tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnhanced Interrogation Ch. 02

Enhanced Interrogation Ch. 02


Author's Note: This entire story is being written as a collaboration with the brilliant, sadistic greysequoia. We'll be alternating chapters, so head to her profile for the beginning of this story, and soon for the next chapter...


The little bitch had a way of making me miscalculate, I thought, examining my finger where she'd bit down on it. She'd broken the skin, and I momentarily wondered whether I should get a rabies shot.

At least this time hadn't been as bad as Milan. What Aleks didn't know was that I'd filched her test assessments, along with those of the other women in her graduating class, long before I ever defected. Their sexual vulnerability assessments showed several to be promising subjects, but Aleks's had made my jaw drop. From what I could tell, she was a born submissive slut, her instincts just barely kept in check by a lifetime of strict self-control and social pressure. When she offered to blow me in Italy, I thought those checks had failed, and I'd paid for my arrogance.

I wouldn't make a mistake like that again. This time, I was going to make sure Aleks was completely broken and then some. She wasn't just going to give me the information I wanted--she was going to beg me to wrap her leash around my fist.

Alone in the observation room, I called up the live feed from her cell onto the big monitor. The resolution was excellent, and I could see the gleam of droplets on her skin, both from the sweat on her brow and the wetness dripping from her exposed slit. I'd left her alone with my little pearl contraption for almost six hours, and she'd long since given up struggling with the ropes or shouting unkind things about my mother at the darkness. Now she just had her head resting on the back of the chair, eyes closed and lip bitten, exhausted but unable to keep herself from squirming a bit as the tiny vibrator refused to give her a moment of rest.

She was an exquisite sight, even tousled like this; stripping her out of that black dress had been the highlight of my counterespionage career so far. She had a dancer's body, slender and tightly muscled, with just a hint of baby fat in her cheeks and ass that gave her an irresistible appeal--an appeal she used like a weapon when she wanted something. Her breasts were small but round and perky, and I'd already learned that they were exquisitely sensitive. Her skin was taut and smooth, and she'd taken the trouble to get waxed recently. That was almost too bad. I would have enjoyed furthering her humiliation by doing it myself.

Beneath the surface, the sophisticated instruments monitoring her body through the chair told me she was flooded with endorphins but still tense, slightly dehydrated, and very tired. They also told me her sexual response had been near-peak for an unbearably long time, but I already knew that.

Time to give her something new to think about.

The cell door hissed open at the touch of my palm, and her head snapped up as I stepped into the circle of spotlights. "Afternoon, dear," I drawled. It was actually early morning, but it was standard procedure to lie about that, subtly fucking up her sense of the passage of time. "Haven't been having too much fun without me, have you?"

"I think I'm going to use a concoction of rattlesnake venom on your scrotum," she replied, with an impressive display of composure. "It's incredibly painful. You should have just enough time to feel your testicles dissolving before you suffocate."

"The only thing you're going to do with my balls is beg to cup them while I fuck your mouth," I said pleasantly. "I may just allow it if you're a good girl. Want those pearls out of your cunt?"

She glared at me.

"It's a simple question, Aleks. You have a string of pearls stuffed quite uncomfortably into your tight little hole. Would you like them removed?"

"Yes," she spat.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you the magic word?" I taunted.

I could see her nostrils whiten as she tried to weigh the hours of teasing discomfort I'd put her in against her unwillingness to acknowledge that I held the upper hand. "Yes," she said finally, "please."

I bent down, grabbed the end of the string, and pulled them all out at once.

She couldn't help but squeal at that. I could only imagine the sensation of having the dozens of tiny beads zip out of her aching, stretched pussy, the little vibrator and its dying battery popping out as well. She hunched over for a second, speechless and panting, her eyes wide with shock as I grinned and wrapped the pearls around my fingers. They were sopping wet.

"Now what am I going to do with these?" I said. "Something of a crass trophy to put on display, and I don't think the other girls will want to wear them now..."

"Maybe you should shove them up your ass," she said sweetly.

"Are you sure you want to put ideas like that into my head?" I said, and was rewarded when she blanched. "I think I've got a better idea. Let's stretch your legs a bit."

Walking behind her, I reached up and grabbed one of the available ropes with its heavy-duty clip and pulled it down, then snapped it onto the rope keeping her arms together. With a quick tug, I started the winch winding it slowly upwards.

Aleks grunted and bent forward, her bound wrists rising up behind her and slowly forcing her into a painful strappado. Her knees were still bound to the chair, but she found her body lifted up off the seat until she was stretched taut, even more helpless than she had been before.

I stepped in front of her again to watch her gritting her teeth, and reached down to run my pearl-wrapped fingers back and forth over her dripping pussy. "As a matter of formality," I asked, "are you ready to talk?"

"I'm going to pull all your teeth out first, one by one," she hissed, "and then the snake venom."

"No, I didn't think so." I unwrapped the pearls and took one end of the string in each hand, then strung them under her and began to slowly saw them back and forth. Each pass dragged the slippery little beads between her cheeks, through her slit and up again, alternately tugging up and down again on her clit hood. I can only imagine it provided a slight distraction from the agony in her shoulders, but not the kind Aleks wanted. I watched her cheeks redden and her hips squirm; she had even less mobility now than she had sitting down, but that didn't stop her from trying. The pearls were a little more wet with each pass.

"Enjoying yourself, girl? This is just a preview of what I've got planned for you..." I slowed my hands and drew them tightly upward, letting each little bump pass over her clit with deliciously slow pressure. I could hear her breath fluttering in her throat as she tried and failed to control it.

"After I break you," I said quietly, leaning in close to her ear, "I think I'm going to give you a new code name. Is 'Pearl' a little too on-the-nose? Maybe 'Jewel' or 'Precious.' None very sophisticated and spy-like, I know, but then your new missions will mostly be about who you blow next..."

I drew my head back as she turned quickly and snapped her teeth where my nose had been, snarling. A trapped animal already. Good.

"You must be thirsty by now, considering how much your cunt is dripping," I said. "Would you like to earn a cool drink?"

I could see the sudden flicker of hope and fear in her eyes--I knew damn well that by now she'd be dying for a glass of water. "I can let you get yourself one, you know. I'll even untie your legs if you ask nicely. Can you remember how to ask nicely, Aleks?"

"Please," she muttered under her breath.

"I couldn't quite hear that," I said, and gave the pearls one quick saw over her slit.

"Please untie my legs," she said, gasping a little.

"Please untie your legs, who?"

"Please untie my legs," she said, with an amazing effort at self-control, "you filthy fucking sadist asshole."

I nodded, then took one slippery pearl and pushed it into her ass.

She let out a grunt of surprise, her eyes flying wide open; she immediately clenched down, but her muscles were trembling with exhaustion, and I just pushed the second pearl harder until I forced it in as well.

Then a third. Then a fourth.

"You should be grateful you get so wet," I said. "This is much easier than I expected." A fifth. Aleks was fighting to contain a helpless squeal with each one, I could tell, and her chest and face were flushed bright pink with humiliation.

I paused before the sixth one. "I'm going to give you a choice, Aleks. I don't like how sharp your little teeth are, or how willing you are to use them. I can either keep stuffing these pearls in here, or I can put something else in your mouth to keep me from getting my fingers bit again. Which would you prefer?"

"M-mouth!" she gasped, almost unable to control the tone of her voice.

"That was easy." I left the pearls dangling like a tail and pulled a little bit of gauzy fabric from my pocket: the tiny pair of black satin string bikini panties she'd worn under her dress. "I'll even make sure they taste nice."

Then I spread the lips of her pussy and began to push the panties up inside her. An amazing thing, the vagina. She was already so tight and elastic again that I could barely tell she'd spent six hours with the pearls stretching her out.

I drew them out, now sopping with her own wetness. "Open your mouth, Aleks," I said.

I could tell that she badly wanted to spit a retort at me, but she obeyed.

"Wider," I said, tugging at the pearls until one popped out. Her whole body jerked at the sensation, but she opened a little more. Without saying a word, I pulled out the next one, and this time she whimpered and opened her mouth so wide her jaw must have creaked.

Careful to watch those snapping teeth, I pushed the panties into her mouth, chuckling a little as she wrinkled her nose at the taste of her own cunt. "Shut," I said, pulling out the third pearl, and she reluctantly obeyed. I drew a small roll of electrical tape from my pocket and sealed her mouth with a black X.

"That's better," I smiled, pulling the rest of the pearls out all at once. She bucked hard at that one, letting out a muffled yelp as I bent to undo her left knee from the chair.

"See what happens when you obey orders like a good girl?" I asked, moving around to untie her right knee. Her mute face showed clear relief: she could stand up straighter now and take some of the pressure off her arms.

I walked over to the cabinets of equipment standing just outside the circle of spotlights and returned with a simple black spreader bar, with a thick anklet cuff linked to each end. Aleks watched me nervously, but she wasn't going anywhere. I bent and untied one ankle, keeping it tightly in my grip until I could bring it in front of the chair and lock it into the cuff. Doing so forced her to balance precariously on her other foot for a moment, and since she was still wearing the four-inch heels, I got to watch her slender body tense and tremble again until I repeated the process on the other side. I removed her heels, leaving her barefoot, and then straightened, leering down at her hot little body.

"I bet you're pretty tired of this room, hmm, Aleks?" I said, unclipping her wrist rope from the winch but keeping it pulled tightly upward with my own hand. "I think you deserve to tour more of the facilities."

I began walking her toward the door, and with that grip she had no choice but to go where I wanted. Walking with her legs spread wide apart by the rigid bar was only made more difficult by the heels, and I hurried her along with the occasional friendly spank. When she turned to glare back at me with hatred, I raised one eyebrow. "Perhaps you'd prefer to be doing this with a tail?"

That got her to walk faster.

The door recognized my palm and opened again, admitting us into the spartan subterranean corridor. As I walked Aleks down the hall, past several more doors to cells like her own, I could tell she was glancing around at everything, looking for any hint of a way out. There wasn't much to see, of course, except the biometric scanners and the video feed next to the door of each occupied cell. This level was deliberately laid out like a maze, and the air vents were far too small and well-secured to admit even a skinny little thing like her. I wondered if she'd recognize any of the other girls in the cells we passed, most of whom were in situations even worse than hers, dancing helplessly under electrical interrogation or being brutally fucked by relentless pistons. We'd used intelligence from some of them, in an indirect fashion, to get the drop on her.

Eventually we reached our destination, and another door hissed open, this time to a larger room. I shoved her through. "Welcome," I said, "to our little team-building exercise for the day."

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