her breasts and he filled his mouth with her silken flesh, sucking greedily on her stiff nipples. Merry trembled as her orgasm suffused her body with delicious warmth. She impaled herself harder on Karl's thick meat, uttering little cries as she neared climax. Sensing she was on the verge of cumming, Karl gripped her ass cheeks and, with a guttural moan, spurted jets of cum into her gripping pussy. Feeling Karl's release, Merry shrieked and erupted in orgasm, bathing Karl's cock and thighs in a torrent of warm juices. They both came a second time and lay exhausted on the cool moss.


Karl and Merry were instantly alert when a twig snapped, the sound loud as a door slamming in the stillness. Scrambling for their weapons, their eyes widened when a hideous apparition appeared as if by magic from the darkness.

A skeleton rider on a skeleton horse trotted into the glade, bones gleaming in the moonlight. Merry barely stifled a squeal of fear as Karl pushed her behind him; his eyes were on the short sword the rider carried.

The creature waved it's sword menacingly. "How dare you Fleshlings sully the Glade of the Moon Goddess with your base carnality?" said a deep male voice as the skulls jaw moved. "You will pay dearly for violating this sacred ground."

Karl's hand tightened on Thunderbolt's hilt. "Have a care whatever you are," he rumbled. "No collection of soup bones threatens my Princess. Draw nearer and I shall rend you asunder."

"What spirited Fleshlings the Goddess has sent us for our amusement," said a female voice behind them. "They will be fine sport this night."

Merry whirled to see another skeletal horse and armed rider entering the glade. She dropped into a fighting crouch, Snake Fang at the ready.

"You will find us much more than ready sport," she purred. "Come closer.

My Prince and I will scatter you to the four winds."

The skeleton riders dismounted, paused for a moment and moved forward. Steel flashed and the battle joined.


Karl blocked the skeletons lunging thrust, sparks flying as his opponent recovered. It approached again more warily, sword blade shimmering as it cut savagely at Karl's chest. The swords rang together as Karl parried the blow, Thunderbolt's pommel grazing the grinning skull as it staggered back.

"You are a worthy opponent indeed," the skeleton said. "But we fully intend to punish you for your trespass."

"We meant no harm," Karl replied. "We were merely resting from our travels. Who is this Moon Goddess you speak of?"

"It is she who gave to us The Gift. She watches over us in our daily lives.

Prepares a table from which we sup. She is our guiding star. Our future. Our destiny."

It lunged again, the blow directed at Karl's legs. He sidestepped and as the creature overbalanced and fell forward, he struck it's shoulders with the flat of his sword knocking it sprawling. In a flash, he stamped on the bony hand holding the sword, Thunderbolt's point hovering above the creature's neck.

"I have you now," Karl growled. "Do you yield or must I carve you like a haunch of beef?"

"I yield," the creature replied, relaxing it's grip on it's sword. "I am well and truly bested. You are indeed a master swordsman Fleshling. I await your pleasure."

"You also fought well," Karl said amiably, "Stand and let us talk." He offered his hand to help the creature up and gripped flesh, not bone.


"You presume to fight me with that sliver?" the skeleton laughed as it dismounted and stalked towards Merry. "This will be a quick fight indeed."

"Come closer and see how wrong you are," Merry snarled. "Snake Fang wishes to taste bone."

"Have at it then," the creature cried, striking at Merry's chest. A second later, it reeled back from Merry's riposte, barely blocking her return thrust.

Sparks flew as sword and dagger clashed repeatedly. The Royal Armorer had forged Merry's fighting dagger from the finest steel, and then taught her how to defend herself against a variety of weapons. It was a surreal encounter in the moonlit glade, a naked woman battling a gleaming skeleton, blades winking in the unearthly light. Blow countered blow until Merry saw an opening and kicked at a bony knee. The creature's leg collapsed under it and it fell heavily to the ground.

Merry leapt on her opponent without thinking, her ingrained training coming to the fore. Wresting the sword from her attackers grip, she held her dagger to it's neck, suddenly realizing she felt warm flesh not hard bone.

"Do you yield?" she said. "I do not wish to kill you. We meant no harm to your sacred place."

"I yield," the skeleton replied. "By the Teats of the Goddess you fight well Fleshling. I am not often bested in combat, especially by my own sex."

Perplexed, Merry opened her mouth to ask a question when the creature sat up and leaned forward. Merry felt warm lips and firm breasts against hers as the creature moved sensuously between her legs. She was too curious to be frightened by this turn of events.

"How can this be?" she asked wonderingly. "I cannot see your body yet I can feel you?"

"Is this better?" the skeleton replied. The air blurred and Merry found herself straddling a beautiful woman. Her skin was stark white, her eyes pink, her rosy nipples standing proud. She smiled at Merry and wriggled beneath her.

"First our fight, now we are with one another," she continued. "I am aroused beyond measure. Do you lay with your own sex?"

Merry felt aroused as well. "Yes," she replied. "I enjoy the attentions of both."

"As do I," the woman said, cupping Merry's breasts and rubbing her palms on the erect nipples. "Let us make love."

Merry responded by kissing her deeply as their legs entwined. They rubbed their pubic mounds together as their hands roamed. Warm mouths and soft tongues engulfed silky flesh; long fingers entered moist pussies and stroked throbbing clits. Backs arching they fucked each other until they both shuddered in climax, their cries of ecstasy muffled in a burning kiss. Mary turned and offered her dripping slit to the woman as she dove between creamy thighs, licking and sucking. She jerked and moaned as the woman responded in kind and their lovemaking began anew.


Karl's opponent became visible, his skin the color of polished marble. He was ruggedly handsome, tall and muscular. "We seldom battle intruders," he chuckled. "More often than not our very appearance frightens most away. You two are quite brave to stand against us."

Karl offered his hand and they shook solemnly. "I am Prince Karl of Vard. My betrothed is Princess Merry of Westingfield. How do I call you?"

"I am Scapulus. My mate is Radia. We dwell in the Unseen City below us here."

"You live beneath the ground?" Karl asked wonderingly. "Why do you not dwell in the fresh air and sunshine?"

"There was a time when we did so," Scapulus began. "Then The Hunters appeared among us. No one knows from whence they came but they began to kill and devour us one by one. They moved with such stealth and swiftness it was impossible to fight against them. We dared not leave our homes to find food for fear of attack and we began to starve. Darkness offered us concealment, thus we rested during the day and ventured out at night to gather what nourishment we could.

Then one night an elder found a cavern large enough to contain us all, so we moved there and began a life underground. From time to time, we killed a Hunter and our Learned Ones studied them. They discovered our enemies relied on sight to stalk their prey and their sense of smell was poor. They prepared an Invisibility Potion so we could sally forth in daylight. Not all could tolerate it's effects and many died, however those that lived reclaimed our lands from the Hunters and exterminated them."

"So why did you not return to the surface once the threat was gone?" Karl asked.

"By then our way of life was too ingrained, besides the potion rendered us unable to tolerate sunlight for long periods. We learn almost from birth how to control our invisibility and reveal our skeletons to frighten intruders away. It works well and we are left alone."

Cries and moans interrupted Scapulus' tale and they both turned to see Merry and Radia making passionate love.

"It would seem our women are becoming close friends," Karl said with a grin. "Shall we join them?" Scapulus nodded and they walked to where the women lay entwined, feasting on each other's pussies.

Merry squealed in delight as a cock slid in her pussy and the woman continued licking her clit. A second later Karl's thick cock plunged under her very nose into the pussy Merry was eating. She continued to lick and suck the woman's love button as the strangers cock pounded into her and

Karl fucked the woman with his usual intensity.

Grunts, squeals, moans and the slap of flesh on flesh filled the glade as their lovemaking intensified and their orgasms boiled within them. The men's cocks drove faster and deeper and the women's licks and sucks grew more frantic as they felt themselves beginning to cum.

Radia erupted first, shrieking in delight from the dual sensations; then Merry's climax shook her as they filled each others mouth's with the salty fluids that gushed around the cocks still working in their pussies. Karl thrust his cock deep into Radia's tight pussy, groaning as he filled her velvet folds with his hot cum. Simultaneously, Scapulus jetted his cum deep in Merry's clutching wetness, gasping in his release.

They continued to pleasure each other until each of the women had another climax and they lay in a heap recovering from the intense lovemaking.

"Merry, this is my mate Radia," Scapulus said. "Radia, this is Princess Merry of Westingfield. And the man who pleasured you so well is Prince Karl of Vard."

"So nice to meet you both," Radia replied, snuggling against Merry. "I don't believe I have ever received a more exciting and satisfying introduction. Welcome to our land." She paused, "How is it you two traveled this way? Where were you bound?"

"We seek my sisters and their Princes at the Dancing Ground," Merry explained. "We travel there each night to dance the night away, and then return to our rooms in Castle Westingfield. We are compelled to do so and I know not why."

"I know not why we continue to be deviated from our chosen path either," Karl added. "I suspect some malevolent sorcery is at work."

"No matter," Scapulus said heartily. "We are now friends. Will you accompany us to our home for dinner? We have savory meat mushrooms and spicy lichen that you must try."

"Alas we cannot," Merry said sadly. "Whatever compels us to dance each night does not allow for continued deviation from our course." She thought for a moment. "However, how is it that my Prince and I continue to have adventures on our way to the dance, and yet always arrive in time for the first quadrilles? It is a puzzle of the most confusing sort."

As they dressed and collected their weapons, Radia said "If you must go we can take you there." She whistled and two skeletal horses trotted out from the woods, changing into pure white with shining pink eyes.

"Our steeds also partake of the potion," she continued, anticipating the question. "So they may take part in our defensive masquerade, and yet serve us in many other ways."

Scapulus and Radia leapt easily onto their mounts, Merry joined Scapulus, Karl joined Radia. The horses galloped through the near-blackness of the forest as if running in a sun-lit meadow.

"It is so dark," Merry said in a trembling voice. "How can you ride so fast?"

"It is the potion," Scapulus laughed. "It increases ones night vision tenfold so we can live underground more easily. To our eyes this is but a cloudy day."

Karl held on to Radia as they galloped among the trees. He also felt fear as they rushed through the dark forest, an emotion he seldom experienced which made it even more terrifying. People of Vard do not fear anyone or anything , he admonished himself. Still he shut his eyes and buried his face in Radia's white blonde hair.

"There is your Dancing Ground." Radia cried triumphantly. "I was positive our steeds would find it."

"Do you choose to dismount here?" Scapulus asked. "We do not wish to frighten your companions."

Merry and Karl exchanged glances and winks.

"There should be no difficulty if we continue in," Merry said, barely stifling a giggle. "There is one favor I would ask..."


The Princesses and their Princes stood in little groups waiting for the dance to begin, chatting amiably as the musicians tuned their instruments. All conversation stopped when first one, and then another skeletal horse and rider entered the clearing

"Ahhhh...they are foul demons," Aurelia cried. "We are surely doomed."

"Wait a moment," said Hazel. "Is that not Merry and Karl with them?"

"They have been captured," Violet wailed. "The fiends possess their souls."

"They appear happy to me," Robin observed. "Look, they're dismounting." She shook her head in wonderment, "First dragons, now this."

There was a collective gasp as Scapulus and Radia materialized along with their horses. They dismounted with Merry and Karl as the dancers approached, marveling at this new phenomenon.

"Is there no end to the surprises you bring to us?" Aurelia said. "You two have the most amazing adventures."

"Merry seems to attract them," Karl jibed as she poked him in the ribs.

Introductions were made, the guests were welcomed and conversations flowed until the orchestra struck up the first tune of the evening.

"Will you join us?" Merry asked. "We four will have the first dance."

"We best be on our way," Radia answered. She cupped her breasts and smiled, "I don't think we would fit in among all this finery."

"We will go nude as well if that will make you more comfortable," Karl said and Merry nodded in agreement.

"You are very kind," Scapulus replied, "But we must go. Morning is but hours away and we must gather food."

After hugging and kissing their new friends, Scapulus and Radia whistled for their horses and sprang on their backs. Their flesh disappeared and they were skeletons again.

"May the Goddess of the Moon keep you from harm," Scapulus cried.

"Till we meet again," Radia added.

They whirled and galloped into the night.


"It is a remarkable world we live in," Karl mused as they joined the others for the first dance.

"It seems to be ours alone my Prince. Why is that I wonder?"

"I know not but that I love you, and if these wonderments be a part, then so be it."

"Is it any wonder I love you so?" Merry laughed.

The music swelled and they danced away.


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