tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Lady Ch. 02

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 02


This story is part of the "Epistle To My Lady" series, which is meant as a complementary one to the "Epistle To My Captain" series written by RedhairedandFriendly. Thanks, Red, for working on this one with me. I am having fun with it, as I hope you are as well.


My lady,

I thank you very much for your suggestion that I try the glass phallus on your bottom. That could be rather pleasant as an experiment for me. It might well reassure me that your lovely ass would not be harmed by my cock. I also thank you for your empathy regarding what I told you about my past experience with buggery. Instead of making light of it, you seemed grateful and appreciative, not to mention understanding of my concerns for your well-being.

I really wish that I could be already in the palace, trying out such ideas with you and drinking some wine together. I wish that I could be indulging in wild orgies with you and Antigone. Unfortunately, of course, recent events have slowed that down. However, I shall be in the capital in a few days, so I have to mail this today, or else I will beat it to you. I very much want this letter to reach you first.

I regret that I must give you some bad news. Yes, it is of a military nature. Yes, we can distract ourselves from it with some passionate lovemaking for a night or two. By now, the enemy already knows this, so there is no security risk involved in telling you what you badly need to know. I don't know what exactly has gotten to you from Anexagoras, but he has lost far too many men in taking Pythaeum.

It was a hollow victory, despite his attempts to portray it otherwise. He badly underestimated enemy defenses and fortifications there. He should have counted on Lord Themistocles reinforcing the town with an even larger garrison and stronger walls. The arrows alone killed 600 of our brave men.

To return to more pleasant topics, I really do wish to consult with you about the idea of impregnating Philomela. I mention her because she is lonely and could use a child for company and distraction. You would still have her as a slave, but she would get to taste a man at last and her child could be freed and legitimized as my heir. It is a thought that has occurred to me during recent letters and after having seen her again at the palace during my last, very delightful visit there.

Yes, for the record, I share your wish that we could marry and leave our duties behind. We could live as any old peasant family, with both of us the same chasing the same women and laughing about our conquests while making fantastic love to each other; or whatever it is that provincial couples do in their private lives. I don't really know how exactly they live, since I have never been a peasant. I am noble. You are royal. Our rank and station require us to be somewhat distant in public and be married to other people.

I wish that this were not the case, but it is. We do our duty for the nation, but do not think for a moment that I do not long to be your husband, because I do. Admittedly, I might not be the best husband in the world, but I would be your mate and love you passionately as my wife. Perhaps the Gods will be kind and let us have each other in another life, if there is such a thing. We are doing our duty, after all.

So, yes, as I watch Eris and Helle, I envy them their deep love for each other. It is as I would love to be with you: a love untainted by politics, ambition, duty, and war. They are not jealous. They are just happy. They put each other first, above any other lovers or friends. They have no ulterior motives and no conflict of interest. They have no danger of being accused of such other motives. Those women have something that I wish for us, though it is not possible.

Therefore, my love, I dream of such a life for us, even as I resign myself to a flawed life of loving a woman whom I cannot wed and being married to a woman whom I do not love. That sacrifice is required of us as the cost imposed by our wealth and status. However, I console myself with the knowledge that we do have some time together. That time is something that I will revel in, and hopefully continue, when both of us are old and gray. Surely you know that gray hairs on your head will not repulse me or cost you my love? It is not about your beauty, although that is a bonus. It is about your heart and your nature. In that, I believe, I am a great lover. I am loyal to you and always will be loyal to you.

Forgive my tangents and rambling, my lady. I have simply been thinking about many things, and you are chief among them. The stress and the intrigue that have been growing in this country and your court of late have prompted me to drink more than I should, and when I drink, I often become a chatterbox. This you no doubt realize about me by now, I presume.

Speaking of that, I have still kept my word about not telling others of the fact of our affair. I could not look into your eyes after such a deliberate betrayal if I had done so.

The other men can continue to guess as to what woman I love. They do not need to know about the nights that I have drunk wine from your body, enjoyed an orgy with you and Antigone, and plundered your pussy until you screamed, not for mercy but from release. They do not need to know how intense and incredible my erection is when I am with you. They do not need to know the sheer delight of cumming inside you and the torment of wishing that you could let my seed fill and impregnate you.

I think that I will have to try the glass phallus with you, if only to see for myself the evident pleasure that causes you to desire my cock inside your bottom. I am beginning to feel the urge to find out what your ass must be like around my phallus. You will definitely be the first to enjoy my cock there, followed probably at some point by Antigone.

You can be sure, however, that I will use the glass one beforehand, however, for my own peace of mind. The thought of taking your pucker is making my manhood stiffen as I write. I may have to stop now and handle it, which is fine, since I have nothing more that comes to my mind to write at this moment. Your idea there might well get you the satisfaction of your lust.

Your loving Captain,

Lord Cadmus

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